Senor Wences on The Ed Sullivan Show - Performed on "The Ed Sullivan Show" on March 20, 1966. Available on "The Very Best of The Ed Sullivan Show Volume 1" DVD at

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Author Austin Telles ( ago)
I'm sorry the very late great senor wences is moving is like to much

Author Alex Batey ( ago)
Liked his beer commercials.

Author alberto perez ( ago)
Buenísimo....¡y a cinco voces! Curiosamente, este señor era español y en
España no se le conoce ni lo más mínimo.

Author ekalbelddirp ( ago)
He moved his mouth at 0:56

Author Will Drucker ( ago)
sssahhhhh riiightttt

Author agentkracko ( ago)
Edgar Bergen's got nothing on him. I wish he were Fun and Fancy Free

Author BlackHorseGamer ( ago)
What exactly did he need at 10:00 AM tomorrow morning? I couldn't make it

Author artur3456 (302 years ago)
el tio carnal de jose luis moreno,para el que no lo sepa.

Author billl m ( ago)
entertainment from a purer time in American life

Author Georgi Mihailov ( ago)
He is HILARIOUS. Such a masterful ventriloquist.

Author Colin MacKenzie ( ago)
My wife is younger than I am, and didn't remember Sr. Wences. So when,
this morning while she was fixing breakfast, I came in the kitchen and,
seeing the pan with a lid, said "S'awright?" lifted the lid and said
"S'awriight!" she had no idea what I was talking about. I had to show her,
and now she's hooked. This is a marvelous sample. Comedy was so different
in those days, and Sr. Wences did other things, as well, like juggling
while he ventriloquized. I think I'll Fw it to my dad.

Author nyc1231988 ( ago)

Author Magda Giordano ( ago)

Author Rocketjay12 (38 years ago)
I loved this and especially when "Johnny" would talk even after he was put

Author kimdkus ( ago)
I loved this guy when I was a kid!!

Author Cissy2cute ( ago)
Who are the 33 people with no sense of humor? I couldn't wait for Senor to
come on when our family watched Ed Sullivan. What a talented man.

Author mahow ( ago)
The only good ventriloquist.

Author eric kaufman (665 years ago)
"Jennifer Lopez"
"Henefer Lopay"

Author Charlotte Yarnell ( ago)
Nice job 

Author Paddy Dolan ( ago)
I'll bet that Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo the Great,
Scooter, Rowlf the Dog, Dr. Teeth, Floyd Pepper, Janice, Dr. Bunsen
Honeydew, Hilda, George the Janitor, Wayne and Wanda, Droop, Snake Frackle,
Nigel the Conductor, The Country Trio, a tuxedoed pig, The Newsman, Miss
Kitty, Luncheon Counter Monster, Mahna Mahna, the blue and green Frackles,
a big alligator, Shakey Sanchez, Scoff and his green counterpart, Male
Koozebanian Creature and Muppy are all watching this performance by Senor
Wences and his characters from the audience

Author Deanmo23 ( ago)
Statler: Ole!
Waldorf: Bravo!
Statler: S'Alright?
Waldorf: S'Alright!

Author Ana de Villahermosa ( ago)
he was my grandfather, or is, because he will always be, and he was like a
father to me also.

Author Jay Cee ( ago)
I always loved seeing Senor Wences on the Ed Sullivan Show. His ability to
make all those voices and then to work them into a skit was incredible. He
entertained millions! May his legacy live on forever.

Author Jean Deaux ( ago)
the guy was a master

Author Brock LaPlume ( ago)
This is the only ventriloquist that can make cigar smoke come out of his
bare hand through the first puppet in this video! To this day, magicians
are still trying to figure out how the hell it was done! Amazing!

Author Robert Gift ( ago)
Thank you for sharing this.
Such skill. Must watch again.
A mistake was speaking into the earpiece.

Author kataisa3 ( ago)
Aahh, so this is the man who must have inspired Jeff Dunham's puppets. Very

Author Brian Hamilton ( ago)
The characters he creates seem so alive and individual. The illusion is a
result of his comedic genius. No special effects necessary. 

Author username118z ( ago)
Berlusconi? о_О

Author Marlon Egoavil ( ago)
Good job!

Author alaneasable ( ago)
LOL!! this is funny as fuck!

Author kabardinka1 ( ago)
And lived to be 103. 

Author crazyman8472 ( ago)
You can totally see his lips move in the close-ups. :D

Author ajamandadam ( ago)
Love it, thanks

Muy simpático Senor Wences!! :)

Author Paul Dirac ( ago)
Senor wences was the first to "Talk to the Hand".

Author jmarcguy ( ago)
Seriously, he was really good!! Haven't watched him since I was a kid.
Pretty funny!!!

Author Mike K. ( ago)
ohhh! the inspiration behind jennifer lopez on south park

Author Chris Baylis ( ago)
So his lips moved, who cares - Peter Brough was a ventriloquist on the
RADIO. Senor Wences was always one of my favourite acts on TV as I grew up,
his characters were brilliant and his act was funny that's what counted.
But to say (as beasst94 does below) that no one can handle 5 voices in one
act today, I would answer, watch Jeff Dunham. Thank you to whoever put this
video up on YouTube, it brought back so many happy memories.

Author Jarrett Buffington ( ago)
5 voices in one act, no one can handle that today

Author SnappyPenguin566 ( ago)
not a wise person to imitate

Author SnappyPenguin566 ( ago)
*sarcasticly* thanks

Author AlexC ( ago)
that was supposed to be a joke, just talking like he does

Author SnappyPenguin566 ( ago)
prove it

Author SnappyPenguin566 ( ago)

Author nickcreep7 ( ago)
ajkfkjfgnd haha someone defending ur pussy ass, but hes gonna die too

Author AlexC ( ago)
yes you do buddy

Author nickcreep7 ( ago)

Author AlexC ( ago)
hes just trolling, lol

Author AlexC ( ago)
nope, you will die in 5 years

Author SnappyPenguin566 ( ago)
keep dreaming

Author nickcreep7 ( ago)

Author SnappyPenguin566 ( ago)
4/17/1896 - 4/20/1999 rest in peace Senor Wences

Author SnappyPenguin566 ( ago)

Author VestalFabia ( ago)
And there is no cord connected to the telephone

Author nickcreep7 ( ago)

Author SnappyPenguin566 ( ago)
he's funny. he will be missed

Author Cissy2cute ( ago)
Wonderful man. He is just so funny. Good for the "inner child" in all of

Author The Venom Hoon ( ago)
Im guessing Jeff dunham was influenced by senor wences. Pedro's kinda like
walter and cecilia or johnny are like peanut.

Author Mauricio Alejandro Villalobos ( ago)
I was very glad to find this clip and he was indeed a genius in my opinion.
I'm glad that artists like Jeff Dunham today are keeping the almost lost
art of ventriloquism alive and well. It keeps the legacy of someone like
Senor Wences alive and available for future generations to enjoy!

Author andrew michael ( ago)
cracking the fuck up

Author Charles Dickenson ( ago)
This is dumb

Author Jarrett Buffington ( ago)
you mad?

Author Rodion Rebenyar ( ago)
I agree fully. As a kid watching Senor Wences on a number of TV shows, he
brought such life to those funny characters that I just naturally thought
they were doing all their own talking! --- He was a master, there'll never
be another like him.

Author Jessi Bay ( ago)
This guys not that good.

Author Alejandra ( ago)
Shut up.

Author Pariss Hardy ( ago)
Blessings to those that posted this video. I've been looking for years ...
thank you!!!!

Author MuppetMollyStarGleek ( ago)
The Muppet Show brought me here! Love this man, fantastic. 

Author rdecredico ( ago)
So are you.

Author b eep ( ago)
Very sorry to hear that. But I do remember that when he died in Apr. 1999
he was an astonishing 103 years old.

Author b eep ( ago)
Course, on the other hand, as a kid I was always miffed that Warner Bros.
cartoons wouldn't tell me who was doing the vocals. All I got was something
like 'Vocal characterizations: Mel Blanc'. I completely refused to believe
that only one person could possibly do that.

Author b eep ( ago)
It has been so long since I've seen Senor Wences (I keep wanting to spell
that 'Wencles' for some noel reason), that I had forgotten that he was a
master ventriloquist. Mostly, I remembered the hand with lipstick routine
and, of course, "S'right" {i.e. Pedro in a box}. What I am leading up to is
that NOW I do kinda watch his lips, simply out of amazement. When I was a
child, I don't think I even GOT the idea that the man was doing all of the

Author Ramón Castelló ( ago)
His nephew, Jose Luis Moreno, it's a famous ventriloquist, showman and tv
producer here in Spain. But hes nothing compare whith his oncle.
Unfortunatley Señor Wences is totally unknow in his own country. So sad.

Author sweiland75 ( ago)
I can't believe it! How can Spanish people not recognize such a talented

Author sweiland75 ( ago)
Great performance here but he seemed a bit uncoordinated with using the
phone receiver.

Author Meeny McSweeny ( ago)
@SamWhitemoon1 Yes ur r

Author EmmetEarwax ( ago)
He performed well after the age people normally retire . He finally
developed problems with voice switches and co-ordination. Dropping props,
etc., and he finally realized that he just couldn't adlib his way out of a
mess endlessly. He retired with grace.

Author danj1701d ( ago)
Silence! I keeeel you!

Author Ramón Castelló ( ago)
He was a great Spanish Artist and in Spains its totally unknow, Can you
beliebe it?

Author TheCcb89 ( ago)
I love how he talks thru the wrong end of the phone at one point.

Author dakotahstr ( ago)
I loved it when Senor came on the show! He was so cool!

Author Graham Strang ( ago)
actually, febrary 13, 1966. same show as rolling stones.

Author Peter McLanachan ( ago)

Author james oz ( ago)
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entertaining as oprah ellen: might be a new Talete the tv.

Author Robert Pick ( ago)
Thx for the post! As a child I loved watching him on the Ed Sullivan show.

Author zyxquark ( ago)
clearly a big influence on jim gaffigan. they're both brilliant and

Author mangledinal ( ago)
Senor Wences was excellent. He was also 103 when he died. Thank you for
uploading this.

Author Yves Sancho ( ago)
y decir que es el tío de Jose Luis Moreno

Author bowfrog ( ago)
Great post!!!!! Thank You.

Author Barry I. Grauman ( ago)
Around that time, Senor Wences also provided the soundtrack for a "Raid"
commerical with "Johnny"- {door knocking} JOHNNY: Yes? WENCES: What DO bugs
like? JOHNNY: Sugar, and spice, and everything nice. WENCES: That's
right... {door knocks again} JOHNNY: Yes? WENCES: What DO bugs do? JOHNNY:
We....we HIDE! WENCES: WHY do you hide? JOHNNY: Raid is here! BUGS:

Author Edna Bland ( ago)
Classic television

Author lmrs2 ( ago)
Genial !!! aún teniendo un tiempo estos vídeos, son realmente una muestra
de grandes artistas... superrrr !!

Author YY4Me133 ( ago)
Wow, this is so great! Señor Wences was one of my favorites on Ed's show
when I was a kid. I even have the 1961 45-rpm record that has "Deefeecult
For You, Easy For Me" one side, and "S-All Right? S-All Right!" on the
other. The audience didn't care that you could see his lips move. We liked
his silliness. I mean, seriously, a talking head in a box?

Author Abel Vega Jr. ( ago)
hah George said this show was terrifying...his fears man..

Author alixinthemiddle ( ago)
the ventriliquism itself sucks, but the characters and jokes are absolutely
adorable. plus, he throws his voice amazingly!

Author Linda M ( ago)

Author Bobo Jones ( ago)
Worst ever. His lips move more than mine do when im talking.

Author A Monk ( ago)
what is amazing about Senior, you would watch his lips moving-but the
routines were so cute, who cared???

Author Hawkeye752 ( ago)
He was funny with "SAW-RIGHT"

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