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  • Melissa Harris
    Melissa Harris 3 hours ago


  • aisyah khairani
    aisyah khairani 8 hours ago

    do moana

  • aisyah khairani
    aisyah khairani 8 hours ago

    fidet spinner

  • Kray Kray
    Kray Kray 9 hours ago

    TBH I think Justine and I would be best friends. I like cutting stuff and I use Amazon all the time.

  • umu bah
    umu bah 23 hours ago

    do moana please

  • Faith and Nahee
    Faith and Nahee 1 day ago

    This is like a easy cook recipe exempt the candy melts melt gadget

  • will73648
    will73648 1 day ago

    Twilight themed

  • Kathryn Norwood
    Kathryn Norwood 1 day ago


  • Kittenfight_ 326
    Kittenfight_ 326 1 day ago

    Ro can you bake something Beaty and the Beast in celebration of the new live action movie???? Plz plz plz!!!!!!

  • Phil Ampil
    Phil Ampil 1 day ago

    Great video! Can you please do a Moana themed dessert? Have a fantastic day! Bye! :)

  • Emily Borden
    Emily Borden 2 days ago

    Moana themed, please

  • Gurpreet Chhabra
    Gurpreet Chhabra 2 days ago


  • Aqua Owl
    Aqua Owl 3 days ago

    who else is scared about Justine's obsession with knifes and cutting things?

  • Shabnam Safiullah
    Shabnam Safiullah 3 days ago

    please can i have 1 of lego pops

  • Giselle Monserrat Lopez

    Can you please make Superman cookies with Justine


    I live in new Zealand

    LMNSNT2 4 days ago

    it looks like you just killed them and stick they're heads on sticks oh right! family friendly show ok just forget what i said

  • Manal Isgood
    Manal Isgood 5 days ago

    Do something monster high related

  • EmmagicianTV
    EmmagicianTV 5 days ago

    Who else doesn't bake with her and just watching for for fun

  • bagus bangat Azariyah


  • Margarita Cervantes

    ro that reminds me can you do somthing from the new emoji😊movie plse

  • Mongie Mabuza
    Mongie Mabuza 6 days ago

    i love the way you say it LAYGO

  • Suicide Squad club
    Suicide Squad club 6 days ago

    I LOVE Lagos

  • Etemad Uddin
    Etemad Uddin 6 days ago


  • Jessica Cavasos
    Jessica Cavasos 7 days ago

    do more challenges with iJustine.. Starbucks part 3

  • Melissa Thomas
    Melissa Thomas 7 days ago

    My daughter loves you videos...and is asking for a Belle, Cinderella, Elsa cake - good luck with this! Her name is Lauren

  • Crystal Clear
    Crystal Clear 8 days ago

    They look like emojis too!

    Pretty cool huh?

  • adam amany
    adam amany 9 days ago

    I have a poem
    :Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I love ijustine And Rosanna and so do you🤓

  • Azul Carrasco
    Azul Carrasco 10 days ago

    YAH DIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂that part killed me!!!!!!

  • Mike Espinosa
    Mike Espinosa 10 days ago

    I love you vite a lot day and and and and and and and and and and and and and and for day tomorrow in morning !

  • Mike Espinosa
    Mike Espinosa 10 days ago

    Are you working all day off

  • Meenal Natt
    Meenal Natt 12 days ago

    Rosanna you are amazing I love Justine you guys are amazing bffs keep making videos

  • Faiad Sharif
    Faiad Sharif 12 days ago

    nice t shirt ro!

  • Xenia Versaen
    Xenia Versaen 14 days ago

    cool 😅😅😅

  • Chelladurai B
    Chelladurai B 14 days ago

    i want you to make starbucks theme thene

  • Karla Agreda
    Karla Agreda 15 days ago

    can u make something about bunnies Please

  • Presley Ryan
    Presley Ryan 15 days ago

    I wold

  • LizzyPlayz: Games & Vlogs

    Can you do something FMA or FMA:B themed?

  • Paul Lopez
    Paul Lopez 15 days ago

    make a Wonder Woman cake

  • Butternuts
    Butternuts 16 days ago

    it looks like nacho cheese

  • Gu Rodriguez
    Gu Rodriguez 16 days ago

    make a Master Chief chocolate cookie

  • Jesus Garcia
    Jesus Garcia 17 days ago

    please make something moana themed

    SOCCER QUEEN 18 days ago

    Do some thing with Miranda sings

  • April Roybal
    April Roybal 18 days ago

    can you make a cool and heart emoji cake

  • Mario Ventures
    Mario Ventures 19 days ago

    Make a Lego movie cake

  • the life of mckayla
    the life of mckayla 19 days ago

    My version of a smores one like this is a toasted marshmallow dipped in the yellow candy melts, melted chocolate for eyes and mouth, graham cracker crumbs as hair.

  • Darma Marsonia
    Darma Marsonia 19 days ago

    Justine is starting to be Nathan Sawaya's daughter

  • Trinity Skinner
    Trinity Skinner 19 days ago

    Make a pink Starbucks cake/cupcake

  • My-Lan Pierro
    My-Lan Pierro 20 days ago

    Please make a huge FIDGET SPINER cake

  • Unicorn Girl Unicorn

    I'm like totally Ro and meh friend Layla She is totally Justine!🤣🤣🤣😜Also plz sub to meh channel , ro love ur vids!!

  • Pandaquez
    Pandaquez 22 days ago

    Don't step on it.

  • Hailey Flesh
    Hailey Flesh 22 days ago


  • Hailey Flesh
    Hailey Flesh 22 days ago


  • Joshua Morris
    Joshua Morris 24 days ago

    Can you please do captain underpants cupcakes??

  • Kai Ninja of Fire
    Kai Ninja of Fire 24 days ago

    What happened to the mating dinos

  • Melissa Ferre
    Melissa Ferre 24 days ago

    can you make something dependence themed pretty please

  • Thirdy Seguerra
    Thirdy Seguerra 24 days ago

    The is cool

  • Rector Palado
    Rector Palado 25 days ago

    Legi and Mcpe are perfect for engeeners

  • PrincessDash 2017
    PrincessDash 2017 26 days ago

    oil flakes .... DO TEMMIE FLAKES

  • Luis Angel
    Luis Angel 27 days ago

    I ❤️ legos also ❤️ 🍪🥛means nurdey nummies

  • Amy Portillo
    Amy Portillo 27 days ago


  • jeremy pineda
    jeremy pineda 28 days ago

    can you make a big cookie plz☺☺😁😉😆🤗🙂😏🙄😶😌😛😜🙃😇👩👧💩💩💩💩💖🤝💌

  • Egpt Ware
    Egpt Ware 29 days ago

    hey ro can you make something for the emoji movie

  • JeaNie FiDel
    JeaNie FiDel 1 month ago

    Is it possible to make a once upon a time Evil Queen's apple pie

  • Katie Swag
    Katie Swag 1 month ago

    The first thing that IM gonna do is eat

  • Ann Carignan
    Ann Carignan 1 month ago

    do some thing omojy thymed

  • Arely Albarran
    Arely Albarran 1 month ago

    justine was gonna ask ro to eat her but then she said that it might sound wrong

  • Chiellah Laganzo
    Chiellah Laganzo 1 month ago

    make a head cake.

  • Girl squad
    Girl squad 1 month ago

    make Jessie from toystory

  • Zoey Stevenson
    Zoey Stevenson 1 month ago

    can icome to your house please

  • Sloane Hennen
    Sloane Hennen 1 month ago

    Can you do a show with me I AM YOUR 1FAN

  • Lilly-mae Martin
    Lilly-mae Martin 1 month ago

    Make a repunzul cake please✌💝💝💝💝💞💞💞💗💗💟💟

  • Gissel Defex
    Gissel Defex 1 month ago

    Please make a rampow cake with Mark

  • Destine Dawson
    Destine Dawson 1 month ago

    ro can u make mincaft

  • Raybal Ahmad
    Raybal Ahmad 1 month ago

    Ro can u please make something Moana themed

  • Animal Life Crazy
    Animal Life Crazy 1 month ago

    I have a joke for you guys why do they call them s'mores because you gotta have s'more get it!

  • Nya V.
    Nya V. 1 month ago

    Justine always reminds me of Cameron Diaz

  • Michaela Boag
    Michaela Boag 1 month ago

    new zealand rocks aka from it

  • Bobby Love
    Bobby Love 1 month ago

    Can you please build something tigger related 😜

  • Summer Ellis
    Summer Ellis 1 month ago


  • Harley Quin
    Harley Quin 1 month ago

    did someone say PIZZA

  • Alyssa Beausoleil
    Alyssa Beausoleil 1 month ago

    You should make Chica cupcakes with Mark! 😂

  • EMOJI 14
    EMOJI 14 1 month ago

    That knife!😂😂😂😂

  • Ashlynn Somers
    Ashlynn Somers 1 month ago

    guys like if in nz

  • Glorishellys Rodriguez

    make a zebra cake plzz

  • Melina Neupane
    Melina Neupane 1 month ago

    Who is watching in 2017

  • Yoww its Denise
    Yoww its Denise 1 month ago

    Yasss do a colab with liza koshy

  • Crazy Kitten Lover
    Crazy Kitten Lover 1 month ago

    My sister works on amazon

  • Dhia M
    Dhia M 1 month ago

    Do the kool aid challenge plaes

  • Prerak Punyani
    Prerak Punyani 1 month ago

    your and Justine chemistry 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Sugathi Samoda
    Sugathi Samoda 1 month ago

    where do you live

  • Sugathi Samoda
    Sugathi Samoda 1 month ago

    hey ijustine👍😃😀🕎🐶🐩🎁⚿♎🏁

  • Devan Rae
    Devan Rae 1 month ago

    Same but legit Movie

  • Anna Jennings
    Anna Jennings 1 month ago

    go to 2:11 and watch it over and over again :)

  • Sandra Pettit
    Sandra Pettit 1 month ago


  • Crystal Duncan
    Crystal Duncan 1 month ago

    She likes alot of kid stuff. Shes as tall as a kid to

  • Candace Gerres
    Candace Gerres 1 month ago

    hi can you make a pokemon cake

  • Azul Carrasco
    Azul Carrasco 1 month ago

    Do another video with superwoman too

  • gay trajano-cruz
    gay trajano-cruz 1 month ago

    can you make minions theme

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