The life of Prophet Nuh (Noah) related to the quran

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The life of Prophet Nuh (Noah) in a cartoon, this Prophet is well known for the building of the ark...

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Author Moaaz Khalifa ( ago)
is it me, or has nobody noticed that they havent actually put prophet Nuh
in this cartoon, but they always have his disciples talking about him in
third person.

Author Muhammad Fahrul ( ago)
where can i download movie like this, with HD resolution,,??

Author TheEpicTechnology ( ago)
No Prophet Nuh can be seen but not Muhammad or Isa or Musa!

Author nono bobo ( ago)
This allowed, its like someone who's reading you the story of prophet nuh
3alahi salam, as long as His face is not showed and the story is equal as
the holy quran than its allowed my muslim brother

Author Bilawal Khan ( ago)

Author Scrud ( ago)
@allahkasoldier its just for kids

Author Shiraz Farooqi ( ago)
this is a conspiracy against islam and our beloved prophets . this is a
insult of prophets NOAH A.S they are making cartoons of our beloved
prophets then these peoples will try to make this kind of movie for our
beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w do not promote and stop this conspiracy .

Author YamiYami17 ( ago)
@sahandpar Also my brother when you translate the qur'an it's a human being
who is doing that not God (swt),so imagine the difference between how god
do talk (arabic scripture) and how humans do talk (translate action),the
level will drop to the infinite ^^

Author YamiYami17 ( ago)
@sahandpar No i'm not talking about how nice is your work i'm talking about
a true miracle indeed you sound like you didn't heard about this before,
here for you a nice video hope it will help you get to the truth :

Author David Brown ( ago)
@YamiYami17 You can't make a literature just like Dante, Aljahez, Al
Towhidi, Works of Shakespear and so on! You can't ever make anything that
is exactly like that because they all contain the finger prints of their
writers. Not being able to make similar works, does not make them holy
though. Your reasoning fails in every level my dear. Let's not forget when
you translate Qur'an into ANY other language, it's not beautiful at all,
while words of god should be beautiful in any way.

Author YamiYami17 ( ago)
@sahandpar : Go to the site miraclesofthequran . com and clic in The
scientific miracles

Author YamiYami17 ( ago)
@sahandpar The Holy quran skript is in a miraculas level that we can't make
even a small chapter like it,at least 3 little verses !!! debunk that And
if you (Arab pagans, Jews, and Christians) are in doubt concerning that
which We have sent down (i.e. the Qur'an) to Our slave (Muhammad Peace be
upon him ), then produce a surah (chapter) of the like thereof and call
your witnesses (supporters and helpers) besides Allah, if you are truthful.
[Qur'an 2:23]

Author David Brown ( ago)
@301912440 no link is given

Author David Brown ( ago)
@301912440 This "Miracle" is already debunked": watch?v=0XLg-SRGMNk And it
is a nasty distortion of bible text. Bible and EVEN Torah contains the
similar kind on verse, and it is NOT about expanding universe. So as a
Muslim you claim that Sperm is coming from back-bone and ribs like Qur'an
claims to? hahaha In Mohammad's time scientists thought that is where sperm
comes from and Qur'an simply made the same mistake! IT COMES FROM
TESTICLES, silly people... And that's all man made books :)

Author Decepticons211 ( ago)
I just have a question, y is it that the other's prophet's faces are not
bieng shown when only prophet muhammed (PBUH) said that he doesn't want his
face bieng shown. Yet if u watch the movie "THE TEN COMMANDMENTS" they are
not afraid to show prophet musa's face?

Author David Brown ( ago)
@000afg You have no protected either, there is no protector at all, and you
my friend are simply DELUDED. Now here is the fact: When you die, there is
no hell fire, there is no sexy heaven with tons of sexy women and men for
your pleasure. It is going to be one fat and big zero! When you die, there
is NOTHING, it's END. Now live with this fact or keep deluding yourself.
Let the fire be upon me mate, luckily I don't share the fear and delusion
that you have.

Author 000afg ( ago)
@sahandpar m not going to speak bad u are one of the deniers the hell fire
is wating for u in day of judement and u are misguided u have no protecter
or nor any helper

Author 000afg ( ago)
m not going to speak bad u are one of the deniers the hell fire is wating
for u in day of judement and u are misguided u have no protecter or nor any
helper from 000afg in my cuzins account

Author David Brown ( ago)
@000afg It's the same bullshit that Christian, and Jews are saying. lol

Author 000afg ( ago)
@TheMrpalid may alla guide u more inshallah may allah put peace upon u and
all the muslims

Author 000afg ( ago)
@sahandpar for day off judement which their is hell or heavan and if u are
a muslim then u have something on u day of judement but if u not the the
fire is waiting for u for ever and ever nor any helper or protecter it is
up to u to believe it or deni it but u will get the punishment in hereafter
and u deni us here we will deni u in day of judement in front of (ALLAh)

Author 000afg ( ago)
there are a thousands of god but believe in the truth not in the falsehood
if u believe in god which is (ALLAH) and that muhammad is its massenger and
that juses as his prophet the u have somthing call iman which will save u
from hell fire when u die in day of judement but acording to ur deeds good
and bad if ur bad deeds are more them ur good deend then u will be punished
acording to ur bad deeds but if u die as a disbeliever u will never enter
heaven and u will be in hell for ever and ever

Author TheMrpalid ( ago)
This is wonderful. is there something like this for the story of Isa (as)
and Maryam also?

Author TheMrpalid ( ago)
The path of Islam is the right path. The path to salvation

Author David Brown ( ago)
@cool08player This question is known as "Pascal's Wager" --> If I believe
in god, I lose NOTHING. If I don't believe in a god, I lose everything.
(Pascal is a French philosopher/Mathematician/Wager) Wager means a person
who bets (the same betting which is Haram in Islam). This philosophy is
already debunked: First: There are thousands of gods to choose from.
Second: To believe in a god merely as a safety belt that prevents hell, is
cowardly approach. Watch this: /watch?v=xfZFsXfCy6s

Author cool08player ( ago)
@sahandpar let me ask you just one thing; would you rather live your life
believing there is a God and die to find out there isn't than live your
life believing there isn't a God and die to find out there is? you lose
absolutely nothing. and eternity is very precious to waste.

Author David Brown ( ago)
@cool08player This is called "Testing" by god. I often hear "god is testing
you" by Muslim/Christian/Jew believers. But if you think about it, you will
realize it is the biggest insult to the God to begin with. Testing is the
process to FIND OUT the outcome. WHY WOULD god test you in this life by
checking your actions? Doesn't he know what will happen? Why would you live
in this earth at all? God needs the test results of this world for what?
Did you guys forget he is all knowing and wise? lol

Author cool08player ( ago)
@sahandpar ok so lets say you and i are on top of a bridge. we both see 2
cars comming from opposite directions towards each other. i tell you
"brother, those 2 cars are about to crash"; was it me that caused the
crash? or was it the 2 people driving those cars who caused the crash?
obviously it was the 2 ppl driving the cars that caused the collision. my
point is, God created us, but did not choose that we go to hell or heaven.
we make our decisions and we should take full responsibility.

Author cool08player ( ago)
@sahandpar Allah knows our fate yes. but he is giving us the free will, our
own fate is technically in our hands. yes, Allah knows our fate but he
didnt choose our fate. WE choose our fate. want to cause mischief? want to
be a crook? want to commit sin? go ahead, no one's stopping you. if its
your plan to burn in hell then go ahead, God could care less, he doesnt
need us. we need Him. il give you an example in my next post.

Author David Brown ( ago)
@cool08player In heaven there is NO evil, and only GOOD exists. That is
exactly how you should have a world with no evil, if the god is perfect.
Allah KNEW Satan will be bad, but he made it. That makes Allah EVIL,
because he didn't prevent the causer of Adam and Eve misery! And why would
GOD send you to Paradise and send me to Hell by judging my life on this
earth? Didn't your god know everything about past/future? That makes my
fate and your fate, preplanned, because god knows it anyways.

Author cool08player ( ago)
@sahandpar in heaven you feel sorry for those people, unless they truly
deserved the fire. you warned those people to believe but they still did
not believe, now whos fault is that? i lived my life, doing good deeds and
going through and GETTING through hardships; now why shouldn't i be able to
enjoy paradise? God didnt exactly CREATE evil. all evil comes from satan.
and like i said, how would you know whats good if theres no bad? then
NOBODY would be grateful for their blessings.

Author David Brown ( ago)
@cool08player You really believe the Adam and Eve story, don't you? Well, I
don't believe that story. but let's pretend we agree it was REAL. I'd say
NO it was NOT a blessing at all. It is a shame if I go to heaven and have
sex the entire time (group sex lol) yet knowing there are PEOPLE burning in
the fire of hell! Shame! If Allah is a PERFECT being, how come he made
IMPERFECT/Evil? If Allah is the source of everything, so is EVIL a part of
him There should NOT BE EVIL from a Perfect designer.

Author cool08player ( ago)
@sahandpar evil? but if there was no satan then we would not exist. dont
you know the story of adam and eve? satan convinced them to eat from the
forbidden tree in heaven and God punished them and sent them down on earth.
they reproduced and their kids did the same from generation to generation
up to our time. our existence should be a blessing itself. oh and if there
was no bad, how would you know whats good?

Author David Brown ( ago)
@cool08player I'd say DAMN you god! God/Allah is Omniscient (knows
now/before/future!) and while he made Sheitan/Eblis/Satan, he knew in the
end Sheitan will be a son of a bitch who causes lots of trouble and
disobeys god. Despite all of these, Allah created that bastard. This alone
makes him an Evil god, who doesn't deserve anything but hatred. ;) But oh
well, Allah/Yahweh (christian/jew god) and every other gods are MAN MADE
:). Stop worrying, because on logical level they are all stupid.

Author cool08player ( ago)
@sahandpar the jews, the christians and the muslims all believe in noah.
how could it be that 3 different religions believe in the same person with
the same story? just tell me this, lets say God exists; what are you going
to do the day you die when you have to confront him?

Author David Brown ( ago)
@cool08player Yep I did have those questions in my Favorite/Bookmark list.
Good questions are good any ways. Well, 1) I guess then god's management
skills are horrible. 200 years SPENDING on making an ark while walking is
possible is stupid. Questioning the decision of God is not stupid,
especially if I think all these stories are MAN MADE. 2) No, in this video
say ALL ANIMALS AND ALL BIRDS, it is not area. 3) Birds can FLY in storm.
They don't interact with flood! why they have to be in ark?

Author cool08player ( ago)
@sahandpar lol i know you just google searched that because i did the same
and found the same questions you just posted haha. well 1. God commanded
Noah to build an ark, you must be a complete fool to question God's
commands. and he built the ark in the village and the village people mocked
him for doing that. 2.again, God commanded him to do so. why? idk. maybe to
save the species of animals in that area 3. there was water coming from the
clounds and ground. no animal could escape such flood

Author David Brown ( ago)
@cool08player 1) If the Flood was local, why did Noah have to build an Ark?
He could have walked to the other side of the mountains and missed it. 2)If
the Flood was local, why did God send the animals to the Ark so they would
escape death? There would have been other animals to reproduce that kind if
these particular ones had died. 3)If the Flood was local, why would birds
have been sent on board? These could simply have winged across to a nearby
mountain range. Think about it! :)

Author cool08player ( ago)
@sahandpar lol how would we be alive if the flood was global? every
civilization would have died if the flood was global. and yea we have over
2million different types of animals NOW but back then probably a lot less.
idk details about the animals that were on the ship. maybe a male and
female of ea mammal that existed during that time. who knows unless if you
were on that ship...or God lol.

Author David Brown ( ago)
@cool08player WOW! we have over 2043400 different ANIMALS. A male and a
female from 2043400 x2 (male+female) inside one ship? Think about it
logically. How is that possible? Another question: Was the flood local? or
was it global?

Author cool08player ( ago)
@sahandpar just a male and female of each type of animal. not ALL living
creatures. and if God created the universe, why wouldnt he be able to fit a
trillion different creatures on a ship? the abilities of God are endless.

Author David Brown ( ago)
So, all the living being were inside that ship? all 17,400 types of birds
all 12,000 types of reptiles all 9000 types of mammals all 5,000 types of
amphibians all 2,000,000 types of insects ? By types I mean different
types. I am an Atheist. but I'm interested to know what's the Muslim
perspective about this. Is it alllllll the living being were inside that
ship? (A male and a female from each type?) I wonder!

Author David Brown ( ago)
@aladdinne When was this incident? Millions of years ago? Cause dinosaurs
belong to millions and billions of years my dear.

Author AidestheKiwi ( ago)
@ergotrof Do you ever write coherent sentences?

Author YaserxD ( ago)
@ergotrof Actually the Bible is twisted, it has so many different
scriptures and versions with so many different words, I find it interesting
how Christians sort their Holy books out. Hell, I find it interesting how
Christians sort their own religion out.

Author Mtieppo ( ago)
@ergotrof hihihihi, corrupted? Sorry is not Quran which has over 1000
contradictions including scientific, historical and geographical errors!
Quran is pure science and perfect arabic grammar. What you have there is
the is the translation of the translation of the translation. How can you
trust something like that?

Author John K ( ago)
Somehow I was oddly touched by the scene of the men constructing the ark in
the desert...

Author pola4u ( ago)
where in the Quran did it mention that Nuh was told to put a male and
female of every species on board the ark>?

Author zipitup75 ( ago)
@MrElectrodesign ok thats a good point, thanks

Author MrElectrodesign ( ago)
@zipitup75 because if you show prophets face most likely after generations
people will start to worship that prophet like the christians have done
with isa or jesus peace be upon him

Author zipitup75 ( ago)
why cant you show the prophets face is there a reason?

Author lahij ( ago)
salam lostprophet786 are you sunni Or shia? if u sunni or shia that i will
respect u brother muslim,

Author Mahmoud Fathy ( ago)
@aghahowa11 poor man blinded by hate u didn't even watch 2 mins of the
video once u saw the title and u set on ur hate machine and start attackung
islam ... !!!!

Author Mahmoud Fathy ( ago)
@aghahowa11 actually u will not see his face here :) ,, we r not allowed to
draw the prophets in any way .... not just prophet mohammed

Author spinspermy ( ago)
the most important thing they saved the platypus.

Author ainnhana ( ago)
@angelsDOexist4eva, im surprised to hear u say that u dont believe in Bible
or Injil, becoz it is a must for a Muslim to believe in the Injil as it is
Allah's book that was revealed unto Isa AS. Also the companions of Isa AS
were called Al-Mubashireen just like Prophet Muhammed SAW's companions were.

Author Ali Isa ( ago)
I wish they made it in english i don't want to just watch bottom subtitles

Author InTheHeartsOf GreenBirds ( ago)
al hamdulillah sure juz wen ever ur ready

Author InTheHeartsOf GreenBirds ( ago)
@GeRzAwN you can ask me anything you like about islam and i will answere ur
questions with sencerity :) and my Allah guide us and be please with us

Author Axel Lee ( ago)
muhamed jesus ect were enlightened beings we are all enlightened beings but
we just dont know if you dont believe me you'll find out when you die that
there is no hell. peace

Author InTheHeartsOf GreenBirds ( ago)
becos the prophet told us not to make any image of any prophet or divine
being in order to keep the religion clean of idolisation and not to be
worship as prophet isa was worshipped we should know Allah and his
appolstles by their nature message and example and not remember them from
thier image or looks

Author InTheHeartsOf GreenBirds ( ago)
i am muslim and i read quran .. forgive me i dont want to be rude but we
dont belive in the bible juz quran :) but i have read the stories of
prophet nuh in islam but never heard of the olive twig but i read somewere
tht the aangel came in the form of a dove to give peace to prophet nuh and
yes quran is most beautiful meshallah

Author Mohamad Affendy abdul rahim ( ago)
May allah bless the maker of this video and those who watch it.

Author mojoyama1 ( ago)
your apology is accepted

Author InTheHeartsOf GreenBirds ( ago)
did the dove come to the prophet with a olive twig? i thought that was in
the bible .. im jus worndering cos i havent read that in the quran

Author KhorRori ( ago)
His face wasn't shown. You need new eyes and brain !! Oh not to mention a
Good English teacher LOL.

Author Shabbir Raju ( ago)
Thanks a lot for this video... please dont stop making more... you are
blessed :) May God be with you And reward you for the wonderful you are

Author Axel Lee ( ago)
why does it matter if it was shown i dont get it

Author aghahowa11 ( ago)
ok may i was seeing things my bad, apologizes

Author lostprophet786 ( ago)
Where was Prophet Nuh's face shown in this cartoon? I have watched this
quite a few times and have never seen it. Would be helpful if you could
tell me what time exactly it was shown. Peace.

Author aghahowa11 ( ago)
death to him lets jus talk politely to him n reason it out, :) we muslims
yeaah are of the hypocrites allah has said all muslims go hell :)

Author germanicus24 ( ago)
Through a friend who had favorited it or so.

Author Hreen Sahan ( ago)
How did you find this?

Author germanicus24 ( ago)
Does anybody know how Islam explains the fact that there are just too many
kinds of animals to think of fitting them in couples in the biggest ship
ever built?

Author kungfustyler ( ago)
Subhan Allah

Author viva7547 (675 years ago)
only Islam, Jews and Christian brings the concept of religion.. while
others prophet (there are difference between Rasul and Nabi), brought the
concept of, there is a supreme Power who created the world. and this is
what we call Tauhid. we never know, that maybe Buddha, or Plato was a
prophet, only because we had lost the other side of their way of life..
even in the oldest religion, Hindu's book had said that one day, camel
would be the main medium of transportation, it even mentioned AHMAD

Author ahnamus ( ago)
wonderful video !! thx you very much such a video!

Author teach4right ( ago)
WHY messenger of ahlah copy to JEW n CHRISTIAN??n rape or enjoy sex with
alot of women n babies?

Author duly10 ( ago)
The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob cares for all his creatures. But he
does not let the guilty get away with their injustice.

Author hijabiflower ( ago)
this is a good question but that answer can be found in the quran. Islam
says that God sent holy books to all corners of the earth with different
words but the same exact message to many different peoples. But every
single one of them were curropted by men or were forgotten and mistreated.
However the bible and quran says that God's word will NEVER perish so every
book got replaced with a brande new revelation. God promised that the quran
was the last book and completely free of errors

Author hijabiflower ( ago)
do you love God? Im sure there are many people who will say no but they are
living and breathing and choosing to live their life whatever they choose
to live it by.. God is more graceful that even our mothers and our
fathers.. surely your mom and dad have limits before they would snap like
if you grew up to become some psycho terrorist killer yeah your parents
might still love you but imagine how much more GOD can love you than a mere
imperfect human being!

Author Spenner56 ( ago)
i.e. Love me or I´ll kill you ! I love my daughter,if she decides to ignore
me,insult me;hate me,...I will still love her. I will not drown her or
threaten her with hell. THIS is true LOVE.

Author Spenner56 ( ago)
With respect,the Bible is not identical to the Quran. Why would God decide
to reveal himself in two different books with conflicting messages to three
different religions ? And why only in the Middle East ? Would it not have
been smarter to have revealed himself to the Chinese;North and South
Americans etc ? If "he" did in fact reveal himself thousands of years
ago,...he didn´t do a convincing enough job as the majority of the world
remains non-Muslim. Peace and goodwill.

Author aweys ali ( ago)
sperm The smaller, usually motile male reproductive cell of most organisms
that reproduce sexually. Sperm cells are haploid (they have half the number
of chromosomes as the other cells in the organism's body). Sperm often have
at least one flagellum. During fertilization, the nucleus of a sperm fuses
with the nucleus of the much larger egg cell (the female reproductive cell)
to form a new organism. In male animals,

Author Spenner56 ( ago)
Where did the sperm come from ?

Author Spenner56 ( ago)
1.Science-based EVIDENCE shows that mankind did NOT originate in the Middle
East but in Africa. 2.The scientific version of evolution is more
convincing than the fairytale-like biblical version of the dust/bloodclot
man and his stolen-rib-wife. 3.All cultures have their own creation story.
Do you believe that mankind originated from a puddle of water, like the
Australian Aboriginies do ? If not,..why not ? 4.What makes you right and
everyone else wrong ? . Peace.

Author hijabiflower ( ago)
Yes you can look up all the names of the US presidents but you cant look up
all the names of every leader there was. We cant even interpret every
language man has spoken none the less figure out the NAMES of every
messenger that has come upon mankind. Infact Islam says thats why the world
is worshipping men instead of God, because we keep focusing on the one who
is bringing the message rather than the one who is sending the messenger.
Its not about man,its the repeated concept of one God one God

Author hijabiflower ( ago)
Budhism is named after Buddha, Judaism is named after Judah, Christianity
is named after Christ, Hinduism is named after a location, Jehova witness
is named after Jehova but Islam is named after a concept and that concept
was believed by the first human being that was ever created "la illah ha il
Allah" that is there is only one God worthy of creation and that is the
prime creator of all the universe.. Every religion started out like that

Author aweys ali ( ago)
English Yusuf Ali: [23:14]Then We made the sperm into a clot of congealed
blood; then of that clot We made a (foetus) lump; then we made out of that
lump bones and clothed the bones with flesh; then we developed out of it
another creature. So blessed be Allah, the best to create

Author aweys ali ( ago)
English Yusuf Ali: [4:1]O mankind! reverence your Guardian-Lord, who
created you from a single person, created, of like nature, His mate, and
from them twain scattered (like seeds) countless men and women;- reverence
Allah, through whom ye demand your mutual (rights), and (reverence) the
wombs (That bore you): for Allah ever watches over you.

Author aweys ali ( ago)
we know budhists and hindus they worship beside god Jews they said you have
to be born Jew and God loves only Jews, Christians they's said Jesus son of
God and If we are Muslim we said worship your creater the one who give you
this live and the one we'll return and if you read to Koran u'll see
scientific FACT ,,,and God said,,,,

Author Spenner56 ( ago)
Correction my friend,..." we know there is a creator just one and his name
is Allah". You do not KNOW (anymore than
Budhists;Jews;Christians;Hindus;Jehova Witnesses;Mormons;Voodoo worshipers
etc KNOW ) BELIEVE ! This is why it is called FAITH ! If any belief
could be proved,it would be called scientific FACT, isn´t though.
Hinduism is the world´s oldest religion,and is many thousands of years
old,yet no-one has proof of God(s). Peace to you and all who love you.

Author aweys ali (1644 years ago)
this world is test,and you don't see nothing antl you dead and it is not
good to said what you don't know and muslim is which is acquired by
submitting ones will to the will of the Supreme Creator, Allah (swt). and
if we r muslim we talk only what we know and we know there's a creator just
one and his name is Allah and our prophet muhamed (saw) tell us there a lot
disease if you make Adultery, and if you r good health you r test don't
think god loves you if you r sick or ill

Author Spenner56 ( ago)
The difference is that you can look up the names of all the Presidents in a
book.Why did people 'forget' to write down the names of the 'god-appointed'
prophets,sent to deliver messages to countries UNKNOWN to them because they
had not yet been discovered ? P.S. with all respect,I would suggest that
the importance attached to the deeds and PERSONALITY of your greatest
prophet is akin to the cult status of Jesus. Peace to us all.

Author Spenner56 ( ago)
Being faithfull doesn´t mean you have to be ignorant of scientific fact !
Please name ONE scientist who has evidence that malaria;dysentry;cancer;HIV
etc.are all man-made !! The Jewish;Christian and Muslim holy books all
agree that god made EVERY living thing on earth (including therefore
bacteria ),though strangely enough god forgot to inform his children about
their dangers as they are not mentioned in "his" books. Don´t confuse
disease with disease prevention.

Author hijabiflower ( ago)
all of these things like hunger, warm malaria, aids and cancer are man-made
not God-made. If every person gave charity we wouldnt have hunger, if every
person followed the word and stopped drinking, eating bad food and having
unsafe sex we wouldnt have all these terrible diseases that are killing our
children.. if we started loving eachother instead of fighting we wouldnt
have wars.. but unfortunately this is the half bad world we live in but for
the faithful its just a short stop on our journey

Author hijabiflower ( ago)
The story of Prophet Noah is an example for what will happen again to
mankind for worshipping false gods instead of the one true God.

Author hijabiflower ( ago)
i cant even name all of the presidents who have ruled my country (USA) none
the less any other country! It doesnt mean they didnt exist or that they
havnt had their important influence on their countries or people... The
point is its not their names that's important, its the concept: that there
is only one God. You see? Islam isnt based on a personality like
CHRISTianity, JUDAism, BUDDHism, not to disrespect anybody's religion but
its based on a concept la illah ha il Allah.

Author Spenner56 ( ago)
EXCUSE ME is it possible to "forget" the names of your prophets ?
IF there is such a thing as a prophet,then surely he (they are always men
strangely enough)must have been chosen by God and is VERY special ! How can
you "forget" such important names ? As you are UNABLE to furnish me with
the names of the prophets who were "sent" to Australia and North
America,..I am forced to believe that this is just another fairytale. Many
thanks for your response.

Author hijabiflower ( ago)
we dont know every name of all the prophets of the world! Most of them have
been forgotten through time but every nation, generation had a prophet. We
believe Mohamed is the last prophet until Jesus returns. To us he is a sign
that the end times are very NEAR. Now we have leaders and priests instead
of prophets. Anyone who claims to be a prophet now is 10/10 short lived as
well as their cults and they always end up being proven false within a
short period of time.

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