"KNIFE ONLY SWARM!" - Ali-A's Black Ops 2 Challenges! #5 - (COD BO2 Multiplayer Gameplay)

You guys suggested it... See how I get on! :D
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Ali-A Black Ops 2 Challenges - Different setups/streaks/modes in Multiplayer where I try and win and aim for a good score! Leave a comment if you have a challenge idea - Enjoy! :)

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Author sambo1yrmom (5 months)
this is not knife only, its a tac knife, this is black ops 2 you can
actually equip knife only… thumbs down.

Author Josh Czipo (3 months)
Unfortunately this is severe reverse boosting, everyone he faces hasn't
even prestiged yet. I only have a 1.10 kd and I still face people who could
easily join optic. I'm disappointed Ali.

Author Antonio Gonzalez (1 month)
Try this class on Ghosts : ready up, takedown, resilience, scavenger or
fully loaded, sleight of hand, focus. With, VECTOR CRB. attachments : grip
+ extended clip. Its an awesome class go for a K.E.M. I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!

Author Waffles (1 month)
I'm not against Ali-A or any youtube except the ones who discriminate
Christians. But this is obvious reverse boosting, I mean, come on. Knife
only swarm? If he didn't reverse boost, he wouldn't be getting that

Author Whiteboy092 (23 days)
dat Monster hat hahaha Ali-A forever a 10years old kid inside

Author Jaysen Quintana (21 day)
Remake Modern Warefare 2 for Playstation 4 and Xbox 1 with better graphics
and more DLC= best cod ever

Author 4DIE Rouge (16 days)

Author Callum Bruce (1 day)
Amazing but that was a tac knife didnt really count :)

Author MonetaryWaif256 (1 month)

Author jerome VDA (22 days)
I get that score with a primary gun...

Author Alberto Sotelo (5 months)
does he use a modded controller it seems like it

Author Misty Deavers (5 days)
Im terrible at multiplayer but max rank in zombies

Author William Cadwallander (6 days)
The hell u put thumbs down serious he was knifing just because he had a tac
it helps knife faster i liked the video like every other video he makes

Author june ninteen (21 hour)
What's with the car

Author Perry Marks (2 days)
He looks so weird without his Beard XD

Author SnakeEyes641 tls (7 days)
Bruh. Its has ppl who can't get a swarm with a nrml gun. U get it with a
knife :o

Author glenn stevens (3 days)
Ali-a you are the best(epic). :)

Author CODCrunch69 Gaming (7 days)
can i use this video to make my welcome video

Author Jeremy Figueroa (12 days)
Ali a I think you should play different first person or other third shooter

Author Tom Cooney (8 days)
that was very cool well done i will have a go i can get 30 kills

Author AQWSheroix (12 days)
How do u get in this lobbies with these noobs when you are prestige master

Author loriann rogers (18 days)
dem trittons

Author Adrian Nordlander (1 month)
U fucking best ali-a

Author Connor witt (4 days)
Woohoo 4 kills in like 4 seconds good job

Author Jan tomaž (1 month)

Author Skyler Gilkerson (3 days)
I'm new to youtube go chek out my channel and tell me what u think 

Author Raymon Garcia (17 days)
i think ur really good at black ops 2

Author glenn stevens (3 days)
Next use a riot shield. Good luck

Author thomasb04 - Minecraft At Its Best (13 days)
That doesn't actually count as knife only

Author Shaun Clements (19 days)
LMGF lololol Light Machine Gunner Fuck.

Author Deanthkny Campbell (1 month)
Fuck all y'all game freaks u don't have no life u probably barely watch TV
and I'm on this to talk about u

Author Frank Serrata (28 days)
Ali a I like the part where you got four people with a five seven and a

Author XxGiftWrappedGamingxX (1 month)
2:34 I think i am the only one who noticed but he said runned witch is not
a word sorry i just thought i could point that out

Author Shadows KillU (1 month)
Ali-A you just earned a sub keep up the great videos!! :)

Author Derpy turtle (1 month)
Wow ali a ur max prestige and ur going up against low levels wow start vsin
people ur level

Author Pablo Martinez (1 month)
YOU ALL R NEWBIES THAT r Ali-A wanna be's

Author Yamilex Trevino (28 days)
I can beat u im number one knifer im allways 1st plays on free for all
close to 234 kills

Author SuperSillyGuy (14 days)
Mlg pro skills!!!

Author Andre Cadet (22 days)
On ghost my highest sscore was 6280

Author Jeremy Figueroa (12 days)
Also don't listen to people who send mean comments

Author Jonah St. Hilaire (10 days)
Is he in a clan

Author Jacob Spence (24 days)
Every body is shotting but not Ali a

Author hassen mohammed (29 days)
What console do you play on

Author Leo McCrann (1 month)
Very goods mate subscribe to me I'm 10 my channel Leo McCrann thx😲

Author Taran Ainsley (1 month)
When he was good and wasn't annoying 

Author MrGillystar (1 month)
I would have killed this guy easily. 

Author Dylan Frary (25 days)
You are the worst.Lol😣

Author David Cmeofnciekcn (3 days)
use a assaoult shield and a rocket shield perks: lightweight tac mask and

Author justin holloway (6 days)
Do zombies 

Author Ethan Smith (24 days)
He makes it look easy

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