How to Install Player Skins for [Cracked] Minecraft!


Website :

Here is a simple tutorial on how to install a player skin with the CRACKED version.

Just take an image and rename it to "char.png" and open the minecraf.jar file with winrar in the bin folder of .minecraft


Website for skins:

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Author Patrick deSouza (3 months)
where is my BIN FOLDER

Author Lovable_Kisses_〈3 (1 month)
Anybody that's having trouble LISTEN UP!! go watch a video called
"Minecraft 1.7.9: How to install any skin on minecraft cracked-June 2014"
if you want skin on mulitplayer idk what to tell you sowwy! ^.^

Author MasterMary003 (5 months)
Ummmm, my .minecraft folder doesn't have the "bin" folder in it...

Author Caolan Robinson (2 months)
SKINNER!!!! -Simpsons

Author Michael Ray (3 months)
cracked minecraft games dont have a bin folder

Author Umraz Khan (3 months)
some1 plz help me i m working for minecraft skin from 2 months !!!!!! any
any nice idea

Author Ep1cG@m1ng235TR (6 months)
idiots this doesnt work when you change it your gonna see that skin but not
the guys on the server so yeah...

Author EnemysKiller (6 months)
Will this work in multiplayer and in 1.7.4?

Author xStatic (7 months)
mine doesn't have the bin file

Author Leo Chen (8 months)
its not working it's the same Steive ive been looking at ever since I
started mc :(

Author TrustKick (8 months)
My version doesn't have a separate folder. The heck?

Author Breonna H (8 months)

Author Dmoney25000 (1 year)
i cant delete mine

Author Larus McMahon (1 year)
What if i told you... You can do this alot easier with WinRar by just
puting char.png to mob folder and then close it. Well look at me now! I'm a
Creeper worked as a Security Guard :D

Author JuZ A GaMerzX (11 months)
i dont know why everbody thumbs up on your comment =.= .. anyway thumbs

Author Richard gonlag (1 year)
it is not in the .minecraft folder well in the mob folder in the .minecraft

Author Edvins Judins (11 months)
cool background pic , can u give me site plz?

Author KlakkerWookie34 (1 year)
I don't have the mob file

Author Sultan M. (1 year)
this way it's only you who see it it's just a way to change the defult

Author Franklin (1 year)
i subscribed

Author David Taylor (1 year)
its because you're just changing the default skin for yourself

Author necrOothic (1 year)
the Char file changes the Steve skin, so you'll see every Steve with your
skin. This doesnt work.

Author Youp Games (9 months)
its no working in singleplayer

Author Temburo (1 year)
if it didnt work you must go to .minecraft folder, the folder named mob and
there delete the char.png file wich is in that folder and drag the other
char.png file wich you downloaded. it works but in servers everybody has
the same skin and they see you as normal steve. like this so everybody can
see :3

Author Soul (1 year)
only you can see that, it's like a texture pack

Author Mega Omen (1 year)
that just sets the default steve skin to ur skin dude >_>

Author Xero Grant (1 year)
for me it didn't even work I'm on windows and there's no "mob" file

Author oliver lucas-chave (1 year)
when you go to mob and place the char.png file in minecraft jar sometimes
the thing that you changed char.PNG instead of char.png just rename it in to char.png

Author That Great Feeling (1 year)
Uploading doesn't change anything. If it would, it would just be that
everyone sees each other in the same non-Steve skin. By changing the char
file, you're the only one seeing that skin for yourself and for everyone
else. The only way to get a skin for yourself that everyone can see is by
playing legit MC, even on a cracked server

Author DrGrudge - FMT395 (1 year)
lol its not,, you need to open it with WINRAR or bandizip, right click,
open with - winrar

Author Royce Dexter (1 year)
this made no sense. you suck

Author David Taylor (1 year)
because you prob changed the default skin (the new skin you changed) for
only the default texture pack

Author Matoi Ryuko (1 year)
It isn't working. :c

Author Jibas (10 months)
win roar

Author xboxgamer23061992 (1 year)
It's not easy FFS !!!

Author XxXSpiritkingXxX (1 year)
Right click ---> open with ----> Winrar

Author StayFrosty (1 year)
open minecraft.jar with winrar, and then go to "mob" then place char.png
into there.

Author Nick Toss (1 year)
It is stupid because I just did what the video was showing and now
Eror:Cant create Java virtualachne Eror:A fatal exception has occured
prpgramm will exit

Author GrandGamerZ (1 year)
only you can see it!

Author Loki Dio (1 year)

Author MightyShenlong (1 year)
because you have to pay so other people can see your skin

Author ImaReturd (1 year)
All I see for myself when I go in third person is that I am completely

Author aBiRdYGaMeRV2 (1 year)
when im on servers ppl have different skins

Author BroHunterZ1 (1 year)
go to minecraft skin search and then select the skin you like click on it
and the name of the skin write it on minecraft launcher and you have the
skin and the others can see you dont have to download anything

Author SpicyTOMatoSauce (1 year)
it doesn't work to me...

Author SIender Man (1 year)
Still not working.

Author Tanner Haak (1 year)
butthurt much?

Author Blazing Fire (1 year)
You can also change it trough a texture pack

Author SinisterSystematics(TheGamer'sTouch) (1 year)
Hey KingAgnostic thanks for this video. it helped a lot

Author Joseph Ortiz (1 year)
you dont need to delete, just drag on top of.

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