Top 10 HARDEST Achievements in Video Games

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  • Top 10 HARDEST Achievements in Video Games // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW ----------------------- CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW!

    Man…I’m not gonna even try. These are the achievements, trophies and awards in video games that are so gosh darn tricky, difficult, hard or basically just impossible that we had to put em all on one crazy effing list! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Hardest Achievements in Video Games!

    00:21 #10. Impossible Boy
    00:59 #9. Master
    01:38 #8. My Kung Fu is Stronger
    02:27 #7. Universal Explorer
    03:11 #6. Day Survivor
    03:54 #5. Seriously 3.0
    04:39 #4. The Bladder of Steel Award
    05:26 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  • 3 months ago

    Try to get some of these achievements yourself!
    Super Meatboy (PS4) Impossible Boy
    World of Warcraft Universal Explorer
    The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unleashed Emperor!

  • HetPixelKanaal
    HetPixelKanaal 1 hour ago

    How about the 3000000% achievement in the binding of isaac afterbirth+?

  • That one Guy
    That one Guy 1 hour ago

    Where's halo 2 on legendary???

  • Alex Smirnov
    Alex Smirnov 1 hour ago

    Such bullshit lol

  • The HamMuffins
    The HamMuffins 2 hours ago

    All unusual gems in skyrim...

  • wawau 123
    wawau 123 2 hours ago

    wow my hardest thing is in call of duty black ops 2 is doing a 360 nop scope it took me 4 days In a row and then I realized it wasnt even a achivment becuse it dint say it was a achievement

  • JoJo414
    JoJo414 3 hours ago

    The hardest achievement for me is the last second from plants vs zombies garden warfare

  • Fr0St Hydra
    Fr0St Hydra 3 hours ago

    The by social life achievement is very easy. You just have to beat the watch dogs 1 campaign

  • butts
    butts 3 hours ago

    but no 3mil percent on binding of isaac

  • Dodderyanimal87
    Dodderyanimal87 3 hours ago

    What about completing all black ops 3 zombies Easter eggs

  • Jcoder [GD]
    Jcoder [GD] 4 hours ago

    Do "Collect 10,000 Stars" In Geometry Dash! Took AzaFTW 3 Years!

    MRGEORGIOU 4 hours ago

    What about getting a max cape in old school runescape

  • Jaikob Delgado
    Jaikob Delgado 4 hours ago

    i beat all gears missons

  • Cod Player123
    Cod Player123 5 hours ago

    I did the gears of war 3 achievement it took me a year

  • Brayden Brown
    Brayden Brown 7 hours ago

    Am the only person who watched this that just plays NBA 2k, madden, and call of duty?

  • Zudo Arichi
    Zudo Arichi 9 hours ago

    Dead Space 2 Hardcore mode wasn't actually that hard tho :/

  • Wyatt Cobb
    Wyatt Cobb 13 hours ago

    It is not hard just time consuming

  • OMG CJay
    OMG CJay 13 hours ago

    Overwatch 'The floor is lava'?!!!

    JMC -ZYFER 14 hours ago

    Does anyone else get that dumb lords mobile ad we're Its always the same gameplay but just with different people

  • Bradley Hall
    Bradley Hall 14 hours ago

    Who else thinks that the creators of MK9 and Gears of War 3, when going through achievements, went like this

    CEO: Alright, what is the hardest achievement we can make the players earn?

    *Person whispers in bosses ear*

    CEO: My god. This is so evil and diabolical.

  • TheDominator1307
    TheDominator1307 15 hours ago

    Bigs 2- Hitting the blimp with a Big Blast in Las Vegas in Home Run Pinball. I got the game like 5 years ago and still haven't done it.

  • Watermelon 2322
    Watermelon 2322 16 hours ago


  • Rodrigo Duarte
    Rodrigo Duarte 16 hours ago

    I have emperor achievement my Gamertag on Xbox Is Panda OT you can check in my achievements

  • AiR mazza
    AiR mazza 16 hours ago

    only me or dose it feels like watchmojo makes thise vids for 6yr old mentally challenged kids ?

  • hopeful9723
    hopeful9723 18 hours ago

    mile high club?

  • Jakey1241
    Jakey1241 22 hours ago

    Where is overwatch floor is lava or the plat trophy

  • Jamie Hudson
    Jamie Hudson 1 day ago

    note chair general peace after please impact evaluation weather.

  • 1ShotOneKill
    1ShotOneKill 1 day ago

    For the day challenges it can be possible if you have a lot of skillfull friends

  • kyle lima
    kyle lima 1 day ago

    i did that world of guns dissembly achievement

  • Zion Mccaskill
    Zion Mccaskill 1 day ago

    gears of war WTF!

  • superblue66
    superblue66 1 day ago

    and I thought it was hard to get oni on overwatch

  • Shamrock Shanks
    Shamrock Shanks 2 days ago

    I think you should have had the master achievement in rainbow six siege, you have to get every achievement and some are VERY time consuming

  • Drew Boyd
    Drew Boyd 2 days ago

    What about Beat Zico from WipEout HD?

  • akaLucyz -
    akaLucyz - 2 days ago

    have all

  • Person on YouTube
    Person on YouTube 3 days ago

    I got the universal explorer before!

  • Jacob Soler
    Jacob Soler 3 days ago

    what about "the floor is lava" Overwatch?

  • King Buddy
    King Buddy 3 days ago

    Ok I'm sorry, but correct me if I'm wrong, isn't impossible boy only unlocked after beating all the dark world levels without dying, not A+ them?

  • Bob thth
    Bob thth 3 days ago

    what about not another zombie game in plague inc evolved.

  • \/\/ T4DHG
    \/\/ T4DHG 3 days ago

    Criminal mastermind any1?

  • woodpushervinvin
    woodpushervinvin 3 days ago

    He said number 5 for the 8th one 🤔

  • RyDwy 2016
    RyDwy 2016 3 days ago

    Floor is Lava achivement from overwatch is extremly hard

  • XxsoftraxX Ps4
    XxsoftraxX Ps4 4 days ago

    Lol already got emperor in the elder scrolls online, its not hard

  • Esteban A
    Esteban A 4 days ago

    Destiny Flawless Raider

  • King Jaguar
    King Jaguar 4 days ago

    *my Kung fu is better than yours* should be 1 million times first

  • Tin Kajganic
    Tin Kajganic 5 days ago


  • Rudolf Ketko
    Rudolf Ketko 5 days ago

    7 Day Survivor isnt that hard since you can just climb and spot unreachable by zombies and let the console run and let your character idle for 14h...

  • Chris L
    Chris L 5 days ago

    why am I watching this? I don't even play video games

  • HazzaK
    HazzaK 5 days ago

    you can't have "achievements across all platforms" when achievements are only on Xbox you fucking stupid assholes

  • Ulises Martinez
    Ulises Martinez 5 days ago

    those achievements are pretty hard but not as hard as me haha if ya know what im saying.

  • ToLazyGaming
    ToLazyGaming 5 days ago

    7 day survivor really isn't that bad its just time consuming

  • Sonny Wasbeer
    Sonny Wasbeer 5 days ago

    14 hours of players?

  • Brass Burgurs12
    Brass Burgurs12 5 days ago

    What about flawless raider in destiny?

  • D o 2x G Y
    D o 2x G Y 5 days ago

    #8 you say nr 5 xD

  • xSoullessGamerx
    xSoullessGamerx 5 days ago

    They should add an achievement for completing Dark Souls 2 with no bonfires, no deaths, and no damage taken because all I got were two rings

  • Add 852
    Add 852 6 days ago

    i did an attempt on "impossible boy" and i died at maybe like 90 % of the gaem.. fukkk

  • akis420 games
    akis420 games 6 days ago

    I hve my own achivment on clash royale. One of them is to beat an royale gg user

  • Ramon Soto
    Ramon Soto 6 days ago

    i already have seriously 3.0

  • Jacks21 21
    Jacks21 21 6 days ago

    28x4 is 112

  • Godzilla Persom
    Godzilla Persom 6 days ago

    Ummmm where is the Dark Soul from all the Dark Souls games? its basically get all the achievements in one of the hardest games ever....

  • Hacking Tutorials
    Hacking Tutorials 6 days ago

    ive completed all achievements in this vid

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf 6 days ago

    I've done the Mortal Combat one but is was annoying AF and the Star Wars took me about 20-40 days to do and the Gears of war took me about 4 months to complete everything and get that Fuckin achievement but the elder Scroll was challenging tho i liked it me and my friends are Pros so we were able to do it and hold it for 5 months (We Were the absuloute Tryhards)

    • White Wolf
      White Wolf 6 days ago

      You can go ahead and say i have no life But am really proud of myself

  • Ciaran Dowling
    Ciaran Dowling 6 days ago

    Did he really call #8 number 5?

  • 17rings - 2K
    17rings - 2K 6 days ago

    "What's 28*4"

    Twenty One?

  • Roller coaster Lover


  • Billy Martin
    Billy Martin 7 days ago

    1:35 "Number Five"
    Me: " * "Wat in tarnation * "

  • Adam_ The_Filthy
    Adam_ The_Filthy 7 days ago

    GTA 5 criminal master mystery mind?

  • Spiced Up
    Spiced Up 7 days ago

    The achievement in gta 5 where you have to see everyplace in the map seems impossible

  • cringereact
    cringereact 7 days ago

    going through world of warcraft is just a pleasure :) with all the music and ambient sound

    THEDRAFACE 8 days ago

    if i could make my own achievement, it would be in undertale and it would be: Beat Genocide 6 times without getting hurt once.

  • Packers4sb
    Packers4sb 8 days ago

    I completed the battlefront achievement. It's not as hard as you describe it. It just takes focus and strategy

  • Noble Six
    Noble Six 9 days ago

    Halo Reach:
    A Monument to all your sins.

    Complete each campaign mission on legendary - alone.

  • The AK's
    The AK's 9 days ago

    What about sims 4 go through 26 generations of sims?
    Or the Terraria complete 100 quests for the angler?
    Or the real life achievement where you have to stare at a clock for 48 hours? (Jk lol)
    Why don't you try to do the steel bladder thing for world of rock and then try 26 generations of sims? Have fun with that!
    Or try doing the explorer achievement and then the Terraria achievement and see which one is more boring.

  • Alex Wain
    Alex Wain 9 days ago

    On number 8 he said at number 5 instead of at number 8

  • MidgetMan037 Gaming

    umm what about The Floor is Lava by Lucio or Zenyatta's pixel achievement (forgot the name, but the one where it is like "kill 4 people discorded in 6 seconds" or something ridiculous like that)?

  • Ezekiel Intino
    Ezekiel Intino 9 days ago

    Passing The Day In Minecraft

  • Keegan Drysdale
    Keegan Drysdale 9 days ago

    why not just play number 4 on the toilet?

  • AsrielTheUndying
    AsrielTheUndying 9 days ago

    let's not forget the gmod achievement that requires you to play for a total of 1 year

  • Preston Samson
    Preston Samson 10 days ago

    I have gotten 90 day streak, it was easy for some parts but mostly hard and long

  • Alex Cone
    Alex Cone 11 days ago

    How about "The Three Mountains" achievement for EUIV? It is basically impossible without using game exploits.

  • joe shmo
    joe shmo 11 days ago

    how about getting mastery 5 on a titan in EVE online

  • beast- tbone
    beast- tbone 11 days ago

    where is gta5? doing all heist setups and heists without dying and the difficulty has to be set on hard

  • Jonathan Perea
    Jonathan Perea 11 days ago

    Hardest one was "Mile High Club" from original COD MW1 hands down.

    PHOENIXGAMING 8107 12 days ago

    I have the master achievement (battlefront)

  • Bears On YT
    Bears On YT 12 days ago

    Trimmed comp cape on runescape.

  • Hunter Hayes
    Hunter Hayes 12 days ago

    dat thumbnail wtf

  • RGB Bloopers
    RGB Bloopers 12 days ago

    what about the floor is lava in overwatch

  • Tiffany RODRIGUEZ
    Tiffany RODRIGUEZ 12 days ago


  • Skull Capton
    Skull Capton 13 days ago

    Where's "Unachivable" from Stanley Parable?

  • Jacob Bækgaard
    Jacob Bækgaard 13 days ago


    The achievement "Loremaster" is way harder to get. You basically have to do the same as in "Explorer", but do about 80% of all quests in the affiliated "exploration" area.

    In other words: You have to complete 80% of the quests in each zone - which is roughly 90-100 zones spread across 7 continents, with the achievement counter going from about 25-80 quests in each zone.

    Explorer took me around 20 hours to complete playing casually. Not that hard to get once you're able to fly on all continents.

  • Dylan The Ligit Gamer

    What about "The Floor is Lava" From Overwatch?

  • Alain Ledon V.
    Alain Ledon V. 13 days ago

    Of the hundreds of ultra-difficult achievements in World of Warcraft you chose "The Explorer"? Seriously? Maybe you should know a little more.

  • Malcolm
    Malcolm 13 days ago

    said #5 for #8 dummy

  • Mr.creator 12386
    Mr.creator 12386 13 days ago

    I tryed gears of War 3 and it was hard to do it

  • luishalo19
    luishalo19 15 days ago

    4 words for you: "INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE". and you put world explorer? WTF man

  • Makin bad Puns
    Makin bad Puns 15 days ago

    What about minecraft's achievement of "adventuring time where you must discover all the biomes

  • Super Kamehameha
    Super Kamehameha 16 days ago

    I'm proud to say I got 7 Day Survivor.
    Twice. Once in 2010 and again last week

    I made a guide and it was actually really easy, just took an entire day to do.

  • Randi Richard
    Randi Richard 16 days ago

    Dilemma wrong poetry badly educator physically dynamic besides maintenance.

  • Deathbrewer
    Deathbrewer 16 days ago

    I watched my friend do World's Finest once. It took him like 6 hours straight, lol.

  • Shawn7775
    Shawn7775 16 days ago

    Mile high club from Cod: Mw/Mwr

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