WONDER WOMAN - "Warrior" TV Spot

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  • Raj Babu
    Raj Babu 1 day ago

    hindi dubbing

    TIME BOMB RAVIOLA 6 days ago


  • Alexander Dillard
    Alexander Dillard 17 days ago

    An amazon warrior never gives up.

  • EspressoPatronum
    EspressoPatronum 19 days ago

    isit just me or did i just saw Remus Lupin from Harry Potter in that trailer? HAHA

  • Cartman C
    Cartman C 20 days ago

    This movie so far has a higher rating than any Marvel film. The battle is far from over.

  • TonyKanameKuran
    TonyKanameKuran 20 days ago

    Best DC Universe picture ever!!!!!

  • ChillyCloth
    ChillyCloth 20 days ago



  • Koana Lomans
    Koana Lomans 21 day ago

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  • Alter Dek
    Alter Dek 21 day ago

    Эти ролики посмотришь, так весь фильм и увидишь.

  • Ivan Escamilla
    Ivan Escamilla 22 days ago

    \('-')/ yah

  • Matthew93256
    Matthew93256 24 days ago

    Hey, that's pretty good!

  • vls7091
    vls7091 25 days ago

    Zionist movie lul

  • Devy Loves gaming
    Devy Loves gaming 25 days ago

    Did anyone see ares

  • Pat Powers
    Pat Powers 26 days ago

    I'm just sorry that the movie won't touch the fact that Golden Age Wonder Woman ran a secret prison called Transformation Island where captured villainesses were kidnapped to and forced to wear 'Venus girdles" which compelled them to respond to the "loving authority" of the Amazons who reformed them. They also had to wear collars and chains, which they grew to love. The Amazons reformed the villainesses by teaching them to play bondage games, which is probably how they learned to love their collars and cuffs and also, probably, their Amazonian trainers.

    i'm pretty sure that DC doesn't want us to know that the stuff of sweaty lesbian bondage women in prison fantasies are canon. But I think it would add a LOT to any Wonder Woman movie ... a dark side of Wonder Woman, if you will.

  • Lushy P
    Lushy P 26 days ago

    Yes im been waitingto see this movie.

  • Cnn Pnj
    Cnn Pnj 26 days ago

    This film looks great. But feminists will spoil it. When will women stop being babies ?

  • Omar Balderas
    Omar Balderas 26 days ago

    Please don't suck balls

  • SkyrimPrincess
    SkyrimPrincess 26 days ago

    This hyped me so much.....

  • Courtney Frank
    Courtney Frank 26 days ago


  • yolo 89
    yolo 89 26 days ago


  • Sleepy Claw
    Sleepy Claw 26 days ago

    Warriors League of legends :3

  • Audy W
    Audy W 26 days ago

    them feminists sure gonna love this movie.

  • Jambo 159
    Jambo 159 26 days ago

    I don't need wonder woman tell me how bad white man are I hope this movie fucking bombs

  • firza G
    firza G 27 days ago

    It's so rare that TV spot gained 1M views in 2 days

  • flamemadragon
    flamemadragon 27 days ago

    Does this make it canon that LoL and the DCCU happen in the same universe?

  • shinokiba
    shinokiba 27 days ago

    I am just gonna wear armor that doesn't protect my arms, upper chest, neck, or head. I will also keep my hair nice and long so any enemy from behind can grab it, pull me in, and slit my throat. That'll show everyone how much of a warrior I am.

  • Fachrizal Hutabarat
    Fachrizal Hutabarat 28 days ago

    so david thewlis will play as ares who masquarde as sir patrick?

  • gerald foster
    gerald foster 28 days ago

    Boycott this movie. Men have been forbidden from the screening. It is a sexist ploy.

  • Mackenzie Persse
    Mackenzie Persse 28 days ago

    movie looks good but you fucked up the imagine dragons song in this spot

  • jennyfromtheblockz
    jennyfromtheblockz 28 days ago

    what's the song

  • Sthings .One
    Sthings .One 28 days ago

    1 Million views 😱

  • Abhishek Pathak
    Abhishek Pathak 28 days ago

    For the ones wondering what she was upto between this & Batman v Superman
    She was on a Date Night with a Criminal while Keeping up with the Joneses & being Fast & Furious!

  • blackwidow
    blackwidow 28 days ago

    I don't know how to feel about Chris Pine as Steve Roger 🤔

  • Evolutional
    Evolutional 28 days ago

    This is an Ad running on YouTube, of course it'll generate a lot of views. Like, this is common sense. DC didn't pay for "views" and if they did I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be for promoting a damn TV Spot. Y'all are a bunch of try hards

  • subhasish christche Filmmaker


  • マン子にVO5入ります


  • Siwinci Angel
    Siwinci Angel 28 days ago

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  • ThomasLeeWoodman
    ThomasLeeWoodman 28 days ago

    Hey WB, how about making a follow-up to The PowerPuff Girls Movie for all of the hardcore PowerPuff Girls fans out there where the girls is facing off with all of the Townsville baddies with their latest and most brilliant evil plan to date in the history of evil plans that'll not only let evil win and take over the world in no time flat, but it'll also defeat The PowerPuff Girls for good!!

  • Abhay Gorakhwar
    Abhay Gorakhwar 28 days ago

    Action woman

  • Some Crazed Nerd
    Some Crazed Nerd 29 days ago


  • Connor Mausolf
    Connor Mausolf 29 days ago

    We are the warriors the warriors the warriors the warriors the warriors the warriors the warriors..

    I remembered this song going differently..

  • Skin Hound
    Skin Hound 29 days ago

    New sandwich maker commercial

  • Juho Manninen
    Juho Manninen 29 days ago

    Im getting em chills

  • Преджер SLIP
    Преджер SLIP 29 days ago

    Хорошая фигура, смотрится все хорошо на экране, мужественный образ героини нужно было бы заметить. Вы знаете здесь открываются новый возможности когда ты одеваешь "Чудо костюм" и Бэтмен знает в чем дело).

  • İlayda Ünsal
    İlayda Ünsal 29 days ago

    Hyped as fuck

  • Shaun Das
    Shaun Das 29 days ago

    lol that fargo nigga wit the bad teeth in this

  • Hiệp Hoàng
    Hiệp Hoàng 29 days ago

    i love her

  • Don quixote Doflamingo

    All the feminist cunts must see this film cause is not real enjoy

  • The Laughzone
    The Laughzone 29 days ago

    This will be way better than SS AND BVS

  • Dilu B
    Dilu B 29 days ago

    Imagine Dragons😍

  • Terza712
    Terza712 29 days ago

    Anyone know who is the final boss fight?

  • tejo apuroop
    tejo apuroop 29 days ago

    00:40 looks like baahubali 2 arrow shooting

  • Tacho Jelev
    Tacho Jelev 29 days ago

    League of legends anyone? :D

  • Injustice Sub-Zero
    Injustice Sub-Zero 29 days ago

    Just me or is Wonder Women the only DC to save the DCEU

  • A.C. Cordova
    A.C. Cordova 29 days ago

    looks like it might be good. i have not seen any trailers how she transforms into WW.

  • Kek
    Kek 29 days ago

    Why woes wonder woman have an accent?

    • Asaf Mazor
      Asaf Mazor 29 days ago

      she is Israeli..

    • R co
      R co 29 days ago

      Cause she's greek

  • rahul rd
    rahul rd 29 days ago

    which song is that? ❤

  • Kiran Srinivas
    Kiran Srinivas 29 days ago


  • CK Stone
    CK Stone 29 days ago

    Blunder woman , Blunder women , all the world is running from you , and the bat shit you posses , in your satin tights, fighting for her right, to fuck up everything for you, Blunder woman , Blunder women, all the world is running from you , and all the bat shit that you do, slam the door with love, make my shitter run , try to change my attitude , Blunder woman , get us out from under Blunder woman, All our fear are pinned on you , all the bat shit that you do .

  • Kareem
    Kareem 29 days ago

    DC is gonna be 3-1 and I'm hype

  • Fabiani Casarim
    Fabiani Casarim 29 days ago

    I'm Batman.

  • BisonRain
    BisonRain 29 days ago

    Thank God, it doesn't look like it got infected with shaky cam!

  • Ricardo Ismael Allen Machaca

    imagine dragons crj

  • ­ AQ
    ­ AQ 29 days ago

    I can rape Wonder women?

  • Alex Demarest
    Alex Demarest 29 days ago

    Oh god the music choice is starting to worry me last second

  • Muzical Doctorz Md Kashif

    Can't waiting

  • Horrifyingly Hillarious

    "Beware of mankind Diana" decades later helps form a superhero team with 2 guys lol

  • Sara Delgado
    Sara Delgado 29 days ago

    I hope it lives up to expectations

  • Marulindda
    Marulindda 29 days ago

    This is epic❤

  • Bisnaguinha
    Bisnaguinha 29 days ago

    PODEROSA !!! 💖👊

  • The Media Table
    The Media Table 29 days ago

    We can all agree on one thing. This film may be good but the best films of the entire year will still be Logan and John Wick Chapter 2

  • Excited Cat
    Excited Cat 29 days ago

    I've got a good feeling about this movie

  • bxrchainsaw
    bxrchainsaw 29 days ago

    League of Legends, Imagine Dragons hell yeah!!!!!!!!

  • hermanPla
    hermanPla 29 days ago

    0:42 We all know were that sword is kept in place ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Arturo Soto
    Arturo Soto 29 days ago

    I really don't think Warriors by Imagine Dragons fits this movie or trailer well. Especially how they repeat "warriors warriors warriors..." in that one part.

  • sheltomlee
    sheltomlee 29 days ago


  • ADayInTheCreamLife
    ADayInTheCreamLife 29 days ago

    Watched it last night at the fan screening and boy oh boy best D.C. Movie by far 💯

  • A.L Joseph
    A.L Joseph 29 days ago

    Guys, it's an ad. That's why is has so many views, in such little time. Chill

  • Kal-El fan 49
    Kal-El fan 49 29 days ago


  • Renan Teixeira
    Renan Teixeira 29 days ago

    i need man of steel 2

    • ChillyCloth
      ChillyCloth 20 days ago

      No worries brother. Man of steel 2 confirmed for 2019. EXCITING!!!

    • Gladys Godoy
      Gladys Godoy 25 days ago

      Renan Teixeira

    • Kelbo
      Kelbo 28 days ago

      +Ghost's Graphics Man of Steel could've been A LOT better executed. That's why it needed a sequel. WB has no faith in Superman though. That's why they gave Batman top billing in a movie that should've been about Superman and then killed him off at the end in what should've been an iconic death scene that was built up to over the course of multiple films. They just farted this shit out in two movies :/

  • antonio #GOBD
    antonio #GOBD 29 days ago

    oh my god, again thaht music Imagine Dragons: Warriors

    PS: Music for league of legends

  • Dlee645
    Dlee645 29 days ago

    Can't wait!

  • enson ochoa
    enson ochoa 29 days ago

    845K views in 3 min?

    KRUEGER 29 days ago


  • DarthLion
    DarthLion 29 days ago

    We've had so many trailers that we already saw the whole movie.

    • evildeath67
      evildeath67 28 days ago

      As there isn't a single nazi in this movie, not a good start.

    • DarthLion
      DarthLion 28 days ago

      A woman tries to save the world from nazi's and succeeds.

    • evildeath67
      evildeath67 29 days ago

      DarthLion Ok. What happens then?

  • Bacı Kayırtan Bane

    Film çıkmadan filmi izlemiş olduk orospu çocukları

  • Opepie
    Opepie 29 days ago

    #WonderWoman The best movie of years

    • Effen Stein
      Effen Stein 26 days ago

      Opepie Logan is still better for me atleast

  • Rarison Castro
    Rarison Castro 29 days ago

    Já tentei não prestar, mas ser fiel está no sangue. ;/

  • barry 234
    barry 234 29 days ago

    people who have seen this movie are saying its the best movie of the year and also its now the most anticipated movie beating homecoming

    • Shikatedo
      Shikatedo 23 days ago

      J M guardians of the galaxy vol. 2?

    • J M
      J M 23 days ago

      Ghost's Graphics Logan ? Beauty and The Beast ?

  • Oshen
    Oshen 29 days ago

    warner bros view bot confirmed guys. Y'all just got exposed.
    Nah tho i think this was an ad or something, cause im pretty sure ive seen this exact video before.

  • 970954894NG09
    970954894NG09 29 days ago

    Feminist garbage!

    • Jugo
      Jugo 29 days ago

      What's remarkable is not once has Patty Jenkins or Gal Gadot tried to sell the feminist angle.

    • Dinah Laurel Merlin
      Dinah Laurel Merlin 29 days ago

      970954894NG09 Bitch get the fuck outta here stop trolling

    • barry 234
      barry 234 29 days ago

      970954894NG09 this is not she caters to all gender

    • Swermy The Decidueye
      Swermy The Decidueye 29 days ago

      No it's based on the original comics

  • Rezart Curri88
    Rezart Curri88 29 days ago

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  • Alan Joy
    Alan Joy 29 days ago

    11 minutes, 262 likes, 844k views?

  • Sam Matty
    Sam Matty 29 days ago

    844,902 views in 10 Min wtf ?

    • Evolutional
      Evolutional 28 days ago

      It's an Ad, of course it'll generate a shit ton of views... DC didn't pay for shit

    • Ryan
      Ryan 29 days ago

      Sam Matty dc paying for views to hype the movie up

    • Rishab Mishra
      Rishab Mishra 29 days ago

      Sam Matty in one minute.

  • nicholas alexander
    nicholas alexander 29 days ago

    This film is so important, pls go out and support it!!!!! p.s. It looks AMAZING!!!!

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord 29 days ago

    Ares disliked for not showing him lol

  • Bajram
    Bajram 29 days ago

    Well... those views seem legit

    • Ishaan Sangha
      Ishaan Sangha 29 days ago

      It's an ad running on YouTube. Of course it'll have a lot of views. It's common sense guys.

    • Cuz I'm a wanderer
      Cuz I'm a wanderer 29 days ago

      Yeah they're -paid for- legitimate​.

  • ninja killer
    ninja killer 29 days ago

    cant wait

  • Dreadz McCall
    Dreadz McCall 29 days ago

    I hope it's good but something tells me I will be disappointed still gonna see it

    • ADayInTheCreamLife
      ADayInTheCreamLife 29 days ago

      Billy McCall it's really good 💯

    • channen hicks
      channen hicks 29 days ago

      something tells me you an idiot

    • abbadon pharoah
      abbadon pharoah 29 days ago

      something tells me you have not seen the critic reviews and fan reviews just stop it ok???

    • Dreadz McCall
      Dreadz McCall 29 days ago

      I hope they right

    • barry 234
      barry 234 29 days ago

      Billy McCall not possible people who have seen this movie are saying its the best movie of the year

    JJ'sGTLMS 29 days ago

    cannot wait!!!!!!!!!! hype

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