Alien Covenant Spoilers Discussion - ANGRY RANT!

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    AngryJoe goes into all the things that pissed him off in Alien Covenant and talks Spoilers! What HAPPENED Ridley Scott?!
    Great Action, Visuals & Music without any substance and with a terrible story, characters and that actually messed up the lore.

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  • Runtime: 26:26
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  • Matt S
    Matt S 1 hour ago

    The engineers if they were smart would have identified David's ship as an enemy or someone gone rogue and should have blasted it out of the goddamn sky...

  • Crocodileofdoom
    Crocodileofdoom 9 hours ago

    I like it when the xenomorph were product of evolution with a homeplanet and everything, maybe the jockeys were able to weaponize it but not create it

  • Dunkey's Long Lost Son

    I liked the film, but I thought it would have been better if they cut the ending at Daniels saying "David?" because there's enough doubt generated in the last xeno fight that could have you not knowing if he's David or Walter.

  • listener 2920
    listener 2920 2 days ago

    1.the relationship between shaw and david is from what i could see left unsaid from what i gathered it was onesided we never hear from shaw if she loves david something that seems unlikely wich maybe david forced himself on shaw and she rejected him maybe he killed her in anger and experience regret
    2. David sees humanity as inferior beings and also the engineers as inferior it is likely that david experimented on shaw to create the alien eggs from here by turning here corpse in something more than human the mother of the xenomorph race.
    3.the black goo airborn form may be the result of the goo interacting with fungi as we are told it afects various thing diferently or may as well be a form that it took to remain in a dormant state.
    4.we are never told the engineers in the plaza are the whole race in fact a whole planet with few cities smells more like a colony.

    ultimately this all theory since the director loves to let thung unsaid something can be said though about the black goo becoming the deus ex machina of the series capable of doing everything and transforming into anything.

  • Thomas Hansen
    Thomas Hansen 2 days ago

    Wait if David created the alien, why is there a space jockey (that crashed a ship onto the surface carrying facehugger incubators) in the first Alien...?
    Wouldn't the space jockeys be dead, and even if they where still alive why would they be transporting Davids creation?

    Based on what I'm hearing here, they've basically revised the entire story to the point where the first movie doesn't fit anymore.

  • Lolz878
    Lolz878 2 days ago

    the black alien in covenant (protomorph) is not actually the final xenomorph which you could see if you compare the 2.

  • Jacob Hooker
    Jacob Hooker 2 days ago

    Ugh- maybe it was a good thing I didn't go see this movie

  • Bates Lawson
    Bates Lawson 3 days ago

    How are neomorphs stronger than xenomorphs?
    I mean xenomorphs are sooooo much larger as well as having an armored exoskeleton
    come on Joe i love ya, but really the only thing neomorphs MIGHT have going for them is speed. David created eggs derived from Shaw's, and likely later queens evolve themselves david did nothing to create a queen as shown at this point.

  • Darth Mucus
    Darth Mucus 4 days ago

    So how exactly is the fossilized space jockey gonna get explained? Time travel, a la Jar Jar Abraams? And if David creates the alien, how the fuck are the engineers dressed in a bio-suit that mimics the alien morphology perfectly, as far as 2000 years in the past?? I always thought the engineers worshiped the alien, as a perfect organism. What an utter bullshit script! First it was Star Trek, then Star Wars, and now Alien too?! Awesome franchises destroyed by pittyful writing...

  • Valken
    Valken 5 days ago

    Remember the Prometheus trailer of 2012? "I can carry out directives that my future counterparts might find distressing or unethical. I can blend in with your workforce effortlessly." - "War, poverty, cruelty, unnecessary violence. I understand human emotions, although I do not feel them myself. This allows me to be more efficient and capable, and makes it easier for my human counterparts to interact with me." - David is a robot following orders, nothing more.

  • 000269 F0R
    000269 F0R 6 days ago


  • KiianaLuu
    KiianaLuu 6 days ago

    Honestly I personally don't think people who don't hate the movie is a Michael Fassbender fan girl. Maybe I am the only one that thinks the relationships between the engineers-human-android-alien are fascinating.

  • shymickey6
    shymickey6 6 days ago

    You're stupid as hell.

  • pur4567 .bruce  v
    pur4567 .bruce v 6 days ago

    I certainly will not buy this shit video alien covenant

  • Lon Tanner
    Lon Tanner 6 days ago

    Yeah it was weird hearing Fassbender with that "Southern USA" accent. Alien: Michael Fassbender? LOL David: Covenant? HAHHAHAHAHA.

  • André Vila Franca
    André Vila Franca 7 days ago

    We needed much more engeneer content in this movie, instead we got another stupid disposable team and we didn't get the answers we wanted. But i liked that David was involved in the creation of the Xenomorphs.
    I hope in the next movies we get much more answers from the engeneers. I want to see their real planet and their explanations for everything they did so far.

  • Lewis Carroll
    Lewis Carroll 7 days ago

    If you wanted to keep the origin of the alien a mysterious, don't go to see the movie which is supposed to be the prequel to the biggest disappointing movie in the alien franchise, Prometheus. Prometheus was a huge disappointment when they tried to explain the origin of the xenos, its just utter shit. The only reason I actually enjoyed this movie was the aliens themselves, the new neomorph was fucking cool and Ridley's attempt at winning over fans with a xenomorph in the movie. (To be honest the xenomorph was the pushing reason I some what enjoyed this movie, despite over powering plot issues). The plot was absolute bollocks but being such a huge fan of the aliens themselves I sort of enjoyed it.

  • Cheshire C
    Cheshire C 8 days ago

    Why would David use human space travel that requires via solar sails for 7 years to get to (Oricon-6 or whatever?) Rather than another Engineers ship, there has to be other Engineers ships on the planet.

  • J Stone
    J Stone 8 days ago

    The CGI is bad in this movie.

    The gay robot made this movie bad too.

  • Steve Ockenden
    Steve Ockenden 8 days ago

    Its fucking awful this movie!!! 2/10

  • xxSpike1989xx
    xxSpike1989xx 8 days ago

    so david is not only the xenos creators (stupid) he's also the new queen alien spewing out eggs like the fucking predaliens from avp 2! im soo out! we only wanted to know where and what the space jockey was for fucks sakes.... david better be a red herring! or this franchise is soo fucked!

  • Winner Laowai in China

    He could possibly mean that Shaw is the prototype queen.....there are theories online going about

  • ant ferno
    ant ferno 9 days ago

    in AVP they said the predators made them to hunt lol

  • MrFlipperInvader782

    13:10 these AREN'T xenomoprhs...NEOMORPHS

  • MrFlipperInvader782

    so is it wrong if I still think this movie is fucking awesome

  • Jacob Odom
    Jacob Odom 9 days ago

    I may not be a fan of the movie LIFE (2017) but the alien in that movie is far more perfect than the Xenomorph in the Alien franchise

  • d0nKsTaH
    d0nKsTaH 9 days ago

    AngryJoeShow Actually... David DID cut his hair hours after he met Walter. He made his hair look exactly like Walter's meaning he was planning to take his place all along.

    First tried to recruit him.... that failed.

    Lately, it has been suggested that perhaps David... *during their fight together*.... inserted something into Walter and deleted his memories and uploaded himself into Walter's memory banks.

    So the Walter that went back onto the Covanant ship WAS IN FACT Walter physically (the melted hand as proof). But was David's memories and programming.

    Essentially we now have two Davids... one stayed behind (albeit damaged) and the other on the ship.

  • Marc Bingham
    Marc Bingham 9 days ago

    @angryjoeshow if you havnt already watch rakka on steam by neil blomkampf. Ridly needs to hand this franchise to him

  • Another Ginger
    Another Ginger 9 days ago

    i understand why this movie is shit now.

  • sorokonojkaboris
    sorokonojkaboris 9 days ago

    To be honest the whole bio-mechanical thing now makes sense. In that regard, the plot is acceptable in my opinion. However, I think exploring Alien origins comprises the fundamental appeal of the series. Fear of the unknown. The movie did not need to exist. Also, I would agree with Joe that older version of the Alien makes look the "perfect organism" inferior. However, I could justify it by the fact that Xeno is more intelligent than faster incubating variations.

  • Wozza Laders
    Wozza Laders 9 days ago

    Again Totally Agree

  • A B
    A B 10 days ago

    Because fucking mexicans like you we won't have another alien movie!! Get the fuck out behind the wall!!

  • Jaiden Kimmelman
    Jaiden Kimmelman 10 days ago

    The alien is from the space jockey engineer. The goo is what spawns them. David is the one that helps the mm evolve into their more advanced forms. That's what all the excitements were for

  • Andrea Pettenò
    Andrea Pettenò 10 days ago

    Also if u thought this version is bad I watched it yesterday in China and they cut all the part with blood so basicly all the parts with the alien killing people so what score do u give to this movie after that?

  • Andrea Pettenò
    Andrea Pettenò 10 days ago

    I would like to ask a question for people smarter than me . What the black goo does exactly?

    1. First instance it completly destroy the body of the creators after few secons.
    2. It makes the warms become white snakes.
    3.The guy who drinks the goo is becoming a zombie.
    4.The guy whos the snake goes inside his mouth become a zombie.
    5. The guy who fall in the pool of black goo got his face burn by acid.
    6. The black goo released on the planet makes the creator looks like Pompei.
    7. The guys that get the goo in their body makes a different version of alien coming out of their body.

  • Arella Silverstone
    Arella Silverstone 10 days ago

    Even ignoring the fact that it was painfully obvious they were going to have David pretend to be Walter from the minute he started cutting his hair to look like him, thereby ruining the big twist ending about halfway through the film... Why would David reveal that he doesn't know about the stupid cabin? Literally all he had to do is say yes and act like he knew what she was talking about, and she'd have gone to sleep thinking he was Walter, which would likely be useful when folks eventually start waking up again. So on top of being the most pathetically obvious reveal of all time, there was no logical reason for it to happen. Hell, they could have just skipped to him adding the alien embryos or whatever to the regular embryo storage, and that would have worked just as well in case anyone in the theatre somehow hadn't realized he was David, and that would have made more sense!

  • Crota, Son of Oryx
    Crota, Son of Oryx 10 days ago

    I want to see David vs Bishop
    Android vs Android


    BRIAN KRIENS 11 days ago

    Fuck Ridley Scott! He has lost it.

  • Cultist-chan
    Cultist-chan 11 days ago

    dragonball z has less plot holes than alien covenant
    and dbz was created by a guy who forgot about one of his mayor characters

  • Captain Awesome
    Captain Awesome 11 days ago

    you missed the point of the film 😂

  • Артем Головченко

    Yep, Alien vs. Predator is only continuity I need.

  • Angry Ant
    Angry Ant 12 days ago

    I'm an alien fan and I enjoyed Covenant... if you're reading this comment your not alone haha

  • Theresa G
    Theresa G 12 days ago

    I didn't even really follow the lore, I just enjoyed the movie for the action & the I' L L D O T H E F I N G E R I N G and I went out satisfied. Although I will say that it was so obvious when they cut away from the fight to David taking Walters place

  • Frozenmonkey2
    Frozenmonkey2 12 days ago

    i watched the movie god thanks not in a cinema........ God safe piratecy. The movie is shit absolutly shit Ridley Scott did alien very well because of the artis Gigger or Gagger however he is called. With his art , he had influence to ridley scott. In the documentary of Giggers Art and Alien the movie they talking about. I belive ridley knew he woulndt make a connection to the alien movie that make sense. So he was fucked and had no gigger which could help him. So Ridley became crazy like David.
    how ever...... the movie the story is shit. Ridley Scott will burn in hell what he does to the alien frenchies. Lets make a "We hate Ridley Scott" club!!!!!!

    And the Xenomorphs arent a bioweapon or something like that.... they just fucking animal creators from a dangerous planet, parasites nothing else.... Like bees on our Planet

  • Raskoldubz
    Raskoldubz 12 days ago

    Ye but how many times can you make an alien movie, if this is the direction ridley wants to go, then im going with him.

  • AltF4 Gaming
    AltF4 Gaming 12 days ago

    Omg, I thought Joe was stupid when I watched the other angry rant about this movie. It's sad that people like him watch the movie, tons of information and stuff just flies by him. Then he comes out of the movie with a dumb fuck opinion and everyone will listen to him. Shaw's body was not shown with a hole in it, that was just a normal engineer corpse. Shaw's body is actually revealed later in the movie, showing that David experimented on her. There was no hole in her chest at all. If you focused on the movie you would know that there is a chance that Shaw is the queen, David experimented on her and she was severely mutated etc. Most obvious theory is the combination of engineer and human DNA is what makes facehuggers. He didn't cut his hair exactly like Walter, there was a clear and massive distinction the second he cut his hair. Facehuggers were just placed in an artificial embryo you fucking idiot... jesus. Again, you don't understand the alien life cycle, but you feel the need to judge to movie, that's so fucking moronic. The goo was thrown on the planet, it merged with ALL life, created more life and kept combining and essentially created just a massive mishmash of DNA. This made those spore things. Spores got into humans and made that fucking blob of an alien that is so difficult to kill (Absorbed strengths from all species). David combined the DNA he found on the planet which has engineer/planet life DNA already in it, with that of Elizabeth Shaw and more species he found and made the facehugger eggs. A lot of theories suggest he actually used her reproductive organs to make the face-hugger eggs. People are stupid for not wearing helmets? All the fucking old movies people just fucked around with the deadly murderous aliens. It's just moronic criticizing a series that is based off human stupidity. A xenomorph is not a step backwards, it's a "protomorph" as you call it, but further refined with human DNA, human reproduction and select species of the engineer's planet. Again, egg creation. You're too fucking stupid to notice Elizabeth's body missing the lower half and the fact that there are like 30 species in david's room. You think an ingenious android can't figure out how to make eggs with super advanced technology of the engineers? Alien mimicked david because it didn't see it as prey and it was the first visual experience it had. It was awkward, but not strange in the slightest. They didn't cut the weyland scene.... it was in the movie? Seriously joe, this was weak shit from you.

  • TrixiLovesYou
    TrixiLovesYou 12 days ago

    The engineers can't all be dead. One got away with a shipload of David's alieneggs and crashed on LV426.

  • renemic m
    renemic m 12 days ago

    The "engineers" who were annihilated was a hybrid of the engineers. They were supposed to be the new "humans" without flaws after the engineers extincted the humans as planned in prometheus. That's why they didn't have any countermeasures.

  • supahtyp
    supahtyp 13 days ago

    I saw dozens of negative reviews of that crap online but not a single positive one. So how can it have 71% on rotten tomatoes?

  • Johnny Skinwalker
    Johnny Skinwalker 13 days ago

    I always thought there was something mecanical about the aliens? At least from Alien and Aliens they seem to merge with the environment of the ships/bases. Also were they not created from a fusion of the giant tentacles thing and the Engineer.

  • Razor leaf69
    Razor leaf69 13 days ago

    I would love to see one make it back to earth... utter carnage.

  • Ace ortiz
    Ace ortiz 13 days ago

    But hicks and newt died in aliens 3 how can they be in aliens 5?

  • Augustus Sinclair
    Augustus Sinclair 13 days ago

    This is borderline experimental.

  • Tarenaccount T
    Tarenaccount T 14 days ago

    AVP is not canon and it will never be.
    I want an alien movie where is no exagerated shootings. Just true horror and despair

  • DekeArty 151
    DekeArty 151 14 days ago

    no joe, david saw shaw as a mother figure, and she was still infected with the goo alittle, she died but was not killed by david... infact david kills the engineers because he blames them for her death.... rewatch this movie while fully rested

  • Robertjustafan
    Robertjustafan 14 days ago

    this isnt canon to me only the 1st two movies pretty much like the terminator movies its like ridley said no alien 5 i want to do what i feel like screw the fans

    • Robertjustafan
      Robertjustafan 14 days ago

      i hope they do a story where they say david imitated the original creatures and made copies and never created them but i doubt it

  • sketchyou
    sketchyou 14 days ago

    Prometheus 3: David COVFEFE !

  • sketchyou
    sketchyou 14 days ago

    Pro-Meet David lol

  • sketchyou
    sketchyou 14 days ago

    David downloaded himself into Walter, essentially reprogramming Walter entirely --- that's why 'Mother' never detected any discrepancies aboard the ship, plus David was able to utilise Walter's software to change the passcodes etc, to gain access to the storage unit 👌

  • sketchyou
    sketchyou 14 days ago

    Walter mitty should've daydreamed david away!!!

  • RoseSpark
    RoseSpark 14 days ago

    the movie was not so bad... okay i didn't like it I can't lie anymore. It it was bad. It was getting good until David came from that moment I knew it was going to hell

  • Cosmin G
    Cosmin G 14 days ago

    "Michael Fassbender (David) created the xenomorph" -> R.I.P Alien

  • Mikhail Kenealy
    Mikhail Kenealy 14 days ago

    Yeah I kinda a agree how bad the characters are in the movie. Omg I totally agree why didn't they wear protective head wear so they wouldn't get infected lolz. Let's hope they make a comeback *facepalm*

  • Michael Grey
    Michael Grey 14 days ago

    Joe, they don't say that Shaw was face-hugged or had a chest burster. she was killed, and her EGGS harvested to experiment with the black goo. Jeez.

  • Michael Grey
    Michael Grey 14 days ago

    What was worse? Alien: Covenant or Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

  • Kristaps Vecvagars
    Kristaps Vecvagars 15 days ago

    so, weyland-yutani from the old movies send their android(s) to obtain a sample of the alien that was created by another weyland-yutani android???

  • Stresa
    Stresa 15 days ago

    wait.. wasnt it ardy established that aliens existed long before humans, i mean they where around during mayans? so how could humans be the cause? the android wasnt around when aliens where alive...

  • RidingwithSam
    RidingwithSam 15 days ago

    anybody looking for a better "alien" movie, watch LIFE, SO SO MUCH BETTER!!!!

  • Kord Chandler
    Kord Chandler 15 days ago

    I think the deleted cocoon scene with Dallas in Alien is canon now and that's how David developed the Xenomorph egg. He used an engineer to cocoon into an egg. That way he can bypass the queen factor and keep the lore in tact.

    • Kord Chandler
      Kord Chandler 15 days ago

      unless he plans on wiping Aliens from the canon as well. I hope that's not the case but he might.

  • Miguel Delacruz
    Miguel Delacruz 15 days ago

    this movie is bull david got stabbed with a nail under his chin ( regeneration?)nope because david wouldve regenerated the scratches on his face so when she was stapling davids face no hole when david was putting her to sleep no nail hole ( this movie is so broken ) but visually amazing

  • BiggerPicture
    BiggerPicture 15 days ago

    I prefer the lore about the predators creating them as a perfect organism to hunt.

  • SuperDenizen
    SuperDenizen 15 days ago

    Just occur to me that maybe why the protomorph did not kill David was because he had two Alien embryo inside him.

  • William Ozier
    William Ozier 15 days ago

    THE PROBLEM with the Alien franchise is simply this: After Aliens we saw a commercial that said "We learned that in space no one can hear you scream, this summer we will learn that on Earth everyone can hear you scream" Where the hell is THAT movie!

  • William Ozier
    William Ozier 15 days ago

    When I saw Alien and then Aliens I had assumed that the story was going to be: The Space Jockeys were a highly advanced civilization that discovered the xenomorphs and tried to tame them, and that went horribly awry and wiped out their species, and now mankind was going to try that same folly again. That always seemed to be the theme wit the xenomorphs. Even AVP used the same theme, showing that ultimately even the Predators could not keep the xenomorphs under control. But no, we get this new direction wit RScott trying to overwrite the theme with his preachy vision. Unfortunately much like DC wit the Henry Cavill Superman, we're stuck with this crappy direction while the studio tries to hammer this square peg of crap into a round hole of good.

    • William Ozier
      William Ozier 15 days ago

      The way tey can save it is to say that the xenomorphs were the xenomorphs we know and loved and the Engineers tried to re-engineer them into a new form, but David has now returned them to their original state.

  • Barriath
    Barriath 15 days ago

    Elizabeth Shaw was probably the mother of davids children. my guess is that david fell in love with shaw but got insane at the same time cause he wanted children but he was an android. thats why he probably killed shaw and engineered the known facehugger with shaws biological parts and the goo and other biological parts of the infected creatures. In a way the xenomorp still is a species that evolves on its own. prove is that the other alien that didnt mimic david after being born (that soldier that had his face aced away) attacking the camera even though it saw davids face (and even he himself was surprised).
    what i dont get though is those two facehuggers that are out of the eggs that david chugs out of his mouth into cryo (i guess those are shaws ovary mutated with the goo). what makes them special? i guess they are the later version with a queen


    also he probably wanted to play god

  • Leeroy Jenkins
    Leeroy Jenkins 16 days ago

    David didn't create the aliens
    David created the aliens you saw in alien covenant
    he used elizabeth shaw to create the eggs since she was the only living being left
    he had 10 years and did a lot of research so why is it surprising to people that he is capable of creating them, he's an android after all
    they are obviously not perfect and how could they be
    he never had the resources to create a better version, that's what he's going to do on the covenant

  • Andreas Olsson
    Andreas Olsson 16 days ago

    I love alien, Prometheus and I think AvP is okay. But why mix all these? Let Alien be alien, let Prometheus explore spacejokeis, let AvP be an easy watch action movie... but stop mixing it up because it's wrong! Alien Covenant is not alien, it's more like Prometheus mixed with AvPs aliens on steroids... and it's BAD! A I regret seeing it.

  • UltraViolence
    UltraViolence 16 days ago

    I'm just really happy to know that there are other people out there who are smart enough to realize how bad this movie really was. Stupid fucking people with a spaceship, left in charge of 2000 people to colonize a planet, decide to go down to a different random planet without protective gear or precautions, they then proceed to act in the most irrational way possible in every given scenario and make mistake after mistake to the point of someone randomly wandering off from the group because she wanted to take a break, even though all they were doing was sitting around a fucking fire - she then dies obviously because that's what happens in every shit movie ever. WHY DID THEY EVEN GO DOWN TO THE PLANET DURING A STORM?! YOU'RE PROFESSIONALS IN CHARGE OF 2000 PEOPLE IN SPACE, RESEARCH THE PLANET FIRST AND THEN MAKE YOUR DECISION, RETARDS. God DAMN. I want to see smart people acting in smart ways in the face of aliens who are very dangerous while trying to accomplish their objectives, whether that be discovering our origins or colonizing a planet.

  • UltraViolence
    UltraViolence 16 days ago

    Omg the plot twist was so fucking obvious. So cheap. So shit. The movie Life did it so well that it made Alien's plot twist look so amateurish.

  • MrMister1227
    MrMister1227 16 days ago

    I'm waiting on Ripley to say Alien 1 isn't cannon LMFAO

  • MrMister1227
    MrMister1227 16 days ago

    Ridley is senile

  • Thinking Out Loud
    Thinking Out Loud 16 days ago

    Here's what I HOPE about this movie & for the next movie(s):

    They needed a fast Xenomorph solution for Covenant because studio/audience politics. So they cooked up the David thing, but it's actually a ruse. What David's creating are knockoff designs. He fashioned them after records or something he saw/read from the Engineers on the real Xenos. So the real Xenos are still rooted in the black goo/Engineers, and perhaps David's meddling is gonna REALLY piss off some Engineers and basically the real Xenos will come around and show his knock-off Xenos what the fuck is up.

  • El Macho xdxd
    El Macho xdxd 16 days ago

    David isolation... ohh wait...

  • poisd2strike
    poisd2strike 16 days ago

    So what you're saying is David is the Alien equivalent of Jar Jar Binks, whose zero confidence vote handed control of the Senate to Palpatine. David most likely laid the eggs when no one was looking, making him the Alien Queen.

  • Thommas Hofmann
    Thommas Hofmann 16 days ago

    2,820 people have clearly no idea of the Alien-franchise and should be send straight to LV-426 without a recoil ticket.

  • daniel curtis
    daniel curtis 16 days ago

    David vs predator

  • GrandAdmiral Zod
    GrandAdmiral Zod 16 days ago

    The Original xenomorphs are an much older than these future movies creations? Werent they used by predators for centuries as the ultimate BioWeapon to test their skills against?

  • Marc Bell
    Marc Bell 16 days ago

    I couldn't watch more than 10 minutes of it.

  • 33melonpaws77
    33melonpaws77 17 days ago

    just from the first minute i have to say, i hate the idea of the aliens being created by humans instead of nature. that's weak.

  • MunchyHam
    MunchyHam 17 days ago

    I liked the movie aww :(

  • Soar Lozer
    Soar Lozer 17 days ago

    As much as I disliked Prometheus I was hoping to see Shaw and get a lot of answers I had for cinematic alien universe (you know since this whole fucking thing was hyped to learn more about the JOCKEYS). Yeah im just going to go with one of the many comics that had a far better origin for the xenomorphs. Hopefully I will catch this and the third one on netflix or something.

  • Zrayel
    Zrayel 17 days ago

    It didn't pop right away. There was a cut after the facehugger fucked him up. So there was a time lapse that we didn't see... They kinda failed there but it was not instant for the chest burster to come out.

    EDIT: I do agree that the alien did grow a bit too fast (chest burster)...

  • Logan Portela
    Logan Portela 17 days ago

    For me David shows exactly what Ridley want to do with this 2 movies, he wants to get the credits to be the creator of the Aliens, he destroyed all the concept what Giger had elaboreted to this creatures and their world, he threw away and create his own. What makes the Aliens movies an Alien movie is the perfect fusion of Giger's creation with a director doing a good story telling, and in this two lastest movies they simply don't have anything of it.

  • Logan Portela
    Logan Portela 17 days ago

    i hope they forget this 2 movies and start again... They f* off Alien lore and Giger's creatires and world concept

  • Mark Speranza
    Mark Speranza 17 days ago

    In my own little world, I like to believe that only the first two Alien movies are canon.

  • angers karin
    angers karin 17 days ago

    What about xeno prime and queen mother, will we never see those??

    • zillafire101
      zillafire101 7 days ago

      angers karin Depends. Some fans say David is only creating shallow copies of the originals.

  • Devan Hale
    Devan Hale 17 days ago

    david vs predators

  • junglsolja
    junglsolja 17 days ago

    Biggest let-down of 2017

  • Killaim
    Killaim 17 days ago

    i think that the big insanity causer for david was that he was alone again on the engineer ship for years. and he diddent even have any way to look into shaws dreams.

    CYBER MERCADER 17 days ago

    uuu so this is the 2nd Android researching xenomorphs

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