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  • Hey guys! In today's video my friends and I will be making slime at 3 AM! It was a lot of fun to make the slime with my friends until everything took a turn for the worse. Don't make slime at 3 in the morning, it is super scary! Special thanks to Ellie, Abbey, Laurel, and Libbie for being in this video!
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Comments: 3 826

  • Claire and Lauren :D

    I love how short Audrey is compared to her friends. I am the same way!!

  • Cathy Berry
    Cathy Berry 25 minutes ago

    sum wun wus in frunrunt uv the camru

  • Brenda Foti
    Brenda Foti 35 minutes ago

    It is the devil horror you will die

  • Paige Glad
    Paige Glad 1 hour ago

    The girl the made Red slime actually made yellow slime and she looks different

  • Kristina Dizon
    Kristina Dizon 1 hour ago

    Audrey is from that youtube3 family

  • heyy te Marta
    heyy te Marta 3 hours ago

    who else see green little light at 6:36 ?

  • Jing Sakura
    Jing Sakura 3 hours ago


  • Thwaha_ playz
    Thwaha_ playz 5 hours ago

    Love ❤️🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑👍👈👩🏼👱🏻‍♀️🌻🌸🌺🌼🌹❄️❄️❄️❄️🌈🕌💎💎🔮🔮🔮🔮🎀🎈🎁🛍🎊🎉🏁🏳️‍🌈❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜💛💔💔❤️⚜️🔱🎵🎵🎵

  • Thwaha_ playz
    Thwaha_ playz 5 hours ago

    Sum one had yello

  • Dab On em
    Dab On em 7 hours ago

    oh my God I saw something black

  • Pikachu Gaming
    Pikachu Gaming 9 hours ago

    Very Scary 😱

  • enufsaid
    enufsaid 9 hours ago

    8:58 tho

  • enufsaid
    enufsaid 9 hours ago

    Did you see her eye pop out 858

  • Alma Alfaro
    Alma Alfaro 9 hours ago

    Audrey make a cake at 3 a.m.

  • PeyPey Mintz
    PeyPey Mintz 10 hours ago

    When the slime went crazy

  • Jamella Neiden Burbano Tolentino

    I see a girl that she is walking so scary

  • The Aviation Geek
    The Aviation Geek 11 hours ago


  • Teagan Dauk
    Teagan Dauk 12 hours ago

    I tried this and nothing happened it's so fake 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿

  • david ocampo
    david ocampo 12 hours ago

    i saw hair in the corner it must be a girl i am so freaked out

  • Angelina 08
    Angelina 08 12 hours ago

    None of them are red

  • Sky's House
    Sky's House 13 hours ago

    y'all are dumb why do y'all​ us borax

  • Guera La Paz
    Guera La Paz 13 hours ago

    how did abbys eye get in the slime

  • Maria Sanchez
    Maria Sanchez 15 hours ago

    Did you see When the secand time that the light turned off and Abby changed

  • Heather Greer
    Heather Greer 15 hours ago

    when you get slime on your face!😨😱👻👻👻👻👻👻😂

  • Ana Delia
    Ana Delia 16 hours ago

    I stayed up till 3am

  • Jason Ochoa
    Jason Ochoa 17 hours ago

    I love the 3:00am challenges

  • Mekayla Mercado
    Mekayla Mercado 18 hours ago

    hi that you tub 3 family can you do another 3am challange

  • Jacquline Alley
    Jacquline Alley 18 hours ago

    the girl in the Blue slime was yellow😱😱😱😱

  • nicholas medrano
    nicholas medrano 18 hours ago

    is it ture 3am slime

  • Victor Guzman
    Victor Guzman 18 hours ago

    i love you guys

  • Agdolly TV
    Agdolly TV 18 hours ago

    That's not the way you make slime you at the color to the glue and then add the Borax

  • Chae Bella
    Chae Bella 19 hours ago

    did u notice that the girl changed the girl wearing purple

  • Chelsea Brown
    Chelsea Brown 19 hours ago

    I saw a person whalke near the camra

  • Chelsea Brown
    Chelsea Brown 19 hours ago

    was that a prank and I love your vids I wach you every day

  • Gianna  Santos
    Gianna Santos 19 hours ago

    did anyone ever noticed that the girl in the blue shirt lost her glasses and changed color slime.

  • Rachel Diaz
    Rachel Diaz 19 hours ago

    This is fake

  • Alexis Taylor
    Alexis Taylor 20 hours ago

    5:59 the short girl or something went through the camera

  • johanna67 wirt
    johanna67 wirt 20 hours ago

    one of the girls changed in to a diffont person

  • Alexis Taylor
    Alexis Taylor 20 hours ago

    Abby got shorter and her slime was yellow but then it was red like if you noticed the

  • Samantha Mecklem
    Samantha Mecklem 20 hours ago

    The eye ball was so fake

  • Glem aftertale channel yep

    their pretty

  • cy kid 67
    cy kid 67 21 hour ago

    did anyone notice how audreys shirt changed colors

  • Vale M
    Vale M 21 hour ago

    audrey is so short compared to her friends😂

  • giselle gelineau
    giselle gelineau 21 hour ago

    Fake so fake

  • Amanda Richmond
    Amanda Richmond 21 hour ago

    all of you are cute

  • Kevin Wilson
    Kevin Wilson 21 hour ago

    who is gertie?

  • puppycutie59 puppy
    puppycutie59 puppy 21 hour ago

    you need to add the borax and water slowly into the slime so it can be better

  • Emily Sokwelll
    Emily Sokwelll 22 hours ago

    You could tell that's fake

  • Samantha gomez
    Samantha gomez 22 hours ago

    at 6:43 the girl in the superman shirt was replaced or just looked way diffrent but they kept calling her abby like if you sa

  • Samantha gomez
    Samantha gomez 22 hours ago

    did anyone notice that the girl in the superman shirt changed and her slime too what happend her glasses werent there and she was taller and thinner like if you see the diffrence

  • Samantha gomez
    Samantha gomez 22 hours ago

    Give this a like if you saw that the girl in the middle changed

  • Jada Preston
    Jada Preston 22 hours ago

    her shirt changed colors it was pink now it's green

  • Hannah Mcnab
    Hannah Mcnab 22 hours ago

    My question is that how did they not notice that Abby was not the same person

  • Kailey and Alysa
    Kailey and Alysa 22 hours ago

    Hey did anyone notice Abby her glasses were gone and she had a diff face and was shorter if anyone noticed

  • Morgan Epps
    Morgan Epps 23 hours ago

    they put they hand In borax it can burn you

  • Matthew Callantine
    Matthew Callantine 23 hours ago

    my name is Audrey too

  • Samantha gomez
    Samantha gomez 23 hours ago

    did anyone notice when the lights wentout abbys glasses werent there and she is shorter

  • Chesnie Patrick
    Chesnie Patrick 23 hours ago

    when the lights went off the girl in the superman shirt got shorter.

  • Ann Leyland
    Ann Leyland 1 day ago

    Audrey was this a set up

  • Lucy Murray
    Lucy Murray 1 day ago

    Wait who was the camera person?

  • Hector beginerskater

    in the video her friend had glassis en then shes not wereing glassis

  • masonpartyoffour
    masonpartyoffour 1 day ago

    Is this all rell

    SONJA KIVINIEMI 1 day ago

    Did u guys see that figure at 5:59

  • Jorja Nicole3
    Jorja Nicole3 1 day ago

    You look so short compared to your friends

  • Eino Koponen
    Eino Koponen 1 day ago

    red slime 6:42

  • Haschak sisters fan

    Who noticed Abby turn into someone else like if you agree

  • Annabel Funes
    Annabel Funes 1 day ago

    Did you nodes that the girl next to adrey her slime turns red

  • The Vlogger Bros
    The Vlogger Bros 1 day ago

    i saw a human shadow at the back open door

  • anime life
    anime life 1 day ago

    Who saw the thing pass by the camra

  • Ainayeja Monique
    Ainayeja Monique 1 day ago

    you guys dont know how to make slime

  • kc's channel
    kc's channel 1 day ago

    du u notice why Audry's friend that is wearing blue it turned into red

  • Daniel Lucas
    Daniel Lucas 1 day ago

    Is it true ? I wanna tried it

  • Sunshine Gaming
    Sunshine Gaming 1 day ago

    why does the lighting looks like the morning?

  • Skyblockz Gaming
    Skyblockz Gaming 1 day ago

    do blending challenge at 3 am

  • Sister Game Network


  • Sister Game Network

    at the part they find her purple slime : AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sister Game Network

    My reaction to that: AW HECK NAH

  • Sister Game Network

    she did change.....

  • Sister Game Network


  • Sister Game Network

    for me there's 2 more hours till 3:00 am

  • Dancing Cookies
    Dancing Cookies 1 day ago

    This is so fake

  • Keira Osborne
    Keira Osborne 1 day ago


  • Elise Snow
    Elise Snow 1 day ago

    there was people in the background I could hear him laughing like if you heard thim and someone on the cam at 5:59

  • Justine Smith
    Justine Smith 1 day ago

    whatch the footage there was. someone that walked by the camra

  • Justine Smith
    Justine Smith 1 day ago

    me to

  • Jayden Beachem
    Jayden Beachem 1 day ago

    Give this a like of u notice that Audrey's shirt changed

  • Evie Beck
    Evie Beck 1 day ago

    and glass

  • Evie Beck
    Evie Beck 1 day ago

    She had yellow

  • Jia Hui Shi
    Jia Hui Shi 1 day ago

    Abby is my friend name

  • Spencer Martin
    Spencer Martin 1 day ago

    faker you suck you make horrible video

  • Kylie Nicole Padilla

    At least 5:59 someone is in the room

  • Scarlet & Pru
    Scarlet & Pru 1 day ago

    Please sub

  • Jennifer Castro
    Jennifer Castro 1 day ago

    Audrey your shirt is pink and turn to green omg

  • Rising Oblivion
    Rising Oblivion 1 day ago

    Where is Abby's glasses

  • Meme Master
    Meme Master 1 day ago

    I just noticed Abby was skinny but then bigger and then her I got poked out and I don't remember her name so I will call her Abby and her slime was yellow not red

  • Big Sis Lil Bro JojoAndJaida

    She was supposed to add in the borax water slowly IDIOT

  • _Pink And purple unicorn poop For life_

    Yesterday I started vomiting at 3:00 am Btw I'm so sorry if you're eating while reading this comment!

  • The briseyda show

    Hi Audrey this is brisa

  • Tomasa '
    Tomasa ' 1 day ago

    she did ware a pink shirt

  • Ciera Chavez
    Ciera Chavez 1 day ago

    that was all fake therebwas someone else

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