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  • ShIrO NeKo
    ShIrO NeKo 1 day ago

    2:51Just like in all the other construction establishments evidence of pathiectic white bread 🍞 foremans talking shit while they continue to get paid for nothing. You'll never seem go down and actually help even though it's their fucking job, just leave it to the Mexicans. Assholes.

  • Jewel_is_not _cool
    Jewel_is_not _cool 3 days ago

    People live on the moon wth is wrong with these people omg

  • Mineanator625
    Mineanator625 3 days ago

    Why did he record himself in the first place???

  • windows 95 has ExPiRed !?!?

    how is it it disrespectful to hae a Mexican flag, oh wait the people saying its rude r trump supporters

  • Evan Fox
    Evan Fox 3 days ago

    7:10 that woman is sooooooo racist leave that woman alone she can put what ever flag she wants on her yard (her property). and then she has the nerve to basically say go back to mexico nicley

  • Dan Rivera
    Dan Rivera 4 days ago

    7:00 is so disrespectful like geez women it just a flag

  • Adam Borseti
    Adam Borseti 4 days ago

    "Wah-waH-wah, Mexican flag!"

    Blow it out your pussy, you ignorant whore. Some people are proud of their heritage..... if it offends you, than KEEP DRIVING..... the fuck away!

  • Altinez MTZ
    Altinez MTZ 5 days ago

    That American bitch pissed me off. Fuck that bitch. She doesn't know about fucking free speech.

  • theinsanegamer gamer

    1:41 to 1:51 is less retard and more WTF!

  • TehFineztJoker/MBX93

    My reaction to most of these..... "Fucking white people" but that last one was awesome xD

    That dumb cunt telling that lady to take the Mexican flag down or go back is very disrespectful, very Un-American I would say. It's a free country where you can practice whatever religion, put up whatever you want on your own front yard, whatever. Fuck that cunt, that lady shouldve told her to get the fuck off her yard.

  • Nalothisal
    Nalothisal 6 days ago

    ...are we seriously not taking into account that a dude in this video got, um I don't know, his FUCKING LEG CUT OFF?

  • order619
    order619 8 days ago

    Different planets have moons- not all of them- but our planet calls our moon "Moon"

  • eggspace
    eggspace 8 days ago

    u make machene angery, u get payback

    PIXELATED-BLOCK YT 8 days ago

    if youre on computer while watching the video press 2 4 and 8

  • La joey
    La joey 9 days ago


  • O . O
    O . O 9 days ago

    Hey everybody I FOUND HER!!!! The american in the mexican flag video is an "activist" named Tressy Capps. TRESSY CAPPS!!!! Never support this woman!!!!

  • vaporkilla
    vaporkilla 9 days ago

    we live in america for that exact reason. the mexican has the right to fly what ever flag she feels like. why else would we have wiped out indian's and then enslaved black people, for freedom of course.

  • Kathy Bates
    Kathy Bates 11 days ago

    Uh that guy trying to break a bottle on his head? YOU THE REAL DUMBASS

  • Kakaroto Kakaroto
    Kakaroto Kakaroto 12 days ago

    maybe i should tell my neighbor to take his Canadian flag down except i give zero fuks about any flag

  • Maria Cowle
    Maria Cowle 12 days ago

    The bird going on about the flag can suck a dick lol. That is possibly the most disrespectful, insulting thing I've ever heard.

  • Conversation Robot
    Conversation Robot 14 days ago

    6:48, part of the freedom of America is the right to display any flag you like.

  • sanjeev raghoonath
    sanjeev raghoonath 14 days ago

    to  the woman who has a problem with the flag .shut the  fock  up you mental retard

  • Avery Christy
    Avery Christy 14 days ago

    First legitimate planet she names... Uranus.

  • Jacylnn xxo
    Jacylnn xxo 15 days ago

    5:46 Lmao, my cousin right there.

  • Gabriel Tucker
    Gabriel Tucker 15 days ago

    I feel like that bitch who was complaining about the flag posted that shit on facebook and expected people to agree with her

  • Alexandra Luster
    Alexandra Luster 16 days ago

    You know, my dish soap is much more intelligent than these people.

  • Isaac Ord
    Isaac Ord 17 days ago

    "This is America" and this is her freakin property you moron

  • Kristoffer Kjellin
    Kristoffer Kjellin 17 days ago

    2:23 Why?

  • furydragon
    furydragon 17 days ago

    First 3 seconde watching his vid wtf

  • Danielle Aspro
    Danielle Aspro 18 days ago

    im pretty sure that the moon is a moon. all the other planets have moons they just have fancy names like (this is probably wrong don't judge me) juno or something. the scientists were just too lazy to come up with a fancy name for our moon. im not surprised though, our planet (earth, in case you are stupid) is just another word for dirt.

  • sassy the sasquatch
    sassy the sasquatch 19 days ago

    that woman who told the spanish lady to tak the flag down should suck a wiggly dick

  • MrRoccoMarchegiano
    MrRoccoMarchegiano 19 days ago

    What kind of stupid bitch goes into someone's yard to request they remove their flag? I'd look her dead in her eyes and ask her if she wants raped.

  • Buda Végső
    Buda Végső 19 days ago

    I broke something :/

  • animal lover4455
    animal lover4455 20 days ago

    I want to punch the lady who said you should not fly a Mexican flag because this is American. American is a free country that mean anyone is welcome with there flags.

  • Maaka Nyembo
    Maaka Nyembo 20 days ago

    His mom fainted LOL I was dying

  • Mega Pelotes
    Mega Pelotes 21 day ago

    That lady at 6:05 I'm offended you're still breathing

  • Chicken Strangler
    Chicken Strangler 21 day ago

    9:31 Me too buddy ;(

  • Teknotion
    Teknotion 22 days ago

    If you're offended by a flag, you have some seriously fucked up priorities.

  • Marcus_Foxx
    Marcus_Foxx 22 days ago

    7:00 feminism, full force

    • Marcus_Foxx
      Marcus_Foxx 22 days ago

      Nazi joke,
      What's A_shwitz missing? U

  • Zach121gaming
    Zach121gaming 22 days ago

    omg lmao

  • Eazayy Eazayy
    Eazayy Eazayy 22 days ago

    it's so dumb people gotta be so hateful it was a flag from where she was from.. i think the one saying it was disrespectful cuz the flag was just a bitch .. so what America we all bleed the same shoo

  • Chris Harris
    Chris Harris 22 days ago

    I don't think that woman should tell that woman what flag she should have up like bitch! America is for freedom and if she wants to have it up to support Mexico let her fucking do it

  • jacob savage
    jacob savage 22 days ago

    the moon is a moon!

  • Trevor Burgart
    Trevor Burgart 23 days ago

    Lol, the moon is a moon.

  • Alan attack
    Alan attack 23 days ago

    from the planet moon......someone google it......kill yourself

  • Arthur Merla
    Arthur Merla 23 days ago

    I see people with different flags all the time

  • therandomcrew18
    therandomcrew18 24 days ago

    let the lady have her flag, damn soccer mom

  • Zulfburht
    Zulfburht 24 days ago

    6:05 bit I will plant a Canadian flag I'm my yard if I ever live in the states and I will rub my ass across your lawn if you have a problem with my flag being disrespectful

  • Carlotta H
    Carlotta H 24 days ago

    After watching a few of these videos, I've determined Darwin's Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection, was just a theory, because it's not working. These people should not have survived.

  • SkyBoyFly SBF
    SkyBoyFly SBF 24 days ago

    When your mom uses your computer to find that jasmine pop-up ad in the background when you didn't know...

  • melodicdreamer72
    melodicdreamer72 24 days ago

    I am sofa king we Todd it.

  • Sean in Korea
    Sean in Korea 24 days ago

    I am sofa king we tar did

  • Ignacio Maya
    Ignacio Maya 25 days ago

    "their was Uranus, and saturn, and the one with the rings" lmao bish saturn has the rings😂😂😂😂

  • The British Empire
    The British Empire 25 days ago

    12:49 no more finding nemo

  • The British Empire
    The British Empire 25 days ago

    12:18 thumbnail

  • Slahwran
    Slahwran 25 days ago

    On the Mexican flag one who is the retard?

  • Wesley Warren
    Wesley Warren 26 days ago

    The Moon is a ufo

  • Master of Twilight
    Master of Twilight 26 days ago


  • Josbert Lonnee
    Josbert Lonnee 26 days ago

    The sun is a moon, as it circles around the earth.

  • Dani Paunov
    Dani Paunov 26 days ago

    "The Moon is a star"
    "I don't know what the Sun is"
    ^ someone who didn't go to school

  • omgomgmikeomgomg
    omgomgmikeomgomg 26 days ago

    I consider 12:43 a win. That was badass...

  • xICrime
    xICrime 26 days ago

    Holy ass retardedness

  • NoobPlays
    NoobPlays 27 days ago

    Mexican flag... It is their own country's flag. If they want it in their yard it is their right to have it there. Dumb bitch.. They are respecting their own country by having it there

  • dryaxe1474
    dryaxe1474 27 days ago

    23:56 lol

  • A Salty Tiger
    A Salty Tiger 28 days ago




  • DAmagicalPotato
    DAmagicalPotato 28 days ago

    what in the actual hell

  • Unhappy Camper
    Unhappy Camper 28 days ago

    I broke something.

  • Dr. Edward Richtofen

    I am sofa king re tarding.

  • Eli R
    Eli R 28 days ago

    what the fuck is the dude on the comp doing?

    fingering his asshole?

  • kjell sandnes
    kjell sandnes 29 days ago

    if the moon is a planet im of this space , i thought it was a star

  • True Night
    True Night 29 days ago

    The moon is the only moon not named.

  • Conlan Mccoy
    Conlan Mccoy 29 days ago

    As a staunch conservative I say let the bitch fly a Mexican flag

  • HAZE87x
    HAZE87x 29 days ago

    Is that a banshee at 5:25, jeez.

  • Guillermo Garcia
    Guillermo Garcia 1 month ago

    Wow, in the land of freedom they do not let you put your flag in your yard... the only freedom in USA comes in bomb shape

  • Sarah Schliep
    Sarah Schliep 1 month ago

    Yeaaaaaaaaa the moon is a planet get it right

  • Combat Gaming
    Combat Gaming 1 month ago

    I wanted to slap the lady who was like Take the Mexican Flag down lol racist bitch

  • Raghav Vemuganti
    Raghav Vemuganti 1 month ago

    Wow... the moon is a moon get it right

  • Maxwell Winters
    Maxwell Winters 1 month ago

    the moon ...

    Read More

  • Lawrence Tech
    Lawrence Tech 1 month ago

    7:08 trump

  • TheGamingTurtle 1234

    7:09 maybe I should shut the fuck up and leave her alone

  • dávid simon
    dávid simon 1 month ago

    the guy in the end fucked up

  • torso99
    torso99 1 month ago

    the planet america

  • Diamond moonlight
    Diamond moonlight 1 month ago

    that woman had no right to tell this woman to remove her Mexican flag. she can put up what ever flag she wanted

  • Sardom Cortex
    Sardom Cortex 1 month ago

    do more retarded left wingers lmfao they're hilarious too

  • R6-D2
    R6-D2 1 month ago

    Pause it at 12:34 did his leg get cut off? Holysheet

  • JFEntertainment
    JFEntertainment 1 month ago

    The Moon is a moon, the sun is a star, and the earth is a planet

  • JFEntertainment
    JFEntertainment 1 month ago

    How is a flag from an other country disrespectful?

    • JFEntertainment
      JFEntertainment 1 month ago

      I'm from Canada and I now live in Mississippi and still fly a Canadian Flag

  • David Parads
    David Parads 1 month ago

    I am so fucking retarded

  • Superior Booker
    Superior Booker 1 month ago

    12:36 that wasn't retarded. that was amazing.

  • businessnik
    businessnik 1 month ago

    The irony of telling someone they can't fly a flag, in America where we are free.

  • Sef Iscool
    Sef Iscool 1 month ago

    The moon is not a planet. It is simply a big object that orbits the Earth.(And no I did not Google it.)

    • JFEntertainment
      JFEntertainment 1 month ago

      The Moon is a moon, it is one or the most biggest natural satellites that orbits a planet

  • Nicola Heekin
    Nicola Heekin 1 month ago

    fuck the woman complaining about the flag. 🖕🖕🖕

  • Iain McKeee
    Iain McKeee 1 month ago


  • Vincent Vega
    Vincent Vega 1 month ago

    Holy shit, the kid at 0:25 was bare footed....

  • Jace Bright
    Jace Bright 1 month ago

    Lowkey didnt know i was circumsized till i was 14😂💀

  • Amirul Faizal
    Amirul Faizal 1 month ago

    MAMA !!

  • Berserk Wolf
    Berserk Wolf 1 month ago


  • Baseball & More
    Baseball & More 1 month ago

    The one with the guy reading the sighn "I am fuckin retarded was the funniest

  • Aidan Dixon
    Aidan Dixon 1 month ago

    I can't break a bottle on my head but I can break my head on a bottle.

  • William Zinedine Hasselberg

    The moon is a fucking natural satelite!!!

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