The forth installment of when people go full retard 4.



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Author erno eeben ( ago)
"the moon is a baseball"

Author Giggi Widit ( ago)
6:10 ... Is she serious !?!?! WTF... how is it her business what flag that woman flies on HER OWN PROPERTY... it's women like her, that gives white people a bad name. I am NOT a violent person, but I just wanted to SLAP that B!7*h !!! how dare she !!!???

Author Giggi Widit ( ago)
2:55 OMG give these guys a talk show, they were hilarious !!! =DDD

Author Spinxo ( ago)
The first one😂

Author Mike Oxbigg ( ago)
OH MY GOD those people discussing the Earth and the moon and sun are absolutely retarded

Author Roberto Canchola ( ago)
That Mexican flag sh*t got me mad.

Author ollie dehorne ( ago)
FUCK EVERYONE IN THIS VIDEO except for the Australians because we're hardcore

Author Alex Louis ( ago)
I am so retarded 😂!

Author XenonPhantom ( ago)
The dude with the bottle had me weak 😂😂😂😂

Author Garrit Arnold ( ago)
what a bitch , telling that nice Lady that an mexican Flag is Offensive LUL

Author GaboCube1501 ( ago)
yes you are wetarded.

Author goofy creeper ( ago)
that girl is fuckin rases to Mexicans I'm Mexican

Author Maddie Dent ( ago)
The way the women fell when she caught her son oml😂😂😂

Author ItsJellyyy ( ago)

Author Jlopez240 Gaming ( ago)
The lady complaining about the Mexican flag needs to shut her fucking mouth and jump off a bridge, people are allowed to show their love for the U.S. and their original nationality.

Author DAVID satekid ( ago)
2:25 CUTBONE!!!!!!!!!

Author OSU Bucks421 ( ago)
The flag is fine. If there's a bigger American flag.

Author The Mad Mick ( ago)
Eye am sofa king re tod did

Author musicallytalented2 ( ago)
Fuck this world, I'm away to live on planet moon .... 😂

Author Mystery Gamer ( ago)
6:40 who cares where you live. just leave her alone bitch

Author _ MooworkCow Animation's _ ( ago)

What is obamas last name!?

Author Hajluos ( ago)
12:18 is the best hahahaha

Author jay_615 ( ago)
dumbass americans

Author Lord Heisenberg ( ago)

Author Tim-Tam3 ( ago)
How is it disrespectful to have a flag from your country in the United States? That woman needs to be slapped. I've seen plenty of people put up their countries flag in my country and no one complains. So I'm sorry but if that woman were to expect me to put up an American flag and kiss her ass, I'd tell her to leave. I've got no time for people like her. I really hope that woman kept her Mexican flag up

Author ThaSnapDragon ( ago)
I wanted to reach into the Youtube video and slap the shit out of her. Who the fuck does she think she is telling that lady what she can and cant fly in her front yard, and the nerve to film her in her own fucking house! WTF man. This is bullshit.

Author Callum Hart ( ago)
the guy kicking the concrete panels, holey sheeeyit

Author Get_on_my_LVL Bitch ( ago)
6:10 fkking racist american bitch

Author Somyun Guy ( ago)
Why was the flag lady on this? She made a valid point.

Or was the mexican lady the subject? She's ignorant, but not "going full retard" to fly the wrong flag.

Author BigMushroom Top ( ago)
THE MOON IS A MOON! i actually kinda dont blame them. we dont call earth "The Planet" and be dont call the sun "The Star". THIS IS WHY I SUGGESTED CALLING IT SIROURUS!!!!

Author Spoopy Ghost 13 ( ago)
i am curious as to what he is doing at 12:17

Author jake Adams ( ago)
his leg wtf

Author Left Nut ( ago)
The moon is a fucking moon!

Author Left Nut ( ago)
I'm putting a Mexican flag in my yard now.

Author Young Marco ( ago)
5:51 whos the black guy

Author Gaby Nunez ( ago)
7:8 is just rood

Author ventnor ( ago)
After laughing a bit in the beginning, you then just feel sad

Author Felix Castillo ( ago)
That White woman is Racist, people can put what there want

Author Felix Castillo ( ago)
People can put what they want.America is where different people are in its a free state what the hell

Author 嘿嘿 ( ago)
7:05 just grab a gun and shoot that disrespectful USA bitch, you can own a pistol, this is "USA".
PS: Mexico is also America, Brazil is america, argentina is america, latin AMERICA is america.
America is a continent not a country.

Author Ruben Gonzalez ( ago)
the bicth from 6:33 that is talking that is disrespectful to put a Mexican flag even though we are the US

Author kuroichan101 ( ago)
I was so triggered by the stupidity of those morons not knowing what a moon is.

Author Adam Bye ( ago)
the second to last one is sooo horrible aaaaahhhh

Author kuroichan101 ( ago)
There are people who fly confederate flags infront of there lawns and aint no one telling them shit about how the north won and this is america. This bitch aint got nothing better to do(besides making people think that white women in the south are just easily offended patriots?) This is america so she could put what ever flag she wants. If I were that old lady I wouldve went out and put more flags to surround the perimeter of the lawn but its clear that the old lady was kind and clueless. Like how could a mexican flag offend anyone anyway?

Author Echo Ari ( ago)
"Are you retarded?" "YES"

Author Alicia Williams ( ago)
12:17 Why can't I stop laughing?

Author Alicia Williams ( ago)
6:08 That women had no business on that lady's yard, and telling her she can't have a Mexican flag up? The flag doesn't stand for anything offensive. Welcome to America~ where there is mixed cultures and different holidays celebrating them. These different cultures is what makes America, America. =_=
Too bad that women is ignorant af. Leave the lady alone. People put different flags up all the time, like the French ones I see a lot of.
There's no law saying she can't have a Mexican flag up, unless she has some Donald Trump idea hitting her. =_=
_La Mujer es ignorante._

Author Illustrious13 ( ago)
The racist lady goin' on about the Mexican flag is stuuupiiddddd. Why does she have to be such a snowflake politically correct neo-con.

Author Isaiah Thomas ( ago)
let her fly her own flag you daft cunt

Author Devin Landry ( ago)
Everyone is getting so triggered about that lady and the Mexican flag.

Author Clorox Bleach ( ago)
I am retarded
I am sofa king retarded

Author lifeform182 x ( ago)
woman triggerd about the flag, bet she's triggered all the time when the Olympics are on.

Author Réka Lilith Horváth ( ago)
damnit someone explain me pls why is the mexican flag offensive???

Author Arturo Martin Salgado ( ago)
Ppl from EE.UU are just dumb xd

Author Mekah Menke ( ago)
omg the dumb bitch asking the poor lady to take down her flag... bitch its her property! she can put up a swastika flag if she want! shit...

Author True Heroine ( ago)
Oh my God PEOPLE are so stupid :D

Author Flaffys ( ago)
7:10 racist af, i wish to punch that women

Author LilOilDerrick ( ago)
The flag one was terrible. I'm Australian and people often fly Aboriginal and Eureka Stockade flags as well as the normal flag around here. I also see flags from our neighbours (New Zealand for instance) and flags from other places, even saw an Indian flag once in a country town in nowhere. I know we're not as patriotic as you guys in the US, but unless you're 100% Aboriginal, you will have at least one other ancestry from elsewhere. Be proud of your country, and also, be proud of your roots!

Author Lynnie Shaw ( ago)
I can't. These people are so stupid it hurts.

Author TheGumball123 ( ago)
The moon is not a planet nor a sun. it's a natural sattelite. Aka, A MOON

Author Placid Manyele ( ago)
MAMAAA!! Mamaaaa...

Author TheUltraGamer Bruhh ( ago)
7:09 dumbass

Author keep it 400 ( ago)
"this is America why are you flagging a Mexican flag this is America " she can flag a Mexican flag because you said it yourself THIS IS AMERICA and we have some thing called freedom of speech freedom of expression and as long as your not hurting your self or anyone else, as long as my freedom of speech and or expression is not causing chaos I'm free to do so because this is America , that's why !!!! hell I can have a poster in front of my yard that says I can't stand gays and i would be allowed to have it ( btw I would never do that I have nothing against someones sexual preference or orientation). People need to fucking chill out and take the stick out there ass . Saying go back to your country is one of the most stupid and annoying things to say when America is the Melting pot of all type of ethnic backgrounds hell our "founding fathers" as Americans like to say when the truth is they were nothing but caca smelling pilgrim theifs, they them selves were what we consider a illegal alien immigrant. u don't like it? truth hurts? go back to your country u fucking pilgrim.

Author Classic Plays ( ago)
in other words "when people go full American"

Author xx rocketman64 xx ( ago)
Any person that says "the moon is a planet" or "the moon is a star" cannot also say "im educated"

Author Vanessa Rodriguez ( ago)
I'm about to smack that lady who complained about the Mexican flag and give her some knowledge like did she already forget where her family originated from and second the moon in a fucking moon cmon I knew this when I was you doing af and there adults they dumb ass hell take them back to school

Author Alex Perez ( ago)

Author Andres Restrepo ( ago)
Marica gringo tan bruto.

Author Atlanta Thomas ( ago)
6:35 this woman whos telling the lady about her Mexican flag and saying its disrespectful to the us made me so mad

Author Alexa Cordova ( ago)
I'm offended she has a flag of Mexico so that's her culture it doesn't matter if she in America

Author Divedude Gaming ( ago)
"holy tit"

Author Logan Kincaid ( ago)
6:20 that's when you know that's a trump saporter

Author Shelton Burnadeski ( ago)
"OH muh fucka you think I can't do it or suhm?" "Heeell yeah I think you can't do it!" "Man I'm the mother fuckin truth. Ya'll recordin this right?" "Yeah!" DINK

That guy might not be dead, but I sure as fuck am.

Author Mackenzie ibarra ( ago)
His mom tho

Author random guy ( ago)
Humans are freaking stupid...

Author Karsuuue ( ago)
10:48 Adolf.... get ze Zyklon B!

Author Angelicgirl1993 ( ago)
Damn bitch it's just a flag. It isn't disrespectful. What's disrespectful is you sticking your nose in her business and telling her what to do :/

Author KingMeme ( ago)

Author Michael Middleton ( ago)
Land of the free if you do everything american haha fuck off

Author Shiraishi ( ago)
i pretty sure that woman support donald

Author Jd Rogers II ( ago)
that bitch says shes offended by the Mexican flag needs to get a fucking life

Author · ( ago)
6:58 well bitch to bad its flying

is it really disrespectful to fly a Mexican flag in the melting pot i thought america had all kinds of people so...

Author TheGamerOfAllGamers ( ago)
the moon is a moooo

Author Ryan Ponte ( ago)
"I was driving by and I feel pretty offended". Um yeah I'm pretty sure the person with the flag is being offended because she can't represent her culture by having a damn flag in her front yard, that's bull crap not only that but she's not going to freaking move to Mexico to have her Mexican flag I mean if I saw that lady that thinks Its rude to have a different country flag in a different country than what the flag is representing, then i would've made her feel sorry for what she did to a innocent person. She really is RETARDED

Author Armado Villicana ( ago)
Leave that flag alone bitch

Author Anne Bellstam ( ago)
humans are retarded"_"

Author RedstoneManiac11 ( ago)
Ahem the sun is a star and the moon is not a planet! (I have no idea what the moon is I looked it up and it didn't say)

Author Donald J. Trump ( ago)
who the fuck would put's emojis in every videos in this whole channel?!! that's just cancerous.

Author Rohit Ghale ( ago)
fucking Americans and their obsession of their hideous flag.

Author BloxxerBoy ( ago)
There is nothing disrespectful putting a Mexican flag in the United States because that person is showing pride to her own country. I swear I died when the man think the earth is flat

Author Dualshock_ Theo ( ago)
thank me later

Author lewis Spink ( ago)
The woman getting angry at the mexican woman proves its not just Leftys who try to control people because they are offended.

Author Ewan Wright ( ago)
the body parts and racist lady weren't funny but some laughs were

Author RaginCanadian1997 ( ago)
"Why do you have a mexican flag? You should take that flag down"

ffs americans come to Canada and throw their flags up all over the place all the frickin time. So there lady, not a big deal.

Author Stevenv332 ( ago)
girl:excuse me is that a Mexican flag in your yard
girl:why do you have it up we live in America not Mexico
me:free country bitch
girl:I am offended by that Mexican flag
me:I don't give a flying fuck

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