DIY home made cheap Biological Filter for your Koi or Goldfish Pond for under $100

Rod Ingersoll shows in detail how he designed and built a home made biological filter to accompany his new fish pond. Further information can be found at

The filter was designed to replicate a natural wetland type system and should allow for optimum fish and plant conditions. In this filter Rod creates an aerobic system that will breakdown fish waste (Ammonia) and convert it to nitrate for plants and will allow more fish to be kept in the pond. The bio filtration system after a few weeks will aid good bacteria to grow on the filter medium for great fish health. The system was built and tested thoroughly in about 3 hrs and should require very little maintenance at all. This Bio mechanical water filtration system is for Koi, fish ponds, and water gardens but could be just as easily applied to other situations. Its simple to setup & run. All up it cost approximately AU $100 to build.

I must say that i did get a great deal of knowledge from the following DIY koi fish pond ebooks and bonus downloads. They taught me loads of great tips and tricks i needed to help me along the way building and designing my pond and filter system. Im sure it will also help you too:

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Author ragasdapper (3 months)
You had to put a second pipe in cos you're outlets are a lil to high

Author Karolina Krajcek (9 days)
Hi, I would like to make such filter by myself but could not find such
pipes nowhere. Can you propose where to buy them. Best would be some online
store. Thanks

Author Dheeraj NP (7 months)
cleaning will be a problem as it is a bottom top design ...

Author Rafael caceres (1 month)

Author edwin heijmanns (4 months)

Author Sandie Reichenberger (14 days)
What did you use to make your waterfall? How many HP is your pump? 

Author samuel cohen (4 months)
Hi, I am just about to make this filter would i need to take my koi out of
the pond while installing this filter?

Author kavdanskikiril (7 months)
Why the water is so "White" ?

Author Janis K (8 months)
could you please list a parts list for your filter thank you Oh bye the

Author MA FishGuy (11 months)
Great video. Good information man Thank you

Author Paul Croteau (9 months)
I made one, just a note, if you have a 1" inlet feed, you need two 2"
outlets to avoid the overflow from the can. The stronger your pump, the
larger diameter of the outlets you will want.

Author Yhazhee Torreon Jr (9 months)
tnx so much ,coz its simple/easy homemade filter..tnx for info...So

Author Joffrey Andrews (10 months)
hey i built it and its works thanks it work so good i made 2 one for my
fish pond and one for my turtle 

Author Muhammad Fatih (10 months)
What type is the pump, please??? I mean the model so I could buy it.
Thanks in advance!

Author Ron Reid-Taylor (10 months)
uncut. well done sir. haha

Author 7272gorgeous (11 months)
can you give what size of pipping you used 

Author Tom will (11 months)
very smart and your pond will be great.

Author InvincibleRain (11 months)
Good idea. I may soak sponges n bio-char to see if it sticks and increases

Author GOLDfishIT (1 year)
The intro music tho ! Lol

Author Ronald Raub (1 year)
May be a good idea but explanation too fast and not detailed. Did not show
a list of parts needed.

Author john falcon costanzo (10 months)
thanks mate good info,,,lol on the water fall was good too ;o)

Author qwertyuiopo4 (1 year)
soldering iron lol

Author Nelos s (11 months)
Great video. Good information man Thank you

Author wafflethug (3 years)
those sponges should have been rinsed first. Plus I think they'll dissolve
after a while

Author Kapulfilms (2 years)
i get everything from bunnings

Author ZombieEngines (1 year)
I would have skipped the gravel in the bottom. It collects solids that
might other wise end up in the filter. Makes the pond harder to clean. The
bottom of the pond will soon be covered with algae and look natural without

Author Thong Le (2 years)
I love you man! U save me 100 bucks!

Author adairsr53 (2 years)
I'm making this bio-filter,thanxs for the idea. I would like to hide this
bio-filter some where around my waterfall is this possible or shouldi just
use the bio-filter as another difusser or spillway

Author Setneuf Fuentes (1 year)

Author kIMO kmais (3 years)
wat is that black cord call the one that suck in water

Author joker66599 (3 years)
I made it today but I need another overflow/outlet my pump is to fast and
starts to over flow the trash can. Going back to home depot tomorrow. than
you for all the help.

Author wardy mann (2 years)
great job .

Author Kapulfilms (2 years)
no probs, thanks

Author dresden sixseven (2 years)
on the rock water fall. Thanks again

Author pippaknuckle (1 year)
Interesting design. I was wondering if the vortex effect did work and did
it help keep the muck at the bottom for draining. I reckon it would need a
powerful pump like yours to achieve that. Maybe a slower moving pump would
let the solids stay at the bottom just through the weight. The tap to drain
the bottom is a really nice innovation. Thanks.

Author Katherine Smith (2 years)
Thanks for this great video you're the ONLY person I've seen that actually
shows the waterpump they're using, none of the other videos do which I
think is stupid because obviously I need to know what the pump looks like
to duplicate their setup!

Author Kapulfilms (2 years)
yep, thanks, thats the only way i can keep the hobby alive

Author ohkfilms (1 year)
he said on the video, he would install a drain to get all the muck that
builds up at the bottom of the filter. And you dont want to clean a bio
filter to sparkling clean otherwise you'd have to start over again in
building a good bio life thing bla blaasssfagfaljdflafjldsjaa

Author adam watson (3 years)
Love how you use dead cheap stuff not expensive filters or pumps

Author Richard Habicher (2 years)
This must be from Australia a good place for all waterworks!

Author Kapulfilms (2 years)
find barrels anywher, i got mine from bunnings PVS is 25mm

Author Dieseljonnyboy (2 years)
Nice work, good on yah for sharing.

Author Amanda Borgeson (2 years)
i must ask, what do you call those 'fittings' that you use for pvc pipes
but attched to the basin/bucket? without the water leaking through the hole?

Author bighatstephens (2 years)
hi! if your bulkhead fitting start to leak you might want to look into
getting some uniseals. How has this filter worked out for you?

Author Ing Oscar Manuel De Luna Carpio (1 year)
que porquería

Author MultiFishcrazy (4 years)

Author kheroot (3 years)
I am going to build a koi pond and I think i'll use this design, I am going
to put a bridge over it and the bridge would cover this up just fine! The
only difference is I think I'll use a solar panel to run it. I subbed
because of this video, now I'll watch you're others, thanks for the post!

Author Jack Belton (2 years)
Can the garbage can be under ground but just high enough for the overflow
pipe to pour into the pond?

Author tOnyyz1 (3 years)
Hey thats pretty good :) but i reckon you should use wool as well and put
some carbon in there

Author Kapulfilms (3 years)
@betomty84 5000 lt per hour pump was used

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