Zebra Dances on Oval Office Desk - Last Week Tonight #JustAddZebras

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  • Jason Kool
    Jason Kool 2 months ago

    how do add the zebra

  • blanehale
    blanehale 3 months ago

    how do i download this? i need this. provide me with a link.

  • C. Bradbury
    C. Bradbury 3 months ago

    This has the most views!

  • Poppy x
    Poppy x 3 months ago


    Wont LASTLUNG 3 months ago

    Nice #justaddzebras

  • 2001Horatio
    2001Horatio 3 months ago

    This is going to be HUUUUUUUUGE

  • Two-Tailed Derpy
    Two-Tailed Derpy 3 months ago

    Probably would've been more believable in front of the desk, still, well-played, we need dancing zebras in our life and nice music ^^ #justaddzebras

  • Virginia Vanni
    Virginia Vanni 3 months ago

    noice work

  • C. Bradbury
    C. Bradbury 3 months ago

    Praise be

  • jorgey4
    jorgey4 3 months ago

    i think John really should have put that to youtube, i'm pretty sure the #soybeanwind had a faster spread because of it.

  • Cynic in Shades
    Cynic in Shades 3 months ago

    Zebra for 2020! 😆

  • Merlin Cønrad
    Merlin Cønrad 3 months ago

    What Donald Trump does behind closed doors !

    • Alonzo Aldaba
      Alonzo Aldaba 2 months ago

      Merlin Cønrad or what happens when he's not there

  • Rachana Baditha
    Rachana Baditha 3 months ago

    That was so entertaining, you have no idea!

  • Graham Thompson
    Graham Thompson 3 months ago

    I would vote for that for President

  • Nuuuuuuuke
    Nuuuuuuuke 3 months ago

    You forgot the reflect in the glass of the desk!

    • MindCrime
      MindCrime 3 months ago

      It's real vid, zebras have no souls

  • Aaditya Chandrasekhar
    Aaditya Chandrasekhar 3 months ago


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