LEGENDARY Ramen Noodles in Tokyo Japan: Taishoken Ramen Shop

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  • Felix Santos
    Felix Santos 1 hour ago

    love at first site

  • brilli cung
    brilli cung 2 hours ago

    he does look like jackie chan

  • Mr. Sir
    Mr. Sir 8 hours ago

    Oh, good lord that is a sexy bowl of noodles-- OOH the instant ramen is ready!

  • Martell Tha Cool
    Martell Tha Cool 19 hours ago

    I want some ramen noodles

  • vBDKv
    vBDKv 3 days ago

    What about your change?

  • aya manosca
    aya manosca 3 days ago

    where is this located in Tokyo exactly?

  • Schmock73
    Schmock73 4 days ago

    I'm going to Tokyo tomorrow. Where the hell is this place!!!?

  • jingzhou813 liu
    jingzhou813 liu 6 days ago

    im eating ramen while watching dis

  • Adrienne Dupree
    Adrienne Dupree 6 days ago

    I need to visit this place, and order the same Roman that is my goal when I go to Japan eat all the Roman I can... yummmm

  • Aurelys H. Rivero
    Aurelys H. Rivero 7 days ago

    He makes me laugh with his love for food !!

  • Anirudh verma
    Anirudh verma 7 days ago

    imagine every dish end up with hot oil....

  • SenselessTalk
    SenselessTalk 7 days ago

    I just want to see Mikey "die" everytime he eats food.

  • Stridox fan Ram
    Stridox fan Ram 9 days ago


  • David Pham
    David Pham 9 days ago

    I bet when mike got the big bowl of noodles in Japanese it says American size but I know that I could be wrong so don't take my word for granted

  • Nick
    Nick 10 days ago

    This is what I want to do for a living, it is my dream! One day I'll make it to Japan and i will definitely use these videos as a reference to where I need to eat. You are awesome thank you!

  • Pack Rat Daddy
    Pack Rat Daddy 11 days ago

    arnel pineda?? vocalist of Journey

  • goldleader
    goldleader 11 days ago

    Best foodie channel bro

  • kaleb Gonzales
    kaleb Gonzales 12 days ago

    stop eating man, i feel what you feel :D

  • Troy DX
    Troy DX 12 days ago

    So when will you're hot oil company gonna start??

  • Niggus Noggum XVI
    Niggus Noggum XVI 13 days ago

    faggots in the back keep watching you

  • John Paul
    John Paul 14 days ago

    anyone one know the name of the instant ramen they showed at the end sadly that's all I can hope for

  • Richard Chang
    Richard Chang 15 days ago


  • SvpremeXLVI
    SvpremeXLVI 15 days ago

    Did anyone catch the dude behind him? Lmao he was laughing at him like he was crazy

  • BrightBlue1111
    BrightBlue1111 15 days ago

    RIP to the big guy at the beginning of the video who was sitting outside... he created that place.

  • Taras O
    Taras O 15 days ago

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaa...representing Vancity!

  • M Spencer
    M Spencer 16 days ago

    4:19 that moment when your crush talks to you. 😂😂

  • M Spencer
    M Spencer 16 days ago

    Mike, how can you eat all this and still get fit? i need your secret bro.. 😂😂

  • YouTuboot
    YouTuboot 20 days ago

    we all have a dream. his dream was this ramen. you're a cool guy.

  • ThatGuySydney
    ThatGuySydney 21 day ago

    Maruchan is better. (Sike)

  • angry beast
    angry beast 22 days ago

    i always remember naruto

  • Adrian Ramos
    Adrian Ramos 22 days ago

    yeah I know what that feels like I've been wanting a small sketch book and now I finally got it and It feels good to finally have it

  • Christopher Barekiau

    Whenever I eat ramen I always watch videos like this

  • Dioms Cands
    Dioms Cands 24 days ago

    wwoooohhohooo... dude! ur making me hungry

  • SorataGaming
    SorataGaming 24 days ago

    2:24 u mean her pussy?

  • Orpard g
    Orpard g 25 days ago

    I am here eating rice

  • Rajendra Dhotre
    Rajendra Dhotre 25 days ago

    he is overactor

  • GuessWhatIHackIoGames

    I love Ramen, it's so delicious and I eat it all the time, I had 4 Bowls Yesterday

  • MrAntzilla
    MrAntzilla 27 days ago

    Where can I get the instant ramen?

  • Aj Nguyen
    Aj Nguyen 27 days ago

    Just got done eating there today and should of watched this video again before ordering. We are not used to eating cold ramen. It wasn't that great. Be sure to order the special chili paste for an extra $1 (it's really good). They have the regular chili sauce at the table.

  • Denise Aguilar
    Denise Aguilar 27 days ago

    😢😋 one day

  • Fam's Cooking
    Fam's Cooking 27 days ago

    Looks delicious!

  • Ian Conrad
    Ian Conrad 28 days ago

    you are the reason i'm flying to japan right now

  • Jason Stroppa
    Jason Stroppa 1 month ago

    I feel like you're the real life Goku.

  • Tech'sFinest
    Tech'sFinest 1 month ago

    So freaking hungry now........

  • Nikko Solleza
    Nikko Solleza 1 month ago

    isnt he the guy in the beyond science channel?

  • dbkshampoo
    dbkshampoo 1 month ago

    here...just watching him eat...

  • Zak Fuji
    Zak Fuji 1 month ago

    I love the Jackie Chan look.

    BTS TRASH LIL HOE 1 month ago

    I want someone to love me like Mike loves his food

    BTS TRASH LIL HOE 1 month ago


  • Bambi Kim
    Bambi Kim 1 month ago

    what is this thing with the pink swirl???

  • Karen Kingrey
    Karen Kingrey 1 month ago

    I'm curious how we can buy their instant ramen 🍜 online for here in US?

  • Mr Potato
    Mr Potato 1 month ago

    im sick but watch every flippin food video even if i cant eat them, but i will eat A LOT of ramen when i recover

  • Ace Victory
    Ace Victory 1 month ago

    3:45 even the fully boiled egg here looks better than that one in the american ichiran 😂

  • Tsekerek
    Tsekerek 1 month ago

    I'm watching this while eating packet noodles :'D

  • Shenowvlok
    Shenowvlok 1 month ago

    Is there vegetarian ramen?

  • Shaan Saifullah
    Shaan Saifullah 1 month ago

    Just wondering, what's wrong with the couple behind u, are most people in Japan like this???

  • NostalgiaKarl K.F.
    NostalgiaKarl K.F. 1 month ago

    Ichiraku Ramen!

  • Carl terence Arcones

    Im hungry now

  • Saint Guardian
    Saint Guardian 1 month ago

    Man I've been eating like a peasant...

  • stiflerz3
    stiflerz3 1 month ago

    your SALIVA when you are talking.....

  • Flame 898
    Flame 898 1 month ago

    90% what do you think about sticking your dick in foods.

  • Mr Limitless
    Mr Limitless 1 month ago

    i like his single person videos better , it feels more personal.

  • Ace Victory
    Ace Victory 1 month ago

    naruto would have poured the broth into the noodles! 😛

  • Joseph Said
    Joseph Said 1 month ago

    is it wrong that i was aroused by the ramen?

  • Sara Martinez
    Sara Martinez 1 month ago

    man, this guy should have his own show on the travel channel

  • vorkev1
    vorkev1 1 month ago

    i understand your feeling. I also understand you my have had a erection when you got your ramen

  • Abigail Hernandez
    Abigail Hernandez 1 month ago

    i love this

  • I was born with glass bones and paper skin

    Idk why but he reminds me of Seungri

  • Yangti Pongen
    Yangti Pongen 1 month ago

    How many channel does he have ??😂

  • Golden Gomamon
    Golden Gomamon 1 month ago

    I fantasize about food as well love your videos.

  • Amandeep Singh
    Amandeep Singh 1 month ago

    what is the recipe for the nooodle they are serving? Is this made from All-purpose flour or whole meat flour?

  • LightAnDark
    LightAnDark 1 month ago

    I am legit eating cambles soup

  • DDG LivesWell
    DDG LivesWell 1 month ago

    Mike... I love soup!

  • Meekle58
    Meekle58 1 month ago

    Tsukemen is the bomb

  • Knock, Knock Hey it's ALBERTA

    I love Asian soup....I don't eat pork like that any more but I know that soup he's eating taste really good...well it looks good

  • Lily Y
    Lily Y 1 month ago

    Anyone want to start online Japanese lesson with me?

  • Felicity Eve Delos Santos

    Woah,can you actually understand Japanese?

  • yiuqwfj
    yiuqwfj 1 month ago

    You're the happiest eater on earth, man :D

  • DesiredGamez Gaming,Vlogs And more

    Eating insta ramen with sirracha

  • tung pham
    tung pham 1 month ago

    I personally think Vietnamese Pho better than Ramen.

  • Edward Mynning
    Edward Mynning 1 month ago

    I want that now!!

  • The Poloroid
    The Poloroid 1 month ago

    Egg game weak

  • Mine Gamer
    Mine Gamer 1 month ago

    And here I am, watching this video hungrily at 2:40AM..

  • Eggsn Bakon
    Eggsn Bakon 1 month ago

    4:22 "99% of what I fantasize revolves around food" :D!!!

  • Sмσl Kαηηα
    Sмσl Kαηηα 1 month ago

    I wonder why he's wearing a Vancouver shirt in Japan.

  • James Alaal
    James Alaal 1 month ago

    Who else came here because of naruto?

  • James Alaal
    James Alaal 1 month ago

    Ramen Dattebayo!

  • Natalie Wood
    Natalie Wood 1 month ago


  • Final Fantasy Master

    same as detective conan episode ^_^

  • It's Me
    It's Me 1 month ago

    Jackie Chan ?

  • Gábor Evanyics
    Gábor Evanyics 1 month ago

    Watcing your uploads just infuses my passion for good food. Great job.

  • Nanda mardas Saputra

    is that... azumi mizushima on the back?? ooopss! wrong person, wrong video

  • Petkel1987
    Petkel1987 1 month ago

    i love to hear you talk but doesn't your food go cold when you start to eat lol

  • Joseph K
    Joseph K 1 month ago

    I wish I could be that happy for eating simple food. He seems to know how to enjoy the every moment of the life.

  • Katha Rina
    Katha Rina 1 month ago

    I watched the episode about this ramen shop as well...I really want to go to this place when I travel to Tokyo

  • Void Space
    Void Space 1 month ago

    You little look like Jacky Chan

  • Cee V
    Cee V 1 month ago

    Hey Mike my friend and I are gonna attept to do Ramen soup may not be Like Naruto or the one that you just had lol wish me luck !

  • RockyGrenade
    RockyGrenade 1 month ago

    How spicy is Japanese cuisine in general?

  • Camesha Campbell
    Camesha Campbell 1 month ago

    In tokyo right now, eating ramen in the morning!

  • Hailey Yin_Yang
    Hailey Yin_Yang 1 month ago

    Yum 👍

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