Red Hot Chili Peppers - Goodbye Angels [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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  • Watch the brand new music video for “Goodbye Angels” now!

    Directed by Thoranna Sigurdardottir aka TOTA
    Starring Klara Kristin

    The Getaway - featuring "Goodbye Angels," "Dark Necessities" & "Go Robot" - is available everywhere:
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  • Runtime: 4:30
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  • danlva
    danlva 1 hour ago

    Josh is killing it.

    • danlva
      danlva 1 hour ago

      Forget that. This band is killing it together.Great Song.

  • Roland Menchaca
    Roland Menchaca 2 hours ago

    Welcome to HollowWorld CA

  • Joints429
    Joints429 6 hours ago

    Filmed in Atlanta!!

  • Ryan V
    Ryan V 6 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure this was at the Q and I WAS THERE!!!!

    • Ryan V
      Ryan V 6 hours ago

      it probably wasn't though...

  • Minghao Li
    Minghao Li 8 hours ago

    I went to their concert at Pittsburgh. It is AMAZING.

  • igoldin74
    igoldin74 10 hours ago

    Like who agreed this song's missing JF solo

  • # Ethernauta
    # Ethernauta 11 hours ago

    Todas las tías de los vídeos de los RHCP está muy muy buenas...pero no nos engañan, en estados unidos hay una epidemia de obesidad mórbida...y todas estas chicas huyen del mundo de la Hamburguesa apestosa con mierda dentro...

  • ignacio gonzalez
    ignacio gonzalez 12 hours ago

    i love this albummmm

  • Zaner 3183
    Zaner 3183 14 hours ago

    come to Serbia, you can get drunk on the street. :D

  • Lars Hogue
    Lars Hogue 15 hours ago

    THE chili's! woooooo!

  • Redshift Official
    Redshift Official 18 hours ago

    hey guys were a young rock n roll band and were looking four news suscribers in our channel hope ours videos will please you.
    Leave a like to help us and thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Studio Aterrorizante
    Studio Aterrorizante 19 hours ago


  • vdbproductionsuk
    vdbproductionsuk 22 hours ago

    Bass at the end is amazing

  • amberackley
    amberackley 1 day ago

    It's just so good

  • Jamie Crowe
    Jamie Crowe 1 day ago

    3:34 - Best bass solo ever! Not surprising since it's Flea. :)

  • Paddy Bro
    Paddy Bro 1 day ago

    Such a deep song

  • Erica Vazquez
    Erica Vazquez 1 day ago

    I was at this concert. RHCP were amazing. Great show in the ATL.

  • lily rose
    lily rose 1 day ago

    wtf girl

  • Mello Keehl
    Mello Keehl 1 day ago

    And thats why we must respect Flea's Bass - 3:33

  • Zane Smart
    Zane Smart 1 day ago

    Holy shit, I've been waiting for this since the getaway released

  • Beetle Dean
    Beetle Dean 1 day ago

    Josh K a GOD

  • Myles - EpiCreeper

    The videos ok but I think it's strange how they don't really have any of the band in it that much apart from when they are performing but any one could have just edited it in

  • Valentina Rivera
    Valentina Rivera 1 day ago

    hola, colaborame con un like en esta publicación porfa

    Gracias 😊

  • _zuziax _
    _zuziax _ 1 day ago

    this is awesome!

  • Dona Basurita
    Dona Basurita 1 day ago

    amazing :0

  • Cheo Surf
    Cheo Surf 1 day ago

    Rhcp its turning in the new rolling stones. And i mean the granpa faces

  • Javi Ruiz
    Javi Ruiz 1 day ago

    it seems the live in Barcelona at 2016. Is it?

  • Javi Ruiz
    Javi Ruiz 1 day ago

    it seems the live in Barcelona at 2016. Is it?

  • Agus Juarez
    Agus Juarez 1 day ago

    vuelvan a los temas de antes

  • Zack Ch'
    Zack Ch' 1 day ago

    bass king !

  • tube96000
    tube96000 1 day ago

    That distinctive bass... awesome <3

  • Diones Junio
    Diones Junio 1 day ago

    Always !!!!!

  • Tutors Gamesbr
    Tutors Gamesbr 1 day ago

    "Deng Dang Donn Dong Deeeng Dang Donn Dong Ding Dang"

  • Lazy _ Samurai
    Lazy _ Samurai 1 day ago

    great song :)

  • michael susanto
    michael susanto 1 day ago

    wheres flea?

  • Zander Aj
    Zander Aj 2 days ago

    Is that Will Ferrell on the drums??

  • Tom Carbon
    Tom Carbon 2 days ago

    it's good

  • shebby kitties
    shebby kitties 2 days ago

    Wtf why this great album didn't win on Billboard? I know it, they don't know about what true music is.

  • Sam Coulston
    Sam Coulston 2 days ago

    bununuh BUNUNUH bununuh BUNUNUH bununuh BUNUNUH bununuh BUNUNUH NEHNEHNEH

  • Mathieu
    Mathieu 2 days ago

    Love red hot, but I hate that the guys behind them are over-trying to reach youth with this kind of clip.

  • Jurián
    Jurián 2 days ago

    Sigue faltando algo en al guitarra. Josh necesita esforzarse mas. Josh need composing best

  • Ayose Cabrera Pulgar

    RHCP ;) Always 10 (Y) and make my song up :D Although I liked it before (That's my name - Ayo) hahaha

  • Tj Games
    Tj Games 2 days ago

    ayo ayo ayo

  • Mikhael Molina
    Mikhael Molina 2 days ago


  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright 2 days ago

    Girls kissing? With the power invested within me as a YouTube hero, I declare this video demonetised!

  • Bolo
    Bolo 2 days ago

    See u in Poland!

  • Rui Costa
    Rui Costa 2 days ago

    uma das melhores bandas de sempre

  • paula oliveira
    paula oliveira 2 days ago

    I really love this band

  • mavis blacke
    mavis blacke 2 days ago

    3:32 thank me later

  • Louis DALLARD
    Louis DALLARD 2 days ago

    tout pourris ce clip deçut d'eux

  • Ashley Dragonlake
    Ashley Dragonlake 2 days ago

    Hungary!! ♡

  • Trung Nguyễn Văn

    best ayo ayo

  • Matt Unanue
    Matt Unanue 2 days ago

    this is the worst vidio i have ever seen

  • Tay Hogan
    Tay Hogan 2 days ago

    WTf, some of those crowd shots! How could you be at an actual real Red Hot Fucking Chili Peppers show and just STAND there?!

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi 2 days ago

    unconventional guitar...

  • Valerio Pallamolla
    Valerio Pallamolla 2 days ago

    Flea's part is awesome!!!

  • Matthias Formica
    Matthias Formica 2 days ago

    The Best

  • Giovanni Bettega
    Giovanni Bettega 2 days ago

    only 2 milions views 😑

  • Nemanja Uzar
    Nemanja Uzar 2 days ago

    first like, then listen :D

  • Roxtreyn
    Roxtreyn 2 days ago

    blo, ohuenno

  • miky tony
    miky tony 2 days ago


  • Margherita Reho
    Margherita Reho 2 days ago


  • Ada Boo
    Ada Boo 3 days ago

    way to good to end like that! I want more ❤

  • Santiago Olaya
    Santiago Olaya 3 days ago

    Great song.

  • Anarki Dota
    Anarki Dota 3 days ago

    Rip Cornell.

  • esteban ceballos
    esteban ceballos 3 days ago

    Say goodbye, my love
    I can see it in your soul

  • sos turdsasafras
    sos turdsasafras 3 days ago

    guess who I don't feel like leave me? red hot chilli peppers alright

    • sos turdsasafras
      sos turdsasafras 3 days ago

      I get it no one wants you and are being used haha well that;s what I get from it

  • zarni bathaw
    zarni bathaw 3 days ago

    ay yo ay yo ay yo ay yo

  • Marc-Olivier Léveillé

    HeYo !

  • Jim Short
    Jim Short 3 days ago

    another masterpiece.are they possibly the best rock band of all time.? ruined me for most everything else.

  • ben garcia
    ben garcia 3 days ago

    if you could hear drugs, they would sound like that outro

  • Vegan Sabbath
    Vegan Sabbath 3 days ago

    Who is the actress?I think I saw her in a low budget film. She is unique and beautiful.

  • Histieroo
    Histieroo 3 days ago

    The beginning of the song sounds like "Circles" by The Eden Project

  • Liana Maliarchuk
    Liana Maliarchuk 3 days ago

    Really nice video. I even cried when watched it. It is cool.

  • Pedro Marcelino
    Pedro Marcelino 3 days ago

    Suicide a month before I met you
    Deep regrets, I never could forget you
    Somehow you made your way to my decade
    Ayo ayo ayo ayo my girl

    In the sun, I see you with your guard down
    Number one, you're moving to a hard town
    Do not dismiss the promise that you made me
    Ayo ayo ayo ayo, my time

    Overkill you took another red pill
    On the sheet is everything that you spilled
    We are the ones you want to know right now
    Ayo ayo ayo ayo, black light

    Come again to murder your report card
    Just a friend to kiss you in the court yard
    You are the one I want to be stuck with
    Ayo ayo ayo ayo big fight

    Favor Some
    Way too young
    Slave to none
    Way too young

    Say goodbye my love
    I can see it in your soul
    Say goodbye my love
    Thought that I could make you whole
    Let your lover sail
    Death was made to fail

    Sticky fingers find the way to take her
    Crumple up another piece of paper
    I know your days are numbered when it comes to
    Ayo ayo ayo ayo this life

    Slip away into the solar system
    Straighter rays, you find a way to twist them
    Some like it dark and now I know where to
    Ayo ayo ayo ayo find you

    Serpentine, I think she was an Aussie
    Bloody hell, a common kamikaze
    Give up the ghost before you go under
    Ayo ayo aye ayo wonder

    Kicking hard and looking for a rescue
    Watch me starve was never to impress you
    I would have killed the part of me to have you
    Ayo ayo ayo ayo story

    Say goodbye my love
    I can see it in your soul
    Say goodbye my love
    Thought that I could make you whole
    Let your lover sail
    Death was made to fail

    Babe I know love is a funny thing
    Born to die in the eternal spring

    Your flickering is more than just a small flame
    Welcome to the party, it's a ball game
    Pick up the stick it's time to get hit with
    Ayo ayo ayo ayo my bat

    Suicide is never going to save you
    When I cried, it was because I came too
    You are the one I want to know right now
    Ayo ayo ayo ayo kiss this

  • Picadilly Circus
    Picadilly Circus 3 days ago

    my favo ayo ayo ayo ayo rite track

  • Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson 3 days ago

    this song is the song of leeds fest , goose bumps everytime i play it

  • Mathew Guerra
    Mathew Guerra 3 days ago


  • mina mouse
    mina mouse 3 days ago

    still good music but almost most video they make now make them look like man cougars, it looks gross.

  • gerardo blas cruzado

    fuck yeahhh¡¡¡¡ red hots are back¡¡¡ i love this music <3

  • Denis Soulaniakou
    Denis Soulaniakou 3 days ago

    The model name?

  • raiduk
    raiduk 3 days ago

    Could all the great bands from my adolescence (muse, green day, rhcp) just stop making music ? This is embarrassing.

  • joshua patrick
    joshua patrick 3 days ago

    josh is so under rated man

  • jorge vasquez
    jorge vasquez 3 days ago

    I think Josh is fucking amazing. John will always be an OG but it is what it is. Gotta accept change and im lovin this one change

  • Drona Nagarajan
    Drona Nagarajan 4 days ago

    the outro! <3

  • Julius
    Julius 4 days ago

    I remember being a kid the first time I listened to RHCP. It was at night while in the car with my Dad, and he pops in Stadium Arcadium (which just came out at that time). It was so calming and I fell asleep so fast, It was really soothing to listen to. 11 years later and here I am at 11:30 at night listening to as many RHCP songs as I can, thinking of the first time I listened to them. RHCP has made my life so much better, filled with music, and is still my favorite band from the first time I listened to them. I have a lot of memories of listening to RHCP, cheered me up when I was depressed some nights...

    If you read all of this, I hope you reply because I want to know how much you love RHCP, and for you to understand that this band isn't just music, it's emotional and holds memories to me, and maybe other people.

  • DG4827
    DG4827 4 days ago


  • Christian Kivari
    Christian Kivari 4 days ago

    Did they make this in buffalo the stadium looks very similar to the key bank center

  • Pablo Garzón
    Pablo Garzón 4 days ago


  • TheGreatUtopiaCat
    TheGreatUtopiaCat 4 days ago

    Sick love and this are pretty decent, sick love being considerably better IMO easily the best song on the new album, but overall I am not impressed. I liked im with you better, and i liked stadium better than im with you.

  • Gisele Torres
    Gisele Torres 4 days ago

    que hino

  • Arnaud André
    Arnaud André 4 days ago

    the bass at end 👌

  • Alejandro Urquieta
    Alejandro Urquieta 4 days ago

    Flashback lights RHCP staples center. My first concert! "Memories"

  • Diogo .Palma
    Diogo .Palma 4 days ago

    I arrived late like I told I would haha hope we meet up some day. #nephewhugs

  • Martin Sisovsky
    Martin Sisovsky 4 days ago

    California gril

  • Max Vallecillos
    Max Vallecillos 4 days ago

    ayo, ayo, ayo..goodbye my love....

  • Kacper Rojek
    Kacper Rojek 4 days ago

    The song is beautiful... but the guitar sucks balls

  • red6625
    red6625 4 days ago

    bine Flea!!!

  • Camilo Rodriguez
    Camilo Rodriguez 4 days ago

    this could be easily in the 13 reasons why OST, fit quite perfect, so sad.

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