Lets Play PIRATES! (9,999,999 in 1) (Famicom/NES)

An 8-bit famicom multi-cart

Title - 9,999,999 in 1
Company - Unknown (Has a crown emblem with "BS" molded on the face side)
Origin - Unknown
Actual Games - 6

The cover art shows nine different titles, only three of them are actually in the game.

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 9:57
Comments: 114

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Author GeminiNES (2 months)
Whats the menu music ?

Author Kluorpivhlander P. (2 months)
I had exact same cartridge, one of my first famiclone cartridges i got o
the flea market when i was a little kid, except in game menu was totally

Author Gio Tra (9 months)
I have this cartridge but the menù is different

Author KevinTheCreep_ (7 months)
added to favorites!

Author YujiUedaFan (1 year)
The best game is Moon Mario.

Author sebazsheffield (1 year)
search for 168 in 1 in Poland it was the best multicart with Contra, Mario,
Super Mario, Sky Destroyer, Mappy, and many more :) and allso golden 4 :) 

Author César Leiva (1 year)
Oh My Love My Darling, I Hunger For Your Touch is the background music on
the menu, so random xD

Author sonolento (1 year)
here in brazil, you can find a lot of these everywhere

Author Dylan Klebold (2 years)
i have one just like that :D and i have had it for more than 20

Author metalcoola (4 years)
@NEScapades Yes,there was time that piracy was legal,fortunately in 1994
goverment created copyright law :}

Author nrz666 (3 years)
I have 2 of them. Boards only left. And yes, I'm Ukrainian. :D

Author NEScapades (4 years)
@Ruudos - You're pretty much right on both statements. I do have a couple
carts that break that mold but 99% of the time, anything over a 6 in 1 is
going to be a lie. They are still fun though.

Author NEScapades (4 years)
@TheLoadingScreenz Thanks man.. I hope not .. I'd like to keep using it for

Author GabrielMarkus Gabsi (3 years)
hi how much cost the game : ))) ???

Author QVear (1 year)
Hello. I'm trying to track rom of one of 9,999,999 in 1 carts that were
bundled with famiclone called Funstation (one that looks like PSX). There
was kind of helicopter in the bg, and some game names I remember were (on
1st scr): Super mario, Duckhunt/clay shoot (as separate entries), Road
Fighter, Circus Chablie, Giant morio 014 (with o, mario with giant hack),
Fancy Mario (f-up mario hack), Moon Mario (low gravity), Rope Games (circus
chablie, level 2). If anyone has some info, please PM me.

Author nrz666 (3 years)
Did you see 9999-in-1 Lifa pirate multicart that had alternate Super Mario
levels (9-1,A-1,B-1,C-1...up to Z-1)? You could laugh all day long at them.
;) Especially because 9-1 hangs and E-1 (and T-1) is physically unbeatable.
Look for "Dendy Chronicles" in youtube search, watch the first part
(russian with English subtitles) and find out why. :D

Author Sid Noway (2 years)
i did

Author nicohvc (3 years)
I had this cart, the same colour, picture, song of the movie "ghost" hmm
but not say "9999999 in 1" and has supertank too Sorry I am not english

Author Tyler W. (4 years)
Cool series man. Pirate famicom carts are pretty cool. I only have one and
it's called the super 66. It's got some great games on it. Awesome vid and
looking forward to more of these videos!

Author nrz666 (3 years)
Pirate Famicom clone consoles and cartrdges are my favorite discussion
topics. ^_^

Author Ty Brown (1 year)
When I was much younger, my baby sitter had something just like this,
except it was a TV Plug'n'Play. It wasn't a cart. It was pretty neat! Had a
light gun and everything!

Author Ren's Game Room (4 years)
You should buy a dvd recorder for better quality videos.

Author NEScapades (4 years)
@measuringstick Wow that's odd it won't play in the other region systems. A
region locked pirated cart. That's a kick ass 4 in 1 though. My SNES multis
don't have as good of titles on them as yours.

Author NEScapades (4 years)
@Soukyugurentai Yeah I have 2 of those as well, one still boxed. Kreeboy411
seems to have had fun with his a bit as he made a cool video of his
powerjoy cart from that controller. I have a different version than his and
I'll eventually do a video on that one too. That's funny about the Gradachu
game. The Pandamario Kree showed hurt my eyes but it's still fun to see
hacks on carts. The controllers are truly crap. The gun I had broke in the
first 3-5 minutes.

Author Angad Naik (1 year)
I used to play this cartridge like 14 years ago. But I still do not know
the game select music name, I mean the name of the nice song. Can anyone
please tell me that?

Author Ruudos (4 years)
Cool video. General rule with this stuff is that the higher the number on
these mullti-carts, the crappier they are. It's always cool to test them
out because you never know what you gonna find.

Author RyHoMagnifico (4 years)
I can't believe they found a way to come up with 9,999,999 variations on
those six games, haha. That's crazy. As far as a multi-cart with six games
on it goes, though, that's not a bad set. I always liked Battle City with a
friend and I generally get a kick out of Lunar Pool. All the others are
classics. Great idea for a series, man. Can't wait for some more.

Author NEScapades (4 years)
@IHeart16Bit heh.. I abbreviated a bit at the end didnt I =P Thanks for

Author darksideofme18b (2 years)
Hey hey hey.......... i have that thing too same exactly like yours except
the case... i have a big one....even thought that thing is a junk for me
now, still... good old days :')

Author cabsk8er7 (3 years)
Does anyone know what cart. I bought? I bought a famicom looking cartridge
from the swapmeet simply titled "8 Bit Game Cartridge" lol, its gray. Its
pirated, obviously.

Author measuringstick (4 years)
i only have a couple of copies, i have road rash on japanese megadrive and
a super famicom game with mario kart, dragon ball z, final fight 2 and
bomberman. the weird thig about the famicom game is that it doesn't work on
my super famicom or my pal snes it only works on my ntsc snes

Author NEScapades (4 years)
@xxkomebackkidxx LOL.. my son wasn't to thrilled when he found his Pirates
Lego ship all out of place when he came home though =P

Author NEScapades (4 years)
@videogameaficionado more games than youtube!!

Author NEScapades (4 years)
@metalcoola LOL that commercial is awesome! it's even sitting in a pile of
bootleg carts to start the video. Sounds a bit like the Brazilian market
where Gradiente, Dismac, Milmar and others made systems and games until
Nintendo finally licensed up with Playtronic in the early 90's after they
saw how much demand the country had for gaming. Many of the systems from
there were well built and mainstream. They were actually sold at retail
like authentic systems.

Author cLick1338 (2 years)
Could you maybe upload it on a site like 4shared and PM me the link or post
it as a reply here if you can?

Author TheCarArchives (4 years)
were these famiclone carts ever sold in japan

Author droolerdork (3 years)
Did they make multicarts for the NES too?

Author kabliekke (1 year)
And the other 3 must be his pirates.

Author RetroDave Nintendo (1 year)
How can you get fake famicom carts to work on a genuine famicom system? I
have just got double dragon 2 which I think might be fake and it won't work
on my famicom av console. Cheers

Author NEScapades (4 years)
@ThePookninja I love the SNES/GEN ones since they are more uncommon but
mine all have very low budget looking labels. Some of the famicoms I have
actually have fantastic artwork and label quality

Author NEScapades (4 years)
@Zerobadniks I have a capture card but it was hooked up to my other PC and
figured I would leave it raw since I was spending some time talking about
the cart(s) in general as much as gameplay footage. I just need a better
camera =P

Author The Loading Screenz (4 years)
That intro is awesome. Hopefully some asshole doesn't come around and flag
it for copyright. T_T Great video.

Author NEScapades (4 years)
@SkoogGaming Yeah.. if you can find a copy of Gyromite (most common) or
another early NES cart that has the 60->72pin converter inside, you can
just use that. You can buy regular ones off ebay at times too, but they run
a little high. For a Nintendo Famicom I'd pay between $45-75 depending on
condition. $25 or less for a clone system.

Author 8bitmusicchicken (2 years)
i have an 84 in 1 and a 19 in 1 multicart

Author MegaBadMongo (3 years)
Battle city is awesome! Me and my brother used to play that to death when
we were kids

Author NEScapades (4 years)
@jillpoo3 Have you not watched Pirates of the Caribbean movies Dave? If
not.. go rent them dude. That's where the music is from.. and the kids Lego
Ship. Gravity Mario? Sounds like another hack.. like Kreeboy got. You
should quickiepoo it

Author John Gaither (4 years)
These pirate carts can be good fun at times. : )

Author Niklas Frank (1 year)
watch movie "The Grey Elephant's Curse", author Павел Гринев a.k.a.
Kinaman88, and to you everything becomes clear

Author Bracey M. (4 years)
That start up screen reminds me of the ending screen from Jaws on the NES.
Haha, kick ass music on Lunar Ball, and I love the intro with the carts and
the ship/epic music! Great idea for a series, especially since you seem to
own so many of those damn things. Awesome vid as always man!

Author NEScapades (4 years)
@BeerBellyDK Thanks, and yeah, next time I'll capture the gameplay portion.
I didn't realize it had cut the bottom till I finished =(

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