Top 10 HARDEST Achievements in Video Games


Man…I’m not gonna even try. These are the achievements, trophies and awards in video games that are so gosh darn tricky, difficult, hard or basically just impossible that we had to put em all on one crazy effing list! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Hardest Achievements in Video Games!

00:21 #10. Impossible Boy
00:59 #9. Master
01:38 #8. My Kung Fu is Stronger
02:27 #7. Universal Explorer
03:11 #6. Day Survivor
03:54 #5. Seriously 3.0
04:39 #4. The Bladder of Steel Award
05:26 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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Author ( ago)
Try to get some of these achievements yourself!
Super Meatboy (PS4) Impossible Boy
World of Warcraft Universal Explorer
The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unleashed Emperor!

Author Andrew Elias ( ago)
Emp is not that hard tbh. I've never gone for it but I have 3 friends who've done it 4+ times each

Author Chompybar Gaming ( ago)
What about completing gta story mode

Author Scarce's biological Father ( ago)
Binding of Isaac Rebirth. Platinum god. Prove me wrong

Author C Funk ( ago)
Don't what these companies are thinking making these so fucking hard to get.

Author Aaron Strzelewicz ( ago)
Who else has 7 Day Survivor?

Author archilonshadowheart7 ( ago)
and a video on the people who have achieved these maybe?

Author Leyriskyy ( ago)
jeez my friend just make this mortal kombat achievment yesterday.

Author Iron Sword GAMING ( ago)
And that is why Nintendo will never make an achievement system directly on their consoles

Author eyalsi 10 ( ago)
The floor is lava in overwatch.
I hate this achievment...

Author Akshay ( ago)
You forgot collecting sea shells and horse shoes in GTA San Andreas!!
Also spraying tags was a terrible pain in the ass!!!

Author ThatYoutuber 177 ( ago)
Running out of ideas?

Author The101 ( ago)
Being a legend in 2k17 could at least be in honorable mentions.

Author ilia zamanabadi ( ago)
There is a achievement in GTA Online that you should complete all heist missions with the same crew WITHOUT ANYONE DYING not even once!

Author JakeytheCakey HD ( ago)
wheres lucios the floor is lava

Author Antonio Ivanusec ( ago)
GOT THE universal explore and the 90 day streak :P

Author The Butter Apple ( ago)
The one for finishing Halo 3s campaign on legendary in less than 3 hours seems hard

Author Andre AlemanParodia ( ago)
Do The Top 10 Video Games Makes You RAGE!!!!

Author anoniem ( ago)
I achieved the Super Meat Boy one. Took me over 280 hours tho

Author ViciousAlienKlown ( ago)
Like video gaming? Watch and subscribe to my YouTube channel I just started...... ViciousAlienKlown

Author football challenges 2 ( ago)
imagine doing all of these and your pc /console dicded and your house electricity goes of and then console /pc
and the man who controles the city electricity

Author B- Beast ( ago)
I like to play but I also like my social life, you know.

Author The Burning Ruler ( ago)
Bladder of steel. That brought back my most saddening moment ever. I was on the last song. the song had almost ended, like two seconds away, and the power went out. First sadness, then unrivaled fury!

Author Rajeev Ramakrishnan ( ago)
Knightfall from Batman Arkham Knight

Author Omgthatcannotbejoshdun Ohwaitnoitstyler ( ago)
subscribe for more "great content"

Author Marsicanie for da win #marsicano ( ago)
u would have to use every character 112 times!!!

Author Relaxulage ( ago)
what about the no one will belive you achievemeny in black ops 3 you havr to beat the whole game on realistic

Author star king ( ago)
OK same it

Author Ryan Fister ( ago)
How about any geometry dash?

Author Overwatch King ( ago)

Author JZRuS Gaming ( ago)
the geometry dash top 10 list...

Author Archuleta55 ( ago)
What about The Stanley Parable's "Go Outside" Achievement? Don't play the game for 5 years in real time. Sure you can cheat your way to get it, but I'm still waiting to hear someone getting it legitimately

Author Pug Loaf ( ago)
Holy crap. You think Worlds Finest on Injustice is hard??.

Author Adam Da ( ago)
Overwatch Lucio wall run and get 5 kills oh boy that's hard.

Author Ненавидеть Вы ( ago)
I think quitting World of Warcraft once you have subbed is damn near impossible.

Author Memphis Muniz ( ago)
0:30 hard as f&*$

Author Warzenwurzel ( ago)
"Jesus" from Postal 2. You have to finish the Game without killing anyone :D

Author Dark Drag0nx ( ago)
I have all but elder scrolls one

Author BronzeJourney ( ago)
I still didn't get the Achievment's point for my 20 year of gaming experience.I dont even trying to do 'complete all the collectibles and finish the game at %100' thing.I just finishing the main quest line.If i like the game at the end,starting the game again and finishing one more time(I did finish gta IV 4 times).Can someone tell me the actual point of this?

Author WorldWalker128 ( ago)
I like the Dead Space Series for the most part, but those Hard Core Achievements? Nope. If you did it, I salute you, but I lack the motivation, the patience and the skill to manage that. Just beating the last boss in 2 on Zealot took me close to two hours to pull off, and lots of dying, not to mention all the deaths just in regular game-play due to my poor strategy, lousy(panicked) aim, or just bad luck.

Author Tyler Holston ( ago)
Universal Explorer is not hard. With all the flying mounts you can fly over every zone. If you wanted to include a WoW achievement why not do one of the insane exalted achievements? These make you grind for at least a month for each reputation group. I could knock out Universal Explorer in 14 hours tops. One of those exalted achievees... I don't have that kind of time

Author Lapzidorus ( ago)
When I saw this list, I thought of the "Master Slicer's Trophy" in Demons Souls.  I can tell, though, that it probably pales in comparison to some of these.  The "90 Day Assembly" achievement, in particular, seems to literally mean business.

Author Yolo Dude ( ago)
I decided to do this and one took me 2 weeks for 3 achievements it was epic but...

That was my school holidays

Author John Wie ( ago)
I actually hate american pronounciation

Author ChiccoGames ! ( ago)
1:40 instead of saying number 8, he says number 5

Author Drumming Ginger ( ago)
What about dodging 200 lightning bolts in a row in the Thunder Plains on Final Fantasy X? I think that definetly should have been in the video.

Author Lj Cutey ( ago)
#3 looks like the hardest won.

Author Banana ( ago)
I guess all of these achievements can be beaten by jesus.

Author Red_Milk ( ago)
28 X 4 = 112

Author Eddy De Leon ( ago)
I think that no mans sky is the hardest as it takes around 20 years to explore the whole thing

Author Isaac Gonzales ( ago)
I have the mortal combat 9 one I got it on accident😂

Author RN Jesus ( ago)
I unlocked Master on Battlefront

I am a god.
took me 2 days

Author Jason Bowman ( ago)
Lol, he said "number 5, my kung fu is stronger", and it's number 8 on the countdown. I was watching the video and Darth Vader is standing there talking shit, then it cuts to Mortal Kombat at the #8 spot on the list and I was thinking, hold on, I'm pretty sure the video has only been on for like 2 minutes, did I miss something? I had to rewind it a few times to make sure, lol.

Author King Santiago ( ago)

Author diamondlilly56 ( ago)
Rock band for life!!!!!!

Author Cody Mayo ( ago)
Other achievements that could have made the list.

Student of History - Destiny: Rise of Iron. Attune all Iron Lord Artifacts. You can only get one a week, and it's between a choice of three every week, so you could end up being offered duplicates of ones you already have.

Benevolent Leader - Fallout 4 Base Game. Reach Maximum Happiness in a large settlement. Good luck getting it without a guide. Pro-tip - don't use Sanctuary Hills for it.

Attack on Highlander - Blazblue Chronophantasma. Defeat Highlander Assault Mode with all characters. There are several characters in this game that have their main gimmick rendered completely useless in this mode. (Among others, Ragna's health regeneration, Tager and Bullet's grabs, Amane's chip damage, and Hakumen's counters)

Out of Sight/I am the Law - Blazblue Chronophantasma/Blazblue Chronophantasma EXTEND. Land all of Tsubaki's "D" version special attacks in a single combo. Tsubaki has five attacks that need to connect to get this trophy. They all need to be in the same combo, and two of them are air attacks. Good luck.

Nearly every achievement in Skullgirls due to their cryptic nature. (Even the Platinum Trophy tells you jack shit about how to earn it - where most games are content with "Earn all trophies", Skullgirls has "Legend tells of an ancient artifact that can grant a woman's wish...")

Author mahboi139 ( ago)
You guys are a joke, but I liked this video because I like that part where you talk about the mk9 achievement that I decided not to hunt.

Author Starman Gaming ( ago)
The most impossible achievement for me would be to get all locations in FNV Ultimate Edition for XBOX 360. There are two locations that are impossible to get and can't enter without a glitch

Author JMRmario 04 ( ago)
That emperor one is going to take while

Author Kyoya Aton ( ago)
Hard to the Core was a fucking endeavor.

Author Jacen Hernandez ( ago)
Stan Legend F*** YOU BURN

Author Carson M ( ago)
I tried for bladder of steel

Author Andrew Burklow ( ago)
overwatches smooth as silk

Author TheSwagster 21 ( ago)
Weres transcendent zone warrior from clicker heroes since to get that one you have to beat to zone 30,000 after transcending

Author Adam 123 ( ago)
I did the Mortal Kombat 1

Author TacoD Salsaza ( ago)
They don't look hard all the requirements look easy as hell come up with a real challenge .

Author Omnithe vocalrapper ( ago)
holy hell those are insane - after you get one of those it must be a jump for joy #congrats to all who have got in some

Author Riley Pothier ( ago)
If mile high club isn't on this list, I'm calling Donald trump

Author ULTRACHACHE78 ( ago)
tbh, the Vader in rogue one was og as fuck

Author Dark Spine54 ( ago)
Going up from tmnt mutants in Manhattan is a insane achievement you must survive the elavator section in shredders chapter without taking damage once.

Author HOF Sheamus ( ago)
How about MK9 "Play 24h with each characters" There's 24 characters ... 576 hours ...

Author KanalDerGutenSache ( ago)

Author Zachriel ( ago)
the intro made me laugh

Author shadow gaming ( ago)
i dont see dark souls

Author stephen justice ( ago)
for number 3 if I become emperor my first decree would be, to make this achievement easier to get.

Author SonicRBLX ( ago)
What about "Become the master" on titan fall 2

Author Tabby with a paintbrush ( ago)
Terraria : Suproior helper minion!

Author Windows XP ( ago)
I actually had the My Kung Fu is Better achievement on Play Station
It was one of the proudest moments in my lifetime

Author CS MASTER ARCHIT Gaming & More ( ago)
Or Getting the One down & Deathwish Mask without cheats/mods in Payday 2.

Author NardClup ( ago)
Lucio's "The Floor is Lava" achievement better be on here

Author pinakabudlayngapangalan ngamapaminsaranko ( ago)
getting wood :D

Author Carson Cole ( ago)
The floor is lava. Overwatch is pretty damn hard...

Author SephirothGamingHD ( ago)
Gears Of War 3 is my all time favourite game.

Author Dave Ankeny ( ago)
The Explorer title in WoW is a joke try getting the Insane in the Membrane achievement before the nerf.

Author The Amazing Squim ( ago)
What about Rainbow Six Siege doing a realistic terrorist hunt mission

Author Minotaur92 ( ago)
Getting a 1.0 KDR in R6 Siege.. fuckin brutal.

Author superepicawesome_gamer ( ago)
tho it isnt hard to get, i was pretty happy when i got the flight attendant achievement in mw3 cuz its badass

Author SCP-682 Recovery ( ago)
I was able to do all of them :)

Author superepicawesome_gamer ( ago)
where tf is mile high club

Author FabianChills ( ago)
What about getting max cape in runescape.. that should be like #1 or #2 lul

Author -HaVoC- The One ( ago)
I actually peed myself trying to do #3 but it was -nt- worth it!

Author lol lol ( ago)
112 times

Author Samantha Bender ( ago)
l4d2 a spittle help from my friend is hard

Author krbgfx ( ago)
well then, since the 90 day gun game was number one, I have a harder game in mind... JFK: Reloaded. To unlock the achievement/beat the game, you have to fire the rifle the exact way Oswald did in 1963. i mean exactly, and the game takes into account wind direction, velocity, ect. i do not know of anyone (including the game makers) who has beat this achievement...

Author nimota ranger ( ago)
well, i managed to hold my diarrhea for 1 week....consider it an achievement...

Author TheMetaGamer ( ago)
Did they even consider the STOP!!! achievement from Afterbirth +?

Author dead0blivion ( ago)
I'm sorry... did you say the EXPLORER achievement for WoW is the hardest? the achievement where you just fly to achieve with ease?
Yeaaaaah no. Loremaster is far harder to achieve as you must complete EVERY quest in every zone.

Author Gamers Republic ( ago)
The emperor achievement was a bitch to get I damn near quit trying

Author kitty wars ( ago)

Author Toby K ( ago)
trimmed competionist cape in runescape

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