Losing My identity in Korea

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Author VirgoGoGirl ( ago)
It's so funny to me how people expect immigrants to assimilate to their own culture and "speak English blah blah blah" but if someone western moves to another country and respects their culture and assimilates then zomg she's trying to be someone else blah blah. It's so dumb. I'm glad you found yourself Megan! I agree with everything you say. Ignore the haters and do you :3

Author Nashadyr Saladin ( ago)
I am like Megan I love to take care of my appearance. I love her she is very honest.

Author Irene Bash ( ago)
I plan on studying abroad in Korea and my parents are mega racists (I'm Black and Japanese) and my mom likes to make fun of Koreans and my aunts tell me I'm trying to be Korean BC I want to STUDY abroad. There's nothing wrong with that is it? Me wanting to go to Korea for school and maybe some bomb culture shock?

Author Annie Lee ( ago)
Ugh, people are so stupid. People are all up in your life as if they actually know you. Lol. Just do your thing girl.

Author BonboriChan ( ago)
To be honest... I didnt know your eyebrows were tattooed. 😮 The artist did a really good job. And ya know what??? Love yourself gurl! There will always be those who disapprove! If I got the chance to go to Korea I would freakin love to try the food, the beauty products and to just discover! To me there is nothing wrong with changing your style. ☺ As long as you love it, that is all that matters.

Author Tre Tre ( ago)
preach baby girl. lol. what you have to say about fashion and wearing what you want makes sense. if someone says you are losing your identity then every one has. nothing is original everything is barrowed. just do what makes you feel happy.

Author Adrianna Heads ( ago)
Why can't y'all just let her do her??!!! She moved wtf do you think she's supposed to do you stupid haters. Honestly y'all need to just die in a hole and worry about your ow damn life. I respect you Megan for making a video and stuff but remember... some people are dumb as shit!

Author 양희운 ( ago)
people are really judgy... they must have miserable lives themselves minding what other people think.. so sorry for them. why can't they just leave other people alone?

Author Ioly_Rach ( ago)
AAAAAAAAAAA Megan just quit reading comments all in all.

Author Luann Putman ( ago)
I would LOVE to absorb myself in another culture, and be fluent in another language. I really envy you, keep doing what you're doing. 😉

Author 재완 김 ( ago)
hi megan, i'm engjoing mental hospital and this is bullshit. let's scream fuck NIS!!!! membesr~~ hola spanish.

Author J M ( ago)
you're so beautiful 😍😍😍

Author J M ( ago)
I love your top 😍

Author Masa Taome ( ago)
I love the way you look now.

Author theexpressoguy ( ago)
I agree. Your race should not limit what you wear or how you do your hair. The only exception tho is when Korean idols wear dreads or try to make their hair look like a black person. That is cultural appropriation

Author Anita Weir ( ago)
People change, that's life, she's clearly happy, that's all that matters 😊

Author Calavera Cosplay ( ago)
People are so close minded. I love circle lenses and I've gotten more into wearing Korean makeup just simply because I like it better. I love the faded lip look but just because I like that look doesn't make me Korean.

Author Kookie ( ago)
hi I'm new and just wanted to ask if you can read and write Korean? Just curious <3

Author Venriquecia Williams ( ago)

Author Patricia Garcia ( ago)
You know what girly? you are so talented and beautiful to top it off. Keep on doing what makes you as successful as possible. I don't know why you do videos about what people say negative about you. You the line haters gonna hate. I want only the best for you. I'm waiting to see your name on the Forbes 10 most successful and richest women in the world. Keep up your businesses and I believe you will get there.

Author hmmmokinteresting ( ago)
I feel so bad that she has to explain herself. She's better than me because I'd show you the door and tell you 'not to let the door hit ya where the good Lordtt split ya!" You haters need to get a life or at least stop obsessing over her life.
Girl, If they want to unsub, tell them haters, "BYE!"

Author Karen Lopez ( ago)
Girl you do you! Forget about the negative comments!

Author Alexia Icenhower ( ago)
Oh shit... it's 11pm... I have an appointment in 7 hours... and I found a new (to me) awesome youtuber which I now have to watch every video she ever made.

Author Bianca Alex ( ago)
dont lose urself 4 hatas

Author 7saany ( ago)
How did you move to korea? can you just live there or do you have to have a visa?

Author 7saany ( ago)

Author Helsic Yiverus ( ago)
totally agree with you! there is nothing wrong with your style or fashion choices.

Author Unity Echo ( ago)
Sometimes I take a break from watching your channel and every time I come back you have grown so much as a person. It's like seeing a little plant start to blossom into a strong and beautiful tree ~(^~^)~ I am so happy I stumbled upon your channel! You are so funny, cute, smart, sweet and just overall an amazing person to watch. You are a huge inspiration to me and I hope to learn more about different cultures and learn how to speak another language fluently :) So just keep doing you girl and don't let the negative people bring you down. Much love to you Meghan! <3

Author anaa ana ( ago)
you made my day

Author Kawaiigrape ( ago)
I watch kdramas and sometimes listen to kpop and my school 'friends', every time an Asian person walk by HENCE I DONT EVEN NOTICE THEY WALK BY CUZ I MIND MY OWN BUISNESS. they ask me OH LOOK your husband. If they hear mandarin or Japanese, NOT EVEN KOREAN BRO. they ask me to translate.People need to chill just cuz cuz we enjoy their things doesn't make us 'begs' < I really hate hearing this term. why are we begs?ANYWAY, Megan, you do you and ignore the haters :) Its your life and they can live theirs behind a laptop insulting people.

Author Olympia Esparza ( ago)
Hey forge those haters, they are gonna hate and try to classify you race wise no matter where you go. keep being you and happy and make the decisions that best suit your needs and wants and forget those haters. FYI you look gorgeous.

Author Magen Otteson ( ago)
Lol, I like your personality xD

Author Ravenstorm Williams ( ago)
Preach girl, preach! <3 You are so wonderful just the way you are. You are truly inspirational. As always suggested, please just continue to do what makes you happy :)

Author Nano Sakurakoji ( ago)
I feel like going to another country is about find more of yourself. that's why people love to travel. and to embrace the culture is just taking that a step further. people just aren't happy when others similar to them, or from the same region as them (America) are able to have opportunities that they (the haters) can't get themselves. however I find it empowering and amazing for a woman to go across the world and try to live there. I'd like to see half of you other women who have been hating on her try to live in Korea like she has and not conform to the culture, if you can even stand to live on your own in a completely different country with very different details of living. if none of you have done that, then all of you shouldn't be opening your mouths about this and let the girl live her life. why can't you all just be proud and happy for her? damn.

Author MrCzyn ( ago)
well said

Author Monica Wan ( ago)
that shows how people can't be open minded or open to culture :)

Author John y ( ago)
I'm not 100% how I stumbled upon this video/page, but damn this girl fine! Alright, hope yalls having a good day

Author mysteryelle13 ( ago)
It sounds like you just found a country that fits you rather than you trying to fit it. One of your arguments isn't fully plausible (you shouldn't really have to argue it anyways), but I don't get the impression you want to be Korean...maybe more of you don't really want anything to do with America, because you're content with SK.

Author Saniya Joyner ( ago)
As for me, I will be doing a lot more congratulating and less bringing down. You have gotten out of the worse shadows as an African American women. As one who would be living within America. Us "African American Women" have fought within our own group. Ruling ourselves to be moved by however society will take us, and emphasizing with stereotypes. In ways where we have even endorsed within ourselves, that we can't take ourselves the way we are. No matter the individual perspective reasoning. We daily deny our natural beings as a whole whether it be skin, hair, nails, body, clothes, personality, intelligence or character. In my opinon, Ethnicity being the worst of these. For we can't even trace our history correctly. Megan just like the rest of us, and I mean absolutely every one of us "African American Women". Do what is interesting and pleasing in your eyes. Abiding in different cultures molds a person and its perfectly fine. We all have done it our lives. It's exciting to dibble and dabble and absolutely resouceful to fully assimilate, like you have. You definitely have different agreeable circumstances. And God made it that way for the better. Go do what most of us "African American Women" couldn't. Just the facts that your enticed by other cultures. Other than what we have been told in America is ours, is breaking chains already. Live this life loving every bit of yourself, and keeping God first. If your team "African American Women" don't encourage and support you, who will?

Author Jennifer Jisun Lee ( ago)
getting boobs because she wants to be korean? I always associated boob job with 'merica?

Author Alisa Shelley ( ago)
So, what I don't get from people is, how do you expect someone who lives in Korea to go out of their way and go on an American style clothes hunting just so they don't lose their "identity"? I mean, if she lives in Korea, not only is she eventually gonna start to assimilate the culture but also, she's gonna buy what's available for her, which is Korean styled clothing. Which by the way are incredibly fashionable, so how wouldn't she like it? People need to get their chill. Anyways, love you, Meg, keep being you! 💕

Author Alejandra Sanchez ( ago)
your boobs got me snatched!!! yes girl

Author uutuber431 ( ago)
we're all born naked and the rest is draaag . now pop dat booty, wiiggle dem chesticles, snap dem fingers & werrrrQ!!

Author Audra Nicole ( ago)
Why Korea?

Author Randell Parham ( ago)
She's look perfect to me ! I'm here for it

Author rebecca connally ( ago)
you tell them girl!!! you do you, it's the same in Japan for me. My old friends think I've changed too much and just stopped communicating with me because I'm too different and I'm trying to change and be Japanese. do what you want and ignore those people

Author frenchie girl in the usa ( ago)
Hi, Megan love your video. I have a question why did you decide on moving to South Korea.

Author Regina Weste ( ago)
Sweetie, don't waste your time justifying to ignorant individuals. Haters are so consumed by evil they are simply spinning in a circle and clueless. Unfortunately, those same individuals are afraid to reach beyond current ground out of fear and use harsh words to intimidate and hope to penetrate below the surface. You are beautiful and created by God Almighty! Stay focused and create and post more videos about Korea. Are you near the north or south? Ms. Gina! By the way, don't allow anyone label you! The one drop rule was created to reject and deny the intrusion by slave owners. Don't fall for it! Claim all of your heritage! One African American parent does not make you African American unless you choose that label. Ignorance will continue as long as ignorant people remain!

Author ShaemikoMichiko ( ago)
People are so annoying lol. Megan your beautiful, and I feel like people are just jealous so their analyzing everything you do trying to find flaws. Being Korean doesn't mean wearing things made in Korea lol, being Korean means your were freaking BORN Korean and you have Korean ancestry. Duh.

Author HelloMyNamelsBanana ( ago)
I honestly respect people who speak the language and try to integrate into the society that they are profiting off of, so I think you're doing it the right way, unlike many other people who don't even speak Korean and then profit off of Korea yet complain at the same time.

Author sanne lopen ( ago)
you look like kat from tazs angels

Author Kaisa Nicole ( ago)
Thanks for this video! You be you!

Author Ashley Nelson ( ago)
It's so sad that you have to make a video to explain as to why you dress the way you dress and look the way you look. It's her life yall she can dress how she wants smh

Author Island Grrrl ( ago)
Omg! I love you!!! You're fantastic!!! I just discovered you on YouTube and I really love your pizazz & personality!!! Screw those haters, you're awesome the way you are!!! 😍

Author Amanda Ventura ( ago)
The reason I follow you is because you are yourself and I really love the way you try new things.

Author Amanda Ventura ( ago)
Don't let bad comments ruin your day. You still my favorite youtuber. Keep it up girl!!

Author V Blondin ( ago)
You r so smart. I could never learn Korean no matter I live there 1,000 years. Amazing how much u love and live the life u have chosen and u r HAPPY. That is the best refutation to the critics

Author Sir Dio ( ago)
I'm scared XD...nah, do u girl. <3 ur video's. keep it up

Author Clara Hanscom ( ago)
You look so pretty just do you wherever you are👊

Author Clara Hanscom ( ago)

Author Leesha Dormer ( ago)
It's funny how people think it's ok for white people to get a tan but if your African American you can't have lighter skin? so stupid.

Author rebeca daiju ( ago)
my friends anda sister always says the same thing but i dont care wat people says I wear wat I want

Author Katriz86 ( ago)
People who make those kinds of comments are people who have never lived outside their own country!

Author Yuri Chittaphon ( ago)
I hate that people are talking as if changing and getting influenced by another culture is wrong.
1. Changing is natural and it's NOT BAD.
2. If you like Korea and live there it's normal that you take interest and start following their stereotypes because, I mean, you went there for a reason. You're just following the style you like like everyone does.
3. Like you said, what's wrong with caring about your looks?

Author randomkidholly 'com ( ago)
This is one of my favourite videos ever. You go, girl 💪🏽

Author Kim EunHa ( ago)
Megan! I look up to you so much, you've managed to make a life in in a whole new country, you've worked to live a life that you want and enjoy. I wish to become as dedicated and hard working as you. Please don't pay attention to those people bashing you for following and working for your dreams. Cause honestly, what you've done is absolutely amazing. And it really is, something to be proud about.

Author musokachan469 ( ago)
I love this video!! <3 Never be apologetic for who you are.

Author ManyLanguagesofMe ( ago)
Much respect to you Megan! You have done amazing things for yourself in Korea! Keep doing you and ignore all the haters. Love what you said in this video too, for some reason any mention of any interest in literally, anything Asian, (particularly Japan, China and Korea) as an American, there is immediate backlash and snide comments. For the longest time I didn't tell anyone about my stumble upon and consequent love of Korean Drama's and some movies...eventually the interest lead me to OST's and then music and resesrching the culture to understand more context in films and shows. Not to mention, you start to learn the language just by watching the shows and repetitive phrases. Even realizing that Asian men are attractive (there is hardly any representation of Attractive or Masculine Asian men in mainstream America) and telling people you find an Asian man attractive (let's face it there are hella good looking men in every race) people look at you funny or make rude remarks. We are a global culture, I don't understand all the hate, when it comes down to it, we are all Homosapiens, we all bleed red, we all look the same under our skin. You're awesome Megan, keep building up and doing what makes YOU happy and keep sharing with us, to encourage and show us to chase our dreams and do what makes US happy. Thank You!!!

Author Sadia Ace ( ago)
You do you girl! Don't let them tell you otherwise and you look good

Author Sadia Ace ( ago)
You do you girl! Don't let them tell you otherwise and you look good

Author glamourgirl1938 ( ago)
You go girl!! I'm glad you made this video. <3 And I was laughing that you called out exactly which people said those hateful things so the whole Youtube world could see. Shame on them. What gives them the right to judge you? Who made them Queen or King of the world to pass judgement on you?? Do they really know you as a person? Nope. They didn't grow up with you, they didn't raise you, they can't read your thoughts, they only know a small part of you from what they see on 8-10 min youtube videos. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if you can't say anything nice (encouraging, uplifting, or positive), don't say anything at all. And if you don't like it, unsubscribe! Why put someone down or criticize??

Haters are always gonna hate. It ain't nothing new. Just remember all of the subscribers who respect and truly love you!! Keep doing what you are doing girl :)

Author Midory Plascencia ( ago)
y'all are so ridiculous. the only thing that bothers me about Megan is that little flick on her left eyebrow that i just wanna put a little concealer under... but seriously, let the girl LIVE.

Author Carmen Lopez ( ago)
I find it BRAVE as an American period That you decided one day to just pack up and move to Korea. You've seemed to have made a nice life for yourself. I myself have Wanderlust in my soul. Although I've never lived outside THE U.S. I totally get it. It really annoys me when African Americans are acting as if they are the authority on what's BLACK and what isn't. You're living your life as you want to. There's nothing wrong with exploring and being knowledgeable about other cultures. Of which you should know about besides your own racial existence. I love your videos. If I'm ever in Korea I already know a fabulous tour-guide. Take care!

Author LooksbyLazay xo ( ago)
The 90's was the best era!!!

Author TheKaramellfluch ( ago)
You do you Megan! I liked your videos back then and I like them now =) its a pleasure to see you change and evolve and create a good life for yourself in a different country and culture!

Author Jamless Panda ( ago)
I think like you.

Something like that came in my mind when I saw this video. I've saw a post from someone and the person were in that post like: Kpop idols shouldn't wear dreads or stuff like that because they are racist against black people when they do that. And I thought like wth? I'm german and a lot of people who aren't german are drinking beer. And does it matter for any german person? no they are often, I think, happy or proud when people are like oh german beer is so good... . Or in a lot of kpop mv's there are european culture like things (for example blood,sweat and tears by bts) and no native european kpopfan said that it were racist or stuff like that. do you get my point? I hope.

Author Ruth Less ( ago)
I've got Indian roots ,New Zealand raised and I moved to Seoul already speaking fluent Korean. I can relate to some of this and I also feel like misunderstanding and shade throwing are part and parcel of ones life if you're choosing to be on interactive media!

Author yuta's man skirt ( ago)
I swear, if you lived in Canada, or Europe or somewhere that wasn't Asian, no one would commenting these things. people get SO butthurt when someone who isnt Asian lives in Asia, and half of these people are either: into kpop/jpop, want to move to Asia, are learning an Asian language, etc. i swear people do anything to drag someone down that's not Asian and living in Asia for NO reason. when you live in Asia, you obviously dress and do your makeup/hair like many people in Asia have it because YOU ARE IN ASIA, YOU ARE OFFERED WHAT THEY VERY OBVIOUSLY HAVE.
some people need to grow up and realize that not every country is the same as where they're from and not everyone is going to stay the same. change is good, especially when you're changing for the better. besides, people saying she's more Korean bc she got her boobs ENHANCED are dumb asf because many Koreans prefer smaller breasts.
yall need to shut up with your negative comments. if you have such an issue with what she does with her life, unsubscribe an leave without needing to leave such negative feedback ON HOW SHE LIVES HER LIFE.

Author Jenny Haddad ( ago)
F.....k right Megan
U do what u wanna do
It's ur life

Author Robert Nitschke ( ago)
Dude, keep doing what you're doing! Coming here as a foreigner, you gotta assimilate to be successful, and like 90% of the time Westerners don't really take the steps necessary to assimilate on a deep level. I totally understand people dissing Westerners for changing their behavior to fit in here. I always get slack from my family and friends. When I post stuff on fb, people can sometimes misunderstand my posts and pics, but I am living here so I gotta live like the locals. You are doing a good job keeping your cool! I'm sure it is hard putting your "Korean" life out there for Westerners to observe, but from what you're doing they can better understand Korea.

Author morgan taylor ( ago)
Honey do you black folks always have an issue when you don't do what they do on a daily there is nothing you can do to please them

Author Awesomeness.kpopper13 ( ago)
girl you super cute keep doing what you do ;)

Author Kimmarie Dubin ( ago)
Do you boo. Just be happy. That's half the battle.

Author 나봄뻑가 ( ago)
she is hot..헠헠헠

Author MOMOKA-CHAN ( ago)
well I think you're pretty and cool either way <3

Author Fallon Daughtry ( ago)
I respect Megan so much for this
I agree she is in a different country exposed to so many things and of course she's going to change I mean how many of you guys have changed just over the last 3 years you don't stay the same you don't lose yourself you grow and adapt and become whatever your heart tells you is right this does not mean she's lost her self it means she's finding herself

Author Sunshine Calderon ( ago)
You don't even look that different from your older videos. You look the same but with a different style. People are so sensitive. Honestly I think their jealous of how well you are doing and how successful you've become and how pretty you are. You're great Megan and I love you!

Author 히류고 ( ago)
Eyebrows on fleek

Author Erin Sealy ( ago)
Thank you SO much for making this video!! So many people around me make comments about the fact that I like Korean culture and the language. If I mention a single thing about Korean anything, suddenly I'm a 'koreaboo' and I'm 'appropriating their culture'. When did it become so wrong to be interested in other cultures?? I think it's beautiful that you're finding your place and becoming more comfortable in Korea. You go girl!!

Author BK Becca ( ago)
I'm so proud of what you've done. it's not easy to embrace a new culture and have them embrace you right back. don't let haters get under your skin.

Author Hatake Chiyo ( ago)
I love your style girl ^ ^! That hair looks gorgeous on you.

Author Christopher Pisz ( ago)
You're amazing :)

Author kim chaimae ( ago)
.... and whats the wrong to try to be korean huh ? huh? haters ? huh ? im not even korean but shut up every one is free to be what they want to be

Author Hope W ( ago)
You really don't need to address the stupid comments. I mean, I get why you did and you did it well; but the people leaving comments like that aren't going to change their opinion. They have issues and no matter what you do or say, they'll never be satisfied. Just keep doing you as always and let the haters hate. I think its so funny that western folks get crap when adopting the culture of the country they immigrated to, creating a space for themselves and successfully integrating into that new culture but that very thing is expected of people immigrating to western countries. How is it ok for one but not the other? smh. I'm not even gonna touch the skin color thing...its waaaay too loaded. But people should know better and stop acting a fool in your comments about it. That's all I'mma say bout that.

Author Belle Higdon ( ago)
Megan you are my favorite person!!

Author Sydni Francis ( ago)
I freaking love your videos. Watching how you've changed is honestly one of the things i find so cool. You make me want to experience Korea and really be apart of their culture.

Author Brent Ward ( ago)
Keep on bein' Megan Bowen, even if that means assimilating Korean culture in your own self-styled ways! I seriously question if any Korean can speak the Ebonic accent you use sometimes, look culturally ambiguous like you do, and all the other great things you do with your personality...

Author lmm mae ( ago)
You look fabulous sweetie! 👍👍👍

Author Glenda Kent ( ago)
I love you girl. You are beautiful and so intelligent and living your life to the fullest. Stay focus and dont worry about explaining who you are or why you do what you do to people. If they feel so inclined to unsubscribe because of these ridiculous reasons say, "See Ya!" We will still be here 😏

Author sun jun eoh ( ago)
i think your really cool. so do not feel mad about something.

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