"KNIFE ONLY SWARM!" - Ali-A's Black Ops 2 Challenges! #5 - (COD BO2 Multiplayer Gameplay)

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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A.

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Runtime: 6:59
Comments: 11714

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Author Craig Oneill ( ago)
who is watching in 2017

Author small savage ( ago)
post more

Author sulaiman rohani ( ago)
I'm the 1st person to watch this in 2017

Author Anthony AtChoice ( ago)
1:40 LMFAO

Author FaDeD RemixZ ( ago)
I swear to god if I see 1 more "Who's watching in 2016" I will kill myself

Author brittany morris ( ago)
Who else misses these kinds of video especially ghost

Author Aquaticpath12 ! ( ago)

Author Sergio S ( ago)
The thumbnail is so cringy

Author ColtonFPS ( ago)
Back before he acted like he was on crack... Old Ali-A>new

Author TypicalEntertainmentGamer ( ago)
bo2 xbox one capability like or no

Author Advanced Rifle ( ago)
Omg Ali wat is this cringe

Author Rav3 Gamer ( ago)
wtf is that supposed to be clickbait... Lol

Author CrAzY Catcher ( ago)
Im wathing this in 2016 and u look so young

Author Sotiris SenpaiHentai ( ago)
ali-a's old titles : knife only black ops 2 gameplay

Author Rhys Matthews ( ago)

Author illBriann ( ago)
Ali you should do a sniper swarm challenge.

Author Devin Hansbury ( ago)
Why are all his challenges on his "first" attempt

Author Yogendra Chouhan ( ago)
nic commentry

Author Vgterztheawesome ( ago)
1:30 he got scared shitless

Author anakim ben ( ago)
when ali was a good player

Author Jayce Sejour ( ago)
great great 👏👏👏👏👏

Author Jayce Sejour ( ago)
nice vid PPL GIVES THIS A. 👍

Author Jayce Sejour ( ago)
there's another way you don't only have to have a pistol you can have a
first class gun then switch to your secondary gun cause you have nothing
for you secondary then when you switch you have a knife. 😉😀👍👌

Author CrazyScientistNathanael ( ago)
Hardcore mode with bolt action snipers only

Author KadenTheHound - ( ago)
These Knives are so sketchy

Author Nightbot ( ago)
I went 29 0 with a knife then I knifed threw some one watched it in theter
mode and the guy I knifed threw had God mode he hade aqua v2 :/

Author Bottle flipping Friends ( ago)
Ali-a do you have your knife gold?

Author DestinedToBe ( ago)
I see people like, I miss the old Ali a and I'm like well his crappy
thumbnails haven't changed p:

Author Duckie hunter19 Van Doorn ( ago)

Author MJz Gaming ( ago)
He said he almost got a quad when he did get a quad but it was split

Author Tayyaba Tariq ( ago)
Ali try trickshotting with him on ps3 only has that and him account on ps3
is Dubstedfordays add him tell me your account name? :D

Author Tayyaba Tariq ( ago)
Ali my brother is better he got 123 kills and 6 deaths he was playin
harcore kill comfirmed dude he even hit a trickshot right when the timer

Author Armin Hadzic ( ago)
yeah I miss his bo2 vids ali a hope you see this best youtuber ever pls
more video happy 8 million subs famous pew die pie has like 48 million

Author au travels ( ago)
Ali are you muslim

Author au travels ( ago)
Ali your old video are asome and you look hadsome now you are change

Author Mcquiblez ( ago)
Who's watching with their qwock out

Author Frankie Butler ( ago)
Excitement coalition eager vote criteria.

Author Dragon _agario ( ago)
Hey if anyone wants to play bo2 on xbox 360 hit me up :) btw... im really
fucking good at this game so i might make u rage :D

Author timon van ieperen slisking ( ago)
best video of all time

Author xGunner1600 ( ago)
ali a then: calm and collected even with this challenge done


Author Nickolas Macdonald ( ago)
Lol ail a 100 hour and a half of the day

Author bi007rdg kills ( ago)
I love u

Author Exotic leopard ( ago)
that was a sick quad

Author Hawks22 SeaHawks ( ago)
you don't have a b

Author Jorge Blizz ( ago)

Author alisha hall ( ago)
i love u ali a

Author Ohoya ( ago)
I miss the old Ali-A

Author Wayne Burch ( ago)
best player in the world im 7 my disigon

Author GGS Prometheus ( ago)
who's watching in 2016?

Author Billy Sorrells ( ago)
you are a boss

Author Frankgamer97 F ( ago)
Loved the quadruple kill!👍😂😉👏

Author Frankgamer97 F ( ago)
I love these types of vids!😂👏

Author MY MONEY ( ago)
alia yu play noobs i done this and i went bad

Author Andre the boss ( ago)
I did that but I died 18 times 32 kills

Author Abeyance ( ago)
When Ali-A used to be good and didn't click bait

Author louise whalley ( ago)

Author Misi Tumanuvao ( ago)
that quad tho ali youre like a god of BO2

Author Laundry Room ( ago)
Who subscribes to your channel? You TALK SO FUCKING MUCH!!! GET TO THE

Author Prem Duggal - ( ago)
Well done finding a lobby of 8 year olds

Author Jordan Steele ( ago)
job ??e


as was

also allow


Author Jordan Steele ( ago)
v for. then by.

Author Joaquin Lopez ( ago)

Author Adam Winq ( ago)
lmao looks like a different personality 100% lmeo his new personality is
fekin stupid, unsubbed long tiem ago

Author Poot Newt ( ago)
I miss all these awesome videos!

Author Erica Porter ( ago)
Best knifing ever😈😈

Author Masked Viper ( ago)
who is watching in 1983

Author Kevin servian ( ago)
this is old....!

Author MatMicMar ( ago)
He looks all cringey now sorry Ali

Author MatMicMar ( ago)
Yea I miss this Ali a so much

Author Jack Hicks ( ago)
your awesome

Author MBoY4567 ( ago)
I love cod but the community is so bad

Author Lennon Strachan ( ago)
2016 and still watching

Author Raycefan ( ago)
Nice try hard video. Anyone who ever goes positive KDR is a try hard in
this game, no matter what anyone else says. Plus, I'll give you a knife,
and I'll take my gun, and I'll let you stab me once, just to show you it
won't kill me, but then I get to shoot you once with my gun. Now, who would
you rather be? The guy wounded by a knife, or the guy with a gunshot wound?
Pretty stupid of you ask me.

Author porkpie slice ( ago)
calm ali-a +1

Author HeyItsGames ( ago)
Yo this was my first video watching him and I seen this video multiple
times and didn't click on the video because I thought he looked like a
complete idiot in the thumbnail

Author Kmc1104 - Gaming ( ago)
I'm watching this in 2016

Author Pickle lover 125 ( ago)
anyone watching this in 2016!

Author Tina Sissons ( ago)
the intros are sick

Author iirblxhckerii Clan ( ago)

Author Iskandar Ismail ( ago)
you steal my bro sub

Author Tom HB ( ago)
This isn't hard got it twice back to back

Author Cazii ( ago)
Fuck Ali-A Kubz Scouts All The Way

Author Two Bros Game! ( ago)
Im good. The first one. The first one. The first one. The first one. The
first one. The first one. The first one. I have a bad thing. I have a bad
thing. I have a bad thing. I have a bad thing. It has to do it, I have to
press a new phone and email from you soon as you know what to say.

Author Trevor Dibley ( ago)
my best kill was when i threw a concussion directly at someone then he died

Author Richie Gonzalez ( ago)
hey your good

Author Erwin Reimann ( ago)
i have withe a nithe a 3587 poit kill mede

Author GamerZ Globe ( ago)
WTF!! QUAD FUCKING! KNIFE KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Sandfacegame 813 ( ago)
My first like

Author Eric Tackebury ( ago)
He is so chill in his older video's.

Author Mutasim Mubarak ( ago)
Exactly 3 years ago ., AliA 19 years old

Author Mr Joker ( ago)
how is this mod called?

Author Super Weird Bros ( ago)
I liked it

Author Kryy Sxpr ( ago)
"Knife Only Gameplay"

*Puts a C4 on class and uses scorestreaks*

Author Ahmed Bader ( ago)
I miss the old calm intro 😅

Author James Barry Jr ( ago)
C4 only

Author Spwnzie Trapz ( ago)
Your using hardline wtf do you expect

Author Ali White ( ago)
I love the new Ali a and the old Ali a

Author BattleCattles ( ago)
That 2nd kill was epic

Author GANGSTA GAMING ( ago)
I Miss everything about old Ali a. Now he literally changed everything

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