DIY home made cheap Biological Filter for your Koi or Goldfish Pond for under $100

Rod Ingersoll shows in detail how he designed and built a home made biological filter to accompany his new fish pond. Further information can be found at

The filter was designed to replicate a natural wetland type system and should allow for optimum fish and plant conditions. In this filter Rod creates an aerobic system that will breakdown fish waste (Ammonia) and convert it to nitrate for plants and will allow more fish to be kept in the pond. The bio filtration system after a few weeks will aid good bacteria to grow on the filter medium for great fish health. The system was built and tested thoroughly in about 3 hrs and should require very little maintenance at all. This Bio mechanical water filtration system is for Koi, fish ponds, and water gardens but could be just as easily applied to other situations. Its simple to setup & run. All up it cost approximately AU $100 to build.

I must say that i did get a great deal of knowledge from the following DIY koi fish pond ebooks and bonus downloads. They taught me loads of great tips and tricks i needed to help me along the way building and designing my pond and filter system. Im sure it will also help you too:

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Author enrrique alcaino ( ago)
Hey Brotha ,excellent Idea now need to know what side of the white pimping
you did use ? also the black connectors what are they will appreciate if
you can answer my question keep the good work

Author Mundo Dante ( ago)
It's working HURRAY Ohh not so good LOL

Author Diana Sauer ( ago)
Great! Thank you this is helping :)

Author Azucena Navarrete ( ago)
I made it too few weeks ago. Want to know how ? just go to inplix webpage.

Author Classie Scheidemantle ( ago)
Go to inplix page if you'd like to know how to build it. Great solutions
for everyone I think

Author Tommy Chappell ( ago)
I like. Your home made filter, but I can't find inlet and outlet pipe. any
where. Can you tell me where I can get to it

Author Sisha Gonsior ( ago)
Biofilters are used to breed aerobic bacteria which needs oxygen, without
oxygen it will work but not nearly as efficiently and you will have to
clean it much more often. I built my biofilter 5 years ago, same as yours
but with a cone at the top that spins air down at the same time as the
water. My pond is 10,000 litres and the filter is the same size as yours, I
haven't had to clean the muck from the bottom coz the bacteria eats it all.
The top gets a layer of green which I have a top drain pipe going to the
garden and once a year I stir it all up, pushing on the scourers till it's
gone clear, turn off that tap and it's all done, keeping the pump going. I
chucked the little prefilter and put a large one on the pump. Works
brilliantly. Thanks to people like you who post how is why I made my own
with added tweaks for my situation and not bought one, thanks.

Author Dhiraj Shrestha ( ago)
actually i dont like the way you put filter media

Author xXMoonXWalkerXx ( ago)
The song is Men at Work - Land Down Under, I'm not sure what version...

Author Brian Stuhlsatz ( ago)
Subscribe my channel on how to make your own bucket pond!

Author dennis hopkins ( ago)
How many litres is that bin?

Author Karolina Krajcek ( ago)
Hi, I would like to make such filter by myself but could not find such
pipes nowhere. Can you propose where to buy them. Best would be some online
store. Thanks

Author Sandie Reichenberger ( ago)
What did you use to make your waterfall? How many HP is your pump? 

Author Mustang shelby ( ago)

Author ragasdapper ( ago)
You had to put a second pipe in cos you're outlets are a lil to high

Author samuel cohen ( ago)
Hi, I am just about to make this filter would i need to take my koi out of
the pond while installing this filter?

Author edwin heijmanns ( ago)

Author Kiko_88 (1974 years ago)
Why the water is so "White" ?

Author Dheeraj NP ( ago)
cleaning will be a problem as it is a bottom top design ...

Author Janis K ( ago)
could you please list a parts list for your filter thank you Oh bye the

Author Yhazhee Whazalak ( ago)
tnx so much ,coz its simple/easy homemade filter..tnx for info...So

Author Paul Croteau ( ago)
I made one, just a note, if you have a 1" inlet feed, you need two 2"
outlets to avoid the overflow from the can. The stronger your pump, the
larger diameter of the outlets you will want.

Author Ron Reid-Taylor ( ago)
uncut. well done sir. haha

Author john falcon costanzo ( ago)
thanks mate good info,,,lol on the water fall was good too ;o)

Author Muhammad Fatih ( ago)
What type is the pump, please??? I mean the model so I could buy it.
Thanks in advance!

Author Joffrey Andrews ( ago)
hey i built it and its works thanks it work so good i made 2 one for my
fish pond and one for my turtle 

Author InvincibleRain ( ago)
Good idea. I may soak sponges n bio-char to see if it sticks and increases

Author 7272gorgeous ( ago)
can you give what size of pipping you used 

Author Solen Nelos ( ago)
Great video. Good information man Thank you

Author Tom will ( ago)
very smart and your pond will be great.

Author MA FishGuy ( ago)
Great video. Good information man Thank you

Author GOLDfishIT ( ago)
The intro music tho ! Lol

Author qwertyuiopo4 ( ago)
soldering iron lol

Author Ronald Raub ( ago)
May be a good idea but explanation too fast and not detailed. Did not show
a list of parts needed.

Author Derek Moya ( ago)
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Author MotionTSG ( ago)
Warning! Those who are planning on utilizing this method be extremely
careful with your sponge selection. Most household sponges are treated with
antibacterial solutions to inhibit mold growth. Although they well may
filter the water of detritus, the beneficial microbe growth will be
extremely if not completely hindered.

Author pigeonsontraining ( ago)
You're a fanny builder, make me laugh with your video but in the other hand
is a very interesting one thanks man

Author Howie47 ( ago)
I just made one for my pond.. But a drip down from the top one. Which
worked good for my salt water aquarium. The water flows down over bio-balls
and lava rock (cheaper then bio balls, just as good) and flows out the
bottom. The container never fills up with water. I was under the impression
this design allows air to help grow the bacteria faster?

Author terstis ( ago)
how clear was the water and how did the drain work for u

Author Kushan Perera ( ago)
can someone please give me a parts list because i am very new to this pond
scene and don't really know much thank you

Author Phil Waud ( ago)
If you mean the six inch pipe, then no, you dont need it - I will be
posting details of my new filter soon which doesnt have it! I was wrong, my
old filter was 120l, the new one is 2x220L so has three times the capacity.

Author Phil Waud ( ago)
If the pipe enters the drum at the top, then the pressure on the fittings
is lower and you wont get as many leaks, you can even avoid them completely
by having the pipe going into the container above the water line. The water
need to start at the bottom of the drum and leave at the top so that
gravity helps keep any debris at the beginning. As for the contribution
made by the swirl or vortex, I haven't experimented but it seems to make
sense to have one!

Author noel ( ago)
i was thinking of doing the same and not have the pipe runnjng down
inside,,must it have the pipe or will it work just as good with out it?

Author noel ( ago)
thanks m8 great idea,i have just made one looks good and working well,but i
did put a lid on mine to help with the bacteria .

Author brenden horsley ( ago)
would this work for a large pond

Author Phil Waud ( ago)
Ive a similar system that I made, inlet goes into the bottom of a 220L bin
and makes a swirl. I have a bottom drain to get rid of the muck. I also
have an inlet stack, a six foot piece of six inch pipe that is full of
sponges with a rod going through the centre, I can lift it out and clean it
easily. Ive a 1500-2000 gallon pond with twelve koi. I find that the stack
needs cleaning three times a week and I open the bottom drain daily. It
removes loads of muck and the bacteria keep the water clear

Author lusean vanhorn ( ago)
irish or Scotch ?

Author pippaknuckle ( ago)
Interesting design. I was wondering if the vortex effect did work and did
it help keep the muck at the bottom for draining. I reckon it would need a
powerful pump like yours to achieve that. Maybe a slower moving pump would
let the solids stay at the bottom just through the weight. The tap to drain
the bottom is a really nice innovation. Thanks.

Author bobodriscoll ( ago)
Nice job! Well worth a try.

Author ohkfilms ( ago)
he said on the video, he would install a drain to get all the muck that
builds up at the bottom of the filter. And you dont want to clean a bio
filter to sparkling clean otherwise you'd have to start over again in
building a good bio life thing bla blaasssfagfaljdflafjldsjaa

Author crista gatti ( ago)
what kind of pump did you use??? I used a sump pump but it quit working in
3 weeks?? Any special pump?

Author sam villalobos ( ago)
I'd add a top to your trash can to help the bacteria from and turn the
nitrites to nitrates they need shade to work well

Author katsumi33able ( ago)
Do you accept fish food?

Author Ing Oscar Manuel De Luna Carpio ( ago)
que porquería

Author MrAm1400 ( ago)
Yo! Bro. what is the name of the black threaded pipe you inserted into the

Author Clifford Pablo ( ago)
how long did it take for your pond to clear up?

Author Setneuf Fuentes ( ago)

Author Setneuf Fuentes ( ago)
You helped me alot.. I maked a filter for scrap items. It cost me $25 for
sponge and pump only.. Thanks for sharing this.. Im from philippinea

Author Brian Murphy ( ago)
What size pond does this filter work for?

Author FODHS ( ago)
Nice video. Quick and easy to follow and you have made a nice system. Now I
am going to go make one just like it. Thanks!

Author Razgriz Belka ( ago)
Thank you so much 4 share this tips...i'm struggling to make filter for my I found the easiest way that I can make myself..Thanks :)

Author kheroot ( ago)
A complete solar system uses batteries for the slow times. I am going to
disconnect from the electric company altogether. Just need to have much
more batteries than the system seems to need. Thanks for the reply!

Author Glen Pritchard ( ago)
I want to make an outside filter for my 12 year old pond and have been
reading for 2 days. What frustrates me is folks are post their directions
(for which I'm grateful) rarely give the size of the pond they're
filtering. For my 1000 gal pond I don't know if I need a 20 or 70 gallon
tank. I've read both amounts and everything in-between.

Author Glen Pritchard ( ago)
Better install supplementary electricity, otherwise the pump won't run on a
cloudy day.

Author MrMac5150 ( ago)
It will be murky for a long time.

Author Craig Greenwood ( ago)
Great video. I would love to see one showing how you clean it. It seems
like you'd have to empty the whole thing and take it all apart. Is that

Author LishaoQin1 ( ago)
Consider the flow capacity of the pump ... I think the pvc pipe from 3/4
"is enough for a flow of up to 4000 liters / hour or more ... Sailing the
amount of gallons of your pond.

Author LishaoQin1 ( ago)
Very good!... A simple idea and functional ... thanks!

Author George Hall ( ago)
It's called a skippy, I made one using a 75 gallon stock tank. Search
skippy pond filter on YouTube

Author Kapulfilms (41 year ago)
works a treat.

Author Amanda Borgeson ( ago)
i must ask, what do you call those 'fittings' that you use for pvc pipes
but attched to the basin/bucket? without the water leaking through the hole?

Author dresden sixseven ( ago)
on the rock water fall. Thanks again

Author dresden sixseven ( ago)
I did not notice the bricks you used to way down the sponges, I will put
them in tomorrow, I followed your directions and my local hardware store
sales person was kind enough to get me the material that I would need , he
must have thought me “far out” walking in the store with a rough sketch of
you’re design. He tried to sell me a little filter, sorry buddy I have a
pound not an aquarium...the water began to clear up in less then an hour, I
will let it filter for a few days then let the water

Author dresden sixseven ( ago)
great idea going to start today ,making this contraption poor fish are
swimming muck.

Author Made In the USA ( ago)
what kind of sponges where those?

Author Brandon Havro ( ago)
hey how did this end up working...? i want to make something like this and
i like the way you did this.

Author acuarismo perù ( ago)
acuarismoperu com

Author Rajiv Awale ( ago)
can this filter also use for algae problem.

Author J1SMOKES ( ago)
Nice work

Author bighatstephens ( ago)
hi! if your bulkhead fitting start to leak you might want to look into
getting some uniseals. How has this filter worked out for you?

Author Kapulfilms ( ago)
thats right it took a while for me to digure that out.

Author Kapulfilms ( ago)
great. thats what its all about. but if you feel it- just send me a $1

Author Kapulfilms ( ago)
they are just bins. In my set up i pump to the filter, then to my trout
tank and then into my aquaponics garden then into my pond. checkout
aquaponicgardener (dot) com (dot)au for more info. my other videos show my
latest set up.

Author Kapulfilms ( ago)
i get all the gear second hand from garargae sales and only when i have to
i visit the big "B"

Author ipra wiro ( ago)
You are GENIUS ! Only Aussie can invent something simple and works ;_))

Author Gerard Schaefer ( ago)
Hey man. What are those 2 basins called that the new bio filter is pumping
into? Where can I find those?

Author Matty oldfield ( ago)
hey man iv just watched your video im thinking of makeing a filter for my
pond an was woundering what sponges you used to pack it an was it easy for
you to do it if you have any advice for me that would be great thanks for
takeing time to read this

Author hjls1974 ( ago)
good to see some aussie vids on here.

Author Thong Le (1312 years ago)
I love you man! U save me 100 bucks!

Author angelfirephoenix ( ago)
great job man......

Author rik680 ( ago)
Thanks for sharing , Excellent idea !!

Author Andrew Honnold ( ago)
How did you attach the pump hose to the filter? what sort of attachments
were used?

Author wardy mann ( ago)
good ?

Author wardy mann ( ago)
great job .

Author Dieseljonnyboy ( ago)
Nice work, good on yah for sharing.

Author Paul M ( ago)
use sand

Author FishKeeping Maniac ( ago)
are those sponges the ones you use to wash/scrub stuff with?

Author Richard Habicher ( ago)
This must be from Australia a good place for all waterworks!

Author Richard Habicher ( ago)
Again very good basic instructions. I like to see it all finished in time
with plants and rocks and see how it works. I think you are a DY guy and I
think you just found a simple way to have another hobby. Great!

Author The Light ( ago)
How does the water get pushed into the bin? Will this clean pools?

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