The forth installment of when people go full retard 4.



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Author Captain Awesome ( ago)
I wanted to slap the lady who was like Take the Mexican Flag down lol racist bitch

Author Raghav Vemuganti ( ago)
Wow... the moon is a moon get it right

Author Maxwell Winters ( ago)
the moon ...

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Author Lawrence Tech ( ago)
7:08 trump

Author TheGamingTurtle 1234 ( ago)
7:09 maybe I should shut the fuck up and leave her alone

Author dávid simon ( ago)
the guy in the end fucked up

Author torso99 ( ago)
the planet america

Author Diamond moonlight ( ago)
that woman had no right to tell this woman to remove her Mexican flag. she can put up what ever flag she wanted

Author Sardom Cortex ( ago)
do more retarded left wingers lmfao they're hilarious too

Author R6-D2 ( ago)
Pause it at 12:34 did his leg get cut off? Holysheet

Author JFEntertainment ( ago)
The Moon is a moon, the sun is a star, and the earth is a planet

Author JFEntertainment ( ago)
How is a flag from an other country disrespectful?

Author David Parads ( ago)
I am so fucking retarded

Author Superior Booker ( ago)
12:36 that wasn't retarded. that was amazing.

Author businessnik ( ago)
The irony of telling someone they can't fly a flag, in America where we are free.

Author Sef Iscool ( ago)
The moon is not a planet. It is simply a big object that orbits the Earth.(And no I did not Google it.)

Author Nicola Heekin ( ago)
fuck the woman complaining about the flag. 🖕🖕🖕

Author Iain McKeee ( ago)

Author Vincent Vega ( ago)
Holy shit, the kid at 0:25 was bare footed....

Author Jace Bright ( ago)
Lowkey didnt know i was circumsized till i was 14😂💀

Author Amirul Faizal ( ago)

Author Berserk Wolf ( ago)

Author Ashton Beckham ( ago)
The one with the guy reading the sighn "I am fuckin retarded was the funniest

Author Aidan Dixon ( ago)
I can't break a bottle on my head but I can break my head on a bottle.

Author William Zinedine Hasselberg ( ago)
The moon is a fucking natural satelite!!!

Author Lace Slim ( ago)
She is showing her culture you can't tell her to put the flag down if you have a problem with it then go kys.

Author Cynthia Baker ( ago)
I liked the video but I disliked it for the señorita

Author Marty ( ago)
Fuck these parents walking in like they're Ninjas.... used to hate it as a kid

Author Marty ( ago)
This guy is probably retarded not to understand the meaning of what hes reading after sayin it 50 times and have someone laughing in tears in front of him... seriously he's dumb

Author Sorrow Bird ( ago)
why am i not surprised that its my aussies doing the stupiest shit 😅LOL

Author Brayan Carbajal ( ago)
man this is a racist as cunt at 6:53 man son of a bitch i can wave a flag whenever i want you white peices of shit respect Mexico!!!

Author Brin Foster ( ago)
at 7:00 this chick deserves to get hit by a fucking car

Author perkelepower ( ago)

Author Thor ( ago)
Tear that flag down yourself while yelling " remember the alamo!"

Author BuHzaRRo ( ago)
moons are just giant pieces of rock caught in a (planets) orbit. or natural satellite

Author Jennifer Calkins ( ago)
land of the free the person filming is idiotso

Author Fatal Wound77 ( ago)
The moon is a "rock" you dumb mother fuckerz

Author Preston Erickson ( ago)
I laugh at the white kids saying "nigga" like they are black. 😂😂

Author Derick F ( ago)
What the fuck is the hitting yourself in the face with a chair?! Is that some shit I should know about??

Author David Ramirez ( ago)
oh fuck no I'm Mexican and  live in texas if a bitch came up to my house telling me to take down my Mexican flag I would come out with a shot gun and tell that bitch if she don't leave my property in 2 minutes I'm bustin slugs

Author DwarfKing ( ago)
that last one. god damn it swedish teens XD

Author MrClean3381 ( ago)
I'm pretty offended by your flag... jeeez

Author Kitty Infinity ( ago)
Omg ppl are offended by flags what's next

Author Black Dahlia ( ago)
12:39 was just awesome

Author Black Dahlia ( ago)
Fuck that lady bitching about the Mexican flag! That was truly shameful. Be proud of your country of origin and fly whatever flag you want. This *is* America and we are a place filled with people from all over the world, and as much as they respect America they also love the country they came from. I wish it had been someone like me with a Native American tribal flag and watch her face drop when I tell her what it represents. I love how many different types of people I get to coexist with here, it's a beautiful thing. So screw you ya ignorant twat!!

Author Kimberly Simpson ( ago)
Who gives that lady the right to tell someone else what flag they can fly on their own property!? You know how many people that live in this county that are from other countries that fly the flag of their home country. I live in Maryland and I see a lot of Italian, Greek, German, Polish, British, African, Asian, Jamaican, etc. flags. If the lady passed one of these flags being flown on someone's home would she feel offended and feel the need to educate someone on what's right or wrong, smh

Author doehawk64 ( ago)
2:40 I'm dying 😂😂

Author bobby bluntz ( ago)
straight up about the Mexican flag bullshit. If we legally can't have the rebel flag in out front yard then they can't fly any other countries flags in there's..

Author Cheese Dude ( ago)
Fuck I just rewatched the moon part and I Wanna kill myself

Author Kaileigh Jenkins ( ago)
That ignorant American women fuck harassing that poor Mexican women needs to get a life....yes it is America land of the free home of the people who do what ever the FUCK we want including flying what ever flag we would like.

Author Dragonjas5 ( ago)
its america u can have a mexican flag u have freedom

Author Youtube Videos ( ago)
you are racist as f**k just leave that poor Mexican woman alone bitch

Author MasterGeekMX ( ago)
I think the flag woman were have a seizure if she passes in front of an hotel.

Author Willie Larkin ( ago)
I bet the girl who said take the Mexican flag down voted for donald tru mp

Author xxTheGamerPRxx Clips ( ago)
the mexican lady looked calmed,i cant imagine a boricua being offended over a flag,she would take an ak 47 and rape her xd

Author Cheesy Comics ( ago)
and saturn and the one with the rings

Author Rose Rodi ( ago)
I would fucking smack that ignorant American women fuck harassing that poor Mexican women.

Author Lilian A֒P֒P֒L֒E֒M֒I֒X֒I֒E֒P֒I֒E֒ ( ago)
That bitch asking the lady to take off her flag is trespassing her property,why not bitch u step back

Author Jose Plaza ( ago)
i am we tod ded. i am sofa king we tod ded

Author Deez Nuts ( ago)
That bitch telling the woman to take down the flag should kill herself. She is saying that it is 'disrespectful and 'this is America' she makes it sound like any other country is trash and worthless. Guess what, it is her property, she can do what she wants. People like her ruin the world.

Author Thoughtful Gamer ( ago)
Wtf are they doing at 1:40?!

Author Viki the Dog ( ago)
06:41 Isnt america country of freedom? Why te fuck then she shouldn't have mexican flag in her garden ! Rasict bich!

Author Dylan Wells ( ago)
Jesus...Um we are in America no Mexico flag dumb bitch it's a free Land to fly what ever flag you want.

Author Laramie SLATER ( ago)
free country the flag can stay

Author Victor Richardson ( ago)
The dude and his mom looked fake.
Was his live camming on his laptop? Then I'd ask why there was a separate camera recording him. Was he posing for the recording camera instead? Then why is there a laptop blocking the view of his 'supposed' nudity?

Author mingeniusss ( ago)
The first one had me in tearsssss 😂😂

Author Terraria Gaming ( ago)
0:40 dying car engine

Author Joe Hazard ( ago)
The moon is a moon the sun is a star

Author Joe Hazard ( ago)
That kid who thinks he's a gangsta can fuck off

Author Joe Hazard ( ago)
That woman telling her to take tha flag down should fuck off

Author Holy Trash ( ago)
My God, I find the lady very annoying 6:06

Author kevin valdes ( ago)
11:08 Ignorance​ at it's finest😂😂

Author Stieven De Graeve ( ago)
shut up with your stupid flag jesus

Author 5th_Angel ( ago)
The Mexican flag vid pissed me off

Author Garrett Pounds ( ago)
the moon is a person 😌😔😒😣😂

Author Dylan Otto ( ago)
that construction guys r way too funny XD

Author Mr Burns ( ago)
5:43 that boy better come with some hands, wannabe hood rat. 😐😐😐😐

Author Lucas Pfeiffer ( ago)
why do you show a mexican flag in your video? that`s disrespectful!

Author Kiko Zee ( ago)
the FLAG! =(

Author James Phucwit ( ago)
So a dumb cunt terrorist descendant illegal invader was offended at a woman flying a Mexican flag? Quite some nerve telling an indigenous person to 'go back'. Why didn't the bitch get shot?

Author James Phucwit ( ago)
Why are those presenters lying for? The moon is a big clump of cheese. At least that's what many Americans think lol.

Author RaeRae Daniels ( ago)
The moon is a moon isn't it? It's a giant space rock that orbits a planet and has gravitational pull. It reflects the light of the sun when it's night time. And it affects the waves on bodies of water.
Am I right so far?

Author Collin Samuelson ( ago)
That dumb fucker at 5:53 is most likely a CoD fanboy, I could beat him in a real gunfight all day since I'm a somewhat avid shooter with some tactical sense

Author Adrian Castellanos ( ago)
Omg just watch it im dead after this😂😂😂😂😂😂 8:20

Author weeb stablook ( ago)
+ " the moon is a star " a fucking star -

Author Drăgan Emanuel ( ago)
Americans and their flags suck. So if you're a free country, fucking respect the Constitution and the laws that say that other nations should be respected as they preserve their culture in USA.

Author Josh Jeffries ( ago)
there are 3 types planets moons stars

Author GasMan ( ago)
i am so retarded i am so fucking retarded

Author AngryKitty ( ago)
a yam sofa king wee taw did

Author AngryKitty ( ago)
The bitch bugging the poor spanish lady, eugh, what an awful cunt. I hope she gets hit by a bus full of mexicans.

Author Kevin Coombes ( ago)
"the moon was never in there dude, its not a planet!" I'm fucking dead.

Author jameskuukkeli ( ago)
moon is a moon :D

Author Steven Adams ( ago)
I wonder how it would fly if I went to the Americans "this is New Zealand stop flying your flag it's disrespectful".
Actually I know what would happen, mass protest about freedom of expression

Author Michael Anderson ( ago)
that racist ass bitch asking for that woman to take down her flag like fuck you

Author Keran Dillon ( ago)
a moon is a moon

Author swankmosquito ( ago)
that one lady talking about the flag was such a bitch

Author DuckyCart ( ago)
8:04 ROFL

Author Mrs. Queen Bee ( ago)
the bitch that was driving by someone's house seen a Mexican flag in someone's front yard they feel "disrespected cause it's America " who are u that's disgusting ur right it is America freedom isn't that right? I Mean she doesn't even live by there and it's not her house point blank period

Author Asmar Hussain (Official) ( ago)
Dude thinks he can smash a bottle on his own head, well that ain't gonna happen cause ur trying to impress but your brain is scared as a bitch

Author Popescu Cristina ( ago)
popo man at begining

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