Smoking my first cigarette :')

Never doing this ever again LMFAO

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Author Oprah Winfrey (2 years)
Girls that smoke are the most beautifull girls in the wooooorld! (Sarcasm
level: 9001)

Author guitarplayer3647 (1 year)
lol u should try malboro gold

Author CoffeeRoomNews (2 years)
Love Cigarettes! Guys start smoking its great!

Author zorinkelpekem (1 year)
I coughed less when i had my first cigarette, way less... and i was 12

Author Bag O' Tags (1 year)
im not judging or anything, im just wondering why people find it so itchy?
i just had my first one yesterday and i didnt cough at all. whats up with

Author EverlastingFlowz (1 year)
kool menthol . . .

Author Samuel Morris (1 year)
more smoking and less exercise, very unhealthy combination indeed. Isn't
the body made for better things other than consuming harmful substances? :)

Author Ruben Garcia (2 years)
Breathing poison

Author Roostxr (1 year)
Are you smoking full time now?

Author Dorian Leakey (2 years)
That was a pretty extreme reaction, you didn't really want it to suceed on
some level, try not smoking properly next time, just drawing it into your
mouth, then letting it out.

Author KnightoftheLord1 (1 year)
Man the fuck up. Damn!

Author Escaprius (1 year)
five for me, no kidding.. I remember I took a very deep inhale then I
exhaled immediately and lots a white smoke popped up in front of my face
and it smelled pretty bad!! that scared the orange out of me. then I
scurried out to buy some gums...

Author Jayden White (1 year)
Light weight I'm 12

Author Spike Johnson (1 year)
i started at 13 im about 29 now and its probably going to kill me some day
and i knowingly still do it

Author DJ Scilla (1 year)
Stahp, what are u doing?? STAHP!!!

Author Jordan Starks (2 years)
Let the journey to your death begin slowly mwaahhhahahahaaaaa

Author ChaoGarden5 (1 year)
fuckin funny

Author cryingmushroom47 (2 years)
Are you single?

Author not12u (2 years)
haha taking it to her lungs!!XD

Author Spike Johnson (1 year)
thats good to know

Author Riley Marie Beck (2 years)
why you coughin so much? I started smoking when i was 11 and wasnt nearly
as bad as that

Author Finnish Patriot Gamer (1 year)
i was 11 when i smoked my first fag

Author joey jeffery (2 years)
what a stupid thing to say. what does you being 12 have to do with
anything? shes a girl so i would hope she wouldent grow balls. that comment
was the biggest fail since the jackson 5

Author Eva H (1 year)
Good luck with lung cancer, ya douche.

Author eli phelps (1 year)
i didnt cough on my first when i was 10

Author cigarloverguy (2 years)
Do not breath directly in from a cigarette like your friend seemed to want
you to. It's more like sipping from a straw. You get just a tiny amount of
smoke in your mouth, then instead of swallowing like you would a liquid,
you breath it in. Try and suppress any reflex to choke but quickly blow the
smoke out. It's a completely different experience than what you tried here.
If you want to, you will get used to it quickly and really enjoy it.

Author Stoner Puppy (1 year)
you might not have inhaled properly you realy need to take like deep
breaths to learn to inhale good

Author Tristan Okri (1 year)
I think she coughed out a lung because she directly inhaled from the end of
the cigarette... You're supposed to draw it into your mouth first, let it
cool then pull it in.

Author Jenna Leppala (1 year)
not full time, only when I'm really stressed and need to let go.

Author Little Roque (1 year)
u have weak lungs

Author Jenna Leppala (1 year)
I smoked for my first time yesterday I love it now!!

Author Lynne Monroe (1 year)

Author Tami Jennelle (1 year)
@jaydenprosper u need to stop. people who start at ur age are dead or
losing limbs by age 30 cuz ur not done growing yet. your growing cancer for
cells thast arent grown yet.

Author jehovahuponyou (2 years)

Author loljeffrockz (2 years)
not a proud thing u cunt

Author magician5841 (2 years)
why cough so much? I didn't cough at all when I had my first at 15

Author Magichunter321 (2 years)
That must meen you have smoked passive sometimes in your life.

Author Katie Culp (1 year)
I'm starting to help releive stress

Author PopcornWales14 (2 years)
0.43 Hahahahahaha XD

Author SyndicateMinion (1 year)
"I think my throats burning"......... wow

Author gracie spinks (1 year)
Ahaha :)

Author guessagain2501 (2 years)
You're doing it wrong.

Author Jedhaase (2 years)
cigarettes (or tobacco) are for chumps who want lung cancer

Author Samuel Morris (1 year)
smoking might seem interesting but soon its side effects start to show up.
If it doesn't cause cancer, it will cause other problems including teeth
and gum problems. Exercising will become harder gradually as smoking
increases. :)

Author lunchboxaro (1 year)
wow your hardcore call to hardcore police

Author Emma Huckel (1 year)
I am

Author TranceMaster Elias (2 years)
Cause people are different, twat.

Author guitarplayer3647 (1 year)
lol I'll check it! ;)

Author lazurm (1 year)
If someone could magically eliminate your smoking instantly, would you do
it if it meant they'd magically turn two non-smokers into smokers as a
sacrifice to getting you to permanently stop? Would ya?

Author 187BloodNiggaz (1 year)
oh man i smoked my first cig when i was 13 and i thought i was high lol

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