"KNIFE ONLY SWARM!" - Ali-A's Black Ops 2 Challenges! #5 - (COD BO2 Multiplayer Gameplay)

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Author Charlie Denness ( ago)

Author Chukied Feng ( ago)
gratis job

Author adis karalic (1138 years ago)
why does Ali a have haters u try doing this its not easy u just acting like
its easy get the heck out of here

Author Riley Derifield ( ago)
you look like a girl in the thumbnails

Author Antonio Santoyo ( ago)
please subscribe to my youtube

Author It's All Ogre Now ( ago)

Author tyler littlejohns ( ago)
hey everyone subscribe to me for awesome call of duty videos!!!

Author George Morton-Bool ( ago)

Author Tarik W Seyad ( ago)
Hide your face

Author Pono Hanchett ( ago)

Author Angelica Rios ( ago)
I dare u too do the knife only challenge in zombies "town"

Author Gerald Oneill ( ago)
OH! alia is amazing

Author iiLazySundays ( ago)
Shoutout to the original subscribers that would search Ali-A for those dope
MW3 classes

Author tony stark ( ago)
very big like brother i hope to talk to you

Author OVC Gaming ( ago)

Author desimunda1983 ( ago)

Author desimunda1983 ( ago)

Author Clay Riddle ( ago)

Author Sir Jimalot ( ago)
Ali at 5:24 though! LOL

Author Joshua Ugbo ( ago)
How come people don't like knifing

Author PUDDY CAT12345 fun in games ( ago)
almost only counts in horse shoes and hanger grande my gram-pal tout me
that and his dad tout him that

Author Keyondre Carter ( ago)
That quad fee thoe

Author Gaming Geek ( ago)
I need to say two things
faze alia
optic alia

Author harley king ( ago)
Ali is playing with noobs they games that i get in you could not get mire
than 3 kills

Author Dug Niemela ( ago)
This was impressive, I normally dislike cod due to its horrible community
and the amount of kids ruling over the game. Battlefield time :)

Author EXPL Hopes (2 years ago)
I trolled a hacker on bo3 haha look at my recent video 😂

Author Jon ovan ( ago)
I know this is pretty old but I just want to say this. I thought he was
playing cod not tf2 spy

Author CreeppyPelaa ( ago)
Knifing in Bo2 is so bad....Its easier to knife in other cods

Author Elizabeth Portsmouth ( ago)
try to nife people on gan game

Author Saidsoul VEVO ( ago)

Author alexpro ( ago)
min 1.30 suprise bitch lol

Author Ian Speiser ( ago)
Go subscribe to Owenfps

Author ‫יואב גולדנברג‬‎ ( ago)

Author Deni ( ago)
Subscribe to my channel or like my videos if you see this in 2015

Author Rejected Lunar ( ago)
everyone watch my vids and sub new cod account

Author Frida Choo ( ago)
Im like you Ali-A!!!!

Author Killer Mentality Clan ( ago)
I miss this old Ali-A

Author AnonymousHumanBeing ( ago)
These were the days
Dont like him anymore
Acts like his viewers are 3 years old

Author Sydney Phillips (1273 years ago)
that was amazing

Author call of duty caden ( ago)
you are one of the best youtubers ever i litterly love as a fan boy you are
a boss😃😃😃

Author rafael lopes ( ago)

Author Swifte Life ( ago)
more playing

Author Tenshi kyuuketsuki ( ago)
alia dont tell us to give a kile we will ok your awesome dont worry

Author Neal Langley ( ago)
Do more free-for-all on MW2!

Author HazzaPlayz123 ( ago)
You should try to do a cross bow nuclear/swarm maybe that would be so Sic
and awesome

Author Baatzi ( ago)
U wrote ''Minecrat'' in the annotation at the biggining of tha vid :=)

Author MaoTseBOOM ( ago)
cool videos man! may you have a long successful youtube career!

Author rafael lopes ( ago)

Author rafael lopes ( ago)

Author rafael lopes (809 years ago)

Author rafael lopes (859 years ago)

Author Reborn NightMare ( ago)
I bet he's soo fun in gun game

Author HLC Gaming ( ago)
Hey, check out our channel! We make zombies, agario, and other various
videos. In the next year we hope to grow substantially in popularity. :)

Author SuGaRlOaFeRz ( ago)
Check out my vids 😎

Author Smelly Mells ( ago)
no atachms no park

Author Travis Munnerlyn ( ago)
alia will spank any one in any call of duty he has good technique and

Author Nishad Awasthy ( ago)
this is how i expected syndicate to look like.

Author Cormac Harte ( ago)
I done a knife only tried to get a swarm but unfortunately I died from 2
kills away

Author Bjorn Devas ( ago)
I only have 1 subscriber😔

Author THEMAGICPANDA 69 ( ago)
Support the panda!! U.K youtubers need your help

Author Jordan Bowlds ( ago)
play battlefield hardline man

Author lianos gaming ( ago)
So op

Author Jamie Powles ( ago)

Author Mr.Synth ( ago)
how is it poosible

Author Moses Gomez ( ago)
mad skill bro

Author R4GEMODECLAN ( ago)
lol ur face is so naked

Author Ryan Banks ( ago)
haha love this. I have a knife only class and love it, everyone rage quits

Author Djani TheGamer ( ago)
on video

Author Djani TheGamer ( ago)
ali-a you are the best knife killer you play knife on call of duty black
ops 3

Author Avii HD ( ago)
can i try these on my channel

Author Smile Doge ( ago)
I was expecting combat knife cuz it's more challenging, sometimes you just
die even tho you clearly hit the guy. just got golden knife today.

Author Daniel Brown ( ago)
Pause the video 1.24 I look at his face. You're welcome

Author ApeKop -_- ( ago)
Ali-A Beast MODE

Author TheGamingWolf ( ago)
What is the outro song?

Author Enrique Seco Bostrom ( ago)
I love youre videos

Author TheTrollingMaster Ninja ( ago)
but i like the vid, i'm gonna do that challenge

Author TheTrollingMaster Ninja ( ago)
dude thats weak i get a buch of kills with only using the knife only cause
i wanted gold.

Author OB Lucas ( ago)

Author rashaun Stewart ( ago)

Author FamousHec ( ago)
i can do that with my mods lol go sub to my channel

Author XRapsON X ( ago)

Author Joe Alferez ( ago)
Love your videos

Author ZebraBrah AwesomeMan1810 ( ago)
Yeah bro

Author harry domino ( ago)
The best I can do is 23-0

Author harry domino ( ago)
How are you so good?

Author Anthony Worthy ( ago)
I miss the robot

Author Beau Johnston ( ago)

Author nelson pica77 ( ago)

Author Jacqueline Quilliam ( ago)
it was a split and rolling quad

Author Carson Allgier ( ago)
Ali-A is da best

Author Cole Smith ( ago)
Ali a you piece of shit kill yourself

Author TeleKatuby ( ago)
O luk Fetis Ali

Author James Mcg ( ago)
Great kills

Author Zaine Renick ( ago)
if u delete both guns u get a combat knife

Author Bam & Eme ( ago)
beastly lol

Author Nancy Anderson ( ago)

Author bailey roope ( ago)
Ali-A your challenge is to do bo2 ballistic knife and RPG

Author ThePancakeLord BreadLord ( ago)
You are really cool. I like you're videos. You are better than Hikeplays

Author Amanda Baier ( ago)
Ali you are a very good at cod love you long time good luck

Author yesenia ruano ( ago)

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