"KNIFE ONLY SWARM!" - Ali-A's Black Ops 2 Challenges! #5 - (COD BO2 Multiplayer Gameplay)

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Author Kmc1104 - Gaming ( ago)
I'm watching this in 2016

Author Angel Bonilla ( ago)
anyone watching this in 2016!

Author Tina Sissons ( ago)
the intros are sick

Author Gamer RaZoR X EU ( ago)

Author Iskandar Ismail ( ago)
you steal my bro sub

Author Tom HB ( ago)
This isn't hard got it twice back to back

Author Teh Auzzi ( ago)
Fuck Ali-A Kubz Scouts All The Way

Author Two Bros Game! ( ago)
Im good. The first one. The first one. The first one. The first one. The
first one. The first one. The first one. I have a bad thing. I have a bad
thing. I have a bad thing. I have a bad thing. It has to do it, I have to
press a new phone and email from you soon as you know what to say.

Author Trevor Dibley ( ago)
my best kill was when i threw a concussion directly at someone then he died

Author Richie Gonzalez ( ago)
hey your good

Author Erwin Reimann ( ago)
i have withe a nithe a 3587 poit kill mede

Author ALG Amine ( ago)
WTF!! QUAD FUCKING! KNIFE KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Sandfacegame 813 ( ago)
My first like

Author Eric Tackebury ( ago)
He is so chill in his older video's.

Author Mutasim Mubarak ( ago)
Exactly 3 years ago ., AliA 19 years old

Author Sm0KerZ Gamerz ( ago)
how is this mod called?

Author EthanTru Gaming ( ago)
I liked it

Author Kryy Hydro ( ago)
"Knife Only Gameplay"

*Puts a C4 on class and uses scorestreaks*

Author Ahmed Bader ( ago)
I miss the old calm intro 😅

Author James Barry Jr ( ago)
C4 only

Author Spwnzie Trapz ( ago)
Your using hardline wtf do you expect

Author Ali White ( ago)
I love the new Ali a and the old Ali a

Author RainBowed Poopilicious ( ago)
That 2nd kill was epic

Author OG-ITZ-DA- GANGSTA ( ago)
I Miss everything about old Ali a. Now he literally changed everything

Author Ryan Nichols ( ago)
can you guys believe that he has his first beard

Author will maslin ( ago)
how did he get that ghosts calling card

Author gaming evil ( ago)
Best knife challenge ceep up the beast work good play my frend

Author T-rex 29 ( ago)
do a shotgun challenge swarm

Author Bananamagic898 ( ago)
when he was a good utuber... the days

Author John Haynes ( ago)
Sub to me and il sub to you

Author Zynk Cope ( ago)
I miss these old videos :(

Author Jordan Bautista ( ago)
i wish I can have the same hairline like him

Author ZOMBIEDESTROYER999 ( ago)
Thumbs up if your watching in 2016.

Author PS3GamingScotland ( ago)

Author imPassion_High ( ago)
2056 ?

Author ruby roo houghton ( ago)
Who is watching in 2016

Author Ellie cook ( ago)
M8 that's a load of rubish you play games until u do good so stop lying

Author Eric Gil ( ago)
Damn, Ali a seemed to not scream in his intro like his newer videos.

Author MessyCats Lolipop ( ago)
happy new year

Author Thehdscruber21 Tu ( ago)

Author PS4 Gamer Vlogs ( ago)
He is that good

Author A Yuri Addict (Pterodactyl Dude) ( ago)
this is how I play black ops. a knife is thr equivalent to a energy sword
from halo. op.

Author Kaelani Kose ( ago)
Oh my gosh Ali a! You're so handsome

Author XxjoshuaxX hood one ( ago)
pistol challenge

Author chickabuu 1 ( ago)
2 years can change a man

Author Hugo Sutherland ( ago)
I really miss the old Ali-A, that includes outro, theme song, intro,
personality and logo

Author Snkc Clan ( ago)
Ps3 Name SnKc_DrUnK

Author Snkc Clan ( ago)

Author when she lie and say she had aids and you smashed ( ago)
WHERE IS YOUR BEARD?!!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Author david delgado ( ago)
Song at the end please ?

Author Jake Howell ( ago)
who's watching this in 2016

Author Thehazamguy Plays minecraft ( ago)
You can't tell if he's speaking over it or already was doing it

Author otaku_dreamz ( ago)
Jesus coming from bo3 that melee range and tracking is freaking insane

Author Kobe Kobee ( ago)
OK I hate Alia but this was very cool

Author Yamil Villegas ( ago)
DAMN DANIEL back at it again killing the whole team😁😀

Author Jose Vazquez ( ago)
He looks so young

Author Sezza WWE ( ago)
27/5 nice

Author Sezza WWE ( ago)
When Ali A was normal

Author Antonio Salcedo ( ago)
Back when Ali-A cared

Author Andrew Roth ( ago)
You should do a challenge when ever you die you have to change you gun+no

Author TheAzzanumber1 ( ago)
Ali-A I saw your btoher

Author Niall cullen ( ago)
I did it I got 23-15

Author xXmlG woLFXx wlof ( ago)
OMG HE'S LOOKS WEIRD IN 2013 but who's watching in 2016

Author Kuzan Reh xK (47 years ago)
Who else likes his new videos? Damn

Author John O'connor (1830 years ago)
I'm hacking today add me Kanecreeper3

Author TheRootbeer66 ( ago)
I think this video is a little bullshit...

Author Ian Lemos ( ago)
do u got a ps3

Author steph curry ( ago)
what dafuq is wrong with your hair

Author will grantham ( ago)
I remember that map when I played with my friend

Author Invade Gamer ( ago)
can someone please sudsrcride to me

Author william gothan ( ago)
Pretty good

Author Franklin Clinton ( ago)
ali u play like a boss i like it

Author FaZe Random ( ago)
Sub and watch my vids please I do bo2 clips

Author abid siddiqi ( ago)
why do you have a pistol because it's just a knife challenge?

Author Joel Read (1646 years ago)
headshot only challenge!!!!

Author Faroq_AK47 ( ago)
who watching this in March ?

Author Joe Smith ( ago)
Hey ,youtube, I dont mean to be a downer, but i've come here to let
everyone know that ive recently been diagnosed with cancer. I was very
healthy all my life, my doctors are very suprised by this. But im pretty
sure i got it by reading this comment section.

Author minetech2000 minetech2000 ( ago)
anyone watching in 2016

Author Phantom544 ( ago)
Ali looks so different! It felt like I was watching someone else.

Author Wild Gaming ( ago)
Guys can u check my channel and SUBSCRIBE :)

Author Infernos Studios (Powered By Redstone) ( ago)
I'm a knife and your so good

Author Tekin Baranioglu ( ago)
😄😄😄🎮OMG AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Author MANESA Tupai ( ago)
why does the title picture look like pewdiepie

Author Reecy _03 ( ago)
Such an old video

Author EgoS Gaming ( ago)
Awesome video! i have a awesome video on my channel to :) can you please
check it out? :) please subscribe :)

Author CCB ( ago)
guys please check my channel, if you like please do sub

Author Kingpin-Call Of Duty ( ago)
Who's here in 2016

Author The Real PyroManiac ( ago)
Man how Ali has changed. Less arrogant and a lot more calm

Author Harsh Divit ( ago)
well done ali a

Author Ninja Bleins ( ago)
good old times#memorie ... wish i could go back in time

Author Fire Poweryolo ( ago)
who here is watching this in 2016???

Author Jaylen Williams ( ago)
is Ali a part of sidemen

Author ItzKaLuM ( ago)
Time travel ¿?

Author Hanneke Rengelink ( ago)
Like you zee this again in 2016

Author 8dKHEMqh ( ago)
hi 2016

Author Selberdenken TV ( ago)

Author PEAK (537 years ago)
it's so difficult to get in a bo2 multiplayer lobby on 360

Author Mike Hawk ( ago)
Through back when you weren't a twat

Author Ariel Garcia ( ago)
I like the fury kill Ali

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