Clean the lawn mower's carburetor, part 1

Is your lawn mower running rough, spit and sputter, and choking? It could be the carburetor. Learn how to check and clean the carburetor. For the complete video, go to

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Author Damien Wofford ( ago)
I have a craftsman push mower that is 18 years old and runs perfect but it
runs through oil riley fast. can you help me ?

Author Elizabeth Helton ( ago)
Great video my mower will only run when I push the primer

Author Vivian Muse (Aunt Tricia) ( ago)
Thank for video ready did need help

Author Kenz300 x (821 year ago)
Old bad gas causes problems. When storing gas or a vehicle it is important
to use it up yearly if you added Stabil or Seafoam to it when you filled
up. It is easier to run the vehicle or a tool out of fuel and put fresh in
yearly than deal with the problems that bad fuel causes. Most small engine
problems are due to gas going bad and not because of ethanol. Small engines
have ALWAYS had problems with stale fuel gumming up the carburetor when
left in for long periods of time.
When a small engine like a lawn mower, leaf blower, chain saw, is being put
up for the winter run it out of fuel before putting it away. In the spring
when filling your gas can for the first time add some Sta-Bil or Seafoam to
the gas to extend its life. Gas generally starts to go bad after 30 -60
days. By adding the fuel stabilizer it will extend its life. 

Author Galen Cloughly ( ago)
Great Video
I filled my mower with gas and it all poured out the air filter. Why?

Author MrGibby26 ( ago)
Great video buddy it really helped me out on fixing my lawn mower thanks
again for your help.

Author Kenneth White ( ago)
dear ESRepair, I am pretty sure my carburetor needs to be cleaned, I have
been troubleshooting my troy bilt mower all week.. after running over an
ant pile hidden by tall grass '-_- was successful in checking the drive
shaft to make sure its not bent, replaced the air filter, and the spark
plug, still wont start. (did all of this after replacing the pull start
rope after breaking it) any recommendations before i pull this carburetor

Author angrysquirrel11 ( ago)
Thanks Whizkid again for your help. Looks like I need to take the carb
apart myself and clean that needle valve thing with carb cleaner. I was
moving the choke in and out with a string and it seemed to cut a bit longer
before it stalled. Guess I just need to take this apart and clean it. :O

Author ESRepair ( ago)
Angrysquirrel11, Anytime there's gas leaking out the air filter that means
the needle valve is stuck open from trash or what ever .Never turn up the
governor if you don't know how as you can blow up an engine fast . Turning
the rpms up has nothing to do with it leaking the gas . Whizkid

Author ESRepair ( ago)
Digital Conceptions, Thanks, and your welcome . Whizkid

Author DigitalConceptions ( ago)
thanks for this video 

Author angrysquirrel11 ( ago)
Thanks for your help! The carb was leaking gas out the air filter yesterday
and it wouldn't restart. But I took the filter off last night and sat the
mower outside. Luckily this morning I was able to start it again. I think
that I need to turn the rpms up on it but I don't know how to do it. Grr.

Author ESRepair ( ago)
Angrysquirrel11, Yes, I'd say that you can clean the carb with compressed
air can and a paperclip. I've never done it that way . The only thing is
that the paper clip might be to big for some of the holes and the
compressed air can may not have enough pressure to blow out the holes as
well as a real air compressor. But, it's worth a try . Whizkid

Author angrysquirrel11 ( ago)
Can I use a paperclip to stick through the holes? Also, can I get a can of
compressed air to blow out the holes if I don't have an air compressor?

Author ESRepair ( ago)
rickie, Your welcome . Whizkid

Author rickie slider ( ago)

Author ESRepair ( ago)
Matt , Thanks. Whizkid

Author ESRepair ( ago)
John , It's just you because I would never put shit in my mouth . Whizkid

Author Matt Adam ( ago)

Author John Smith ( ago)
Does this guy have a mouth full of shit or is it just me?? 

Author AfternoonPlay ( ago)
Gosh, I must be getting old. . . East coast of Ireland. lol.

Author AfternoonPlay ( ago)
Well Whizkid. Looks like your investagative skills are slippin' . . lol. I
am in the Mountains of Mourne on the west coast of Ireland. Thanks for the
info on the carb, I forgot to winterize my five year old honda mower /
mulcher last year and the crankcase was full of gas! The darn thing was
surging last fall and I took the lazy approach of spraying carb cleaner
through the air intake while she was spluttering. Anyway she's up and
running now, flushed the oil twice, once cold then hot. Greg.

Author ESRepair ( ago)
AfternoonPlay, Thank you for the compliment. We are doing fine around here
, how are you . We are glad that our videos are appreciated here , but
where exactly is here ???? Thaks, Whizkid

Author AfternoonPlay ( ago)
Hey Whizkid. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to make and upload
these videos. They are much appreciated here. Hope you boys are well.
Regards, Greg. 

Author ESRepair ( ago)
cecewebster , Thank you for the comment . Whizkid

Author billybonewhacker ( ago)
grt vid man.i find a half a cwp full of lucas fuel treatment every month or
so really keeps that stuff clean and lubed

Author ESRepair ( ago)
666mrjimbo, Just goes to prove that I'm a bigger man with a bigger nutsack
than you have . I do what I WANT TO DO WITH MY WASHER AND DRYER . Thankyou,

Author ESRepair ( ago)
666mrjimbo, Again your so right . so right that you blind me with your
brilliance . Whizkid 

Author ESRepair ( ago)
666mrjimbo, Thank you for your lovely comment . I appreciate you taking the
time to send it . Please keep the great comments comming !!! Whizkid

Author 666mrjimbo ( ago)

Author 666mrjimbo ( ago)

Author 666mrjimbo ( ago)

Author ESRepair ( ago)
Your right , but that wouldn't be the redneck way. Whizkid

Author ESRepair ( ago)
Theres always work involved in fixing something . If the mower is in good
shape and well taken care of and the price is reasonable , then it might be
worth buying . Also depends on the type of carb , motor and whatevers wrong
with the carb . ,also depends on your mechanical skills . Whizkid

Author kdfinc1969 ( ago)
im thinking about getting a yard machine 20hp mower that i was told needs
carb work. do you think it will be work getting to fix? i was told it had
been serviced but that its been sitting this season. thank you

Author crazeyspivey ( ago)
Good info. However, that carb cleaner crap is very toxic, and gets sucked
right thru your skin, and one morning you may wake up looking like some
type of reptillian lizzard. So, I always use some gloves, along with the
glasses. And tell Fidel Castro to put out the siggar before he tries this.

Author ESRepair ( ago)
rogerthat1992, Your welcome . Glad that we were able to help you after all
that was our main thoughts when we started making these videos. Most people
think that they can't fix their own stuff so they take it to a high priced
repair shop when in reality they can fix it theirselves with a little help
and good instructions . Thanks for watching. Whizkid

Author rogerthat1992 ( ago)
I cleaned it like you showed me on the video. Started up again on the first
pull! Thanks for the video helped out a lot! Followed the exact same steps
as the video and it came out fine. Thanks Man!!!!!!!!

Author ESRepair ( ago)
rogerthat1992, If it is really new take it back to the store , if you can't
then it is probably anair leak or a diaghram problem . Don't know what kind
of mower you have so sent me a model number and a brand name of motor and
I'll look it up for you . Thanks, Whizkid

Author rogerthat1992 ( ago)
I have a new lawn mower but for some reason it won't prime therefore it
won't start! Do you have any suggestions?

Author ESRepair ( ago)
Thank you vlawns, Wish we could have helped you earlier ,but rebuilds
aren't bad to do , depending on your carb that is .. Whizkid

Author ESRepair ( ago)
MrMikeds, What kind of mower or engine is it ? How do you prime it ?
Pouring gas in the carb, or by a push bubble primer on the carb ? Try
choking it or adjusting the choke, that is if you installed the rebuild kit
correctly , if not ,then that is your problem, Thanks , Whizkid

Author mario ortiz ( ago)
Every time I start mower I have to prime it.I put a rebuild kit in it and
that did not help.What do you think is the problem?

Author Anddi ( ago) ended up being bad gas, the filter was all goo like and took
several times to clean it from the gas turning it like that...found out by
taking the filter off and starting it...when I did it ran fine. The mower
is new, used maybe 4 times then it sat for 2 mths during our drought and
heat with untreated gas...I've now learned to treat the gas so this never
happens again..hard getting all that goo out, not worth it, just by the gas

Author ESRepair ( ago)
It could also have a stopped up air filter . since the mower is new, it's
not likely ,but it couldhave happened . I've seen them look good and still
be stopped up . Try running it with the air filter out and see what it does
. Also ,the carb could need adjusting . If I can be of service again please
let me know and send me the model numbers off of the lawnmower and the
motor itself and I will look them up. Thank you , Whizkid 

Author ESRepair ( ago)
bad gas good again and see if it works . I've never used them so can't
recommend any .. There is one called Mechanic In A Bottle that's supposed
to clean your carb . just add it to a tank of gas . Or you can just run the
mower until it runs out of gas . That will take care of the bad gas but not
the stopped up carb . Or you can just take the line off ( depending on what
kind of mower that you have ) and let it drain the gas out . Make sure that
the motor is cold when you do this .

Author ESRepair ( ago)
anddihier, Sounds to me like trash could have been sucked into the carb.
and stopped it up so that it is running either rich ( more gas than air )
or lean ( more air than gas ) . In order to fix it you need to take the
carb off and clean it as I demostrated in another video . That carb. may be
different from your carb but the technique is the same mostly . Is it a
riding mower or a pushmower ? The gas could have gone bad setting . you can
buy a bottle of the stuff that's supposed to make 

Author Anddi ( ago)
If the gas did get bad from sitting what do I need to do to clean it I add soemthing to the gas now? ...HELP!!

Author Anddi ( ago)
Mine ran outta gas, put new gas in and now idles poorly with black smoke
coming out. It sat 2 mths since we've had a bad drought this summer...could
it be the gas got glue like from that or would bad gas make it smoke like
that? Not sure whats wrong, cleaned the filter it was spotless...I've only
used the mower like 4 times, bought new this spring so didnt think oil or
plugs could be bad already...please help ---single mom trying to get the
grass cut and need this mower to run...:)

Author ESRepair ( ago)
One idea is to clean your carb,but first try adjusting the carb. If that
dosen't fix it then you will need to remove the carb. and take it apart and
clean and rebuild it as I did in other videos . Different carb , but the
technique is the same . Whizkid

Author 5807141 ( ago)
i have a 1150series b+s engine on a john deere 3300 lb power washer ,it
will run in the choke position but when its put in the run position it
wants to stall out. I took off the air filter and it is clean,i started it
without it on and it runs somewhat better but still stalls out,any ideas
its only a few yrs old,,good video very instructional!!

Author Ian Asher ( ago)
@countyguy2003 clean out the screw that holds the float bowl to the rest of
the carb, I've cleaned three different carbs now and that was the screw
that was always the problem

Author countyguy2003 ( ago)
thanks ill try that i soaked it in vineager for a night but ill try that 

Author ESRepair ( ago)
If it won't pick up gas from the bowl then that means tat the carb is
stopped up in one of the jets probably one of the main jets or if it was a
type with a diaghram and gasket then I'd say change diagram and gasket ,
but you said that it had a bowl . Spray out all of the jets with carb .
cleaner and poke them out with a wire . If it's very bad then you may have
to buy a gallon of carb . cleaner and soak the carb cleaner in it . It may
take more than one cleaning to get it cleaned . Whizkid

Author countyguy2003 ( ago)
i cleaned a carb on a 5 horse briggs that quit running on me did everything
he did on the video the float moves up and down freely the gas is clean it
fills the bowl but it wont pick it from the bowl up to the motor ive had it
appart 5 times tryn to finde the problem with a new carb kit and it still
wont run its a waldoboro carb any ideas?

Author urmumsfavskater ( ago)
Speak up

Author ESRepair ( ago)
Any big flames, absofbeer2007? lol. -MrFixit

Author Bill G. ( ago)
Thanks, It's even caught on fire a couple times out the exhaust.. That's
always exciting..haha !

Author ESRepair ( ago)
When gas goes to pouring out of the breather or exhaust then that is a sure
sign that the needle valve is stuck open and letting all of the gas from
the tank flow through and overfill the carb . Eventually it can also
overfill the crankcase . The whole carb may not need cleaning as it's only
a piece of trash under the needle valve ,but while you have it apart you
might as well go ahead and throughly clean it . but , yes it does mean that
the carb . needs cleaning . Thank you , Whizkid

Author ESRepair ( ago)
I would check the spark plug 2 ensure there is no carbon build-up and clean
it if necessary. Also check that the spark plug is firing and it has a
spark gap of 0.030 inch (0.76 mm). If it's not firing and the gap is
correct, the magneto needs 2 be checked and adjusted if necessary. If it
has been a while since the carb had been cleaned, I would also clean and
inspect it. It is possible the valve-float needle is sticking. Whizkid can
tell you other issues that may be causing the problem. -MrFixit

Author Bill G. (1172 years ago)
My problem is when I try to start my mower it cranks over and all, but then
gas pours from the exhaust pipe. It's a 12.5 HP B&S (28v707-1170-E1) and
the carb looks I think identical to the one in your video. Will cleaning
solve this problem?

Author ESRepair ( ago)
There are a couple of things that can make it do that . Overfilled with oil
, bad or stuck rings , bad valves ,crank case breather cover bad ,air
filter stopped up. You will just have to try and eliminate these problems
one at a time . Whizkid

Author Tacy Lee Barney ( ago)
I started my lawnmower and it immediately started blowing motor oil out of
what looks like a breather tube until that time I was doing all the basic
repairs and it operated just fine for years I need some suggestions on why
this is happening

Author cliffordelsom ( ago)
Great vid learnt a lot feel happy to tackle carb now thanks

Author ESRepair ( ago)
@MrMilitantviper not to my knowledge. Those products are oil based
lubricants and shouldn't be used in the carburetor. those can be used to
lubricate the linkages connecting to the carburetor. there are alternatives
like gumout but WhizKid should be on here later this morning after work.
He'll have a better solution for alternative cleaners.-MrFixit

Author Karl Hayes ( ago)
@ESRepair - Will a WD-40 or a Liquid Wrench work as a Carburetor cleaner

Author megaman5043 ( ago)
@ESRepair i just looked at the carb n finished the vid i think i know how
to clean it also i noticed there was a screw on the bottom of the bowl
thing ima redo this tomaro n spray the carb cleaner cross ur fingers that
it will work

Author ESRepair ( ago)
@megaman5043 If your carb. appears to have no adjusting screws then you
have what is called a preset or nonadjustable carb. . All that you can do
to it is clean and or rebuild if necessary . Follow my other videos to
clean or rebuild it . On some of these carbs . though while there is no
adjusting screws for high and low settings , there is a screw at the top of
the carb that adjust the idleing . It's located on top of carb. next to
where the flap where the governer rod hooks up. Whizkid

Author megaman5043 ( ago)
what if the carb i haz 4 the lawn mower seems to not hav any screws on it
at all?

Author c.shingler ( ago)
@ESRepair thanks for the tips but it turns out i make a custum exuast
muffler and there was to much back Pressure

Author ESRepair ( ago)
@pimprock23 Hi , sorry that it took so long to reply , but I've been
extremely busy. Read bottom post first. As I said make sure that carb is
clean and working properly. Check for carbon build up behind valves. If all
else fails , pull motor off machine and take oil pan off and make sure that
the crankshaft gear that works the cam gear isn't broke , stripped , or key
isn't sheared . If these problem exist then it will get valves out of time
and cause misfire . Thank you, Whizkid

Author ESRepair ( ago)
@pimprock23 Pull the top off of your lawnmower motor and get down to where
you can see the flywheel key . If it's sheared any it will cause the motor
to get out of timeing spark wise and this will cause the spark plug to fire
at the wrong time and cause this problem . Check to make sure that both
values are opening and closing right .Especially, if it's an OHV . Make
sure valve seats and guides are alright . If OHV make sure that valve
clearance are set right . Make sure that carb. is clean .

Author c.shingler ( ago)
hi i need help not cleaning it but exaust is blowing out the carb and
making lots of noise but i hear its to rich but i dont even think the
neddle workes and i even checked the valve timing and the spark. please
what can i do

Author ESRepair ( ago)
@andy42x You must have an older engine , since most newer engines today
don't have the bowl screw . The screw under the bowl is the fuel adjuster
for the main jet . The more that you open it up the more fuel goes in and
the shorter you adjust it the less fuel goes in . Gad t hear that you got
it going . Whizkid

Author Andrew G. ( ago)
@ESRepair Thanks for the reply! I was messing around with the screw
underneath the bowl, and I turned it a few times, and it seemed to fix the
problem. The mower ran without stalling. Strange.

Author ESRepair ( ago)
@andy42x Andy , If you have the carb. already off and apart it would be
wise to go ahead and clean the whole carb. The bowl needs to be cleaned ,
but it is just a bowl all of the main parts are in the carb. body . If the
bowl needs cl;eaning then chances are the whole carb. needs to be cleaned .
Better safe than sorry since you already have the carb. off to clean the
whole thing . It sounds like it needs the works if running only primmed.
Yes , it is a full carb . cleaning , Whizkid

Author Andrew G. ( ago)
this looks like a FULL carb cleaning... i saw another video where the carb
cleaning consisted of just cleaning the bowl. if i have a lawn mower that
only runs when constantly primed, i'm wondering if the bowl cleaning will
be enough. hmm...

Author ESRepair ( ago)
@tc5i Everyone starts from scratch then learn as they go. Carburaters are
different from one model to the next, so if you have any questions please
ask. We'll be glad to help. -MrFixit.

Author ESRepair ( ago)
@GlasGhost Just let me know when and where !!! Whizkid

Author GlasGhost ( ago)
I want this man to be my brain surgeon.

Author ESRepair ( ago)
@cessna151 LOL -MrFixit

Author ESRepair ( ago)
@cessna151 THANK YOU ,THANK YOU !!!!!!!

Author cessna151 ( ago)
he is as country as a turnip green.

Author callmebigpapa ( ago)
My new hero!

Author 7bikerboy7 ( ago)
You gotta stop getting sprayed in the face with that cleaner

Author brian venne ( ago)
Love the work bench !!... LMAO

Author ESRepair ( ago)
Thank you all for the wonderfull comments . :) Whizkid

Author Reg Northern ( ago)
nice job

Author juan G ( ago)

Author ESRepair ( ago)
@wanderer1031 LOL. good one.

Author ESRepair ( ago)
@UberPloxage No, this is a channel WhizKid and I do together. We been best
friends since '92. It was mainly his idea. I thought that it would be great
to try, although I was relunctant to proceed. Nonetheless, I think the
channel is doing better than anticipated. Been wanting to do more videos,
but with our schedules, it tends to make that difficult. WhizKid works with
small engines while I do computers and electronics. I learn his field of
interest and he learns my field of interest. MrFixit

Author Dustin Sfford ( ago)
@ESRepair Wait so thats not you?

Author wanderer1031 ( ago)
i just spray mine off with the water hose and give him some lemonade and
tortillas. never gives me any trouble at all.... 

Author ESRepair ( ago)
@UberPloxage WhizKid is more country than I. I don't know if he ever worked
on a washer, but he's good with small engines. I have repaired my washer
with a rebuilt transmission plus replaced the heating element in my dryer.

Author Dustin Sfford ( ago)
@killacash you know your country when you work on your washer

Author Mohammad sayeed ( ago)
you talk weird

Author killacash ( ago)
lol he has a heavy country accent

Author mrjost55 ( ago)
jesus christ, wtf is with his voice

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