Pakistani Wedding Bhangra Dance
Pakistani wedding dance by bhangra team from University of Houston. I was there to do photography coverage but could not resist capturing this clip. Pakistani wedding dance mehndi mehandi highlights girls dance dancing dhol punjabi

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Author robin Singh (3 months)
bahut fawdde ne pakistani veer

Author rahul koshal (1 month)
mast hai ...sab kuch to aik jaisa hai fir b kitni nafrat hai.?

Author Pelican Fly (2 months)
"i am not talking shit about your country. all i am saying don't pretend
you are not. this is sikh bhangra invented by sikhs. in ohter video
pakistani pretending it's their bhangra. THAT A BIG PROBLEM. you guys
didn't invented this bhangra and that the the REALITY "
That's the first i heard of the term "sikh bhangra" LOL Modern bhangra
definitely developed in india but pakistanis have always practiced folk
lore bhangra. Modern indian bhangra is a fusion of western dance styles.
Bhangra traditionally is a folk dance, and believe me, our ancestors did
not dance the way the kids are dancing above. Current day bhangra is a
modern dance and it does not belong to sikhism, it is meant for all who
want to participate. The reason why Pakistani's haven't been known for
bhangra is because in Islam music and dance is considered haram (forbidden)
by many muslims. Dancing isn't everything to life and i can care less if we
do bhangra or not lol so stop instigating and let the people dance how they

Author fktheworld2 (3 years)
@jayloverr786 since when r pakis punjabis u retard?

Author Elton Dsilva (2 years)
@asadtirmizi My dear... Pakistan as a nation is new its a mere 65 years....
Punjabi culture, Punjabi Language, has been around since the Harrapa
civilization..... Punjabis culture was alive before Pakistan... and will
live long after Pakistan !

Author theeffulgentone (2 years)
Jithay vi renhnday be it Pakistan, India, Canada, UK. Punjabis like to
fight don't they? Damn y'all were sharing lassis and sarson da saag a few
generations ago, now you're arguing about who makes the best lassi and how
Indian sarson da saag isn't as good as Pakistani kind grow up. Yes, I'm

Author UWONG BECHH (1 year)
loll watt , attan hahahah... they(attanz) fcckn look like retardz....lmfao
thatz shit cant even qualify az a dance .....LOLLL

Author nazia298 (2 years)
I don't understand why Indians are so anxious to call Pkistanis alike
especially Punjabis. I live in Canada and every day meet with inidian
Punjabis mostly sikhs. Their punjabi is very difficult to understand and
written something like in chinees text. They drink alcohol and eat ham. I
once asked my Indian Punjabi colleague(he was clean shave), "Are you sikh
or hindu?" he was really angry at this and put the same questioneao me.
Though he knew that I was from Pakistan and muslim.

Author fktheworld2 (2 years)
@HistoryGeekable so everyone in india is hindu? cuz the national language
is hindi does that make every indian hindu? majority of paks population is
punjabi therefore national language should be punjabi but paki punjabi
pussys think its cool to speak urdu( the pussy version of punjabi) o son
dont worry 50 years ago 70% of pakistan spoke punjabi and 50 years after
45% pakis speak punjabi its a dieing language in pak.... and then u say
muslims and hindus r also punjabi hahahahah u wish

Author gillete schick (1 year)
i am not talking shit about your country. all i am saying don't pretend you
are not. this is sikh bhangra invented by sikhs. in ohter video pakistani
pretending it's their bhangra. THAT A BIG PROBLEM. you guys didn't invented
this bhangra and that the the REALITY .

Author shan5435 (2 years)
This is not a Pakistani marriage dance. They look like indians to me and
the song is indian too.

Author Elton Dsilva (3 years)
Check "Greater India" wikipedia.

Author tinceyy (1 year)
can someone PLEASE PLEASE list the names of the songs in this video?

Author fktheworld2 (2 years)
@HistoryGeekable o and what happen to ur imran khan now? i though he had
the most views? hahahahahh dude u r one dum paki...o shit all of u are dum

Author LaMorroquina (2 years)
the white girl is so cute

Author TheMsRocker (1 year)
dont dare talk bout my country like that i like india and pakistan (more

Author Nageeba Ali (2 years)
@fktheworld2 There are more punjabis in Pakistan than in India. Do your
research There are Punjabi HINDUS, MUSLIMS and SIKHS. Pakistan is made of
several ethnicites, PUNJABIS, SINDHIS, PASHTUNS, BALOCHIS, Migrants from
UP, BIHAR, and HYDREBAD are called MUHAJIRS. PUNJABI is also the most
spoken language along with other dialects of Punjabi like Sairaki and

Author gillete schick (2 years)
i think white girl done a good job. even white doing better bhangra than
born punjabi.

Author Adeel Ahmed (8 months)
Jivey punjab

Author gillete schick (2 years)
i apologize for my comments.

Author fktheworld2 (2 years)
@HistoryGeekable indias national language is hindi cuz its the most spoken
language in india by far.....pakistans national language is urdu and
punjabi is the most spoken ahhaha r u pakis retarded or just think speaking
urdu makes u smarter

Author Hassan Hakeem (2 years)
Who did the biggest ethnic cleansing in the history of mankind.

Author gillete schick (2 years)
no dude. go rape your cousine that what you good at

Author Sahdia Naseer (1 year)
Hey gr8 performers who are they can I have a contact for them x

Author EveRabie (2 years)
WOW this group is good - and all the negative comments? Pakistan is ONE
nation - like the US of A - that should be proud of ALL cultures. Embrace
that and maybe you will one day be big like the US - or die in realms of
hate. Overall, we are all of the SAME human race! Celebrate it!

Author gillete schick (2 years)
and what country you talking about? the one your parents immigrate to or
the one you want to convert to islamic land i mean canada. you scum belong
in pakistan not in canada where you want to destroy the beautiful country
with your stupid islamic rules.

Author Faryal Bhatti (3 years)
@fktheworld2 pakistani's can be punjabi you fucking idiot

Author fktheworld2 (2 years)
@unknown006 dude i dont give a fuk if urdu is spoken by 7% thats a fukin
lie for sure....well guess what in 1951 punjabi was spoken by 70% of
pakistan and in 1998 its spoken by 44% hahahaha nothing but shame on u
pakis..... what kind of a dum country makes a language national which is
only spoken by 7%? no wonder ur country is getting fuked left and right by

Author gillete schick (1 year)
haha. i am not hindu. i am sikh and bash you fake sikhs. grow some balls
and be punjabi

Author fktheworld2 (3 years)
pakis r pussys hindus r ever bigger pussy punjabis r the best now suk my

Author Awais Chughtai (2 years)
Which songs were used? Can we get a playlist of the songs please?

Author fktheworld2 (2 years)
@unknown006 dude go look up on the bhangra empire website there are only 2
pakis out of like 20 ppl....the rest are sikhs i dont know where u getting
ur facts from but i understand ur desperate..... LOLL RDB speaks punjabi
and sometimes hindi u dum shit ahhaahha and urdu is spoken by only 42
million ppl in india out of 1.3 billion thats nothing..... u know why RDB
said lahore is best place cuz they robbed u dum sulas for ur money hahah
dum ass every singer says that to make the ppl feel happy

Author Elton Dsilva (3 years)
The Pakistanis as the Northern Indians are Indo-Aryans. The Indo Aryan
arrival into the sub continent is by most estimates sometime during 1500BC
- 1200 BC. The Indus valley civilization is before this it is 4000BC - 1500
BC. There is a strong concensus among scholars that the Indus valley
civilization belong to the dravidians - today southern Indians. Tamil
follows another script and has not evolved from sanskrit.

Author punjaban934 (1 year)
Punjabiooooo bruaaah

Author Elton Dsilva (3 years)
Pakistani are today known as Paki in England. There is a visa restriction
in the US for Pakistani attempting to enter the US. Pakistan has become the
source of terrorism, as it blows itself up and then attempts to blow up
other countries. This world calls u guys filth. The 10th place failed state
rankings for Pakistan recognizes this filth and nilhism that is prevalent
in Pakistan today !

Author arsll554 (11 months)
can you give the name of songs used? thanks

Author gillete schick (2 years)
you are too dumb to understand punjabi. your urdu look like some chinese
text too. drinking alcohol is personal choice. lots of paki drink alcohol
too so they can get laid. eating ham is haram for jew/muslim. stop forcing
your terrorist religion on other. why you in canada if you are so proud to
be muslim? look like islam failed you.

Author fktheworld2 (2 years)
@unknown006 no really dude whos imran khan i heard that name before i think
hes some sports player or an actor...who is he though? and LMAO there r
like 2 paki members in bhangra empire out of 20 ppl LMAOO the rest are
sikhs hahahah ur so desperate of being punjabi aint u? we only kept punjabi
culture alive and made it famous world wide...

Author josh786manchester (2 years)
Boooo!! Crap

Author Nageeba Ali (2 years)
@fktheworld2 Hindi isn't a hindu language its a neutral one so is Urdu.
Therefore its better to have them both as a national language. Would you
mind if English was the national language? Muslims and Hindus are Punjabis
no matter how hard you don't want them to be.

Author fktheworld2 (2 years)
@HistoryGeekable yea 70 million punjabi speakers and 60 million urdu and
yet urdu is the natinal language? what the fuk r u pakis on? soon urdu is
gona be the most spoken since punjabi pakis r a disgrace to there mother
tounge thats why punjabi is not taught in paki schools u fukin pussys....ur
women and children speak urdu just cuz they think punjabi is a harsh
language....dont ever call ur self punjabi ever again only sikhs r punjabi
muslims r gay fags who believe in gay allah

Author chhapar (3 years)
@Truth987Seeker Go away from Pakistani videos?? I am sure these guys learnt
these bhangra moves in Pakistan or from some Pakistani movie or videos. And
also the songs were sung by Pakistani singers and costumes were designed in
Pakistan. They must have learnt how to wear there turbans in Pakistan or
from some Pakistani. I am just little confused here that how this video is

Author 141cbc (2 years)
Punjabis on both sides...are brothers!

Author Nageeba Ali (2 years)
@fktheworld2 Its the most spoken because there are more Punjabi people.

Author Hassan Hakeem (2 years)
The dressing of dance troupe is Indian Punjab. My opinion.

Author Dennis Mennace (3 years)
Very nicely choreographed. :)

Author gillete schick (1 year)
religion does play big role in the dance? muslim want to take over our
culture and that s is the problem. they will kill us like they done in 400
years ago. good luck luck sikh pussy warriors.

Author nazia298 (2 years)
I told him that cousins are not brothers and sisters in Islam and In 46 or
50 muslim countries of the world this is happening because our relegion
permits that. But the whole point in discussion is that while remaining
along side by side, we can never become one nation. Speaking punjabi or
dancing does'nt mean that we can become one. I am born and bread in
Pakistanis but in Canada my hindu indian colleague does'nt even touch my
home cooked meal and I don't eat my sikh colleague's meal.

Author snkhabi (2 years)
nice dance :) what are the songs called...can someone please tell me.. i
really like them!

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