Losing My identity in Korea

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  • VirgoGoGirl
    VirgoGoGirl 2 months ago

    It's so funny to me how people expect immigrants to assimilate to their own culture and "speak English blah blah blah" but if someone western moves to another country and respects their culture and assimilates then zomg she's trying to be someone else blah blah. It's so dumb. I'm glad you found yourself Megan! I agree with everything you say. Ignore the haters and do you :3

    • ateCheca
      ateCheca 3 days ago

      this comment!!!!

    • Victoria Perez
      Victoria Perez 1 month ago

      Your right

    • katrina overton
      katrina overton 1 month ago

      I swear this vid is like everything :) I love that she totally called out people on what they have been putting up, and the assumptions put against her with really no basis. It's cool that she has let us into her life, but people have to remember that we are still only seeing like 1/3 of who she is. The thing that kills me is when people are always associating one or two things with a culture or it's people and are all like that is what defines them.

    • OurWorldAhead
      OurWorldAhead 1 month ago

      my exact thoughts. It's ironic and hypocritical

    • tinaDANGbaby
      tinaDANGbaby 2 months ago

      TheAhlivia lmao you're one judgmental ass prick, you know that? Megan did not start making videos to be judged. She made them to share information about Korea and her experiences there. What she does with her life and to her own being is none of your damn business. You can observe someone and not judge them or their family. That's just plain rude and classless. Her mother is not ghetto and having children at a young age does not make you ghetto. Funny thing is, I doubt you would use the word "ghetto" if it were a different race having children at a young age. Hell, her mom may look young because she takes care of her skin. And don't be a hypocrite, by your perspective if you didn't want me replying, you shouldn't be saying shit either (:

  • Claire Castelle
    Claire Castelle 20 minutes ago

    role model 👍👏

  • Crystal Angel
    Crystal Angel 27 minutes ago

    Girl you're hella gorgeous. People always complain about everything, even things that have noting to do with them. As soon as something is not how they were taught it "should" be they start to panic 😒. Just do you. It ain't nobody's business. 👑💗

  • Sol 솔
    Sol 솔 4 hours ago

    i am only going to say that i love in Argentina (south america) were you are supossed to have curves and use clothes with big cleavage wich i hateeee since forever. and i also hate my culture and everyything from this country. so if i go to korea i would use their make up and clothes and would try to adapt because i think i would feel more comfortable there than here.So you dont have to feel represented by your nationality or skin tone... those are things you didnt choose. Dont be so close minded

    • Sol 솔
      Sol 솔 4 hours ago

      *i live in argentina

  • KashMoney650
    KashMoney650 13 hours ago

    They just mad cuz ur tits look great! 👍 BTW ur tits look great , coming from a very heterosexual woman. LMAO....sorry but I had to, but all seriousness....u look great and Korean fashion and beauty suits you to a T. Hi haters! 👋Bye haters!

  • Levi Jaeger
    Levi Jaeger 14 hours ago

    but girl, think about how you're advocating pretty negative things. plastic surgery? really? you've gotten literally everything done. smh thats sad

  • AfreensHair
    AfreensHair 18 hours ago

    I am black and I still love you! Do you, boo!

  • Jenny Egidio
    Jenny Egidio 23 hours ago

    Broke my heart a little when she said her skin color is always an issue. You can see the pain when she says that. I understand now why mixed race people can get especially frustrated with people making dumb ass comments about their race/appearance. But really, how dare anyone tell another person what they are supposed to look like, because what race they were born. Pure small minded ignorance.

  • Juliett Dreams
    Juliett Dreams 1 day ago

    I do understand where you are coming from, and I hope u read this. my bf and husband to be is Chinese and I've been adapting to thier lifestyle during the years and will be even more when I am married, my goal is to live a healthy lifestyle. and want to do wat I want what makes me happy, and more comfortable in my new environment to his culture

  • Dayana Garcia
    Dayana Garcia 1 day ago

    People are god dam stupid. Just ignore their ignorant asses

  • Rosie mcguire
    Rosie mcguire 1 day ago

    You are absolutely beautiful no matter what! Don't let the haters get to you! ❤️

  • katt cosgrove
    katt cosgrove 2 days ago

    i want circle lenses and im not korean

  • ateCheca
    ateCheca 3 days ago

    Geez, how many times are people gonna bring up that topic about your skin tone? Whyyyy
    I mean there are different shades of black, different shades of brown, yellow, etc etc
    People just gotta be up in others business. But that's just how it is with the internet I guess, right? :/ You're brave for being a vlogger Megan~

  • SweetDee101
    SweetDee101 3 days ago

    I don't know if you will read or see this. I want to visit Korea so much and maybe even teach esl like you did but I am a chocolate brown plus size shy girl who only knows how to say yes, dad, and mom in korean. I just don't think I'd be welcomed. I hope you have fun for me and soak up the culture and fashion and love Korea has!

  • Awesome Cutie
    Awesome Cutie 3 days ago

    I think your amazing no I don't think your amazing I know your amazing and I look up to u

  • Tracey Holland
    Tracey Holland 3 days ago

    You are a beautiful young woman. You can not change your ethnicity just by the way you dress. Personally, I thought you were part Asian, until I saw your DNA video, even though you only have 1% Native American, Native Americans do have some Asian features, and your little sister really looks like she is black and asian. She is also very pretty. I would love to get those circle lenses to make my eyes look bigger, because I have eyes that slant, so they look really small. Ignore the hate, you just do you, I don't know you personally, but I'm very proud of you. Many people in Asian countries only see the negative things on television or the Internet about African Americans, but you prove those stereotypes wrong everyday. The truth is, whether you move to a different city or country, you want to keep up with the fashion trends around you, and I see nothing wrong with that. So many Black women, and Black celebrities get plastic surgery every day, big deal, yours looks natural, so people just need to move on. Your eyebrows look good, I see no problem there, I have been in the beauty industry for more than 30 years, and I have had clients and friends get their eyebrows tattooed more than 20 years ago, Asian Black, and White. So that's old news to me, my girlfriend's eyebrows have always been thin, so she has been getting them tattooed for years. Keep on living your life, because haters are just going to hate.

  • Rachel
    Rachel 3 days ago

    You can never make anyone happy. my family is bi-racial. In black communities my sister is too white, in white communities she is seen as black. When we are together people will ask us if we are friends. We explain we're sisters and people can never accept it. "Half sisters?" F*** that. She's my sister, I am hers. The point is, two women from the same damn family cannot even find acceptance within their own communities in which they grew up. I'm not surprised that 'the internet' represents these same types of individuals. It makes me very sad. These issues are too deeply embedded and only seek to find differences between us. It's disgusting.

  • Cotton Candy Fox
    Cotton Candy Fox 3 days ago

    I think if you really live in another country you become one with it. Of course you will wear Korean clothes because you LIVE in Korea. You have to try and learn the language because you LIVE there. It's called making an effort and being comfortable. I moved from Germany to the US and I feel more American after 9 years. My language changed because I speak English all day. I am fluent in English because I immigrated and I make an effort to be part of this society! ALSO when I lived in Korea I made an effort to learn words and get by using their language because it is polite. Life doesn't bend for you, you have to bend for live and adapt! I absolutely love Korea and are highly thinking about moving back to Korea for a bit. Everyone changes, no one is the same as the way they were 10 years ago. Stuff like this always gets me fired up lol

  • JAYU
    JAYU 4 days ago

    Love your channel and just subscribed!
    Experimenting with new styles has nothing to do with losing your own identity. Changing is a natural process in life. People who are accustomed to one cultural experience always seem to have hard time understanding and adjusting.

    I don't see why they should be complaining about you looking more korean! The videography quality is complementing your looks and the makeup you're wearing is on fleek.

  • Ree Bridgets
    Ree Bridgets 4 days ago

    I love you man.

  • Jasan Dhillon
    Jasan Dhillon 4 days ago

    LOL ignore these haters Megan you just keep doing what you do! 💕 you live in KOREA you are going to wear KOREAN clothes, you are going to eat KOREAN food, you're going to learn KOREAN and speak KOREAN and have KOREAN friends !!!!!! people who don't understand this can just leave your youtube channel gtfo and good riddance :-)

    • Jasan Dhillon
      Jasan Dhillon 4 days ago

      and as i get even further in the video, when megan comments about getting some sun, the same thing happens to me LOL i'm brown and my siblings have darker skin and i'm really light skinned compared to all my brown family and friends and strangers say the same thing sigh

  • browneyes124337
    browneyes124337 4 days ago

    You go girl!

  • serenesista
    serenesista 6 days ago

    I find it so ironic that you guys think she's becoming Korean when South Koreans are into American culture. Weird.

  • IDLife NYC
    IDLife NYC 7 days ago

    GREAT video.

  • Tuğçe Özdemir
    Tuğçe Özdemir 7 days ago

    I love you !! ❤️

  • Hana Williams
    Hana Williams 8 days ago

    I think your really cool and beautiful i love your videos

  • Maryam Williams
    Maryam Williams 8 days ago

    I think your a really great person and your videos have inspired me a lot. i want to move to Korea in a couple of years and i want to meet you.

  • 에밀리
    에밀리 8 days ago

    You're beautiful the way you are no matter how you do your makeup or what clothes you're wearing. And why do people care so much about what others appear like? If you want to wear clothes that are popular in Korea or follow trends that are idk popular in America you can do so and still be the same person! Megan you are a beautiful, unique and strong woman and I highly respect you and the way you're living. Stay who you are and don't let anybody talk you down for some shit that isn't even true~ 사랑해요❤

  • yen Ling shang
    yen Ling shang 10 days ago

    megan your so funny love you 😂😂😂 never change 😆❤👍

  • Ancar Willis
    Ancar Willis 10 days ago

    People get stuck in their own cultural bubbles. It isn't until you leave your base, travel outside the US that you'll realize how moronic that is. My sister is light skin like you and we're both military living outside the US. Forget the haters. Do you.

  • sopheearrr
    sopheearrr 11 days ago

    I absolutely love your channel! Don't listen to those people. Keep loving yourself and being yourself, your drive and tenacity is inspiring xx

  • Shana Leigh
    Shana Leigh 11 days ago

    You're doing incredible. Don't let the haters get you down. :)

  • Irlanda C.
    Irlanda C. 11 days ago

    You look beautiful megan! The shape of your eyebrows fit you very well! <3

  • kai
    kai 11 days ago

    *get more sun* ??? WHAT KIND OF RACIST SHIT LMAOO

  • Ashley Jade
    Ashley Jade 12 days ago

    There's nothing wrong with anything that you're doing. I think it's amazing that you love the korean culture so much that it's becoming apart of you and your life. I'm half Taiwanese and half Egyptian, and people here in America always look at me weird when I dress/look/act like my Asian side. Is there a rule that says I have to "act" black? American people are strange when it comes to what THEY want you to act like. My husband is Jamaican and he's slowly transitioning to becoming "asian" if that's how people want to put it. You can have all the freedom you want to be whoever you want. You look beautiful and you should be proud of the person you've become.

  • KindMsKim
    KindMsKim 12 days ago

    I really respect you, Megan!!! But I'd like to say... hmm,, she didn't lose her identity but has been changed, obviously, to someone different from the past. I'm sure this is her choice, and everyone change, there's no problem! But I feel uncomfortable that people say "she became the someone like Korean." Plz, don't judge Koreans by her behaviors! I've rarely seen my friends in Korea who did things like boob jobs, or somethings,,, one day blind date like her. I've never done either! Assimilate to Korea? Wth? of course there are some people maybe... but very few in normal life. Don't say all things from Korean culture, surroundings. They may influence her, but mostly by her choice! I respect her confidence, her personality, and her choice!

  • Benito Rivera
    Benito Rivera 12 days ago

    Forget all those negative comments from those jealous folks. I think you are the most beautyful, funny and bravest girl I have seen . Keep up the good work!!

  • Kwame Palavin
    Kwame Palavin 13 days ago

    Why even respond to their foolishness in the first place. You have the right to do YOU !

  • Dvstinq Soo
    Dvstinq Soo 13 days ago

    I actually have circle lenses, but I'm in America and I'm Indian/Caucasian I'm not a bit Korean or any sort of eastern Asian :/. I'm not some wannabe Korean I am my own girl >:00000

  • Charlie ILY
    Charlie ILY 13 days ago

    you tell em megan!!

  • Js H
    Js H 14 days ago

    누가 우리메건 화나게했구나!
    누구야? 오빠가 혼내줄까? 누군지 말만해 혼내줄께.

  • Just Me
    Just Me 14 days ago

    This is just funny. She lives in Korea people! Get over yourselves.

  • 22shiny22
    22shiny22 15 days ago

    I think you made your point very clearly and explained it well! Honestly I can't even believe you get those comments

  • Serena Holliday
    Serena Holliday 15 days ago

    haters gonna hate........do you gurl

  • Francisco Lopez III
    Francisco Lopez III 16 days ago

    Girl ya hot !! Fuck them

  • Sofi Woot
    Sofi Woot 16 days ago

    You're not losing your identity, all that has changed is your fashion and style, you're still the same person, have the same personality so I don't get how people say that. If feels like some people are trying to put you in a box because of your race and that isn't right, you should be able to wear whatever you want, have your hair any way you want and do your makeup any way you want.

  • Jeoyeyo
    Jeoyeyo 16 days ago

    I, literally, just sat here watching this (i'm that behind on youtube vids eek) while I prepped my nails to get my acrylics filled, after I just gave myself a pedicure, and am now going to do my like 10 step facial routine. So.....if you're vain or whatever they want to say about you, you fo sho ain't alone gurl!

  • Amy Ivancic
    Amy Ivancic 17 days ago

    Learning about Korea has been a newer experience for me, and your perspective has done a great job in helping demonstrate some of the culture and comparisons. I admit, I haven't been around for 'years' but I DO feel like people are confusing adapting, experimenting and growing for 'losing your identity.'

    I don't know how many of your commenters have ever left their country, but I imagine that those who are making the more disparaging comments haven't really experienced living in a country other than their own. That IS fairly challenging to understand without living it.

    Despite living in Canada, both Japan and Croatia taught me to be more conservative about water use because of costs. Japan taught me about heat efficiency, and has become heavily incorporated into my decor. Croatia taught me to embrace brighter colours. None of this makes me less Canadian. None of this detracts from my identity. It emboldens it.

    Sorry for the ramble. It's most unfortunate that you even had to struggle with this. You're amazing, and I hope you keep doing what you do!

  • Rachel Blackburn
    Rachel Blackburn 18 days ago

    This video totally speaks to me. I've always wanted to be the way you carry yourself...taking pride in how I look and constantly trying to better myself. I have those thoughts and wants but don't always know how to go about it. Thank you for giving me inspiration. Keep doing you Boo!! You're beautiful inside and out!!

  • t h e p i e s e a s
    t h e p i e s e a s 18 days ago

    You look good! Love the hair and the clothes and the eyebrows

  • Sid Mamuth
    Sid Mamuth 18 days ago

    what type of ignorant people send comments like that...

  • Nic Akh
    Nic Akh 19 days ago

    Can someone explain to me how a boob job means you want to be Korean? i really don't understand

  • Anna Qadir
    Anna Qadir 19 days ago

    unnie oh God I loved this video I know what u r going through cause I am going through the same phase I'm Asian but US immigrant . when I came back to birth country I feel people judging me because I look American and they even tease me for that lol this is the thing I hate the most but I don't give a damm every one has a right to be what they wish . but people don't get that . it's one of my dreams to visit (south Korea) *Seoul specially and I would like to meet u .. and tell u personally that u r awesome and perfect and hilarious . I enjoy ur videos alot because you are ur true self in it u don't fake things ... ❤ saranghay-unnie ❤

  • papi's girl
    papi's girl 19 days ago

    Y'all H&M is a Swedish brand I won't accept you wearing it, you're Swedenboos 😴😒😒😒😒

  • xuimod
    xuimod 19 days ago

    Damn, I would never have guess you were part black. Don't look it at all but now I can see where the some of hand gestures and mannerisms come from (African American culture).

    Also, never knew circle lenses were a thing.

    Learned so much from this 1 video.

  • LastKnownBeer
    LastKnownBeer 20 days ago

    nice rack baby

  • Seoul Sistars
    Seoul Sistars 20 days ago

    Girl, you don't need to justify yourself or owe anyone any explanation of what you do. Do your thang and ignore those who try to impose their views on YOUR life.

  • LeeFuIsGeminiQueen
    LeeFuIsGeminiQueen 20 days ago

    You are sassy and very, very pretty!

  • Army Blinks
    Army Blinks 20 days ago

    I liked how she pointed out the dressing up and down thing because whenever you go out in korea it's normal to dress up for everything. I started dressing up 2 years ago because I wanted to take care of the way I looked and now if I dress down my friends say "wow first time you dress casual for once" Also I would like to point out I didn't do it because it was popular in korea I did it because I wanted to take a care of my looks more and I wasn't even intrested in the culture back then anyways

  • Carlota Del Rosario
    Carlota Del Rosario 20 days ago

    I have been following you for years and will keep on subscribed because you are an example to follow, brave and always improving at any chance you get with your special sense of humor... ignore those superficial people and keep going!!

  • Wendy Who
    Wendy Who 21 day ago

    Very interesting way of putting things and actually this so called shallowy topic turned to be deep actually. I was at first thinking of how i did math and told myself yes that's sad she is being under the influence of korean esthetic pression but i think we always have to keep our critical spirit and i mean it in the good way meaning i have to take a step back and not jumping to conclusion cause as katrina overton said below we don't know all your life and it's pretty easy to do math that may be incorrect you can have a lot of different reasons about the surgery we don't even know about. So first, it is YOUR life so we shouldn't judge, second, you are at least have been honest with the surgery being made, third, we should always NOT jumping to conclusion. On another hand, about changing identy and everything. I am pretty happily surprised to see this way of thinking. Maybe sometimes i can be biased and i'd still be open minded about how i can be wrong, but hearing someone saying that it is not always about stealing or loosing an identity and people can be plural and can change, that is daaaamn refreshing, so for that, thank you Megan!

  • Tae Yang Lee
    Tae Yang Lee 21 day ago

    @ChoNunMigookSaram I agree with you. I'm Puerto Rican and moved to South Texas where everybody is technically Mexican and I have been influenced by a lot of stuff. My make up, my clothes, my eating habits... Even the way I speak has changed but It ain't cuz I want to fit in, it's just cause it just happens! I'm sure whoever is making comments don't know crap about mingling with different cultures, etc. BTW: You look amazing.화이팅

  • Cupcakewithrainbows
    Cupcakewithrainbows 22 days ago

    How did you learn korean? i want to learn japanese and visit japan but don't know how xD

  • Faith Haru
    Faith Haru 22 days ago

    girl, this people want to someone to hate on; just don't give a shit. I live in London and I wear Korean makeup style cuz western make is too much for me.

  • Sasha Natalie
    Sasha Natalie 23 days ago

    I love your pillow 🤗🤗🤗❤❤❤ #owel.. just started watching you and love your Videos God bless 🤗🤗🤗

  • Inelsie Reid
    Inelsie Reid 23 days ago

    I went back to her very first vid, and she doesn't look that different. I honestly like the way she looks, yea she wears circle lenses and got her boobs done( btw lovin the shirt) and wears her hair short but that doesn't s necessarily means she wants to be Korean. people change their looks all the time, so I think that people should leave her be and not be hatin on her.......that all😋❤

  • Daylon LaCroix
    Daylon LaCroix 23 days ago

    Girl, you just keep growing! No matter where we are, we are always changing. I have changed sooo much in the last couple years, I would probably seem a lot different to people who used to know me. But this is a good thing! All of our experiences shape us, and we are always moving forward and always becoming whomever we choose to be. You are always radiating confidence, beauty, diversity, kindness, etc. and you seem like a shining example of someone who is true to themselves and down to earth because of this. I think that many people just have cluttered minds and misplaced emotions, but hopefully they figure it out. Thanks for all the content you put out. I love it all. Have a wonderful day!!!!

  • registered2comment
    registered2comment 23 days ago

    oh Damn your hair was badass. and I'm not saying your hair is too straight now or something because I agree with everything you said in this video, but I personally don't think anyone looks good with a center part and all I'm saying is your long curly hair looked fantastic on you.

  • Kurisutin Moon
    Kurisutin Moon 23 days ago

    i think you look awesome gurl, u go!!!

  • MaddieMillions
    MaddieMillions 23 days ago

    You're not allowed to appreciate Korean styles so then where are you supposed to get your hair done and buy your clothes and makeup etc if been living in Korea for five years?

  • shudi xoxo
    shudi xoxo 23 days ago

    Stop being so koreaaaann! 🤢

  • nadasarcastico
    nadasarcastico 23 days ago

    Es tu vida, la gente va a hablar siempre y es obvio que la gente cambia ¬¬ . <3 Y te felicito ya que llegaste donde estas gracias a tu esfuerzo , sigue así ! te mando saludos desde chile :)

  • binxnewton7
    binxnewton7 24 days ago

    you are awesome! love this video! I think you are epic you are so inspiring! to move to a country and make it alone, and learn the language just so inspiring because my dream is to do working holiday in Seoul as I know I can't do more then a year and I worry about how to survive alone but then I watched your videos and thing I can totally do it. I just wanna say you are amazing!!!! keep it up!! much love from England!!!!!

  • PrettyLittleArii
    PrettyLittleArii 24 days ago

    im glad youre so confident in ur decision to be yourself and im happy that ur not listening to those people. Do you, girl!!

  • glucose
    glucose 25 days ago

    I love your outfit omg

  • Nada Tadros
    Nada Tadros 25 days ago

    I subscribed because I feel you are an authentic youtuber. Everyone wants immigrants over here to embrace the American culture and get mad when they don't and now they're judging you for embracing the Korean culture and "Forgetting" your culture. It's BS. Keep doing you, hun. Love that you embraced the Korean culture and I love how real you keep it. Please keep up the awesome videos and the amazing collaborations with the Kpop stars 😍 I'm falling for the Korean culture myself.

  • Sloth on Caffeine
    Sloth on Caffeine 25 days ago

    It's nothing less than stupefyingly absurd that people demand others to behave according to some stereotypes that they have of a group of people. For some reason people still don't want to accept that biologically speaking there are no races. We're all just humans; each of us are an individual belonging to the species _Homo sapiens sapiens_. Skin colour and other physical attributes do not matter. We cannot be divided into human sub-groups because of them. Each of us are just a combination of genes, and deciding to belong to some group based on physical characteristics is just completely arbitrary. How dark-skinned does one have to be to be black? How pale does one have to be to be white? If I'm a quarter black three quarters white, is that enough for me to choose to be black? Isn't it weird that I don't choose to be white since I'm mainly that? Many people would not call be white despite being three quarters that, because they feel being one quarter black overrides the whiteness. Everyone calls Barack Obama a black president even though he is as much black as white (black dad, white mum). But where does the line go between two groups then?! No one can tell, and that's precisely because there are no races, it's just a made up concept.

    What if all 32 of my grand-grand-grand-grand parents are from different backgrounds? What ethnicity am I then? Weird if I choose only one, excluding the 31 others (96.9%). And how can you choose one anyway, that makes it completely arbitrary. The best would be to forget talking about race and just call yourself human, but that doesn't sit well with others. What about bi-racial then? Well, that doesn't work either because we're all bi-racial, making the word pointless. We're all a mix of different backgrounds if you just go far enough back in time. If you go back to the tenth generation before you, that group of your ancestors will consist of 1024 individuals, and all your ancestors up to the 10th generation will total 2046 individuals. There will surely be all kinds of people in that mix, making you a "mix raced" person. 50,000 years ago humans walked out of Africa. Before that all people's ancestors were black no matter what you look now. So what's the point of dividing us in racial groups based on current looks when we all share the same background and as individuals are mixed bags of genes? And what's the point of blaming others for not behaving according to the stereotypes that correspond to our "racial groups", when those racial groups are completely made up?

  • jungshook
    jungshook 25 days ago


    your black?

    • jungshook
      jungshook 3 hours ago


    • jungshook
      jungshook 3 hours ago

      Sol 솔 hey, you are the one who called me retarded, thats very mean and disrespectful. it was hard for me to tell she was black okay? i was surprised but i didnt shame her for it nor did i say anything besides "shes black?" i wasnt hinting anything racial about stereotypical blacks. I think she's very pretty okay? i was just really huet for someone who doesn't even know me to call me retarded 😒

    • Sol 솔
      Sol 솔 3 hours ago

      whateva you are an atention seeker. that obviously want to argue about how you have to act like your skin colour. Hence you are a retarded.

    • jungshook
      jungshook 4 hours ago

      Sol 솔 well i mean i didnt know so using the r word doesnt fit in to the context. its not like its sooo obvious that she's black. i was just surprised. so saying I'm retarded is disrespectful knowing you dont know me at all. if you are joking then haha verry funny but dont use the word retarded so mindlessly. 🙃

    • Sol 솔
      Sol 솔 4 hours ago

      wait.. you are retarded?

  • mardonna5187
    mardonna5187 25 days ago

    Like a mom would say. Do what please you! Why do you care ppl say? Dont explain yourself on this subject again. All you should do is keep doing what support your income. You will lose ppl calling out nothings!

  • Naomi Torres Alvarado

    I've been living in EU about 5 years and my skin is getting more whiter and people think I'm trying to be like an American girl. I'm Puerto Rican and I had tan skin because I was always in the beach and the pool but here where I live there's no beach .-.

  • The Blackest Beauty
    The Blackest Beauty 25 days ago

    Grrrrrrrrl! Don't mind what people have to say. They probably never exit their own bubble. I think it is awesome. Black people can achieve other things than being a ghetto hoodrat. You portray a positive image. You even spelled the B word. You envisioned the life you wanted, went for it and achieved it. I am proud of you for that. Keep it up! I enjoy your videos. I also hope to visit Korea in the next year or 2.

  • FTKComputer
    FTKComputer 25 days ago

    Wow, those criticisms are insane LOL Ive been watching your videos since wayyyyyyyyy back in the dizzay and you haven't changed at all. I remember the video you did about how people reacted to finding out you were a black woman and you looked lighter back then XD. Im starting to learn as a YouTuber, people just randomly pull insults out of their ass to try and check you! I'm glad you responded in such a epic way! <3

  • dramaqueenlp
    dramaqueenlp 26 days ago

    Just curious I notice you actually say you are "African american" though I've always felt people only ever say "African American" when trying to be PC. Do you actually always say you are AA or do you typically say you're black? 🤔 or is "African American" a better term to use IN Korea for Koreans to better understand? Did that make sense?

  • Paulie X
    Paulie X 26 days ago

    she should be in porn

  • allenshegog
    allenshegog 26 days ago

    Good for you, you are so correct re: haters! I get the same treatment in the USA

  • Carole Whosoever
    Carole Whosoever 26 days ago

    You go grl!!! I love you and your beautiful black American Korean self!! And don't get anymore sun lady. No skin Cancer!! And keep making the vids you do cuz I love this one. Love love love love love this vid!!! I'll stay caught grl!!!!!!!! ❤️ ya!!! C Ya!!

  • Nona_Rona_Lisa
    Nona_Rona_Lisa 26 days ago

    fuck the haters girl, i love your channel it's so helpful!

  • Megolas
    Megolas 27 days ago

    Girl ignore them racist haters, they are obviously shallow and misinformed.

  • Megolas
    Megolas 27 days ago

    YAS GURL YOU MUHFRICKIN WERK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Slay them haters! I so loved how you called out ~specific~ people too- like dude that is hilarious, bold, and awesome. Respect, beautiful girl <3 <3 <3

  • Lisannie Matinez
    Lisannie Matinez 27 days ago

    i cannot tell you HOW MUCH I appreciate this video!!! I relate SO heavily to these statements and just wanted to say that your videos reach out to people and this one helped me an unbelievable amount. thank you!♡

  • Phua Xiong
    Phua Xiong 28 days ago

    I admire you for addressing the negative comments on your videos. Keep doing you!

  • Bushy Brow
    Bushy Brow 29 days ago

    Megan...why are you explaining yourself to these people? Just keep doing what you want. I think you know when the line is crossed.

  • Gaisho
    Gaisho 29 days ago

    Before I knew chonun was a reference to yourself I thought it was your actual name

  • Rebecca Tom
    Rebecca Tom 29 days ago

    Thank you for this video so much ! I have been experiencing those kind of hater remarks too because I wear Korean clothes, makeup, learn the language, etc. Girl you're the best, keep it up love ya ;)
    [P.S.: People have been saying that in Korea, girls don't really wear shoulders and cleavage revealing clothes; do you do that too ? Or if not how do you deal with that ?]

  • Rockin Sim
    Rockin Sim 29 days ago

    Preach Megan!

  • 세윤 Seyoon
    세윤 Seyoon 1 month ago

    as its simply said DO YOU BOOBOO!!!

  • Hanna Ho
    Hanna Ho 1 month ago

    You go girl!!!! Love your vids!!! Your new subbie ;)

  • Lauren Anne
    Lauren Anne 1 month ago

    People change! It would be so sad if people stayed the same forever. That is the beauty of life!

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