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    Movieclips Trailers 1 month ago

    Get ready to see Alien: Covenant in theaters, by watching everything that has come out so far:

  • Casper Reuterlöv
    Casper Reuterlöv 13 hours ago


  • Daryl Dixon
    Daryl Dixon 1 day ago

    Deception of the year

  • tuan agent
    tuan agent 2 days ago

    có ai nhìn thấy cái đầu nó giống Fide biến hình lần 2 trong Dragon Ball ko :))

  • Vipoff The Gamer
    Vipoff The Gamer 3 days ago

    It look like alien isoliation

  • Skullk2
    Skullk2 5 days ago

    since the first alien movie our special effects sure have come a long way...

  • Samurai gaming098
    Samurai gaming098 5 days ago

    who watch this movie in 2017 February Cinema?

  • Bianell Calderón
    Bianell Calderón 7 days ago


  • Invested Gnome46
    Invested Gnome46 9 days ago

    The alien looks so pissed

  • John Alefosio
    John Alefosio 9 days ago

    James Cameron should direct another Alien movie instead of another Avatar movie.

  • Thịnh Anh
    Thịnh Anh 9 days ago

    am dont like

  • RandomVideosOfThe Galaxy

    1:27 oohhhhh

  • Michael S
    Michael S 11 days ago

    it's not worth your time or money. not even all the clichéd redundancy can make it worthwhile.

  • Earl Kyat
    Earl Kyat 13 days ago

    I can't wait to see this... what about Jeepers Creepers 3 they playing with that movie

  • Jesus Joaquin Vargas Avalos

    para cuando aliens vs depredator 3??? :v

  • Hayrettin ÜNAL
    Hayrettin ÜNAL 13 days ago

    the Plant needs a thousand berserker predator

  • michael dell
    michael dell 14 days ago

    Once again humans prove too stupid to be out exploring space, except for one little girl & her surrogate mother, in the Alien Universe.

  • Chitara G
    Chitara G 14 days ago

    wow ese alien se ve mas cool :)

  • Chloe J
    Chloe J 15 days ago

    The trailer makes this movie much more interesting than what it actually was...

  • Pazzo Redento
    Pazzo Redento 15 days ago

    The first half of this movie is fascinating, especially the arrival in New Zealand's Milford Sound. From there Ridley Scott ploddingly rehashes - virtually just re-films - scenes from his original Alien movie. After a while I suspected I was being had. Scott is just taking the mickey at fans' expense! Disappointing!

  • FOXY time Valverde
    FOXY time Valverde 15 days ago


  • sentinental
    sentinental 17 days ago

    Stop stalking my TV/PC Fassbender...

  • shalii18
    shalii18 18 days ago

    the most boring movie ever seen in a while

  • Joyastommato 69
    Joyastommato 69 19 days ago

    Once again, an alien movie trailer that is better than the movie

    LIGER ZERO 19 days ago

    Pause at 1:27....that's definitely a vagina. Yuck

  • paola bulloso
    paola bulloso 21 day ago

    tan buena como la primera parte 😎

  • Sleepy Koala
    Sleepy Koala 22 days ago

    fail casting!

  • Lisa Garcia
    Lisa Garcia 22 days ago

    this movie sucks and it was a waste of money...

  • Uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem osas

    Nerde lan o ..
    Çıkar lan beni..

  • Henroux Gaming
    Henroux Gaming 23 days ago

    Xenomorph:OPEN *Bang* UP *Bang* I Just want a hug
    Unkown dude:Holy...
    Xenomorph:JUST OPEN UP

  • freidrick mace
    freidrick mace 24 days ago

    The things they did in the movie was stupid like why did they bring someone with an infection on board one of the landers plus they had orders to go somewhere else

  • Right There
    Right There 24 days ago

    This movie is so good!

  • Adam Woolnough
    Adam Woolnough 25 days ago

    don't remember the part where the alien is jumping from wall to wall in the red corridor

  • Satina Dempsey
    Satina Dempsey 25 days ago

    well people no need to go to the theaters now u just watched the whole movie

  • jayson chin
    jayson chin 25 days ago

    if the planet has no bird, no animal... it means those aliens feed on plants for long? next, if david wan to kill them why he save them in the beginning?

  • coffeeguy
    coffeeguy 25 days ago

    silly stuff. ...such fancy space travel technology but yet no proper weapons or force fields to defends against these creatures

  • enduro pancen oye
    enduro pancen oye 25 days ago

    Same 'ol... Same 'ol....

  • jayson chin
    jayson chin 26 days ago

    The way of shooting was great but with a lot of illogical scenes. For example, tear was dropping down, wine aas being poured into the cup. My point is there is no gravity in the space. This is so fundamental and i think even a kid know it.

  • World Development
    World Development 26 days ago

    planets alien.. this moviee..

  • GalaxiaVLZ
    GalaxiaVLZ 27 days ago

    muy mala película.

  • Anthony Tosh
    Anthony Tosh 27 days ago

    this movie gets two thumbs down Wat a waste of money and time

  • james yeary
    james yeary 27 days ago

    It was good. The biggest problem though is that the franchise doesn't seem to even be about the aliens anymore, 3/4 of the movie was dedicated to the David storyline, and then 15 minutes of a xenomorph killing people and getting thrown out the airlock got tacked on the end. It was entertaining I guess, it just wasn't what I was hoping/hyping for.

  • The mega ash- Greninja X

    A character from this movie is in mortal kombat x

  • juan villavicencio
    juan villavicencio 28 days ago

    Bajsurrhfj nskf de ndjeieu sujete 👨💂je jf djjdjjdj diejrjjdjf urcekk jdjejdj jajajaj

  • Peppermint Snowdrift

    Please tell me if this is set before, or after the events of the original "Alien" movie from 1979.

  • Mariana Jimenez
    Mariana Jimenez 1 month ago


  • Phil Robertson
    Phil Robertson 1 month ago

    What happened to Ridley Scott? He used to be so cutting edge great, in fact the first Alien was classic as well as Blade Runner. This stuff he's putting out now is garbage, made for TV tripe. He's too comfortable now or too lazy

  • Putra Amungkamo
    Putra Amungkamo 1 month ago

    engko film iki di remake neh d tahun 2047 :D

  • LC
    LC 1 month ago

    1:27 speed 0.25 Thank me later.

  • MrDjambronk
    MrDjambronk 1 month ago

    Alien : Nolan style

  • dat boi
    dat boi 1 month ago

    and thats why children you dont go on spaceships to different planet's

  • Insolent Blue
    Insolent Blue 1 month ago

    And David became God.🆘

  • Jun Hong Thong
    Jun Hong Thong 1 month ago

    Worse movie ever

  • Jaswinder Jaswinder
    Jaswinder Jaswinder 1 month ago

    so bored

  • Chris Tweed
    Chris Tweed 1 month ago

    just got done seeing this movie it was epic!!!!!!!

  • Ides of March
    Ides of March 1 month ago

    Just heard AVP is not canon? I thought Ridley Scott was a sci fi guy, not a close minded jackass. AVP may be badly portrayed compared to what he produced, but if he could make it all work it would be that much more awesome. There's no reason not to put an extra species in the alien franchise, in fact they could put in more later.

    A series is easily possible where in the distant future (3000-5000 AD or rather "after earth" aka AE 1000 or something) earth is destroyed and humans are an intergalactic alliance now, finding out more about alien life forms, struggling to survive.

  • Jill Jacks
    Jill Jacks 1 month ago

    This might be the dumbest American space crew ever assembled. The entire Tennessee Faris bloodline needs to be dropped into a volcano.

  • tu gfa :v
    tu gfa :v 1 month ago

    oie zi papu :v

  • Kapov
    Kapov 1 month ago

    saw the movie and witnessed an AR15 firing without jamming, clearly a Scifi movie rofl.

  • George Podaru
    George Podaru 1 month ago

    Seriously? Seriously?A cheap copy after "Alien"? Come on, Hollyweird. You're better than that.

  • camilo villate
    camilo villate 1 month ago

    Just watched this movie yesterday... it´s AMAZING go see it guys it's incredible and Fassbender acting is on point as usual !!! I'm still in shock !

  • lewisburg wa
    lewisburg wa 1 month ago

    Alien Covenant lacks the element of surprise, anything new and a new plot.

  • Klorg Lork
    Klorg Lork 1 month ago

    This was insane in IMAX

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 1 month ago

    Humans: Aliens must be really scary.

    Real Aliens: Racists.

  • Charlie Peake
    Charlie Peake 1 month ago


  • PowerPlay Gaming
    PowerPlay Gaming 1 month ago

    why if we put this trailer in our channel its blocked worldwide....but in many channel this trailer is not blocked........can anyone explain me how to remove worldwide blocked issue...

  • Candy Girl
    Candy Girl 1 month ago

    I just came from cinema,and honestly,like the "best" part is when they came to that new planet(probably cuz we destroyed ours with polution),and that guy smoked a cigarette and instantly threw it on the ground.
    like seriously?!?!?how many planets can we destroy

  • Gushy
    Gushy 1 month ago

    it was fucking garbage

  • X xI S e P h i
    X xI S e P h i 1 month ago

    Shit moovie again

  • Jah-vin James
    Jah-vin James 1 month ago

    Seeing this tonight(that's not me in my profile pic btw)

  • Damian Lopez
    Damian Lopez 1 month ago

    this move is so cool😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Alexander Harsányi
    Alexander Harsányi 1 month ago

    Ridley Scott has officially pulled a George Lucas.

  • Andres Cubillos
    Andres Cubillos 1 month ago

    doesn the music sound from like interstellar?

  • とりにく鳥肉
    とりにく鳥肉 1 month ago

    ugh I really want to watch this but have no time

  • SpyDetector1984
    SpyDetector1984 1 month ago

    #DavidTheAndroidIsAwesomeDavid the Android and Skynet from The Terminator would make a great team.

  • CiniCraft
    CiniCraft 1 month ago

    Why the hell would they send Kenny Powers there?

  • Marsha Lopez
    Marsha Lopez 1 month ago

    Muy buena ✌✌

  • Quinton Swift
    Quinton Swift 1 month ago

    Have the people ever watched rich and morty? They should know to get drunk... it will kill them.

  • Chefshanker gaming
    Chefshanker gaming 1 month ago

    The actors haven't change

  • cameron wingfield
    cameron wingfield 1 month ago

    game over man game over

  • frederic orsi
    frederic orsi 1 month ago

    Musics are getting poorer and poorer. Nothing having to do with the very 1st one : music composed and directed by Jerry Goldsmith.. master of film music especialy adventure and science-fiction.! The movie as well. I much prefer the "old" version with Sigourney Weaver.

  • juan campoy
    juan campoy 1 month ago

    It looks like a good movie to me!!!!

  • rick hunter
    rick hunter 1 month ago

    God this people act so bad

    • Tom Spiegel
      Tom Spiegel 1 month ago

      Better acting than what we used to get.

  • Cati Breslin
    Cati Breslin 1 month ago

    its porpentina goldstien

  • Bob Reno
    Bob Reno 1 month ago

    I like his work but the dude should use the Predator race in his movies. It would make sense if the Predators were kicking the Builder's asses in an all out war and the Builders created a biological weapon aka  Aliens to use against the Predators . But the Aliens become self aware and turn on their masters. That would answer a lot of questions instead of raising  more questions which will never be answered. For example, why would the builders use Aliens against humanity when they could just nuke us all from orbit?

  • Péter Magyar
    Péter Magyar 1 month ago

    The movie story is so bad! 👎💩
    Elizabeth Shaw 😢 story back please! 💓

  • VANITY Leap
    VANITY Leap 1 month ago

    I saw the first show yesterday after a long excited waiting time for it to finally come in the theatre in my town. It has an interesting plot, a little slow, but I was a little disappointed. It ended too soon and I felt like if it was unfinished.

  • Tim Costa
    Tim Costa 1 month ago

    Does anyone else know if disney helped with this they helped with the first one (the aliens were on the great movie ride) the tour guide said they made the aliens for the first alien movie and some of the mummies from the mummy movie

  • Abdelrahman Nabil
    Abdelrahman Nabil 1 month ago

    i love it

  • SarahVogue
    SarahVogue 1 month ago


  • ivan Henao
    ivan Henao 1 month ago

    For me this movie was better than what is expected from the trailer. The contrary happened with Prometheus. Yet both movies are very good.

  • Ideon
    Ideon 1 month ago

    They land on a planet.
    See an alien spaceship.
    They get inside the ship and see the cacoons inside.

    This is basically the plot of the first movie. Why?

  • Leon Jos
    Leon Jos 1 month ago

    i miss the old alien movie...this one was disappointment

  • Cargo Shorts For President

    go out on another planet no suit great idea man.

  • Dashie Dahomie
    Dashie Dahomie 1 month ago

    Lmao people are roasting each other saying that there heads can do wat the aliens did to the glass at my school xD

  • Iron Druid
    Iron Druid 1 month ago


  • thm mikkelsen
    thm mikkelsen 1 month ago

    where is ripley???

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez 1 month ago

    why david !! whyyyyyyyyyy !!!

  • Marcus Worsham
    Marcus Worsham 1 month ago

    "If you play this and close your eyes it's a different experience"

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