The Haunted Quarters Of The Dauphine Orleans Hotel

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  • Danger Close
    Danger Close 2 minutes ago

    do the ship ss oerang medan

  • George Washington
    George Washington 1 hour ago

    *heard or recorded some voice from the audio tech*


  • KNJ
    KNJ 3 hours ago

    I like how they're doing literally everything they were told not to do at the beginning of the entire series by the priest

  • Nina Williams
    Nina Williams 3 hours ago

    im gonna go to hell for laughing at ryan xD

  • MrStealYour Mum
    MrStealYour Mum 8 hours ago

    Ryan: Woah
    Shane: Does it stink?
    Me: WTF

  • LPSchocolatey C
    LPSchocolatey C 9 hours ago

    i think this place was the scariest at night so far

  • meena sakhi
    meena sakhi 14 hours ago

    No Shane No Ryan = No buzzfeed unsolved

    • pablo lantigua
      pablo lantigua 12 hours ago

      meena sakhi I still wanna kno why shane replaced the other guy

  • KitCat898
    KitCat898 14 hours ago

    You all should check out San Antonio, Texas. We have plenty of haunted places to explore!

  • Donttouchme dont
    Donttouchme dont 14 hours ago

    "Were there Chads back then?"

    There have been Chads since the beginning of time.

  • Donttouchme dont
    Donttouchme dont 14 hours ago

    *Things fly off of shelf*
    Shane: Probably just the wind.

  • Nasteha Cabdi
    Nasteha Cabdi 16 hours ago

    When that wedding dress lady came I broke my phone because I through it at the wall I'm so fucking stupid😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joe Dizzle
    Joe Dizzle 16 hours ago

    We want merchandise and we want it now!

  • Joe Dizzle
    Joe Dizzle 16 hours ago

    I lost it when Shane and Ryan started imitating each other
    Oh my god they went in the jacuzzi bath tub together hahahahaha XD

  • Twenty One Fall Out Discos

    The footsteps sound like marching soldiers

  • Strippersneedhugs
    Strippersneedhugs 17 hours ago

    The jump cut to them in the tub 💀

  • Boo Jag
    Boo Jag 18 hours ago

    Where does the camera man sleep?

  • Lalucy2 Boo
    Lalucy2 Boo 1 day ago

    it kind a sounds like someone choking, like if you think so to!

  • Madison Manes
    Madison Manes 1 day ago

    I think I going to New Orleans and are going to stay in the hotel I'll video it hopefully 😀😀 I'll edit this whenever I uploaded it

  • DubKid 64
    DubKid 64 1 day ago







  • Angsty Teen
    Angsty Teen 1 day ago

    shane sleeping with his feet off the bed what

  • Taoism Gaming
    Taoism Gaming 1 day ago

    13:16 The Unitelligible noise sounds either German, French, or south AmericanAs a german speaker it sound like Die Barisch or the bar

  • Lps_Giraffe :3
    Lps_Giraffe :3 1 day ago

    Oh I didn't know it was haunted I passed it like fifty times when I was in NOLA😂

  • XxBri RawwrxX
    XxBri RawwrxX 1 day ago

    Ryan- *disappear because a ghost kidnapped him*
    Shane- he's probably playing hide and seek

  • PCk674 P
    PCk674 P 1 day ago

    Two bros
    Chilling in a hot tub
    Five feet apart cuz they're not gay

  • Lovelyangel58 *
    Lovelyangel58 * 1 day ago

    If there's anyone who can make "ghost hunting" funny it's a Shane and Ryan😂😂😂

  • Person Awesomeness

    Those sketches were dope!! I love the drawings they had for May and Millie. They looked really good!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Melissa Atocha
    Melissa Atocha 1 day ago

    It said they heard the foot steps at 4:30 well that's 30 mins after the witching hour I bet the.... thing was leaving

  • Tyler Hancock
    Tyler Hancock 1 day ago

    My parents have a jacuzzi tub but the rest of the house is POORLY made half the lights don't turn on and I have to live with them

  • Emma Finan
    Emma Finan 1 day ago

    12:01 "two bros.....chilling in a hot tub......5 feet apart cause theyre NOT gay"

  • Jpeg 102
    Jpeg 102 2 days ago

    Shane reminds me of Ben from Parks and Rec

  • Mini Mack
    Mini Mack 2 days ago

    We have a house down here in Placerville CA that is so haunted it has had so many owners since it was made in the 1800s, people have said they've seen faces and candlelight in the windows, and they had to stop renovations on the house because it was so severely haunted.

  • Mini Mack
    Mini Mack 2 days ago

    I love these videos where they get scared shitless and I get to watch in the safety in my own home! 😂 Love you guys!

  • Jen Walk
    Jen Walk 2 days ago

    Is it bad that I ship them so hard?

  • Fluffy ARMY
    Fluffy ARMY 2 days ago

    please do the 'beaumont children disappearance' from a beach in Adelaide, Australia 50 years ago!!! New evidence came out but the mystery is still unsolved! Would be so interesting to see this mystery explored in this series!!

  • TeamMystic 151
    TeamMystic 151 2 days ago

    hes so cute in glasses

  • sabrina bullen
    sabrina bullen 2 days ago

    Go to Bisbee AZ!!

  • Antony Khoury
    Antony Khoury 2 days ago


  • Rants of a Teenage Fangirl

    You guys should go to the houska castle in the Czech Republic

  • Farzad Baksh
    Farzad Baksh 2 days ago

    I love this channel and I love these videos. Please we need a season 3!!!!

  • Ariete Da Silva
    Ariete Da Silva 3 days ago

    Ryan, I think you need to find a new buddy/investigator with a more open and excepting mind. I swear a ghost could strangle shane and he would still try and find a logical explanation. There is no point in trying to change someones mind when it's that closed off. Ignorance is bliss.

  • Lifewithskyy
    Lifewithskyy 3 days ago

    I seriously love these videos

  • Joyce Harn
    Joyce Harn 3 days ago

    you should come to Malaysia's Pinang Peranakan Mansion.

  • EarlNacht
    EarlNacht 3 days ago

    Such a good video but who the hell hired that artist the art is kind of awful

  • Zephyx
    Zephyx 3 days ago

    b e c a u s e m e m e s

  • XxLeafGreenxX
    XxLeafGreenxX 3 days ago

    Does anyone else hide in the comment section in these episodes😂

  • Dakota Van Aken
    Dakota Van Aken 3 days ago

    shane : just trying to sleep
    ryan : tHeReS a GhOsT wAkE uP

  • Gloria Sheen
    Gloria Sheen 3 days ago

    such an easy gimmick
    a place that is rumoured to be "haunted"??? GREAT! ANOTHER WAY TO EARN PROFIT! QUIICK! the employees MAKE SOME NOISES! OHHH ITS HAUNTED! more people come and pay and stay for the night. DONE

  • sierraaa
    sierraaa 3 days ago

    Thank you for coming to my home city!!! <3

  • Rodney B
    Rodney B 3 days ago

    I'm pretty sure that was just a fart... 13:17

  • Commander Eridan
    Commander Eridan 3 days ago

    I love how Shane sleeps without the covers and with his feet right off the bed
    That's not even something I'm willing to do in my own house, much less a place that's "supposedly haunted"

  • DjCotesMusik
    DjCotesMusik 3 days ago

    creepiest part was two guys in a tub

  • AngelusSpkGrrl
    AngelusSpkGrrl 4 days ago

    shane -"your time to run amuck."
    me-"amuck! amuck, amuck, amuck amuck, amuck."

  • Kidrauhlchan
    Kidrauhlchan 4 days ago

    Ryan is so addorable

  • Jessica Troke
    Jessica Troke 4 days ago

    12:59 somebody under the stairs!

  • Caroline Shoemaker
    Caroline Shoemaker 4 days ago

    "Were there Chads back then?"

  • Luz Vibanco
    Luz Vibanco 4 days ago

    NOOOO Y I LOVE THIS!!!!! Can't you just do both 😩😩

  • Lydia Anderson
    Lydia Anderson 4 days ago

    I don't believe in ghosts but I'm so easily scared if Shane left me alone in the dark I would've lost it too 😂

  • Vania Garcia
    Vania Garcia 4 days ago

    This is scary like if you agree if this is scary

  • Brenden Estell
    Brenden Estell 4 days ago

    The only good buzzfeed "show"

  • The 2 Weridos
    The 2 Weridos 4 days ago

    Look closely at 13:03 you can see the bride🙃

  • Jotaro Kujo Star platinum

    I lived close

  • Jotaro Kujo Star platinum

    I got to see yall walk in

  • Sarah Dukeshire
    Sarah Dukeshire 4 days ago

    The next Buzzfeed Unsolved: Were there Chads back then?

  • Paula Gomes
    Paula Gomes 4 days ago

    do one episode about the chupa cabra, please!!!

  • Superduperme87
    Superduperme87 4 days ago

    Does anyone else think that Shane sounds a lot like the narrator from Freeman's Mind?

  • Kloe Van der wielen chapin

    come to the sanatorio duran

  • Eva Sias
    Eva Sias 4 days ago

    The unidentifiable noise sounded like the camera moved slightly.

  • Sophis V
    Sophis V 4 days ago


  • Axl Allie
    Axl Allie 5 days ago

    You guys should go to Gettysburg Pennsylvania! I've had some crazy paranormal experiences there!

  • Amy Liu
    Amy Liu 5 days ago


  • Crazy DrZed
    Crazy DrZed 5 days ago

    it sounded like it said get out of here

  • Nicole Hood
    Nicole Hood 5 days ago

    Why am I watching this before bed?!

  • Hello There Friendz

    I think the unintelligible voice said, "No, No!" Which might have been Millie talking about the death of who she would marry.

  • kaylee xo
    kaylee xo 5 days ago

    5:44 in the mirror there are two glowing red dots. I'm 99.99% sure it's lights but it's still creepy 😂

  • kaylee xo
    kaylee xo 5 days ago

    Huh. My uncles name is Chad…😶

  • Flippean Flaming Gaming

    Ffs it's haunted lol

  • L a r i s s a
    L a r i s s a 5 days ago

    How on earth did Shane have his foot hanging off the bed when he was asleEp

  • Alyssa Armstrong
    Alyssa Armstrong 5 days ago

    Am I the only one who started to ship Shane and Ryan as a joke and then started to legit ship them? Yes? Okay, good to know

  • Venomfan56786
    Venomfan56786 5 days ago

    Also it sounded like the noise of the man shot before the wedding

  • Venomfan56786
    Venomfan56786 5 days ago

    When he heard the noise inside of the room it sounded like under the bed springs when they move

  • maddie ritch
    maddie ritch 5 days ago

    12:03 two bros chilling in a hot tub five feet apart cause they're not gay

  • Charlotte Sow
    Charlotte Sow 5 days ago

    2 guys 1 tub

  • X Slime
    X Slime 5 days ago

    Do the bloody Mary ship

  • Riikka_ _
    Riikka_ _ 5 days ago

    the way shane sleeps is kinda cute???

  • Daniel Leow
    Daniel Leow 6 days ago

    When i saw the pool at 3:00 , i instantly remembered the dream where i was pulled into the pool
    had almost the same structure

  • Vkook Shipper
    Vkook Shipper 6 days ago

    I like how they don't even care about sharing one bed or sleeping next to eachother and then taking a bath together.🤣

  • althea luna
    althea luna 6 days ago

    i did not like they way ryan said "perform services" lmao

  • Froilan Babi
    Froilan Babi 6 days ago

    I like this show pls make some more seasons

  • Jared Burns
    Jared Burns 6 days ago

    The edited in audio "pickups" get annoying especially since you have one like every episode

  • Jackie Garcia
    Jackie Garcia 6 days ago

    omg they low key remind me of Rhett and Link lmaooo

  • Chinee Panganiban
    Chinee Panganiban 6 days ago

    This and the try guys are my favorite parts of buzzfeed

  • Bananya
    Bananya 6 days ago

    I usually hate Buzzfeed, but I love these paranormal investigations. I like how they don't pretend everything is a ghost or try to make it scary...they're realistic about it and funny. :)

  • Jemma Carrillo
    Jemma Carrillo 6 days ago

    Ghost busted, ghost sit-com 😂😂

  • Irish Cosplayers
    Irish Cosplayers 6 days ago

    I love how Shane is too tired to care about the foot steps

  • Allie Hamilton
    Allie Hamilton 6 days ago

    most realistic and convincing one so far. good job guys.

  • Yvonne Banda
    Yvonne Banda 6 days ago

    tall guy is hot 😂

  • Daniela Onofre
    Daniela Onofre 6 days ago

    I got so scared

  • melisa lopez
    melisa lopez 6 days ago

    I luv these two.

  • The Savage Squad
    The Savage Squad 6 days ago

    3:08 HE WAS RIGHT

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