Pakistani Wedding Bhangra Dance
Pakistani wedding dance by bhangra team from University of Houston. I was there to do photography coverage but could not resist capturing this clip. Pakistani wedding dance mehndi mehandi highlights girls dance dancing dhol punjabi

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Author Munda Punjabi ( ago)
ary yh tu indian punjab ka bhangra hy hmara pakistani punjab wala bhangra
ni hy yh...

Author Salman Wahla ( ago)
wah g wah sawadh a gaya

Author jashan bir ( ago)
All of you fucking around.. ! taking bhangra in your Fighting Shit of
indian and Pakisatani... ! JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP.... And Enjoy Bhangra
Regardless of boundries BHANGRA IS IN BLOOD

Author thejattlord ( ago)
Oye PHENCHOD this is Indian Punjabi by Sikhs. This is our dress, our music,
our culture. Pakis have no culture. They gave up Punjabi culture to lick
arab/moghul/afghan cock, but found themselves rejected and lost with
nothing to live for.

Author ktpunjab ( ago)
Sidhant I agree with u. It is only punjabi.

Author Sidhant Kashyap ( ago)
All those fighting over the issue that whether the bhangra is Indian or
Pakistani, just shut up and accept 1 fact that bhangra is PUNJABI. And as
far as performance is concerned, well done..... 10/10.

Author Sidhant Kashyap ( ago)
All those fighting over the issue that whether the bhangra is Indian or
Pakistani, just shut up and accept 1 fact that bhangra is PUNJABI. And as
far as performance is concerned, well done..... 10/10.

Author pidet irfan ( ago)
Good punjabi...

Author pidet irfan ( ago)
Good punjabi...

Author helenabiela ( ago)
i think it's pakistani look at the women behind, they are wearing hijab..
what ever if it's pakistani or indian... just beautiful dance

Author smart sense ( ago)
liar ,,,,, u are funny dude

Author smart sense ( ago)



Author issem lenoil ( ago)
i think this is not good for a islamic country to jump like this bangra is

Author Apoorva Zope ( ago)
its not pakistani.... its indian punjabi !!!!

Author rahul koshal ( ago)
mast hai ...sab kuch to aik jaisa hai fir b kitni nafrat hai.?

Author Pelican Fly ( ago)
"i am not talking shit about your country. all i am saying don't pretend
you are not. this is sikh bhangra invented by sikhs. in ohter video
pakistani pretending it's their bhangra. THAT A BIG PROBLEM. you guys
didn't invented this bhangra and that the the REALITY "
That's the first i heard of the term "sikh bhangra" LOL Modern bhangra
definitely developed in india but pakistanis have always practiced folk
lore bhangra. Modern indian bhangra is a fusion of western dance styles.
Bhangra traditionally is a folk dance, and believe me, our ancestors did
not dance the way the kids are dancing above. Current day bhangra is a
modern dance and it does not belong to sikhism, it is meant for all who
want to participate. The reason why Pakistani's haven't been known for
bhangra is because in Islam music and dance is considered haram (forbidden)
by many muslims. Dancing isn't everything to life and i can care less if we
do bhangra or not lol so stop instigating and let the people dance how they

Author robin Singh ( ago)
bahut fawdde ne pakistani veer

Author Adeel Ahmed ( ago)
Bear in mind a lot of Pakistani Punjab has ancestral roots in Indian Punjab
specifically Doab, so this is actually our ancestral dance!

Author Adeel Ahmed ( ago)
Jivey punjab

Author TRW King ( ago)
we are Pakistanis not stupid indians. Deal with it,

Author Asad Sandhu ( ago)
I am Pakistani Punjabi and i love Punjabis no matter where ever they live
so shout your mouth you F*ucking cunt

Author arsll554 ( ago)
can you give the name of songs used? thanks

Author Im2bz2p345 ( ago)
Hi. This was part of team mainly comprised of students from the University
of Houston - we all come from mixed cultural & religious backgrounds, but
we have a passion for dancing to bhangra. I had invited our bhangra team to
perform at my sister's wedding over 3 years ago. Unfortunately, this team
is no longer together. Most of us graduated and/or left the city. Thanks
for the love everyone!

Author Sahdia Naseer ( ago)
Hey gr8 performers who are they can I have a contact for them x

Author Rashpal Chhina ( ago)
Very good oy

Author TRW King ( ago)
I am pakistani punjabi, and These are indian punjabi, we do not dance like
that with the things They have, music is also indian punjabi

Author TheAirlineAviation ( ago)
The whole Punjab region itself is bursting with exciting culture! :D

Author gillete schick ( ago)
no you peice of shit showed your true colored you muslim peice of shit. you
will die in hell and born in hell like your mohamad stupid born in hell.

Author Cheema0113 ( ago)
showed ur true colors u cow piss drinking hindu? go and worship ur thousand
statues which u claim to be god. lol

Author gillete schick ( ago)
go eat muslim shit you piece of shit sikh, take your sister too who is
whore and sleeping with muslim boys behind her parents back.

Author Cheema0113 ( ago)
the only person fake here is you, hiding behind a fake identity.

Author gillete schick ( ago)
when we have traitor like you we won't need any animy. you idiots are
enough to finish sikhism. sick of sikhism and defending it. good by because
i am converting out of sikhism and converting to christianity. it's better
to be in chrisianity than you fake peice of shit sikhs. bye bye

Author Cheema0113 ( ago)
what is a fake sikh to you?

Author gillete schick ( ago)
haha. i am not hindu. i am sikh and bash you fake sikhs. grow some balls
and be punjabi

Author AlainBeauvoir ( ago)
Have you ever been to Pakistani Punjab? It doesn't seem like it judging
from your comment. I've visited Pakistani Punjab twice, once for a year and
the second for a month. Punjabi is widely spoken and I picked up on it (my
family is Urdu speaking from Karachi, no prior exposure to Punjabi). Kites
were banned in Lahore for Basant because of deaths related to kite flying.

Author UWONG BECHH ( ago)
do u belong to indian Panjab....

Author AlainBeauvoir ( ago)
Too bad. Most of Punjab is in Pakistan. Punjab and its culture is ours.

Author UWONG BECHH ( ago)
loll watt , attan hahahah... they(attanz) fcckn look like retardz....lmfao
thatz shit cant even qualify az a dance .....LOLLL

Author UWONG BECHH ( ago)
PANJABI CULTURE BELONGZ TO INDIAN PUNJAB..bcz i've seen pakistaniz who are
ashamed to say they r panjabi Theyr ashamed f their rich punjabi
culture/heritage n history,their motherland PUNJAB nd.their language
PANJABBI..they say dat punjabi=abusive language nd only the uneducated
PROUD 2 BE a PANJABBI u cn see dat in their eyez nd actionz..INDIAN

Author Cheema0113 ( ago)
"gillete schick" is some hindu who bashes sikhs and muslims. just click on
his profile and read his comments. report his profile!

Author MrHarvinder17 ( ago)
Anyone know the name of both the songs?

Author gillete schick ( ago)
ISLAM is a cancer. everybody should speak about before it's too late.

Author gillete schick ( ago)
then why most muslim dying to get into wester world? you are just another
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Author laurie merced ( ago)
was reading some of the responces and I wanted to add there are extremist
in all nationalites, religons and countries we need to stop attacking each
other because of our differences and respect our uniqueness that make use
different, can you imagine living in a world full of you I couldnt take it
living in a world of just me I like the different cultures and foods and
languages that we all have the chance to experience from one another bless
it be

Author Ibnsyed6 ( ago)
Well clearly you don't know a single muslim personally. First of all Jesus
never cursed. Second who are you to talk like that. Your probably one of
those people brainwashed by the media.

Author Fitzgerald Mistral ( ago)
Lemme give you a news flash: Westerners who are awake politically, not the
zombified ones by the controlled fascist media, are freaking out like never
before, and the richer ones are leaving the west in droves and running to
third world countries. Do your research before you spew rancid propaganda.

Author gillete schick ( ago)
show me how muslim follow jesus better than christian? did jesus kill
anybody? he wasn't like your fake prophet mohamad who killed
innocent/rapping little girl (aisha)? you guys can't even come close to
jesus. that's the reason all muslim running away from their mother land and
come to infidel country for better life. these country will be like shit
hole islamic country when muslim population grow.

Author Amal Syed ( ago)
Cannot people enjoy the dance, instead of causing a pointless fight?

Author Ibnsyed6 ( ago)
Calling a muslim a terrorist is like calling Jesus (PBUH) a terrorist...
cause muslims beleive in Jesus (PBUH) and follow his teachings... besides
get ur facts straight.... Muslims follow Jesus's teaching better than the
Christans do. Now tell me did Jesus (PBUH) drink...

Author gillete schick ( ago)
please enlighten me OSAMA. how i am full of shit? maybe because i speaking
the truth.

Author gillete schick ( ago)
muslim too dump too understand that. inbreed of course.

Author Syed ( ago)
Ofcourse we respect difference: 1) You are terrorist, we are from civilized
world. 2) You fuck your own brothers & sisters in the name of
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Author Syed ( ago)
Hey lady... Pakistan is a non-entity... it was dead the day it was born...u
self destructive people will finish yourself in years to come. Don't ever
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prophet was a Pedophile, womanizer,rapist, war monger..... Now u are
terrorizing whole world.. go back to your country...don't pollute
Canada...future Suicide bomber, go back to ur Porkistan...

Author gillete schick ( ago)
religion does play big role in the dance? muslim want to take over our
culture and that s is the problem. they will kill us like they done in 400
years ago. good luck luck sikh pussy warriors.

Author bathindewale ( ago)

Author Alexielxxxxx ( ago)
Holy shit, U of H has a bhangra team? Damn, my university needs to work on

Author ThePunjabin1 ( ago)
Done us PROUD! Proud to be a Indian!! Only punjabis have the stamina to do

Author gillete schick ( ago)
i am not talking shit about your country. all i am saying don't pretend you
are not. this is sikh bhangra invented by sikhs. in ohter video pakistani
pretending it's their bhangra. THAT A BIG PROBLEM. you guys didn't invented
this bhangra and that the the REALITY .

Author tinceyy ( ago)
can someone PLEASE PLEASE list the names of the songs in this video?

Author SakinaTheQueen ( ago)
Seeing the coments makes me sad, we were all once the same flesh and blood,
and now we are arguing about religion, anf all the muslims here should be
ashamed , the religion of islam teaches peace, not war.

Author TheMsRocker ( ago)
dont dare talk bout my country like that i like india and pakistan (more

Author gillete schick ( ago)
keep dreaming.

Author Crissy Rankin ( ago)
That's awesome.....I want to dance like that :-)

Author Elton Dsilva ( ago)
I don't believe this video ! Pakistanis hate their roots, this video shows
otherwise, therefore not true !!

Author Ali Nasir ( ago)
LOve Indian & Pakistani Punjab <3

Author gillete schick ( ago)
and what country you talking about? the one your parents immigrate to or
the one you want to convert to islamic land i mean canada. you scum belong
in pakistan not in canada where you want to destroy the beautiful country
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Author gillete schick ( ago)
no dude. go rape your cousine that what you good at

Author Awais Chughtai ( ago)
Which songs were used? Can we get a playlist of the songs please?

Author Saqib Sandhu ( ago)
name of songs plzz ?

Author Saby Vegeta ( ago)

Author Hassan Hakeem ( ago)
All you guys! Come on. Can't be all of us. Why are you so angry? Did some
on raped you grand mother on this side of border when 'brother Punjabies'
on both sides became animals which resulted in biggest ethnic cleansing in
the history of mankind. Get over it deepi101 and every one else.

Author Hassan Hakeem ( ago)
Who did the biggest ethnic cleansing in the history of mankind.

Author Hassan Hakeem ( ago)
The dressing of dance troupe is Indian Punjab. My opinion.

Author ilovprpl12 (452 years ago)

Author Sonia Sirpal ( ago)
what is the song @ 1:50?

Author narutouzumaki19997 ( ago)
why dont you do that you fucker tryin to steal our country

Author gillete schick ( ago)
i apologize for my comments.

Author iamhjey ( ago)
it's nice :))

Author gillete schick ( ago)
osama is your dad. go rape your cousin person. cancer to the west

Author narutouzumaki19997 ( ago)
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Author josh786manchester ( ago)
Boooo!! Crap

Author nomi ji ( ago)
just 1 word..... ''excellent''

Author gillete schick ( ago)
i think white girl done a good job. even white doing better bhangra than
born punjabi.

Author gillete schick (235 years ago)
it's not fast enough. i seen guys going crazy in bhangra. try without women
next time. just a suggestion. good work though.

Author gillete schick ( ago)
you are too dumb to understand punjabi. your urdu look like some chinese
text too. drinking alcohol is personal choice. lots of paki drink alcohol
too so they can get laid. eating ham is haram for jew/muslim. stop forcing
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Author gillete schick ( ago)
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Author gillete schick ( ago)
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Author gillete schick ( ago)
this is not paki dance. this is sikh bhangra. look like paki can't even
dance on their songs and stealing dance from other religions. bunch of

Author Elton Dsilva ( ago)
Is the Video the Truth. The Pakistanis dancing so hard to Punjabi beats. I
know Pakistanis are Punjabis but it is something the Pakistanis are ashamed
of. I don't believe this video !

Author Elton Dsilva (1729 years ago)
@asadtirmizi My dear... Pakistan as a nation is new its a mere 65 years....
Punjabi culture, Punjabi Language, has been around since the Harrapa
civilization..... Punjabis culture was alive before Pakistan... and will
live long after Pakistan !

Author 2zain6 ( ago)
can u tell me the song title??

Author Viper Maverick ( ago)
I am born in Punjab, my last 8 generations have been born in Lahore. Lived
all my life there. I have utmost respect for Punjabis on the other side of
border. I have utmost respect for every Indian. But bros, Punjab for me is
just an administrative line of my dear country Pakistan. My identity is
Pakistan. and It always will be. I am Pakistani till i die.

Author Elton Dsilva ( ago)
@141cbc Pakistanis, Indians are brother ! This all part of culture !

Author theeffulgentone (16 years ago)
Jithay vi renhnday be it Pakistan, India, Canada, UK. Punjabis like to
fight don't they? Damn y'all were sharing lassis and sarson da saag a few
generations ago, now you're arguing about who makes the best lassi and how
Indian sarson da saag isn't as good as Pakistani kind grow up. Yes, I'm

Author shernipunjabdi ( ago)
Nazia you really are dumb then again blame your genes and stop being so
stereotypical you douchebag!

Author SmellsLikeCurry ( ago)
What's up? I'm Bengali bro-nies!

Author carmelized11candi ( ago)
The dhol was banging in the background! Nice video :-)

Author crip23walk23 ( ago)
@moonloon1972 it's a Pakistani wedding dance actually. Most of Punjab
(including it's capital city Lahore) is in Pakistan.

Author 141cbc ( ago)
Punjabis on both sides...are brothers!

Author LaMorroquina ( ago)
the white girl is so cute

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