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Author MarkyMan21000 (2 months)
I see a little bit of pewds in Alia 

Author RaijingodSasuke (1 month)
can knife from miles away and when i really am stuck to the enemy the game
still tels me that i missed -_-

Author Lucy Morley (2 months)
You're well good at cod

Author Yuval Gino (3 months)
Like this if you watch this in 2015

Author Antonio Gonzalez (5 months)
Try this class on Ghosts : ready up, takedown, resilience, scavenger or
fully loaded, sleight of hand, focus. With, VECTOR CRB. attachments : grip
+ extended clip. Its an awesome class go for a K.E.M. I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!

Author Jackie Jiang (3 months)
It wasn't even a knife only swarm. U use other Scorestreaks assists points
to get.

Author Shannon Ray (1 month)
you should do a c4 only challenge

Author Omar Cruz (1 month)
All of the call of duty games get easy
Once Your Know The Spawns of the game
It's Very Predictable to know where the enemy is. 

Author Josh Czipo (7 months)
Unfortunately this is severe reverse boosting, everyone he faces hasn't
even prestiged yet. I only have a 1.10 kd and I still face people who could
easily join optic. I'm disappointed Ali.

Author TrickyMunch (24 days)
why is everyone in your game a low rank

Author weplay29 (11 days)
Its easy to get knife only swarm

Author brodee dipalma (27 days)
that was a good 4 kill streak

Author George Boctor (15 days)
Dude you are a call of duty WIZARD

Author Michael Bud (12 days)

Author Dynamic Scar (4 days)
i have a challenge for you shelid online

Author mario laguna (1 month)
This is proof people on xbox suck at call of duty.

Author emerald miners (18 days)
u know at the start if ur on pc theres a speech bubble that says Ali-A
minecrat - part #6

Author Sync Pulse (8 days)
What was that song at the end

Author Grifter Gaming (24 days)
Damn good game man, i did the pistol only challenge on my channel to but
didnt do quite as good as you :))

Author Carlos Candelario (7 days)
when will u play cod ghost

Author Intros Richtehgod (16 days)
3:39 like If u saw

Author leon garza (26 days)
Can I send u a friend request

Author The Unicorn Youtuber Love (3 months)
I have call of duty modern warfare 2

Author Donna Schildbach (1 month)
I got swarm with knife it took me about 19 time!!!!!!

Author Ela Wojnarowski (20 days)

Author ryancot96 (19 days)
Follow my channel. I'm new at this just leave a like and subscribe. More
videos coming soon! As soon as I get my capture device that is 

Author HarleyAger2005 (20 days)
I use the crossbow on black ops because it sticks to a enemy and blows them

Author Pat Burke (21 day)
your only aloud to kill whilst prone

Author Levi Baptiste (3 months)
Riot shield
Fast hands
Five seven for backup
Dead siclenec
Flat jacket

PLZ pick me

Author Knightwng 218 (18 days)

Author BAZZER YGHRHGIDFH (25 days)
Can you add me on ps3 my name is bbgunner247 

Author Epic Shooter (1 month)
Do u have ps3

Author alexander Vicente (25 days)

Author lc hicks (7 days)
I would like to see the game winning kills that you get you always skip it
but i love your videos

Author Dennis Pryor (1 month)
Awesome video dude

Author Nucl34rManiac (1 month)
Wow well done ali

Author Christian Costa (1 month)
Im watching in 2015 and yes I just liked it

Author MNSTR (1 month)

Author lilking12365410 (1 month)
I love to knife in gun game

Author MarioDoesMinecraft (2 months)
Reverse boosting

Author The Music madman and Gamer geek (28 days)
Hi alia cool dude how do u kill the jumping up and throw knife 

Author Stephen Wilkinson (27 days)

Author Aiden Taylor (20 days)
Epic nife ing dude

Author hate mymindgaming (15 days)
wow impressive

Author Philip Leroy (1 month)

Author laken lima (1 month)
Do sniper only

Author Waffles (5 months)
I'm not against Ali-A or any youtube except the ones who discriminate
Christians. But this is obvious reverse boosting, I mean, come on. Knife
only swarm? If he didn't reverse boost, he wouldn't be getting that

Author Matthew Nicholls (1 month)

Author Clashers (26 days)
2015 Video

Author Mustafa Emre Basaran (29 days)
Why you used a five seven?

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