How to build a suppressor/silencer.

How to build an easy suppressor/silencer for a .22 rifle or pistol on a small laithe. Information is for educational use only.
AND just enjoy

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Author BlankDarkblade (2 years)
Nice except for the fact that the enclosed barrel would explode without any
venting on the outside whatsoever. Few small holes on the outer wall would
allow pressure to escape a lot easier making it less likely to get a face
full of aluminum shards.

Author dawgzero (4 years)
@selfdeztruction WTF is wrong with you? you bitch about your 1st amen. but
you slam him because of his does that make sense

Author TheAirsoftpunisher (3 years)
would u macine this out or just build cause ive made a few before and
afteer 150- 200 rounds of ammo ive lost supression and thats from when i
would just guess and build.?

Author selfdeztruction (4 years)
@selfdeztruction so I was ingratiating myself to whites. 'From Dreams of My
Father : 'I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and
animosity against my mother's race.' From Dreams of My Father: 'There was
something about her that made me wary, a little too sure of herself, maybe
and white.. From Dreams of My Father: 'It remained necessary to prove which
side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out
and name names.' From Dreams of My Father

Author Bob Hill (3 years)
I loved the video, great job. Why isn't there any material between the core
and can or any baffles around the core? Thank you.

Author nuttyape (4 years)
@GT03235 sweet m8. great vid!

Author hilers72652 (3 years)
@cgcaver look at the specs. it says to fill with soundproofing material
(not foam)

Author TPK67 (3 years)
Think you got him there MountainMan5516. Baffel Material Can't be seen in
the specs either.

Author Garry Thomas (2 years)
poor poor knowledge of common silencer design. you just made yourself look
very stupid

@GT03235 Many states (MT, WY, SD, TN, ID, UT, AZ and AK) have passed
similar laws "my friend" Firearms Freedom Act passed 07/06/2010 in SD
states that many firearms, parts, accessories and ammo (including NFA
weapons like silencers) MADE HERE and STAY HERE are exempt from NFA
registration and tax. The only reason it WAS necessary is because most
suppressor purchases cross state lines making registration and tax
possible, Congress can't (currently) regulate things that never cross state

Author albertareid (3 years)
how would one go about connecting it to the end of an unthreaded barrel?

Author TheCoolwhipped (2 years)
how does this connect to the gun...?

Author Garry Thomas (4 years)
@Knightsarmamentlover if you have the ability to make the rest of the
project? then making the end caps should be a breeze

Author WeaponCollector (4 years)
great video Garry, i may need to give that ago one day. Mike.

Author TPK67 (3 years)
Plastic bottle and electrical tape would do better here. For a single shot.

Author pik93 (4 years)
Great Video GT03235 I like the song to it sounds better than Heaven 17 :)
Take care and stay save mate

Author selfdeztruction (4 years)
@dawgzero Who am i slamming?Obama?I'm not slamming him im stating what he
said in both of his books,his intentions and what he plans to do with

Author Mr45Bullitt (4 years)
Wow! Great video. I would love one.Have to see about a license.

Author scott williams (3 years)
@whitetrashsingers Your statement about subsonic ammo for .22 seems to be
taken literally. I disagree on a literal context but hear you on that they
fall way short compared to the 64 grain stingers. I don't like using them
as I'm not that great a shot and I want to take my sight as gospel. Making
sight adjustments, well I'm not embarrassed to say my shot needs as much
help as possible

Author Garry Thomas (2 years)
Thanks for watching

Author Logan Starwalt (4 years)
@GT03235 i agree 100%. ALL suppressors HAVE to be registered. ( well they
dont have to be, but you'll be in a jail cell in a matter of days) lol and
never ask a local cop, because most of the time, even THEY dont know the lots of research online...

Author Garry Thomas (4 years)
@nuttyape if it was kept in a wet enviroment yes. IE: wet being lithium
grease etc

Author AlextheAllAmerican (3 years)
Props on graphics design. Very nice.

Author MrRichg1967 (2 years)
Where is the noise supressing material such as steel wool or other noise
deadening material? This design totaly sucks as the spent gasses will pass
into the can from the tube, but there is not any deadening material to keep
these gasses from exiting from the can. As these spent gasses exit from the
can (since there is no material inside to inhibit this), the decible level
would not have been decreased. So why even have a supressor in the first
place if it doesn't work!?!?! THIS SUCKS BUTT!

Author cgspeeddemon1 (4 years)
@lolmeadia the registration law is federal! wich means it dont mater what
state you live in it MUST be registered. now states are alowed to ban them
entirelly or add more restrictive laws to them but they MAY NOT allow you
to break federal laws

Author Persocondes (3 years)
@lolmeadia are you stupid? NFA item is Federal Jurisdiction, to manufacture
at home or otherwise is required to file a Form 1 with the ATF. You can do
10 years in prison if you believe your own bullshit.

Author z000987 (4 years)
so no baffles? you could have better results with slanted or conical

Author elw619 (4 years)
nice work, you are the tactical icon i hope to someday be like, cheers mate!

Author gbcop (4 years)
@lolmeadia That is complete BS... May not have to be registered with your
state, but the BATFE will have something to say about that and if you get
caught you will loose your rights to own a firearm

Author eotechm4 (4 years)
@lolmeadia You are an idiot. The police officer you spoke with is a idiot
and so is the GOA. Go make one and show a state trooper your new toy

Author cgspeeddemon1 (4 years)
@theonlyrealcbass16 i dont know about all the others but im currently
waiting for my permit/liscense in az to have them and thats just flat wrong
in az.....its like the weed debate, so the state says its legal, big deal
the cops still have the authority (and are supossed to) to arrest you under
FEDERAL the rest of arizonans if you listen to anyone that says
you can have them without a liscense its your jail time, if you made your
own its double time for manufacture + possession

Author Garry Thomas (4 years)
@TheMango121 its a remake of an old 80's song sang by cradle of filth

Author Garry Thomas (3 years)
@SilverWolfM200LDH it works differant to a car or motorcycle silencer the
heat is removed which in turn aborbs most of the sound

Author selfdeztruction (4 years)
'I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn't speak to my
own. It was into my father's image, the black man, son of Africa, that I'd
packed all the attributes I sought in myself: the attributes of Martin and
Malcolm, DuBois and Mandela.' And FINALLY, and most scary! From Audacity of
Hope: 'I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an
ugly direction.'

Author Anthony5oh (3 years)
shouldve said entertainment purposes only

Author humans4targets2 (4 years)

Author 567WORMBOY123 (3 years)
appropriate song choice =p

Author Garry Thomas (3 years)
@cgcaver no none at all but you can make it wet which also gives a lower

Author nuttyape (4 years)
would adding metalic (dam i cannot remember the name for the life of me)
but the wire cloth used for cleaning metal (wire brush?) but adding that to
the inside of the gap in your design help?

Author jokr2665 (4 years)
very accurate but it also helps if the ammo has fmj's or even a copper

Author selfdeztruction (4 years)
@selfdeztruction Joining with the US Government should the need for
recruits arise. To back up what i said about HIM being a MUSLIM: THIS IS
OUR PRESIDENT Everyone of voting age should read these two books. Don't buy
them, get them from the library before they are removed from the shelves.
Book #1.Barak Obama-Dreams of My,Book #2.Barak Obama-The Audacity of Hope.
From Dreams of My Father: 'I ceased to advertise my mother's race at the
age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing-

Author Garry Thomas (4 years)
@Anderasio tell me more? does this include NH?

Author Garry Thomas (4 years)
@MrJumBow lol

Author Snoopy Ramires (4 years)
@WhiteTrashSingers 22 with long range hollowpoint bullets are pretty deadly.

Author Faust2320 (4 years)
What's the name of the song/group?

Author braisedleeks (2 years)
waste of everyone's time

Author Anderasio (4 years)
@GT03235 Visit the link I gave in my last post, it has a full map of the US
with the status of various states. NH is has introduced a bill to the
senate(?) or whatever decides laws and stuff in the state. Currently only
MT, ID, AZ, WY, SD, TN and UT has this bill passed. The laws also makes
SBRs, AOWs and SBSs legal, and in some states, full autos.

Author Garry Thomas (4 years)
@jokr2665 what does it help please elaberate

Author TheGrassman007 (4 years)
im makin' it ! :D

Author glock10mm (4 years)
@Anderasio i live in TN and the BATFE has said they dont support this in
any way cant speak for any other state but someone will have to step up and
test this , anyway we can have anything we want in TN

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