Senor Wences on The Ed Sullivan Show - Performed on "The Ed Sullivan Show" on March 20, 1966. Available on "The Very Best of The Ed Sullivan Show Volume 1" DVD at

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Added: 4 years
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Author Dennis Rogers (6 months)
Remember this guy? Always watched him on Sullivan!

Author Brock LaPlume (2 months)
This is the only ventriloquist that can make cigar smoke come out of his
bare hand through the first puppet in this video! To this day, magicians
are still trying to figure out how the hell it was done! Amazing!

Author erniemink (4 months)
Just like on the Hanna Barbera shows... "Sa righttt! " LOL HAHAHA

Author Alenka Hromasová (4 months)
Ed Sullivan had some amazing performers on his show over the years. One of
them was The Beatles of course. While I remember that moment I never forgot
this one. This one was more memorable. Go figure.

Author Robert Gift (5 months)
Thank you for sharing this.
Such skill. Must watch again.
A mistake was speaking into the earpiece.

Author Michael Solomon (9 months)
The Great Senor Wences!
Senor Wences on The Ed Sullivan Show

Author kataisa3 (7 months)
Aha! So this is the guy who must have inspired Jeff Dunham's puppets. Very

Author Pariss Hardy (4 months)
Ed Sullivan had some amazing performers on his show over the years. One of
them was The Beatles of course. While I remember that moment I never forgot
this one. This one was more memorable. Go figure.

Author aelialicinia (4 years)
Obama and Calderon. LOL

Author robphilll (4 years)

Author Pariss Hardy (2 years)
Blessings to those that posted this video. I've been looking for years ...
thank you!!!!

Author Cissy2cute (1 year)
Wonderful man. He is just so funny. Good for the "inner child" in all of us.

Author Edna Bland (2 years)
Classic television

Author mangledinal (2 years)
Senor Wences was excellent. He was also 103 when he died. Thank you for
uploading this.

Author DreamDancer82 (4 years)
The guy in the box cracks me up!

Author David Reaves (4 years)
Genius! True genius!!

Author SnappyPenguin566 (1 year)
he's funny. he will be missed

Author rdecredico (2 years)
So are you.

Author Barry I. Grauman (2 years)
Around that time, Senor Wences also provided the soundtrack for a "Raid"
commerical with "Johnny"- {door knocking} JOHNNY: Yes? WENCES: What DO bugs
like? JOHNNY: Sugar, and spice, and everything nice. WENCES: That's
right... {door knocks again} JOHNNY: Yes? WENCES: What DO bugs do? JOHNNY:
We....we HIDE! WENCES: WHY do you hide? JOHNNY: Raid is here! BUGS:

Author Alexthebug1 (2 years)
Shut up.

Author AlexC (1 year)
nope, you will die in 5 years

Author Trevor Jones (3 years)
tough crowd

Author username118z (10 months)
Berlusconi? о_О

Author Gregory Mahdesian (4 years)
They don't make them like they used to...

Author SnappyPenguin566 (1 year)

Author Linda M (3 years)

Author zod65 (4 years)
Great stuff

Author kiquita (2 years)
He was a genious.

Author thedecoy99 (4 years)
word! i could not believe how good the phone bit sounded, i thought it was
a recording for sure at first, awesome talent right there.

Author Featureman (3 years)
He was always great.

Author nickcreep7 (1 year)

★Tonight from New York "the Ed Sullivan Show" 4-18-68.....

Author ray mitchell (3 years)
What a wonderful entertainer - I remember seeing him on Ed Sullivan - Thank
goodness we have these clips to share - thanks

Author jkc1449 (4 years)
Senor Wences was the best ventriloquist ever. His amazing skill and humor
still amazes me today. I love the way he changes tones depending on if
Pedro's box door is open or closed , lol.

Author Charles Dickenson (1 year)
This is dumb

Author Rodion Rebenyar (1 year)
I agree fully. As a kid watching Senor Wences on a number of TV shows, he
brought such life to those funny characters that I just naturally thought
they were doing all their own talking! --- He was a master, there'll never
be another like him.

Author Noe Berengena (4 years)
Comic genius with an incredible sense of timing. He was without comparison
one of the most entertaining performers on Ed Sullivan's show. I never grew
tired of the Master and his brilliant routines.

Author zyxquark (2 years)
clearly a big influence on jim gaffigan. they're both brilliant and

Author ShutterBun2 (4 years)
Shame on the naysayers, this is some serious skill. The bit with the phone
voice is amazing.

Author nickcreep7 (1 year)

Author vamonosdecervezas (1 year)

Author Raoul Duke (4 years)

Author crazyman8472 (11 months)
You can totally see his lips move in the close-ups. :D

Author Chris Baylis (1 year)
So his lips moved, who cares - Peter Brough was a ventriloquist on the
RADIO. Senor Wences was always one of my favourite acts on TV as I grew up,
his characters were brilliant and his act was funny that's what counted.
But to say (as beasst94 does below) that no one can handle 5 voices in one
act today, I would answer, watch Jeff Dunham. Thank you to whoever put this
video up on YouTube, it brought back so many happy memories.

Author Jarrett Buffington (1 year)
you mad?

Author dakotahstr (2 years)
I loved it when Senor came on the show! He was so cool!

Author SnappyPenguin566 (1 year)
*sarcasticly* thanks

Author Juliaflo (4 years)
@robphilll Immortal!

Author gabbyjan54 (4 years)
Such memories...Thank you so much..He is still funny...RIP Senor,God Bless!

Author GRANBESTIA (3 years)
My name is mister WENTHES.... Spanish indeed

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