Above All Else (City Harvest Church)

Above All Else
City Harvest Church
Featured in their new album Light Of The City

No eye has seen, no ear has heard
Unfailing love, far beyond words

Beauty unfolds, joy overflows
Your grace begins, this treasure within

The cross I see, Your blood redeems
My imperfection
Your hands divine, come shape this heart
Of mine

Here I stand, thirsting for You
Here I am, surrender to You
Let my life be Your clay
Mold me in Your way

Here I stand, desperate for You
Here I am, a vessel for You
Let my life sing Your praise
Bring honor to Your name

Above all else, above all else
We exalt You, we exalt You

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Author Bryan Allam (775 years ago)
God bless your minitry...

Author Dean Jackson ( ago)
How much time do you spend on your knees praying for the church leaders
that God's will be done and that they are not lead into temptation and that
God delivers them from evil? Do you sin by gossip??? When you repent and
tell me how much time you spend on your knees, then I might listen..... My
God bless and protect CHC leaders and members.

Author Dan Pammenter ( ago)
these comment make me laugh .. why .. because when the song only uplifts
Jesus only the opposition (satin) will protest... this song is anointed
speaks life to my spirit if not your then who ?! speaks to your spirit ..
think about it!!! Hey God Loves us all open your hearts to HIM :)

Author Dan Pammenter ( ago)
like medicine HE prescribed! 

Author Resolved White ( ago)
Thanks Singapore City Harvest Church for sharing your church and singing
with the world. I often listen to your sing and it means a great deal to
me. Thanks from America.

Author theonlyone1039 ( ago)
What a blessed church.

Author Fiona Tan ( ago)
Haha no. You can come for one service and randomly try to ask some people
if they are getting richer or poorer. The church is getting richer because
the people are getting richer...

Author lmwandrew ( ago)
The church is becoming richer while you're becoming poorer.

Author Fiona Tan ( ago)
1) Cruzzer7357 was just saying an example of how we can spend and indulge
ourselves. He did not say you watch football. 2) Don't donate la...we did
not put a knife on your neck, did we? We want to donate because we believe
it benefits the church in its missions and maintenance. Since it's our
money, we did not complain... why you complain? 3) CHC has 10,000 < pple.
Have you gotten to know each and everyone of them? If no, don't generalize.
common sense.

Author arenararvey ( ago)
where can i find the chords of this song? ,,

Author lmwandrew ( ago)
@SpitfireOverThames LOL!!! I don't watch football. I'm sorry but I rather
not donate as it's my money. Donating money doesn't do anything. If you ask
me, CHC is filled with people with really fake accents who try to convince
you to do stuff. Screw this shit.

Author pathfinder ( ago)
Amen to the last statement. God knows all men's hearts. He will not bless
anyone with evil intentions . Pastor Kong and the church he resides over is
blest only because of what they do in the name of Jesus. Always to glorify
Him and lift the name of Jesus Above All Else and offer their love and
devotion to spreading of the Good News of Jesus. Our risen King over All.
Keep lifting the Name of Jesus C.H.C. My prayers are with and for you all. 

Author The Encounter Channel through Holy Spirit-led Worship ( ago)
@lmwandrew I'll not defend any ministry or church wherein the leadership
owns private jets and lives luxurious lifestyles. However, it does take
money to operate such a centre of ministry. You can bet what you see in the
video is only a small part of what that church does in its location. Most
of us don't even hesitate to give cash to see a football game or theatre
presentation. Maybe if you looked at it from another standpoint: God may
have blessed this church! ~Sean

Author lmwandrew ( ago)
@cruzzer7357 Haha what i dislike is the fact that city harvest church is a
place that tries to find ways to get your money. Haha donation by cheque,
credit card? That's a joke.

Author pathfinder ( ago)
@Imwandrew There is plenty of other places on the internet for people like
you . If you do not like true worship to the God that gives you breath
every second ,then you do not have to view this beautiful worship song or
any of the others. It is people like you that bring so much hate into the
world. Jesus love you just the same and wants to set you free. If you
cannot accept what He has done for you , let His true worshipers worship
Him. Choose love & stop hating other people. Find a new link !

Author lmwandrew ( ago)
this sucks

Author lmwandrew ( ago)
People who choose to delete comments posted here are essentially people who
are in denial.

Author pathfinder ( ago)
@peterhayao. Yes Praise the Lord and I stand in total agreement . In Jesus
Name . God's will , it shall be done on earth as it is in heaven. May God
bless C.H.C. and all the rest that preach the true gospel of Jesus. Always
~~Above All Else .Lift the name of Jesus to the glory of God the Father~~

Author lmwandrew ( ago)
Emotionally unstable people who put their hands up in the air thinking
god's gonna touch them. Gosh get a life. FUCK city harvest

Author 97432561 ( ago)

Author pathfinder ( ago)
@ Dan4USCTroy You have only to ask and Jesus is there . The path is narrow
but Jesus says My yoke is easy n My burden is light. He will never let more
come on you than you can handle . As you turn to Jesus ,He will never leave
you or forsake you. Jesus would have you to prosper n be in good health.
Praise Him , Love Him n His presence will come . He is THE only One that
can heal a broken heart . Jesus loves you ,just as all your brothers n
sisters that trust in His Mighty Power n unfailing Love

Author Rick Shaw ( ago)
@choochangz I am REALLY a goer, =_=. Karma comes to people like you,
specifically you. First who even gives a shit about what goes where? and
you call that congregations?? i hope people give you credit for that. and
Lastly Im sure to screw your mom.

Author Chang-Z Choo ( ago)
@dramuse29 LOLOL. are u a city harvest goer? Why am I not surprised... btw
do you even know the meaning of Karma? you are using the word wrongly. You
must be a lowly educated loser who finds comfort in attending congregations
that consist of people just like yourself. and lastly, go screw yourself.

Author Rick Shaw ( ago)
@ewuv07 singer?

Author Rick Shaw ( ago)
@praisecheezels why? she hot ah?

Author Rick Shaw ( ago)
@choochangz u god ah? talk so big Karma simi karma? you believe in Karma?
your mother karma la, your mother father grandma ahkong all karma dogs

Author Rick Shaw ( ago)
@97432561 tell Kong Hee that la, dare to type behind only! Go up to him and
tell him that in front of his face!

Author Rick Shaw ( ago)
@jai7231032 you dont keyboard warrior la, dare go up to him and say all
these la. HUMJI like dog

Author Rick Shaw ( ago)
@MrChowahbeng where do you think you're going when you're dead if there's
no heaven? afterlife? where on earth is that?

Author Nicholas Loke ( ago)
Catholic, Christians, Buddhism, hinduism, etc.. No God or God... whatever
it is.. we are all human right? As long as we do good the way we believe or
know then won't everyone just live in peace? All the negative comments,
what is the point? When there is good, there always be bad, it is life and
the way it is. I am sure that you guys did help others and so does everyone
else. My friends and family come from different believes and we don't
comment to each other like here. CHILL GUYS JUST DO GOOD.

Author Nicholas Loke ( ago)
LOOK AT THAT STAGE. AMAZING. Almost like a concert... oh wait.. it is one..

Author 97432561 ( ago)
these girls open legs to let kong hee stick his juicy sausage in. FUCK CITY

Author pathfinder ( ago)
Keep up the great work that all of you at C.H.C. are doing for the Kingdom
of God. As you continue to Praise Jesus and exalt Him the church of Jesus
Christ will continue to grow. As you are faithful to reach out to the
people in need in poverty stricken and disaster areas such as Japan .Our
God will protect and bless your church n any other church that is faithful
to Jesus n His gospel. Jesus will continue to build His church n the gates
of hell will not prevail against it. Love God n Praise Him

Author pathfinder ( ago)
@fiestafina Amen brother, Jesus will build His Church and the gates of hell
will not stand against it. Above All Else we just keep to exalt Him .He has
overcome all evil and given victory to all that trust and follow Him. We
just need to pray for the lost souls in this world and not pay attention to
their negative commits for they will fall by the wayside. Persecution is
just a part of being a True Christian ,Jesus said we would be persecuted
for His Name sake. Is just more proof He is Real!! 

Author 97432561 ( ago)
money = god. understood? misguided religious fools

Author chow Ah Beng ( ago)
very enchanted believers..the last time i saw this was in a MLM seminar by
James Phang who is in jailed now for taking $millions of dollars from
fellows believers of his business plan and dream - in Church. - No

Author chow Ah Beng ( ago)
very enchanted believers..the last time i saw this was in a MLM seminar by
James Phang who is in jailed now for talking $millions of dollars from
fellows believers of his business plan and dream - in Church. - No

Author chow Ah Beng ( ago)
@fiestafiona You claim we have weaker minds for believing God to be able to
talk to us. I was once a non-believer, an atheist like you. But you have
not EXPERIENCED what we experienced of God. And you deny that God is not
real when you have not experienced Him? Are you then not having a closed
mind? Like the fox who could not reach the grapes and said the grapes are
sour. You have not answered my questions in earlier comments

Author chow Ah Beng ( ago)
@fiestafiona lets talk about X''tians here : u wrote to me: Anyway define
religion. Religion is belief. In every human civilization, there is a
foundation of belief. No civilization can exist without a belief, or hope.
You don't believe in God. But you believe in Money. Are you not a slave to
money then? Your religion is money. 

Author chow Ah Beng ( ago)
@fiestafiona Either your christian mind is so twisted into believing JESUS
or maybe..the Human Mind like u guys are so weak that you guys believe in
Heaven after dead ?? and believe Jesus "talk " to you ??? Fake human faces
in church, even the pastor. This world do not need religion - Fake. 

Author Fiona Tan ( ago)
@MrChowahbeng Do you think that a person enters church, and leaves the
church totally transformed? Of course not. Every person who attends a
church is a christian? Of course not. Even in the bible, Jesus was
disgusted with the self-righteous people and yet like what you say never
reflected the goodness of God - the pharisees. 

Author Fiona Tan ( ago)
@MrChowahbeng We give the money is unto God, to show that we trust God in
our finances, to show we love God. To give the money in a particular house
of God, Church, is simply we know that this is where we can grow, this is
the church we know that will use the money to the fullest we've given for
good works. Why churches look nice, is first to accommodate the growing
church and next to reflect the glory of God. 

Author Fiona Tan ( ago)
@MrChowahbeng You haven't answered my question. Have you yourself did any
charity before? How much have you contributed in helping poverty stricken
countries? Every year, 'like the government, like every organization' our
church would account us how much and where the money is used. Every
institution has reserves, everyone has savings. It's wise financial
planning. Unless you prefer our government to be in debt, every religious
institution to be in poverty? Do you not have savings too? 

Author chow Ah Beng ( ago)
Human shit show - Once out of the church and back to work on weekdays,
these people will spurt vulgarities, book chairs with tissue
papers,complaint about small things, horn their cars from Jurong to changi,
write in to newspaper to vent their anger, from hawker center to the
government, PAP, boss everything, scold their clients,and Majority HERE are
trying to Make Connection to make deals and sales in INSURANCE, PROPERTY,
MLM marketing, whatever shit,..becos here, MONEY Is MADE - 

Author chow Ah Beng ( ago)
@fiestafiona OH yah.very good at wayaying, very impressed with such toying
of human feeling and thoughts to make them believe in "something"....why do
need millions to build a nice looking churh?? And i bet you DO NOT KNOW how
much of all donations are being donated out ?? tell me how much? you guys
are like government who collect taxes and keep lots of reserve for raining
days???? WHEN is the REal Raining days??? i guess it never come..

Author Fiona Tan ( ago)
@jai7231032 Yup you are right. God has no name. In very ancient times, He
is just known as 'H' - a silent syllable. But as we know and understand God
more, we give him the names, thus exalting Him, the almighty one. After the
election, the results of the report will be revealed. Once CHC come out of
the investigation to be innocent, are you going to make an apology here for
slandering? or are you going to feel PAP is corrupted and that PAP was
covering CHC up? 

Author Fiona Tan (107 years ago)
@MrChowahbeng What do you use to judge? Do you yourself contribute and send
medical teams to the Tsunamis and earthquakes that are happening around us?
Do you build schools and develop capabilities in poverty stricken countries
like China and India so that they are equipped to improve their lifestyle?
Well, we have. We send help in teams to various countries every week,
giving them hope, food, education, shelter. Have you?

Author Angelin Chan ( ago)
All glory be to God!

Author passwordloger ( ago)
@jai7231032 hey even if this isnt a christian song, the rule still applies

Author chow Ah Beng ( ago)
Does GOD really even exists....NO..only MONEY !!! you guys need Money, in
your own selfish circle of life...there are so many poor around the world
and even in singapore and people singing and praying and chanting away in
sunday afternoon in airconditiong hall with songs and songs and
entertainment...GREED. You have done nothing to contribute to society. Tons
of Bullshit imaginery creature creating out of self-fish money spinner

Author pathfinder ( ago)
A Mighty God has many names~ Adonal --The Lord My Great Lord~ Elohim--The
All-Powerful One~~El Roi-- The God Who Sees Me~El Shaddai-- The All
Sufficient One, The God of the Mountains,God Almighty~Immanuel- God With Us
" I Am"~ Jehovah-YHWH-" I Am" The One Who is The Self-Existent One~Jehovah
Rapah-The Lord Who Heals~Jehovah-Rohi-The Lord Is My Shepherd~
Jehovah-Tsidkenu-The Lord Our Righteousness~ YHWA- 'I Am" The One Who is
The Self-Existent One.( A Big God has many names for who He Is!)

Author pathfinder ( ago)
@jai7231032 Afraid of WHAT. For God has not given me the spirit of fear ,
but of power and of love, and of a SOUND MIND!!!!. { 2 TIMOTHY CHAPTER 1
might, sharper than a 2 edged sword for the pulling down of strong holds.
My God is real and Alive and His Words are Spirit ! They are life to those
who find them and health to all their flesh (Proverbs 4 vs,20,21,22) SAME

Author 97432561 ( ago)
@cruzzer7357 jesus is good. but not city harvest crap church. u misguided
religious fool

Author pathfinder ( ago)
@jai7231032 Persecution from the world even builds my faith more ,Jesus say
2000 yrs ago you will be persecuted for My Name Sake So i expect it because
The King of Kings said it would be like that. He also say" I Am The Way The
Truth and The Light no man can enter the Kingdom of Heaven except through
Me' Jesus is the only way .You Can follow whoever you want u hv own free
will. God has many names , He is the Great I am ,Alpha n Omega , the list
is very long . google names of God c 4 your self 

Author pathfinder ( ago)
@jai7231032 You need to read more close what a person says i never talk
about Singapore what I said was that even in this country U.S.A. when some
people see men preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and being blessed by
The Living God creator of all things and the Only giver of life and every
breath you breath. They persecute and try to smear their name. Just as you
I serve a triune God, God the Father ,God the Son ,n God the Holy Spirit He
has many names God the Son Jesus name above all names 

Author pathfinder ( ago)
@jai7231032Wake up do not let your god lead you to eternal darkness. Today
can be the day of Salvation My God loves all men n you have a free will for
a reason Jesus wants you to chose because you want to trust Him .C.H.C.
reaches out to feed the hungry , missions of help to other countries n list
goes on Do you think all that can be done for free? Kong Hee and C.H.C
ministry reaches out to a lost ,sick dying world .How can u justify those
things that you say? I will answer {YOU CANNOT JUSTIFY}

Author pathfinder ( ago)
@jai7231032 Where is the honor? every time a true man of God is blessed
someone wants to smear his name. The same in this country people like you
bring strife n discord only comes from the dark side. Jesus offered Himself
for your sins Kong Hee preaches that same Salvation that Jesus offers to
all man.Our God is Love offering u eternal life Do u want ? its free to all
that call on the name of Jesus. Their is no other God that can save you
from destruction. Only ONE Can save your soul (Jesus )#1

Author pathfinder ( ago)
@jai7231032What you say makes no since No reason to fear Kong Hee A
minister if the gospel for Jesus Teaching God's love n grace cuz of that
faith in God Our God has blessed Kong Hee for lifting up and magnifying the
Name of Jesus.God built n blessed C.H.C. because of Kong Hee's obedience to
The God of this universe.Your God is not the same one that True Christians
worship. I looked at your channel n see that u do not follow Jesus . You hv
no honor for God Look how you spell His name (god)

Author pathfinder ( ago)
@jai7231032 I am wondering why do u even come to this site? If u are
looking for the true living God , then This is a good starting place. But i
see that your heart is that of stone. Your eyes blinded by the dark powers
on this earth. The good news is that Jesus can set u free from the hate u
have in your heart . I pray for your soul,am sure that every person in C.H
C. will do the same . Us Christians offer love not hate,u should try it
sometime Follow Jesus do his will and see blessing come2 u

Author pathfinder ( ago)
@milkzsheliaSister in Christ just let neg. commit go by ,Jesus said we
would be persecuted for His name sake. While on this earth we will
encounter evil men with hearts of stone. We are just told By our Lord n
Savior to forgive. Dear friend in Christ just bow your head and pray for
his soul. God's Word is sharper than a two edge sword. Jesus came to seek
and to save,we just pray any love one another. God will deal with that
person. Remember just pray, love n offer more love to Jesus every day-:)

Author 97432561 ( ago)
@mikzsheila i am just myself. oh yeah city harvest church is the new satan.

Author Mikz Sheila ( ago)
@97432561 who do u think u r? Praise the Lord ..^_^...

Author pathfinder ( ago)
@foxfiremozilla Yes -Amen I would wager all i have on that .Our Lord ,Our
Savior Praise Him .Lift Jesus name ABOVE ALL ELSE . He Loves ever human
that has breath .n Is right beside them that have not let Him in ,,waiting
n waiting with all His love for them to say -Lord forgive me .I need you
Jesus , come into my heart Save me Lord Jesus Then in that moment Responds
with Grace n Mercy and says " I am hear ,YOU ARE FREE TO JOIN ME ,Go -tell
others of My Love n saving Grace-:) All Praise 2 Him

Author foxfiremozilla ( ago)
@cruzzer7357 lol. i bet jesus loves the african children too. 

Author mapleguy900 ( ago)
@anramante did u get it yet ...if u didnt get it yet reply me ur email

Author anramante ( ago)
Can someone send me the lyrics with chords of this song...i love
it...Praise Jesus...Haleluya!

Author comsfan09 ( ago)
@Frankie1410 AMEN!

Author pathfinder ( ago)

Author defjam126 ( ago)
@cruzzer7357 hey jesus yo so fine yo so fine you blow my mind, hey jesus,
hey jesus

Author defjam126 ( ago)
1:26 says it all

Author pathfinder ( ago)
@97432561 even the comment you just madeJesus still loves you His arms are
still open to fill you with joy and take away the hate in your heart. Look
at the smiles on those people singing and lifting up the very Spirit that
has given you life and each of your breath come from God. Satan does not
smile ! He only want's to kill steal n destroy.To keep listening to the
lies satan is putting in YOUR MIND is not so good. But Jesus can set you
free n you will know real love and be alive tru God Grace

Author 97432561 ( ago)
satan's new friend. city harvest church. 

Author Chelsea Sim ( ago)
@crankie123456 Satan created it? Proof please -,- 

Author Will Brown ( ago)
My God...Thank you!!!

Author pathfinder ( ago)
Amazing ,God will surly send down the blessing to that placeC.H.C. NEVER
is made in the house of God,evil will try to step in .BUT CANNOT KEEP UP

Author thess514 ( ago)
ABOVE all ELSE... GOD! I really rhank God that now ASIANs are in the
row...displaying HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD! God bless you brethrens @ CHC

Author Raquel Kuah ( ago)

Author cxjiek ( ago)
@sonofthehill These days people need buildings and super cool light and
sound. I see it as a way to stay relevant. I've heard of an old church that
kinda died because it could not appeal to young people. At least the
building occupied and filled with people. Besides, it is not like they
didn't contribute to the poor, I am sure they are doing lots of community
work. Regards

Author Anselm Sim ( ago)
@Frankie1410 god hates you bitch stfu

Author Anselm Sim ( ago)
@Frankie1410 what the fuck???

Author Chang-Z Choo ( ago)
why is it people of god like to speak like they are out of breath? Anyway
Karma is coming for you Kong Hee....

Author drackegan ( ago)
Perfect example of a modern day cult

Author Jiajun Lim ( ago)
this worship leader should be earning quite a lot too :)

Author ewuv07 ( ago)
that girl is cute :)

Author emanmen1 ( ago)
Great worship. Don't let the negative comments discourage you. It is
because of the impact it is having in the spiritual realm. Keep up the good
work and remember, God is seeking for worshipers who will worship Him in
spirit and truth.

Author xxiadrian ( ago)

Author SoraCloud1 ( ago)
@AntiBlast Hey Hi-Five same here haha

Author Tay Avery ( ago)
@sonofthehill you can open a fun fair at there 

Author Daniel Thomas ( ago)
@Frankie1410 amen.! All glory to Jesus.!

Author moschino123 ( ago)
damn man.. for all the donations i want a super model not this bimbo

Author benjamin aroldo molina piña ( ago)
increible enserio no lo puedo creer todos los jovenes que adoran y exaltan
el nombre de nuestro Dios salu2

Author Eugene Wan ( ago)
What's the name of the mandarin version of this song ?

Author sonofthehill ( ago)
Been to this church once when i was on holiday n singapore and I wonder how
many millions of dollars they could have donated to the poor if they havent
build this extravagant 'church' 

Author 97432561 ( ago)
this people should die. really. a tsunami would be god greatest gift to

Author idris k ( ago)
What nonsense.. So simple ah nowadays. The god who created everything just
deserves a song?? Anyway for the sake of accuracy, Jesus is respected very
much in the religion Islam. So don't spread ridiculous comments like
Muslims do not believe in Jesus. Which book you have been reading? - Must
be the one that have changed a thousand times la... 

Author Tay Avery ( ago)
I form heart of god church xD

Author Francisco Overee ( ago)
@bugz0ph My dear friend... The fruits of the Holy Spirit is love, joy peace
and so on. You are attacking me with all this. I can reply to your
arguments, I choose not to because the Spirit of God is within me, the life
of Jesus is active in me, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is
FREEDOM, not bondage.

Author Francisco Overee ( ago)
@bugz0ph All that you said is true, but Jesus was also referring to the
Holy Communion. I really don't like to argue on this sort of thing. Jesus,
"This is my body... This is my blood..." He didn't say "This is a symbol of
my body... this is a symbol of my blood..." Let's keep it simple, If He
says it's His body, then it is His body! I will continue chewing on Jesus,
the living bread, ignorance of scriptures is ignorance of God! It's even
more blasphemous...

Author Francisco Overee ( ago)
@bugz0ph My dear brother/sister, YOU need to study that particular chapter
extensively, look at the Greek and the grammar there. Jesus says 'eats' a
few times, but do you know that the Greek word used there is changed from
'eating' (pagoh) to chewing (tragoh). You can interpret 'eating' as in
believing in Him spiritually, but you cannot interpret 'chewing' as
spiritual. Jesus gave us His body and blood to benefit from it, don't rob
yourself from it.

Author Francisco Overee ( ago)
@bugz0ph @bugz0ph Yes I do. We do not believe that the bread is Jesus but
that His 'real presence' is found in the bread. He is present under the
form of bread. Read John 6 for a better understanding. Its so beautiful to
be in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, you are connecting with God when
you are present with Him in His 'real presence.' We don't worship Mary not
do we worship Idols.

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