Top 10 HARDEST Achievements in Video Games


Man…I’m not gonna even try. These are the achievements, trophies and awards in video games that are so gosh darn tricky, difficult, hard or basically just impossible that we had to put em all on one crazy effing list! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Hardest Achievements in Video Games!

00:21 #10. Impossible Boy
00:59 #9. Master
01:38 #8. My Kung Fu is Stronger
02:27 #7. Universal Explorer
03:11 #6. Day Survivor
03:54 #5. Seriously 3.0
04:39 #4. The Bladder of Steel Award
05:26 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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Author ( ago)
Try to get some of these achievements yourself!
Super Meatboy (PS4) Impossible Boy
World of Warcraft Universal Explorer
The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unleashed Emperor!

Author Nada Patton ( ago)
Hoth is easy on survival. Camping spots are everywhere there.

Author Reflex 696 ( ago)
theres some emo kid i know who thinks hes better than me in life because he knew more lore about dark souls. not BETTER than me in dark souls, just knew more of the story.

people put their effort in the worst places

Author Richi Gomez ( ago)
i only feel respect for those that are hard for a reason of skill , or intelligence , those time-wise nah , example play 20 consecutive days non-stop in a game and get an achivement , youl probably die before getting something like that ,not impressive

Author SoDelirious16 ( ago)
What about beating grounded plus on The Last Of Us 🤔

Author Dylan Garcia ( ago)
i have the gears of war one honstly been playing like two summers for 18 hours a day

Author Jayden Connelly ( ago)
Oh jeez I've won that star wars bettle front achievement on PS4 I didn't know it was that hard

Author Ramon GP ( ago)
But Battlemaster and Khan are waaaaaaaaaaaay more difficult in WoW!!!

Author Aden Young ( ago)
it is 112

Author Morph Ball ( ago)
200 angler quests looks like a simple achievement now.

Author brutesrus13 ( ago)
Becoming an emperor is not very hard whatsoever and here is why. The player verses play area known as Cyrodiil is separated into campaigns which is accessible to each of the three alliances. On the Xbox one there are 8 campaigns to choose from. These campaigns all last for a certain amount of days and reset. They have different ways of acquiring the point system (Alliance points) that puts you on the leaderboard system. Each campaign has skill caps from pre level 50 or champion, to uncapped but not being able to use farmed champion points to an open campaign. Each one of these campaigns has a cap in the amount of players that can enter each campaign from each of the alliances at any given time ( 200-300 per alliance based in which campaign you are entering ). The idea of having millions of players fighting it out on a single campaign hurts my brain just thinking about it since the servers can barely handle 60 people without getting a frozen screen and having to dashboard. I will get to why it is not a hard achievement whatsoever. If you are someone who has 600+ champion points, ( which is a good amount ) you can get some buddy's and farm low campaigns levels on a new character and upgraded gear and get it within hours or pay people in game gold to help you out just by capturing the key keeps and having the highest amount of points when that happens. As someone who has under 3,000 hours of playtime in this game I am very familiar with what takes the most amount of hours to achieve what you want in this game and I assure you becoming an emperor is the least of your worries. Watch mojo I like you guys so much but this is very inaccurate and should be taken from a reliable source, also Tamriel Unleashed makes me cringe a bit. It is Tamriel Unlimited because Zenimax screwed up so badly in the beginning with having to pay the flat 60 dollars for the game and having to pay 15 a month just to be able to play it ( I payed 8 months worth when it came out on PC and all I got when it became no subbed was a dwarven sphere and an ice wraith, also missing the unknown 9 month goal by 15 dollars for the mad God jesters costume) so they called it unlimited to correct their mistake.

Author Lokaghost ( ago)
Oh God Not Cataclysm... *Geometry Dash Memories Intensifies*

Author Danny Perry ( ago)

Author Kaitlyn Wendt ( ago)
Would've thought Emperor would be #1

Author Lucky You ( ago)
Wait a minute, wow explorer title? are you freaking kidding me? its so easy, not to mention how easy it is in comparison to the bloodthirsty, insane in the membrane and loremaster ones? that is absolute 100% bullshit

Author Calibre Lupe ( ago)
Master difficulty in battlefront is just plain stupid.

Author The Duck ( ago)
How come The binding of Isaac's "The real platinum God" Achievement isn't here? That's 100% beaten, including the lost and finding every single item in the game. (For those who don't play this, the lost is a character who dies in one hit, no matter what hits him). Honestly, only people with over 500 hours on this game get this. I'm on about 150 hours and I'm no where near.

Author Mr. Wizard-Knight ( ago)
Bah! I'll tell you what's REALLY VERY HARD! To achieve in a video game franchise! Trying going to get EVERY perfect in EVERY mini game in the whole damn Rhythm Paradise franchise! XD

Author Douglas Monroe ( ago)
There are a few achievements/Trophies I can list as the Hardest. Two in some of my Favorite games each. For example, God of War 3 let alone the God of War series in general that each has The challenge modes you have to complete to unlock the trophy. But in God of War 3, If you're doing it on Chaos mode, You have to escape Pandora's labrath without dying or failing once. Doing The Last of us on Grounded mode once is fine. But doing it on grounded plus isn't a Cakewalk. That's just for the grounded mode edition. MGS2's VR missions and Elimination modes are another. It was already Hard enough to Have the Highest score just on 50 of em. You have to complete all of em to unlock the trophy. This next one is two Trophies or Achievements. Which ever you perfer. But it's in RE remaster. One you have to beat the game on Invisible enemy mode. May not sound like a Big deal. But this one is most certainly the hardest one. You have to beat the game just with only a survival Knife. The worse part is you can't incendarate corpes, Can't use defense weapons, and definitely can't stomp zombie's heads. Beating Dead Space 2 on Hardcore is also a Hard one. Those are about all I can think of that would make my list.

Author Matthew S ( ago)
Lol this guy puts the explorer achievement in WOW on the list when it's not even a top 10 hard achievement to get in wow. At least put something like Insane in the Membraine or The Immortal. The explorer is easy as fuk compared to the other 9 on this list and isn't even top 10 in WOW itself!

Author Merkaderk Gaming ( ago)
Star Wars battlefront the master achievementswas so hard to get

Author Overwatch Kid ( ago)
What about Rapid Discord from Overwatch?

Author wajames562 ( ago)
i am the knight from batman arkham origins was a pretty hefty challenge to me " beat the game on practically harder than hard without dying or it gets reset

Author stuart maunsell ( ago)
Runescape 3 - trimmed completionist takes like 20,000 hours playtime

Author Squid squad Spike ( ago)
What about 2k16 win a match with 50 different charters not that hard about number 10

Author GoHardMang ( ago)
Feels good having the super meat boy platinum.

Author green tape gaming ( ago)
come over to my channel and watch me play ark survival and Tom Clancy's Wildlands on the highest difficulty. all Videos come on a daily basis.

Author Ricardo Sousa ( ago)

Author The OnionGuy ( ago)

Author StraitEdgeRedneck ( ago)
why did Rob Halfords character in Rock Band 2 look like Scott Ian?

Author Jamie Aubrey ( ago)
#3 ESO Just AP Farm, its easy to get this title non legit

Author ProducerPVP ( ago)
The Emperor! achievement sounds/seems hard but it's actually really easy.

Author TrailerRedux ( ago)
I got the "Hard to the Core" achivement

Author Rin Jackson ( ago)
I forget his name, but there's at least 1 guy on YouTube that has videos of him completing several Mega Man games without taking damage *and* using the Mega Buster only when possible

Author Fireballz 559 ( ago)
I have my king fu is stronger

Author Archie Brown ( ago)
What about dark matter in cod

Author marco von rodziewitz ( ago)
what about the _stanley parable_ -achievement "unachievable"? seriously, it´s an impossible achievement ^^

Author Mariam R ( ago)
When I unlocked mortal kombats achievement I screamed and cried fr an hour

Author GamingWithØrange ( ago)
I got all the achievents in the game :)

Author darius gray ( ago)
I am proud to say I have the bladder of steel award. in fact I played each rockband in game setlist straight. it's about 8 hours per each one.

Author SMV SN ( ago)
explorer title takes about 18 hours or somethin, hardest thing to do in wow is "The Insane" or doing Naxx 40 during the Classic

Author James Mac ( ago)
And I thought, "God walking amongst mere mortals" title from Guild Wars was a hard.

Author Scarecrow Aidan ( ago)
I have the Rock Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Green Day, The Beatles, & Guitar Hero 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, World Tour, Rocks The 80's, Metallica, Van Halen, Aerosmith, and Live achievements.

Author Little King ( ago)
Most of these achievements seem time consuming, not hard.

Author Hungry Dog2005 ( ago)
Who else heard him call number 8, number 5?

Author SidTV25 ( ago)
That trophy you get for dying five times in a row...

Author alvin rozon ( ago)
I like my commercials nice and obvious thank you very much.

Author Poop ( ago)
What about that achievement in GTA 4 that you have to beat the campaign in 3 hours

Author Motor Wolf ( ago)
every single platinum Trophy.

Author Neon Nin ( ago)
Any one else noticed its tamriel unlimited not tamriel unleashed 😂

Author jerrrrr ( ago)
I would throw l4d2's "The Real Deal" on there

Author Fire bross ( ago)
If you do another of these then you should put outlast in it. There is a achievement that you get if you pass the whole game with ought using the night vision

Author MySecretWeapon ( ago)
Relics of a Forgotten Past - 5pt Achievement from "Too Human"

Requires you to get a full 7 piece set of "epic" gear. The challenge is in the grind. If RNG doesn't favor you, you could easily sink 60+ hours into this achievement for only 5pts.

Love the game, The achievement was bogus.

Author Jesse Lacey ( ago)
How does the Explorer title from WoW make this list but not the Insane title. Explorer was easy, just go to a zone find uncover the map and repeat. Made even easier by flying. The Insane title on the other hand took weeks of farming go get all the rep.

Author Jegermafia ( ago)
Getting maxcape in osrs smh

Author brandon cormier ( ago)
I found that the first half of this list weren't hard but just time consuming, I would have liked to see more achievements like the mega man 10 one. There are a lot of games where you have to play the whole game without dying, or do some insanely hard thing, rather than just no lifing the game. List wasn't bad, but I think time consuming and hard are two very different things.

Author Abdullah Saadoon ( ago)
You forgot to mention Veteran Nanny from WoW, this achievement takes 3 years to complete lol

Author Disney lover Bambi ( ago)

Author Abysat1cs ( ago)
What about resident evil 7 beat the game without using more than three medkits or loot box oh boy I still haven't done that one

Author James Hemphill ( ago)
world of warcrafts Insane in the membrane is 100x harder the explorer i already have explorer but I would never do Insane

Author John Guest ( ago)
Halo 3's vidmaster challenge achievement?

Author LimitedSpartan ( ago)
You seriously think explorer is hard with a flying mount in WoW? lmao

Author Kidd Frosty ( ago)
awesome list

Author Annie Peel ( ago)
should have more content

Author vagineer gaming ( ago)
why didnt you add the floor is lava from overwatch

Author Malik Bili-Bili Mungakali ( ago)

Author GAMING HUNTER ( ago)
i have 9 out of 10 of the acheivments

Author Butfin2003 - ( ago)
What about Godhead in Binding of Isaac Afterbirth Plus. You have to get all completion marks, (Boss Rush, Mom's Heart/It Lives, Satan, Isaac, The Lamb, ???, Mega Satan, Ultra Greedier, Hush and Delirium)
with The Lost. The Lost is the most difficult character because he dies in one hit. This should be on the list.

Author nichovin ( ago)
Binding Of Isaac Afterbirth +: Nerdx1000000. beat every boss including boss rush and the new nearly impossible boss with all characters obtain all 300+ items unlock all endings and get every achievement.

Author Tage Grove ( ago)

Author mistromills ( ago)
Explorer achievement was easy, get a flying mount and fly around for a bit.

Author Andrew Fly ( ago)
Best WatchMojo I've seen for awhile. More to the point than other ones.

Author Chris Stafford ( ago)
LOL at explorer being considered hard. You can fly through most of these zones now anyway.

Author Vegesther ( ago)
While I will NEVER play any of these games for any RPG that has a must reach the 100 hours mark FOR a play 100 hours achievement I'll never unlock it since I can beat some of those RPG's in way less time (like under 30 hours for run playthrough and my NG+ runs taking barely another 15 hours PER run to beat the game again ALL done on "easy" mode.

Author Just a Random Video Gamer ( ago)
How bout no hit omega flowey or sans?

Author ἾᾒƑἾᾒἾƮἾTM ( ago)
one of the most hard achievements in gaming history is IMPOSIBLE ACHIVEMENT on serious Sam clasic revolution that requires 1 hp on every level on serious or mental or even I am ugh zang difficulty .or serious Sam 3 Queen Haterseput achievement (serious difficulty you must not dye or load game )
or serious Sam hd series _
Ss He TFE Metropolis king
cathedral king
(same as serious Sam 3 achievement queen hateseput NO dyng ,NO save game ,and on serious difficulty
and BTW try to finish serious Sam series on this difficulty
Mental x 84
disable this
ENEMY set on 400 power

Author Harley. quinnmemes ( ago)
The floor is lava, overwatch

Author Nabeel AlMulla ( ago)
and since 2011 I'm still not hlaf on #8, indeed good luck!

Author Jubal Norman ( ago)
I'm surprised you picked universal explorer over The Loremaster. It is basically go to all places plus do all the things people ask you to do. It takes quite a bit longer.

Also I know it isn't technically an achievement and is a feat of strength, but they are the same thing, anyways Insane in the Membrane is definitely up there next to those two for hard to complete that are still completable in Wow.

Author Richard Tremblay ( ago)
have they made one for longest achievement if they did comp cape (t) from runescape should definitely be on there

Author PentagonThief1 ( ago)
I actually have the star ward battlefront 'master achievement

Author Limerick Goblin ( ago)
World Explorer achievement isn't even in the top 10 of hardest achievements in World of Warcraft, nevermind out of all video games. How much research did you do exactly?

Author Peppy Hare ( ago)
You really think World Explorer is tough? Try Loremaster.

Author Joey Weaver ( ago)
played elder scrolls online for five minutes got bored played mine craft for the rest of day

Author Lord Vader ( ago)
"After facing waves of imperial AND REBEL soldiers" Did this guy really just say that?Dumbass, its just imperial storm troopers in survival.

Author Sepikzzz ( ago)
Not gonna lie I was on xbox1 watching YouTube and I thought I'd just got an achievement then I realized it was just a thumbnail

Author Joey Weaver ( ago)
do a top 10 hardest fallout 3 Achievements

Author Razecords ( ago)
so getting challenger border in league of legends doesn't count as a hard achievement?

Author KonPlayz ( ago)
Three mountains in Europa Universalis IV

Author Bynoc ( ago)
Dark Souls2? Complete with lvl1, no Bonefires, don't die. And the WoW achievment isn't that hard. Complete every Quests dude.

Author Thomas Suddes ( ago)
Floor is lava and Rapid Discord from overwatch?

Author Don't Fear The Reaper ( ago)
most of them are time-consuming, not difficult, there's a big difference :/

Author Lennarty Late ( ago)
I have master in Battlefront

Author Jin's Existence ( ago)
What about rapid discord in over watch?

Author Chintziest_Shot ( ago)
I've got impossible boy:)))

Author Max King ( ago)
I feel like the heart breaker achievement in bioshock infinite should at least be a honorable mention

Author Tyler Holliday ( ago)
Am I THE only one who noticed on #8 he said "Number Five?"

Author Assassin Sword ( ago)
you have to do it 112 times.
i hope it pays off or your gonna destroy mortal kombat in a firie hell storm

Author TheGamingFireUltra ( ago)

Author Michael Grove ( ago)
Anyone come here for self validation?

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