Why NASA won't send humans to Venus

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  • Although Venus is easier to reach than Mars, scientists and space agencies around the world show little interest in exploring the planet. Why is it that they have so much enthusiasm in examining Mars but not our neighboring planet, Venus?

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  • Kirk Palma
    Kirk Palma 7 hours ago

    Eh its fine. russia will do it. they do everything

  • clashing gaming
    clashing gaming 1 day ago

    why not ur anus? because ur ass is full of shit

  • Lonely Stickman
    Lonely Stickman 1 day ago

    LOL! Venus exploded!

  • sophia karapetyan
    sophia karapetyan 2 days ago

    how bout uranus 😉

  • Am creeping through the diamond life

    And venus is suposed to be the god of love and connotates femininity(just like they say men are from mars)........this video is a total opposite

  • Andreas Knudtzon
    Andreas Knudtzon 3 days ago

    Weird that Mercury is closer to the sun but Venus is still hotter. Make sense...

  • Zoe The Raptor!!! !

    0:37 How many demons visited Venus???!!!

  • Nomo Hakon
    Nomo Hakon 3 days ago

    But floating instalations for living and sciencing are planned, so...

  • Miss Liv Vlogs
    Miss Liv Vlogs 3 days ago

    NASA isn't sending us to Venus, they're sending us to Jupiter, then the sun if there's anymore people they'd like to kill.

  • Official Chicken Licken

    Interesting I'm studying planets in school, so I can show off and tell people why humans can't go to Venus

  • Park Booty
    Park Booty 4 days ago

    I'm seriously not hating but, whats the point of this video? To teach me more about Venus? OK! XD

  • Dominic P
    Dominic P 4 days ago

    how do you know this if no one went there you idiot

  • Anime Fan
    Anime Fan 5 days ago


  • Eva Foley
    Eva Foley 5 days ago

    Penis is on the hottest planet in the world the sun

  • Jajsjej Zhnsnsnsnd
    Jajsjej Zhnsnsnsnd 5 days ago

    can i send my brother to venus ???

  • Theresa Florencia
    Theresa Florencia 5 days ago

    that's why they called it venus, she's hot

  • Kawaii Girl
    Kawaii Girl 5 days ago

    I read a book called All Summer in a Day they live on Venus and it rains all day and the sun comes out for a hour and this happens about every 7 years

  • xxfennekinxx
    xxfennekinxx 5 days ago

    can you do video about Neptune it's my favorite planet and not many ppl talk about it c:?

  • Chorkaloopa
    Chorkaloopa 6 days ago

    So glad you had subtitles for this video (as I was forced to mute the volume). The vocal fry of the narrator is annoying as hell. Try listening the the crackle at the end of every sentence she speaks. Maybe have someone else do the narration.

  • CaligoMilites
    CaligoMilites 6 days ago

    i bet something lives on that planet, just something we can't imagine.

  • Leng Sok
    Leng Sok 6 days ago

    I wish NASA could send my ex-boyfriend to Venus!

  • shark nation
    shark nation 6 days ago

    when my science teacher told us what was the most dangerous gas ever I thought it was carbon monoxide but when she told us it was carbon dioxide I was so confused then I told her so we all poisons so that why every time every body talks it get hot in 3 seconds

  • Amy Speyer
    Amy Speyer 6 days ago

    Maybe in the future NASA will send humans to Venus

  • Drekex
    Drekex 6 days ago

    What, they didn't think to send a Nokia ?

  • Funkehappy
    Funkehappy 6 days ago

    Chuck Norris was first on mars

    That's why there is no signs of life

  • Belmont79
    Belmont79 6 days ago

    Hey! If people can survive in Detroit Michigan, I'm sure human ingenuity would find a way.

  • Ronnie Ragin
    Ronnie Ragin 7 days ago

    And They Say Womens Are From Venus, Good Luck With That!

  • Tariq Alazawy
    Tariq Alazawy 7 days ago

    When venus will be a star? Its close to bieng a star cuz of hot temperatures

  • Ronnie Harris
    Ronnie Harris 7 days ago

    Volcanos near sun so year there dead

  • Space Gamer
    Space Gamer 7 days ago

    Maybe we can go there by the 22nd or 23rd century as we can build strong enough spacecrafts and good suits.

  • Tracy Marlow
    Tracy Marlow 7 days ago

    extinct might be a old slang word for something not coming back I think humans will always exist but the path to the future will not be written

  • Senpai Dank
    Senpai Dank 7 days ago

    I have a feeling in the next 100 years we will have found life on Enceladus and Europa, but we'll have a colony on Mars, Titan, Ganymede, and Ceres.

  • Rose Silvy
    Rose Silvy 7 days ago

    Before I even start the video, Venus's atmosphere is around 30 times heavier than ours. WE WOULD ALL DIE.

  • Angiemation !
    Angiemation ! 7 days ago

    I bet...

    Earth started from bacteria from CO2. Life is gonna begin on any planet as long as bacteria make that rock organism that grows in water.

  • Phobepotatoegirl Pretty

    So women are from venus,what does that mean?

  • Bearded Cain
    Bearded Cain 9 days ago

    See, I have always thought that putting huge amounts of genetically modified cacti or some other plant would help stabilize the atmosphere and give it O2, so why don't we but a huge amount of plants on it and see what happens....

  • girly simmer
    girly simmer 10 days ago

    But why can't they send us to Uranus

  • humanppplus YT
    humanppplus YT 10 days ago

    who uses fahrenheit?

  • Slender Mane
    Slender Mane 10 days ago

    who ever came up with this question is stupid !

  • JCS02
    JCS02 10 days ago

    but the back side of Venus is cold!

  • Maria Elena Morejon
    Maria Elena Morejon 11 days ago

    And my favorite planet was Venus. Now it's my worst nightmare.

  • kelvink9999
    kelvink9999 11 days ago

    Retard units!!!!

  • Some random guy from the beyond

    you think the fact that the place with sea's of molten Lead will be a good enough excuse to not colonize the place?

  • skye
    skye 11 days ago

    TL DR; it's hot n you'll die

  • Asvea
    Asvea 12 days ago

    "LONG overdue" lol yeah because wasting millions or billions of dollars on a trash planet is so worth it, as if us tax payers have enough money to burn "LITERALLY"

  • Broforced GT
    Broforced GT 12 days ago

    This video is created by an idiot obviously people will die in venus

  • Sophia koné
    Sophia koné 12 days ago

    because they would die wtf

  • Vincent Marucut
    Vincent Marucut 12 days ago

    venus is sorry for that

  • LunarOwl1214
    LunarOwl1214 13 days ago

    The reason why NASA won't send humans to Venus is because Venus is way too hot for humans to survive on it. Is it even worth wondering? I haven't even watched the video yet

  • Captain Saber
    Captain Saber 13 days ago

    Because the longest time a thing we've sent there has leased only a few seconds

  • Ender Rebel
    Ender Rebel 13 days ago

    even Venus can't melt stale memes

  • Don Kamote
    Don Kamote 13 days ago

    I can go all by my self to venus, only if I will approve going there!

  • Vimal Adith zyan
    Vimal Adith zyan 14 days ago

    Gorgeous video

  • Chorfela
    Chorfela 14 days ago

    I wonder why

  • Lps Nickels
    Lps Nickels 14 days ago

    So to put it simple
    Venus is a death trap

  • claudia
    claudia 14 days ago

    like this is so goddamn obvious

  • Baileequeen JG
    Baileequeen JG 14 days ago

    wow these types of things really make u wonder

  • Neil Rigsbee
    Neil Rigsbee 15 days ago

    The reason why NASA won't send humans to Venus is because it'll cost more than pocket change

    MOSKAU 15 days ago

    how the heck they know the gases from the others planet without ever reaching to the planet?

  • Thx1138sober
    Thx1138sober 15 days ago

    I didn't watch the video, but I'm guessing because it's 800 degrees, the atmosphere is sulfuric acid and the pressure is about the same as Challenger Deep.

  • pieghost 05
    pieghost 05 16 days ago

    Donald trump: I have a idea! send humans to Venus and make new York there. -decades later- wow we made it, 100 years ago we got tech to get here, wow Venus looks beautiful over the clouds. -later they try landing- AHHHHHHHHHHH oh wow ok earth we have landed earth we have landed -gets out of landing pod- AHHHHHH CRAP EVERYTHING IS BURNING HELP US -basically Venus is a living HELL- AHHH GO GO GET OUTTA HERE -meanwhile back at earth- donald trump: I do how I'm alive but its not my fault they sent them

  • Andrew Pit
    Andrew Pit 16 days ago

    we can send humans there.. looks like a perfect place for taliban

  • goku episodes
    goku episodes 16 days ago

    would you sleep for a year

  • Noah S
    Noah S 16 days ago

    This needed to be explained...

  • Kayla Guy
    Kayla Guy 17 days ago

    Because it's too far away and hot?

  • Mr.BaldPity
    Mr.BaldPity 17 days ago

    Make another video and add this title: Why Can't NASA just fuck off!

  • otterchoiyoungjae
    otterchoiyoungjae 17 days ago

    answer: cuz they'll die?

  • Melon
    Melon 17 days ago

    *why NASA wont send humans to venus*
    Me:Its too hot

  • Kat Rinne
    Kat Rinne 17 days ago

    So it's basically the polluted version of earth

  • Chelsea Javan
    Chelsea Javan 17 days ago

    *why nasa dont send humans to venus*

    me: can you handle being on a oven for more than like 30 minutes??
    no. so thays why they donts send human to venus!

  • jon nas
    jon nas 17 days ago

    aliens! always aliens!

  • Joop van der Vlies
    Joop van der Vlies 17 days ago

    Why NASA won't send humans to Venus:

    I don't know, maybe because the gas is as toxic and hot as the inside of my shitty bedroom?

  • Mat Yaqin
    Mat Yaqin 17 days ago

    Venus = hell and Earth = heaven

  • Xx_Meow 647_xX
    Xx_Meow 647_xX 18 days ago

    Don't worry in 100 000 years the sun will probably explode so Everyone will go to their rockets and go far away in space and most of the planets near the sun will eventually um... Well we'll just um... Live in the rockets and well about the oxygen WELL PROBABLY IN 100 000 years WE HAVE A MACHINE THAT WILL RELEASE UNLIMITED OXYGEN!

  • Naphat Lpp
    Naphat Lpp 18 days ago

    Wait..... If they don't send them to Venus....


  • Joanna's home crafts JM

    you don't need to make this video. We know that Venus is a hell

  • Joanna's home crafts JM

    you don't need to make this video. We know that Venus is a hell

  • Jaylen Mark
    Jaylen Mark 18 days ago

    short answer: its fucking hot

  • bot 12
    bot 12 19 days ago

    Venus hates trespassers

    Edit:WTF hakodate hotels on my Batmobile

  • Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz 19 days ago

    *Why NASA won't send humans to Venus*
    Cause it doesn't exist?

  • god
    god 19 days ago

    they should build a robotic vehicle tht can survive venus conditions and research the planet tht way

  • Fiona & Joyce
    Fiona & Joyce 19 days ago

    why human didn't send to mercury?

  • 3世 村正
    3世 村正 19 days ago

    we can send the jews to venus

    U REPLY U LOSE 19 days ago

    Sending humans in the sun is much better!

  • Joe Marley
    Joe Marley 19 days ago

    What the fuck is this video? I learned this shit in 3rd grade

  • Cancer C.
    Cancer C. 19 days ago


  • Voltage Gamezzz
    Voltage Gamezzz 19 days ago

    Its because its been taken over by the vex

  • sadgrill
    sadgrill 20 days ago

    one day, the universe decided it would make a cosmic death trap of poison and death

  • Reddotgaming 760
    Reddotgaming 760 20 days ago

    why NASA dont send humans in my butthole? because of fart storms

  • Satyen Kulkarni
    Satyen Kulkarni 20 days ago

    Where is the theory that Venus was once populated?

  • Suri888 Apparao
    Suri888 Apparao 20 days ago

    tell in telugu

  • Izio Shaba
    Izio Shaba 20 days ago

    what if you send'em during winter?
    --insert random Ali G meme here---

  • Broski
    Broski 20 days ago

    what?, Venus has been Terra formed centuries ago. and is swarming with Vexs and Fallen. Get your facts straight buddy, you've been lied to😂😂

  • Diogo David
    Diogo David 20 days ago

    Ideal spaceship to send to venus. hyper-fans AC moved by CO2
    made of some material that only melts above 2000º

  • TheDude
    TheDude 21 day ago

    Tell the U.S. Venus has oil. ---> democratized in a few years.

  • James Karamath
    James Karamath 21 day ago

    Sorry if repeated below, but you'd actually have an apparent weight of even less than just 0.9 x than on Earth. Venus' atmosphere is SO SO dense that there is a considerable buoyancy force (yup, just like a boat in water). At ~65 kg per cubic meter (NASA) a 65 kg (= 580 N) person with a volume of 65 litre (0.06 cubic metres) would feel an upthrust of 34 N i.e. another 6% lighter! Fun fact, some argue you could skydive on Venus without a parachute, it's atmosphere is so dense that your velocity would never become lethal!

  • Just A Random Guy
    Just A Random Guy 21 day ago

    Because anyone who goes there will die immediately.

  • Lewinham
    Lewinham 21 day ago

    I thought the clouds were made of sulphuric acid.

  • NeoSans _gaming
    NeoSans _gaming 21 day ago

    But how do they know 🤔

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 21 day ago

    I think that one day we will defintly be able to land there.

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