"KNIFE ONLY SWARM!" - Ali-A's Black Ops 2 Challenges! #5 - (COD BO2 Multiplayer Gameplay)

You guys suggested it... See how I get on! :D
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Ali-A Black Ops 2 Challenges - Different setups/streaks/modes in Multiplayer where I try and win and aim for a good score! Leave a comment if you have a challenge idea - Enjoy! :)

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Author sambo1yrmom (2 months)
this is not knife only, its a tac knife, this is black ops 2 you can
actually equip knife only… thumbs down.

Author ChickenOfSteel Plays MC (9 days)
Ali-A is awesome at bo 2

Author Alberto Sotelo (2 months)
does he use a modded controller it seems like it

Author M.H Asadi (3 months)
dude ure playing bunch of noobs. they dont pay attention to their
surrounding , they just look forward which is awful. 

Author PirppaPepunenOfficial (1 month)
Thats piss off players are just fucking shit on xbox come ps3 noob.
I proof. Look my 91-1 triple nuclear on my channel noob ali

Author Nebula Star (2 months)
I'm a prick LOL

Author baymeo split (3 months)
2:08 2:33 How in the ...?

Author Braiden Randall (2 months)
once i got five kills in a row wih a tommahawk w

Author mystique_snipez (6 days)
he should have used a real knife not tac knife

Author raditzan (12 days)
He is using EMP grenade which helps him get the swarm, hence not knife

Author Jayden Poth (19 days)
Shut up sambo leave him alone

Author Shiloh Jordan (18 days)
I can't even get a swarm any tips

Author GhostsTroll12 (2 months)
Any cod game any console

Author Mom athon (23 days)
I cant even get a swarm with a msmc....

Author Hunter Karnes (2 months)
Alia you get 105% knife speedy with tac knife which is easier to lunge and
kill so it wasn't to hard for you! I've done this with the combat knife 4

Author iam the mokelesmes (4 months)
merk is beter 

Author Alberto games 101 (2 months)
You had hard line on

Author Jukka Puttonen (2 months)
Nsh,fail,it was knife only not tactical knife(TROLL)

Author Knife With Logic (2 months)
Hey guys I have a knifing/cross map channel you should check it out 

Author jake wenzel (2 months)
Add me I'm called


Author Wael Elmasri (2 months)
What does he say at the beginning of the video

Author Mr SwiftNess (3 months)
Ali-A your fucking trash you tag using bitch and stop acting like your good
you fucking trashy YouTube wannabe 

Author bacony smellz (3 months)
Yup, another nice setup kid. Non of these kids realise this is a setup ,
watch the video again, notice the enemies? Sorry, you don't get that kind
of game. It's so easy to go on custom games and photoshop level ups. Also,
notice you never see him in the actual lobby do you? He gets them to kill
him once or twice to make it not look fake. The enemies hardly ever shoot,
they just look at him, or pretend they did not see him? Yeah, such a good
player Ali a. 

Author Joe Manderson (1 day)
combat axe

Author hawkeyenfl (4 months)
Alia vs vanoss

Author Josh Czipo (8 days)
Unfortunately this is severe reverse boosting, everyone he faces hasn't
even prestiged yet. I only have a 1.10 kd and I still face people who could
easily join optic. I'm disappointed Ali.

Author Adrian M (2 days)

Author Keshawn Lee (2 days)
its so awesome

Author FluffyGerbilGaming (8 days)
Sensitiveity 1 quickscoping

Author Kieran Hornsey (2 days)
Show the final killcams in your videos please

Author Andrew Rowe (5 days)
Try to get a swarm with only the combat ace! 

Author Dean Parry (1 day)
How did u do that we're u on private match

Author jafll141 . (9 days)
Where do you get your lag switch

Author caleb flynn (2 months)
He didn't even go knife only

Author Ryan Pooley (12 days)
Ddo you play default or tactical

Author AVPKILLER123IFY (14 days)
Ali a you must have no life if your that good at bo2 really I'm not joking

Author Darrel Drakes (13 days)

Author Lord Finesse (15 days)
This was beastly..anyone who thinks not should just stop it..thumbs up

Author James smith (14 days)
quaad feeed

Author Emma Thomason (7 days)
al-a you are my best youyuber

Author Eric Cohen (10 days)
Scar h suppressor and for grip

Author Patrick Rudnicki (11 days)
your beast man you should check out my cousins channel Exceededgaming:)

Author Chris Best504 (10 days)
How did you do that

Author Jett Bell (16 days)
Do a RPG On Search n Destroy and any map you like

Author Josh Cabral (15 days)
That was you

Author daymon mckelvey (13 days)
I like how he does not insult the enemy i see other game plays
and they just cuss the other team out..great video!!

Author Above vs Link (8 days)
Do ballistics only 

Author vid k (11 days)
So good at black ops 2 I love it 

Author Darius Ict (13 days)

Author ULTRAGAM3R27 (15 days)

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