Lets Play PIRATES! (9,999,999 in 1) (Famicom/NES)

An 8-bit famicom multi-cart

Title - 9,999,999 in 1
Company - Unknown (Has a crown emblem with "BS" molded on the face side)
Origin - Unknown
Actual Games - 6

The cover art shows nine different titles, only three of them are actually in the game.

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Runtime: 9:57
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Author Kluorpivhlander P. ( ago)
I had exact same cartridge, one of my first famiclone cartridges i got o
the flea market when i was a little kid, except in game menu was totally

Author GeminiNES ( ago)
Whats the menu music ?

Author KevinTheCreep_ ( ago)
added to favorites!

Author Gio Tra ( ago)
I have this cartridge but the menù is different

Author YujiUedaFan ( ago)
The best game is Moon Mario.

Author sebazsheffield ( ago)
search for 168 in 1 in Poland it was the best multicart with Contra, Mario,
Super Mario, Sky Destroyer, Mappy, and many more :) and allso golden 4 :) 

Author César Leiva ( ago)
Oh My Love My Darling, I Hunger For Your Touch is the background music on
the menu, so random xD

Author sonolento ( ago)
here in brazil, you can find a lot of these everywhere

Author Multitask gamer Pro ( ago)
What do you mean back in the day in the corner of my house they still sell
them and every week brand new one comes to the store

Author Lex Luthor ( ago)
watch movie "The Grey Elephant's Curse", author Павел Гринев a.k.a.
Kinaman88, and to you everything becomes clear

Author Agustin Goicoechea ( ago)
best multicart I played. Super 42 in 1. It was very expensive (around 100
dollars at that time and sometimes, I came in the pirate famicom memory!)
It had 42 different games! Not duplicated ones!

Author RetroDave Nintendo ( ago)
How can you get fake famicom carts to work on a genuine famicom system? I
have just got double dragon 2 which I think might be fake and it won't work
on my famicom av console. Cheers

Author Ty Brown ( ago)
When I was much younger, my baby sitter had something just like this,
except it was a TV Plug'n'Play. It wasn't a cart. It was pretty neat! Had a
light gun and everything!

Author kabliekke ( ago)
And the other 3 must be his pirates.

Author QVear ( ago)
Hello. I'm trying to track rom of one of 9,999,999 in 1 carts that were
bundled with famiclone called Funstation (one that looks like PSX). There
was kind of helicopter in the bg, and some game names I remember were (on
1st scr): Super mario, Duckhunt/clay shoot (as separate entries), Road
Fighter, Circus Chablie, Giant morio 014 (with o, mario with giant hack),
Fancy Mario (f-up mario hack), Moon Mario (low gravity), Rope Games (circus
chablie, level 2). If anyone has some info, please PM me.

Author NintendoTalon ( ago)
Don't worry ill port the Rom of Nintendo world championships to... Zelda 2
gold carts I guess and sell a crap ton of them on eBay! LONG LIVE NINTENDO

Author NintendoTalon ( ago)
That cartridge is my whole NES collection! I'm serious! I have so many NES
games just piled up on my shelf and cramped in my bins... I can't count!
When I'm board I say... let's play a NES game! I even have 3 copies of the
Nintendo world championships gold cart!

Author Snolferd ( ago)
nice intro, really original and fitting for the subject :D too bad this
isn't the cartridge i'm looking for :/

Author Sydney Noway ( ago)
i did

Author cLick1338 ( ago)
Could you maybe upload it on a site like 4shared and PM me the link or post
it as a reply here if you can?

Author germannightwalker ( ago)
i have it :)

Author BTF82 ( ago)
oh my god Combat and Armor Ambush....i remember one of my first video game
experiences being Combat with my old man. we'd play for hours and hours
listening to Deep Purple on vinyl. great times.

Author Dylan Klebold ( ago)
i have one just like that :D and i have had it for more than 20

Author The Awesome Gamer ( ago)
the most famous being action 52, but that game is crap lol

Author 8bitmusicchicken ( ago)
i have an 84 in 1 and a 19 in 1 multicart

Author Advertise Play ( ago)
the tank is very mefager.

Author cLick1338 (1866 years ago)
Is there any rom file for this on the Internet? I'd kill even 'something'
for it.

Author MEĐED GUZA ( ago)
Had this exact cartridge - and it doesn't really have 9999999 variations,
they are ALL the same games, not a thing changed.

Author darksideofme18b ( ago)
Hey hey hey.......... i have that thing too same exactly like yours except
the case... i have a big one....even thought that thing is a junk for me
now, still... good old days :')

Author algute100 ( ago)
biggest lie in 90's ... still miss it :( so many good times yelling at the
seller after buying it, then playing it, then yell, and play enjoing it.

Author Denji2006 ( ago)
How is it physically possible to have 9,999,999 NES games when the actual
NES library is a couple hundred at best..?

Author nrz666 ( ago)
I have 2 of them. Boards only left. And yes, I'm Ukrainian. :D

Author nrz666 ( ago)
Pirate Famicom clone consoles and cartrdges are my favorite discussion
topics. ^_^

Author fszron ( ago)
I wouldn't even be able to play almost 10 million games in my lifetime.

Author Felipe Silva Sousa ( ago)
IT'S OVER 9000!

Author Nevperdak ( ago)
The most curios we have this crap till now!) In radio-market the console
Dendy (wikipedia it, if you need) costs about 40-50$, and the cartridge
about 3-6$.

Author Nevperdak ( ago)
This is China pirate cartridge:) And they made it for Russia!:) In 90-s
Nintendo didn't sell nothing for Russians. So pirates give hand...) Those
cartridges was free-included in Dandy(China-Russia clone of famiacom) box.
And it's was perfect advertizing course. Like - OMG!! If I've buy this
super-console, there are also over 999999999999999 games for FREE!!!! Must
have!:) I know it, because i'm Russian)

Author H4M573R ( ago)
i hae the same menu but this is a 500-in-1 with a ugly intro via dipswitch
you can get a 190-in-1 main games: duck hunt wild gunman tank 1990 (and
variants) smb1 dr.mario

Author ashtestes ( ago)
what types of pirated carts are there for snes/sega

Author Neo Bonnibel ( ago)
Say, about that Sachen gameplay series. Did you cancel that? Cause those
games seemed pretty good.

Author NeoKun ( ago)
there is a fake sega megadrive 2 and u can play those cadtriges too

Author Luigifreakout123 ( ago)
please don't tell me you threw famicom games at a lego ship!!!

Author GabrielMarkus Gabsi ( ago)
hi how much cost the game : ))) ???

Author Cab ( ago)
Does anyone know what cart. I bought? I bought a famicom looking cartridge
from the swapmeet simply titled "8 Bit Game Cartridge" lol, its gray. Its
pirated, obviously.

Author TrollMaster5 ( ago)
Were these illegal back in the day or could you buy it at a store? And are
they worth much these days? I have a 501 in 1 for the original gameboy still

Author BobbyMonov ( ago)
i wanna read more information about this games..

Author Filip Belic ( ago)
I would give my ass to 9999999 black guys for whole NES System...<3 NES <3

Author SaraGolduck ( ago)
Good opening LOL

Author Pedro Benoliel ( ago)
I used to see them all the time in Portugal when I was a kid. Lately, I've
spotted them in a couple of stores run by Chinese people and specializing
on cheap imported crap. They DO still exist out in the wild, and with dates
as late as 2008 (I think I saw one advertising World Cup 2010, but don't
quote me on that).

Author MegaBadMongo ( ago)
Battle city is awesome! Me and my brother used to play that to death when
we were kids

Author nrz666 ( ago)
Did you see 9999-in-1 Lifa pirate multicart that had alternate Super Mario
levels (9-1,A-1,B-1,C-1...up to Z-1)? You could laugh all day long at them.
;) Especially because 9-1 hangs and E-1 (and T-1) is physically unbeatable.
Look for "Dendy Chronicles" in youtube search, watch the first part
(russian with English subtitles) and find out why. :D

Author nicohvc ( ago)
I had this cart, the same colour, picture, song of the movie "ghost" hmm
but not say "9999999 in 1" and has supertank too Sorry I am not english

Author TheCarArchives ( ago)
the 1 dislike must of been captain jack sparrow

Author droolerdork ( ago)
@NEScapades Sweet! I just got an NES for my birthday and want to start
collecting video games.

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@droolerdork Sure did! My next pirates video is going to be on an NES (400
in 1) pirated multicart. :)

Author droolerdork ( ago)
Did they make multicarts for the NES too?

Author Nils (Airrider) ( ago)
In have a 64 in 1 that actually has ALMOST 64 games in it! A lot of crap
though. One of them is called Fast Bros II. It´s the original Super Mario
Bros but with The Lost Levels graphics!

Author TheCarArchives ( ago)
were these famiclone carts ever sold in japan

Author mistertitanic ( ago)
Ha! I have a pirate cart called "10 MILLION IN 1" thats one more game than
you have here ;)

Author phobos2k2 ( ago)
Real nice jerk! I saw Street Fighter on the cover and I totally shit my
pants. What a mess.

Author starsoldier1 ( ago)
Sadly these multi-carts all have the same games most of the time. Sometimes
they have Contra though and that's cool.

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@RyHoMagnifico I enjoy Battle City as well RyHo! My brother and I loved
Combat and Armor Ambush on 2600 so when I got this famicom title, it took
me back a bit.. Much like the Tank Battles game on the PSN. I haven't found
many pool games over the years that I liked. Lunar never grew on me like
the Genesis/MD Side Pocket did. Thanks for watching!

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@Soukyugurentai Yeah I have 2 of those as well, one still boxed. Kreeboy411
seems to have had fun with his a bit as he made a cool video of his
powerjoy cart from that controller. I have a different version than his and
I'll eventually do a video on that one too. That's funny about the Gradachu
game. The Pandamario Kree showed hurt my eyes but it's still fun to see
hacks on carts. The controllers are truly crap. The gun I had broke in the
first 3-5 minutes.

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@Ruudos - You're pretty much right on both statements. I do have a couple
carts that break that mold but 99% of the time, anything over a 6 in 1 is
going to be a lie. They are still fun though.

Author RyHoMagnifico ( ago)
I can't believe they found a way to come up with 9,999,999 variations on
those six games, haha. That's crazy. As far as a multi-cart with six games
on it goes, though, that's not a bad set. I always liked Battle City with a
friend and I generally get a kick out of Lunar Pool. All the others are
classics. Great idea for a series, man. Can't wait for some more.

Author Soukyugurentai ( ago)
lol loved the intro :) I once had a pirate NES console which was basically
a modified N64 controller that you plug into your TV and it had the same
games built in except there was a weird hack of Gradius that had a poorly
made Pikachu sprite flying around. I wish I still had that thing to show
everyone. I threw it away after I broke the buttons. Typical Chinese

Author Ruudos ( ago)
Cool video. General rule with this stuff is that the higher the number on
these mullti-carts, the crappier they are. It's always cool to test them
out because you never know what you gonna find.

Author IHeart16Bit ( ago)
@NEScapades Np man I realy like your stuff ^_^ It's interesting to see
things like this that I never got myself, although I had a gameboy cart
like this once.... weirdly that had battle city on it too =S

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@markvergeer That's awesome.. they are very cool carts to collect, despite
their faults.

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@jillpoo3 Have you not watched Pirates of the Caribbean movies Dave? If
not.. go rent them dude. That's where the music is from.. and the kids Lego
Ship. Gravity Mario? Sounds like another hack.. like Kreeboy got. You
should quickiepoo it

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@SkoogGaming Yeah.. if you can find a copy of Gyromite (most common) or
another early NES cart that has the 60->72pin converter inside, you can
just use that. You can buy regular ones off ebay at times too, but they run
a little high. For a Nintendo Famicom I'd pay between $45-75 depending on
condition. $25 or less for a clone system.

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@jboypacman Most certainly. They are all mystery carts since the labels
tend to lie, which is cool in a way

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@IHeart16Bit heh.. I abbreviated a bit at the end didnt I =P Thanks for

Author Mark Vergeer ( ago)
Cool, I got quite a few of these carts for the Famicom and the NES too. A
great source for a nice go at a 8bit Nintendo game.

Author jillpoo3 ( ago)
What an odd opening song! LOL! I have a similar multicart for the FC that
Phatphunk sent me. It has Gravity Mario on it, do you know what that it?
Awesome game! Great Video man!

Author SkoogGaming ( ago)
Is it possible to play famicon games on the nes? How much would ou expect
to pay for a famicon system?

Author John Gaither ( ago)
These pirate carts can be good fun at times. : )

Author IHeart16Bit ( ago)
The nine million 9-9-9....9-9-9 in 1! lol funny stuff =]

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@stringanime LOL.. it's the crappy clone controller. Every movement of the
D-pad sounds like I'm trying to send out morse code. That thing would break
in 30 seconds playing a decent shmup.

Author stringanime ( ago)
From 4:14 - 5:00 it sounds like he's playing an insane Treasure style
shooter with all the maneuvers he's doing with the Controller, it's just
Mario HAHA. Either that, or we are hearing his Mexican jumping bean

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@kreeboy411 Thanks Dan! Did your Super Joy III come with a cart as well? I
was a fan of the 64 controller so these clones I'm a sucker for. I still
have one sealed. The lightguns with them are total garbage though. The
Power Joy I have came with a famicom cart which had 64 games on it. It's
cheaply made but does have some great japanese exclusives in the list like
Devil World, Dig Dug, Twin Bee and more. So luckily, if the controller
breaks, I still have the cart to mess around with.

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@Bubbasizer it's a very odd market tbh. These carts are a dime a dozen in
Japan, Brazil & Asian markets but they are kind of rare here in the states
so that's why people pay those prices. Some of them might be worth it but
most aren't. I'm not a big fan of clone systems, despite owning dozens. My
favorite one so far is the Retron3 because it uses NES/SNES/GEN controller
ports and has s-video output. I think Messiah uses NES ports too but yeah,
I don't care for the Retro Duo either.

Author metalcoola ( ago)
@NEScapades Yes,there was time that piracy was legal,fortunately in 1994
goverment created copyright law :}

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@metalcoola LOL that commercial is awesome! it's even sitting in a pile of
bootleg carts to start the video. Sounds a bit like the Brazilian market
where Gradiente, Dismac, Milmar and others made systems and games until
Nintendo finally licensed up with Playtronic in the early 90's after they
saw how much demand the country had for gaming. Many of the systems from
there were well built and mainstream. They were actually sold at retail
like authentic systems.

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@measuringstick Wow that's odd it won't play in the other region systems. A
region locked pirated cart. That's a kick ass 4 in 1 though. My SNES multis
don't have as good of titles on them as yours.

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@iowerth1 Thanks for watching Blake!

Author Bubbasizer ( ago)
@NEScapades thanks man, that means the ones I have seen on ebay are way
over priced, people on ebay seem to think they are "rare" and the prices I
have seen are closer to the 40 to 80 dollar mark, or more. And about the
clone systems, I don't know what you think about them, but I have the retro
duo, and I think it sucks, I don't mind the system itself but the
controllers suck imo, my controllers for the system don't work on some of
my games, maybe its the system i don' tknow.

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@TheLoadingScreenz Thanks man.. I hope not .. I'd like to keep using it for

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@xxkomebackkidxx LOL.. my son wasn't to thrilled when he found his Pirates
Lego ship all out of place when he came home though =P

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@PhatPhunk Awesome PP, I figured you would have several of these since
you're such a famicom nut. I have some crazy shaped ones and several that
are built like the large Jaleco carts. You should email me some pics of the
ones you have. I love seeing the many variations of these knockoffs.

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@snowcon3 Thanks bro. HAHA JAWS.. omg I had a love-hate relationship with
that damn game. Good memory man, I'd have never thought of that but you're
right.. aside from the music, the birds do remind ya of that.

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@BeerBellyDK Thanks, and yeah, next time I'll capture the gameplay portion.
I didn't realize it had cut the bottom till I finished =(

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@ThePookninja I love the SNES/GEN ones since they are more uncommon but
mine all have very low budget looking labels. Some of the famicoms I have
actually have fantastic artwork and label quality

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@Bubbasizer It's really a gamble Greg. Depends on the title too. The NES
ones tend to fair better in both build quality & actual on board games than
the famicoms from what I've found over the years. Carts like the one here,
which weigh next to nothing, are usually made cheaply with a small chip
glop dropped on the board. These will not have great shelf life before
dying & are worth $5 imo. Ask the seller for a screenshot. IF the game
actually has more than 10-15 different titles. Maybe $15-20

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@tweirup Some of them are really cool. does yours actually have 66 unique
titles? if so then that's awesome.

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@videogameaficionado more games than youtube!!

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@Playalives haha.. yup.. it would be insulting to any NES unit if I made it
play that. lol

Author NEScapades ( ago)
@Zerobadniks I have a capture card but it was hooked up to my other PC and
figured I would leave it raw since I was spending some time talking about
the cart(s) in general as much as gameplay footage. I just need a better
camera =P

Author metalcoola ( ago)
Here in Poland,in 1993,we didnt have NES,but Pegasus,quasi-legal 8-bit
console,that played this type of cartridges{There even was commercial on TV
,you can watch it by typing pegasus reklama },funny thing was,that while
console was illegal,they somehow managed to get license from
CodeMasters,that allow them to sell their games legally

Author measuringstick ( ago)
i only have a couple of copies, i have road rash on japanese megadrive and
a super famicom game with mario kart, dragon ball z, final fight 2 and
bomberman. the weird thig about the famicom game is that it doesn't work on
my super famicom or my pal snes it only works on my ntsc snes

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