Homemade Air Conditioner with Car Blower Motor

This is my homemade air conditioner. I built this by starting with a regular cooler and then I cut out a styofoam piece for the lid so I didn't have to destroy my cooler. The fan is a AC blower motor from a Toyota Tercel that I picked up from the junkyard for $5. You can run it off of a 12V battery, however I choose to run it from the wall. I did this by taking an old 350W power supply and cutting off the connectors. Then I connected all the orange wires to the positive motor terminal, and the I connected the white wire from the power supply to the negative motor terminal. This combination gives 8.3V, which is enough power for this motor. You can connect the yellow wires to the positive motor terminal and the black wires to the negative motor terminal to get a full 12V. This fan really pulls in a lot of air and is much more effective than a regular desk fan.

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Author sharona681 ( ago)
I think its great idea wish I had seen this a few years ago when we had
that freak doracial had no power for a week ideal to cool the room down at
nite also to keep food cold Ice not a problem I live 1/2 from Ripco ice

Author rgrhan ( ago)
If a person used a 12 volt cooler to keep the ice in it wouldn't melt
unless it was unplugged.

Author Shariq Mohammed ( ago)
U cud use DRY ICE

Author BLOODjack143 ( ago)
Lol I made a miniature version of this is by using a laptop fan

Author silentriot evenflow ( ago)
LOL . . . . LOL

Author hutchtransfer ( ago)
Dry ice does melt, however it releases carbon dioxide instead of water. If
you throw dry ice into this cooler and have the fan blow over it then it
will be releasing carbon dioxide. This is dangerous if you are in an
enclosed space because there will be less oxygen to breathe.

Author marryson123 ( ago)
have u tried using dried ice inside your cooler? I wonder if it would work
better, because dried ice dont melt.

Author Eric Prince ( ago)
This is how millionaires are birth American ingenuity!!!

Author octane ( ago)
try using 1/3 rock salt , 1/3 alcool, 1/3 ice... you will have a boost in
coolness indeed...

Author hutchtransfer ( ago)
Not sure, because it was from a pick and pull yard and there was no year on
that car that I pulled it from. Honestly I just looked for any small car
and pulled it out. Probably most of the Tercels from the 90s have this same

Author clonefourteen1 ( ago)
I'd like to know what year the Toyota Terce was that you got the blower
motor out of. -thanks

Author hutchtransfer ( ago)
Probably not. I have instead built some evaporative coolers. I have videos
for these on my channel.

Author 000mrman105 ( ago)
will u make one with a compressor like a real AC 

Author batterymaker ( ago)
Okay, it's a swamp cooler. Neat idea! 

Author Joy Z ( ago)
that is a great idea :) 

Author hutchtransfer ( ago)
Great! I'm glad I was able to jumpstart your project! 

Author frankmmiii ( ago)
Really nice video. Great idea using a blower motor from a vehicle. It's
already matched to run on 12v. I'm using videos like yours to make one for
my Durango as the A/C is shot. $1200.00 to fix it! What I'm doing a little
different is along with frozen 2 liter soda bottles(8) I'm also laying in
some metal lathe to act as like a coil to collect the moisture in humid air
and let it condense leaving dry cool air to be blown into the vehicle.
Thanks again for your ingenuity.

Author hearmenow listenlater ( ago)

Author hutchtransfer ( ago)
I never used a thermometer with this when I was using it, so I am not
exactly sure how much it cools. It depends on the size of the room and how
cold the ice is. As the ice melts, it becomes less efficient. This is why I
currently use an evaporative (swamp) cooler. This just uses water and I
don't need to worry about ice melting. Of course you need to be in a dry
climate. If you go to my channel you can see a video about this.

Author CombattRogue ( ago)
Hello how much will it cool a room? in Celsius ? aprox, thanks !

Author kitisabuebos ( ago)
I liked this idea :)

Author spawn2882 ( ago)
My opinion, switches are a dime a dozen. He should give it a shot and see
if the switch gets warm -.-

Author hutchtransfer ( ago)
Thanks for watching!

Author JMillerSPEAKSOuT ( ago)
Not bad sir. The New Macgyver :D

Author Jim Farley ( ago)
you'll be fine, but i guess you figured that out already. You'll also only
have "high" setting, or if you want to get really fancy, you can rig up 3
switches, one with a single ballast resistor (chrysler electronic ignition
style) in series with the motor, and one with two ballasts, and then one
straight from the battery. the 2-ballast will give you low speed, the
single medium, and no resistor=high speed. they will also add a good bit of
heat to your air, so mount the resistors outside the duct

Author guayacan07 ( ago)
Well he mentions 100 F and many of the viewers are in those climate zones

Author cyrylthewolf ( ago)
Does this guy SOUND like he's in one of those climates? Watch the video but
don't talk shit like you expect him to assume YOUR environment. Figure out
your OWN solution or adapt HIS. Don't ask him stupid questions. Bonehead.

Author guayacan07 ( ago)
Have you heard of different countries and different climate zones? Did you
know that some countries ONLY have summer and what they call " winter" is
heat with lots of rain?

Author cyrylthewolf ( ago)
365 days? Do YOU run your A/C during the fall? How about the winter?

Author Hostile Giraffe ( ago)
The freezer will continue to be cold wither he is using the ice from it
anyway. He is simply using the ice that is already made to further cool his
house. Please stop hating, especially considering your not good at it. 

Author HKGamming ( ago)
Add sugar to the ice so it doesn't melt as fast

Author hutchtransfer ( ago)
Very true. This is why I prefer to use my homemade evaporative cooler. The
only things running are a pump and a fan. You can click on my channel to
see this video.

Author suprcustom ( ago)
The funny thing is that if the Freezer you use to make the ice is in the
same house as this type of cooler you are actually heating your house not
cooling it. 

Author jtmax24 ( ago)
That's a lot of power and wiring. But I bet that SOB blows some air.

Author hutchtransfer ( ago)
@spinergy686 Sorry but I am not sure about this. However I have run an
electric bicycle off of 24V with lead batteries using just a toggle switch
and I had no problems. I had to make sure the toggle switch could handle
the amps and the voltage.

Author spinergy686 ( ago)
I came across your video & I was hoping you can help me. I cannot find the
short in my truck blower wiring. If I run the blower straight from the 12v
battery with a toggle switch will I be at risk of fire?

Author KanaCanaful ( ago)
ghetto version

Author david cody ( ago)
hey man this is cool as a mutha i like it alot that was a good idea

Author hutchtransfer ( ago)
@guayacan07 I never bought any ice. Just used the frozen water bottles as
shown in the video. I only ran this for a few hours a day and not 8 as you
figured. This is an old design that I no longer use. Recently I built a
homemade swamp cooler that I use instead. If you go to my channel you will
find the video. This is much better since I don't need ice. Just fill it up
with water, and the cooling effect is about the same. Oh, and I got my AC
fixed in my car!

Author guayacan07 ( ago)
so you gonna stop every 2 hrs to get a bag of ice? $2 for a bag of ice, 4 a
day,$8 a day , in 365 days is $2,920 not worth it

Author Edmundo Ds ( ago)
A/C & a place for cold beer.

Author Willie Murphy ( ago)

Author hutchtransfer ( ago)
@Synthbin If this is in a small room then it can cool down the room by a
few degrees. However, this is way more effective as a personal air cooler.
It does a great job of cooling down your 'personal space'. If you are
across the room then you can hardly feel anything, especially if you have a
weak fan.

Author hutchtransfer ( ago)
@RocketBurn11 I'm not sure about the dry ice. If your dorm will be in a dry
climate, then I would suggest building a swamp cooler. It seems to cool
better since you don't need to constantly replace the ice. I imagine you
wouldn't be able to cool too much ice in your dorm, however you'll always
have access to water. Check out my channel and see my homemade swamp
cooler. Maybe this could work for you. 

Author Synthbin ( ago)
Looks nice ! But i wonder can it cool down a normal room? and does the room
temperature actually gets lower?

Author origamix72 ( ago)
u can use a high output air compresser if u want 

Author RocketBurn11 ( ago)
If you used dry ice would it displace oxygen indoors or would it be too
little to matter? Just curious, my dorm doesn't have AC and we can't have
AC units so I'm planning to make something like this for next year.

Author hutchtransfer (1871 year ago)
@bajabilly2004 That's a good one! Maybe worth an extra $10 since it didn't
have a motor! ;)

Author bajabilly2004 ( ago)
you should have paid an extra 15$ and bought the whole toyota tercel that
fan came out of, chances are that car had ac..

Author hutchtransfer ( ago)
@animebsd Great to hear! When you get it working you will have to post a
video of it. I will be posting a video soon of my swamp cooler.

Author animebsd ( ago)
@hutchtransfer hey im building a swamp cooler also! i used a large ice
cooler for drinks, beer ,(ect) and cut some holes in it. got a nice blower
fan from a slim pedistal fan. and a pump from goodwill thats for a
fountain. ive got the blower, pump and wiring done in this thing all im
waiting for now is for the pads to arive in the mail

Author hutchtransfer ( ago)
@MrChevy815 When the ice is not all melted it does a fairly good job of
keeping me cool as long as the temperature is not over 100 degrees. It does
not chill down the whole car, but just my personal space. I actually got
the air conditioning fixed in my car, so I currently don't use this. My
latest project is a homemade swamp cooler, and I use this instead of the
cooler and ice for keeping me cool upstairs in my house.

Author brenda pardee ( ago)
does it keep your car cold! 

Author mondays89 ( ago)
Great vid! and when the jugs melt down you can just toss them back in the
freezer and refreeze them then exchange them for prefrozen jugs. Very good

Author hutchtransfer ( ago)
This is not a waste of time. Building it is my way of relaxing. It's called
"a hobby".

Author dreamextreme7 ( ago)
@hutchtransfer Thanks for your detailed feedback and thanx for responding
so quickly.. 

Author hutchtransfer ( ago)
The design in this video does not use a battery. The old computer power
supply I am using plugs into the wall, so essentially I do have a plug in
fan, although it is more complicated than a simple store bought one. I
first started out with a small plug in fan, however it did not put out
enough air to be efficient. This car air conditioning fan puts out a lot of
air and more quickly cools down a room. 

Author dreamextreme7 ( ago)
Is there any reason you couldn't use a regular plug in fan for an apartment
room? Does the battery make it safer avoiding electrical problems or

Author hutchtransfer ( ago)
I especially need it since I live in Las Vegas!

Author hutchtransfer ( ago)
Actually I just did get my car's air-conditioning fixed, however I still
use it upstairs in my hot computer room. 

Author hutchtransfer ( ago)
With my current containers the ice will last a few hours. I want to
experiment with different sized closer packed containers to see if I can
get the ice to last longer.

Author TheRealTrevorland ( ago)
Neat idea! How long does the ice last?

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