Teochew opera concert - 陈楚惠 Tan Chor Hui

[ THIS IS STRICTLY FOR HER LEGIONS of DIE-HARD FANS ] Teochew opera diva Chen Chu Hui (Tan Chor Hui) performing a concert item on 25th April 2008; Kreta Ayer Peoples' Theatre, Singapore

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Author zhengyawei (3 years)
Saw her performance in K L 2 yrs ago. At 60+, she is unbelievable! Miss her
partner方巧玉and 张应炎though, wonder where they are now?

Author lim Chew (1 year)
the chinese date is 13 Oct, any help to know where the prayer is held?

Author sigmurusu (4 years)
Thank you very much for sharing. Love Sing Tiang Cai, love Tang Cho Hui
love Beng Ka Zhang xuan Hong

Author jolinang (5 years)
where to buy this video

Author Irene Yeo (6 years)
You are lucky not to watch her nowadays. She is well pass her "sell by
date"-still trying to do hero/xiaosheng (wrinkles and all) at her grand old
age. Just like all diva actors she does not know when to step aside or at
least do roles more relevant for her old grandma age.

Author estherlnlee (6 years)
i remember she is my grandmother favourite. When i see her sing, it really
reminds me of my great grandmother. Grandma will always be in my heart.

Author quekkhenglong (3 years)
may i know how to download this clip

Author klss (6 years)
Thanks for sharing。^_^ 2008-04-27 Views :47

Author lim Chew (1 year)
Ms Tan Chor Hui 1st year death is on 13 Oct my die hard fan aunty which to
fly over to Hong Kong to pay respect to her any one know where is the

Author canadianfan01 (6 years)
tks for sharing this esp for someone who left sing 17 yrs ago for vancouver
and still can see her latest performance pls keep up the good work any
chance she will be in yvr?

Author Gek Huay (6 years)
I was Tan's great fan since I was 4-5 years old. That was 40 years ago. I
still can sing most of the songs that sung by her. Haven't seen any of her
shows for many years...

Author toktokchiang (4 years)
Thanks for sharing! She is simply amazing and wonderful! I had the
opportunity to meet her over lunch once and she is really nice!

Author erodoeht (6 years)
glad there are teochew die-hards around.keep it up!!!

Author eswz (5 years)
Your opinion is truly a fact! But the fact that her later performance is
not as good as her 'young' days is actually she does not have enough good
supporting actors/actresses as her counterparts of those days, as well as
the wonderful 'orchestra' support when she was with Xin Tian Cai (Sing
Tiang Cai), beside her look has lost the youth a Xiaosheng must have!
Vocally she still sound ok, but for us, she is no more our Chen CHu Hui
(Tang Cho Hui) of the OLD DAYS, sigh! Just my own opinion!

Author brad (2 years)
Any news of 陈楚惠 lately?

Author j j (1 year)
So sad that she passed away on 23 oct. Rest in peace.

Author anne lek (1 year)
Tan Chor Hui still the BEST .

Author woowoototo (3 years)
Thanks for sharing!! 陈楚蕙 is the best of best, in my heart anyway.

Author tql1987 (6 years)
Tan Chor Hwee ROCKS!!!! LOVE HER!!!

Author nchtube (6 years)
Very wonderful ! ! !

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