Gordon Ramsay's Top 5 British Arguments on Kitchen Nightmares UK

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  • -Hanzor-
    -Hanzor- 5 hours ago

    Put British in the title, rake in all the views.

  • AL Capone MMA
    AL Capone MMA 8 hours ago

    British arguments are awesome

  • peach
    peach 12 hours ago

    #1 was weak

  • Ryan Booth
    Ryan Booth 12 hours ago

    He is a cunt but a funny talented cunt.

  • JB 5
    JB 5 18 hours ago

    Hahaahahahaha the last one "plonker" *walksout* "twat"

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 23 hours ago

    I need to start putting "taking the piss out of..." in my vocabulary.

  • Poochy
    Poochy 23 hours ago

    focking hell!

  • Andres Garza
    Andres Garza 1 day ago

    "what a fuking muppet!"

  • Alfonso Robert
    Alfonso Robert 1 day ago

    i like the no.3...their no point for gordon

  • Jay Nation
    Jay Nation 1 day ago

    0:57 Gordans voice cracked

  • timpyrules
    timpyrules 1 day ago

    1:00 Oh shit he asked me a question

  • Ken R
    Ken R 1 day ago

    That is well done so STOP BRINGING ME SHIT

  • Zombie Prodigy
    Zombie Prodigy 1 day ago

    7:20 to 7:40 Gordan was like ohhh shit this is awkward

  • Ray Lee
    Ray Lee 1 day ago

    Sometime Ramsay is just over the top. No need to be so rude.

  • Fruit Snacks
    Fruit Snacks 1 day ago

    "we already look like a pair of tits!" 😂😂😵😭

  • Grand Admiral Thrawn

    Wait, in the first one was that some kind of role reversal skit? Like why was he getting yelled at for his food?

  • Nighthawk666
    Nighthawk666 1 day ago

    2:33 Cliticism?

  • elijah archer
    elijah archer 1 day ago

    what's the name of the episode for #2

  • nofiltermangle
    nofiltermangle 2 days ago

    What was the last one?

  • Mellow
    Mellow 2 days ago


    JVRAPS 2 days ago

    7:30 😂😂😂😂

  • Jaybird409
    Jaybird409 2 days ago

    Fookin lazer soights

  • Go Pro
    Go Pro 2 days ago

    8:17 "Yeah Uuh!"

  • Loco Moco
    Loco Moco 2 days ago

    omfg i love this thank you so much!!!!!

  • AB. CSGO
    AB. CSGO 2 days ago

    What episode is number 2?

  • borelandfamily
    borelandfamily 2 days ago

    focking poppet

  • borelandfamily
    borelandfamily 2 days ago

    focking poppet

  • diva marie
    diva marie 2 days ago

    It's like he forgot that it isn't hell's kitchen

  • Nickster B
    Nickster B 3 days ago

    I love English people man <3 cheers from Greece

  • Dark Magnus
    Dark Magnus 3 days ago

    Plonkuh, Twat, Muppet
    *Fuck Me*

  • Dark Magnus
    Dark Magnus 3 days ago

    "What A Fuhkin Muppet!''😂

  • Pavine C.
    Pavine C. 3 days ago

    that feel when Gordons voice cracks in sheer focking fury

  • damian flores
    damian flores 3 days ago

    "Mr chimpmunk in the fucking corner"😂😂😂

  • the LehZ
    the LehZ 3 days ago

    LOL clonker.

  • Fishing With Logan
    Fishing With Logan 3 days ago

    7:15 when your friend is arguing with one of their parents and you just stand there like Gordon

  • andrew byi
    andrew byi 3 days ago

    the last argument was just pure funny.

  • BellaSimms _
    BellaSimms _ 3 days ago

    The British version is much more chill than the American version lol

  • akaJD
    akaJD 3 days ago

    fooking ye

  • A RO
    A RO 3 days ago

    *British Argument* huh

  • Jacob Erickson
    Jacob Erickson 3 days ago

    Fuck off to the bookshop

  • x NeoN x x Empire x

    "fuckin plunk"

  • raspberriedcake
    raspberriedcake 3 days ago

    it's amazing how much more respect Gordon has of his british people than the Americans lmao

  • Lil Bibby -
    Lil Bibby - 4 days ago

    This Guy Is Married To The Word "FUCK"

  • Raya Raya
    Raya Raya 4 days ago

    I'm sorry....
    I know that this is peoples lives and their finance and things....
    but this was fucken funny as shit..

    They call upon Chef gordon for help.
    And then they act like nothing is wrong....

    Then why the fuck call him?
    (If everything is good)

    If he talk to me and say fuck in every sentence...
    I'll fucken smack the shit out of him and I'll say....

    Stop saying fuck in every sentence.
    And say fuck/twat/wanker/tosser etc etc in every second word.

    I love people swearing in a general conversation

    All those wankers deeds a fucken wake up call.


  • Moe 590
    Moe 590 4 days ago

    8:58 that's it I'm done

  • mark chapman
    mark chapman 4 days ago

    Stroppy scouse twat! ;)

  • Amitav Mostafa
    Amitav Mostafa 4 days ago

    Lol Gordon totally speechless during the monologue.

    Gordon: *...fuck me....*

  • Hui Hui
    Hui Hui 4 days ago

    foking twat, fokin listen, fok yuo

  • summer
    summer 4 days ago

    all i remember is fucking there fucking here lol wow british accent is all that

  • Click bait Title
    Click bait Title 4 days ago

    id fuck gordon lol ^-^

  • Kim Wörlin
    Kim Wörlin 4 days ago


    I'm dead 😂

  • Ben 7V
    Ben 7V 4 days ago

    The guy in #2 sounded like a gangster

  • ThePsychicMantis
    ThePsychicMantis 4 days ago

    I will admit that the US version is a more entertaining show with its zooms, quick cuts and dramatic scores, yet the British one is something that just feels more "real" to me.

  • Railey K
    Railey K 5 days ago

    wondering how many times fock fockin was used here lol

  • Numoyunne
    Numoyunne 5 days ago

    Now I see why Gordon looks a bit older in the face than he actually is... having to put up with all this bullshit.

  • illfaptothis
    illfaptothis 5 days ago


    God damn. What a man.

  • Ty
    Ty 5 days ago


  • oliviameeks63
    oliviameeks63 6 days ago

    7:16 - 7:35 Gordon's thinking what a mouth this guy has, does he kiss his mother with it?

  • David Talbot
    David Talbot 6 days ago

    Gordon: 'plonker'
    Guy: 'twat'

    Like two peas in a pod

  • Ardent Dfender
    Ardent Dfender 6 days ago

    #2 Was a rough one!

  • captain frozt
    captain frozt 6 days ago

    it always hurts when you hear the truth

  • Perle Andrieux
    Perle Andrieux 6 days ago

    *sees title*
    Well, lets sit back and enjoy :)

  • Luis Aguilar
    Luis Aguilar 6 days ago

    Jamie Vardy was pissed at number 2 lmao

  • AkrovaeOCE
    AkrovaeOCE 7 days ago

    7:43 this is how real men resolve problems

    SKYKIDPE YT 7 days ago

    U mad bro?

  • Fenris Robinson
    Fenris Robinson 7 days ago

    the fourth one didn't even include ramsey and the last one was just like " I agree with you but f*ck you". hilarious.

  • Joey Clemenza
    Joey Clemenza 7 days ago

    i so prefer the UK version of this show. it just seems more honest and less "dramatic." i could do without the snap cuts, the clueless reactions, the score (that stupid score).... the UK version is just far superior, and I'm an American.

  • ethan hawkins
    ethan hawkins 8 days ago

    what a fucking mupet

  • Tadhgro fett
    Tadhgro fett 8 days ago

    no.2 even scared gordon

  • TheMojoLemon
    TheMojoLemon 8 days ago

    0:56 Gordon struggles through puberty

  • devils1trusaxon
    devils1trusaxon 8 days ago

    7:00 that guy is REALLY mad

  • AzRaeL
    AzRaeL 8 days ago

    number two omg this man even surprised Gordan Damn.

  • Lord beerus
    Lord beerus 8 days ago

    The 1st one wasn't even an argument it was just bullying 😭

  • Åland Mapping/Gaming

    When I saw "British Arguments" I thougth this is gonna be good

  • premier69
    premier69 9 days ago

    ´1:53 jeeeeeesus fuck she's pretty

  • Auto Baron
    Auto Baron 9 days ago

    Run to the book shop? Jump onto your phone and Google how to cook a Mussel

  • Tmanqz
    Tmanqz 9 days ago

    Brits sound so elegant even when cussing and fighting. Music to my ears.

  • Jay Sparkxz
    Jay Sparkxz 9 days ago

    is it chefs or british people that tend to be this rude?

  • Derek Noonan
    Derek Noonan 9 days ago

    I'd love to see the look on Gordon's face when someone first explained to him what a "safe space" is.

  • Madiline Hatter
    Madiline Hatter 9 days ago


  • The Kangaroo Gamer
    The Kangaroo Gamer 9 days ago

    Does anyone else think Gordon Ramsay as a child would have been a master roaster

  • scoot
    scoot 10 days ago

    Drinking game: Take a shot each time Gordon says a swear word.

  • Ak vs KAS
    Ak vs KAS 10 days ago

    Whys the guy off brothers grimsby on this 😂😂

  • The Realplatinumera
    The Realplatinumera 10 days ago

    what's wrong with that man

  • BROKENCM1994
    BROKENCM1994 10 days ago



  • Hatath Gaming Videos

    fakän ehl

  • Gareth Miller
    Gareth Miller 10 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey's a bitch

  • Keaton Southard
    Keaton Southard 11 days ago

    5:58-7:40 amazing

  • J.M Barlow
    J.M Barlow 11 days ago

    Fookin plonka

  • Fuzz Bills
    Fuzz Bills 11 days ago

    Why are British people fucking hilarious

  • NoNamedBoy
    NoNamedBoy 11 days ago

    0:57 When Gordons meat is undercooked

  • The Royale God
    The Royale God 11 days ago


  • wolfmanjacksaid
    wolfmanjacksaid 12 days ago

    Imagine the blonde chick at 1:54 posing in all black lingerie and imagine those eyes at 2:16 looking up at you during a blowjob

  • Marcus Chavez
    Marcus Chavez 12 days ago

    drink everytime you hear "fucking"

  • jeff popo
    jeff popo 12 days ago

    Mr Chipmunk

  • Freakie Squad Vlogs
    Freakie Squad Vlogs 12 days ago

    if you can PLEASE send him to Australia to a place called Hatch and Snout in Redland bay their service is TERRIBLE I waited for 2 hours for 2 pieces of undercooked bacon and one egg that was half RAW soo if you don't mid PLEASE send him there

  • cristal herrera
    cristal herrera 12 days ago

    wow the guy at 7:30 made Gordan speechless 😮😮😮

  • Lena Oxton
    Lena Oxton 12 days ago

    I love how whenever these people argue with Gordon, he never mentions or brags "do you know who I am" "who are you to talk to me like that"

  • RedJ 935
    RedJ 935 12 days ago

    0:57 when you yell to much 😂😂

  • Stephen Baird
    Stephen Baird 12 days ago

    GR is quite funny when he gets going... lol

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