How to Install Player Skins for [Cracked] Minecraft!


Website :

Here is a simple tutorial on how to install a player skin with the CRACKED version.

Just take an image and rename it to "char.png" and open the minecraf.jar file with winrar in the bin folder of .minecraft


Website for skins:

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Author Dagilis ( ago)
Does people on servers will see the skin?

Author Cassie W ( ago)
it wont work cuz im using a hp

Author YoongiTrash57 ( ago)
Anybody that's having trouble LISTEN UP!! go watch a video called
"Minecraft 1.7.9: How to install any skin on minecraft cracked-June 2014"
if you want skin on mulitplayer idk what to tell you sowwy! ^.^

Author Caolan Robinson (1113 years ago)
SKINNER!!!! -Simpsons

Author Umraz Khan ( ago)
some1 plz help me i m working for minecraft skin from 2 months !!!!!! any
any nice idea

Author Patbird // Patrick de Souza ( ago)
where is my BIN FOLDER

Author MasterMary003 ( ago)
Ummmm, my .minecraft folder doesn't have the "bin" folder in it...

Author PixelatedBlob ( ago)
idiots this doesnt work when you change it your gonna see that skin but not
the guys on the server so yeah...

Author EnemysKiller ( ago)
Will this work in multiplayer and in 1.7.4?

Author xStatic ( ago)
mine doesn't have the bin file

Author Leo Chen ( ago)
its not working it's the same Steive ive been looking at ever since I
started mc :(

Author Comments Against Humanity ( ago)
My version doesn't have a separate folder. The heck?

Author Breonna H ( ago)

Author Youp Verkooijen ( ago)
its no working in singleplayer

Author Jibas ( ago)
win roar

Author Kurarara ( ago)
you forgot to add that after you get to minecraft.jar, go to mob folder,
then you delete the char.png that's already in the folder and add your new
char.png in the mob folder.

Author Riebulka ( ago)

Author Itz Faidz ( ago)
he said: create your own... i thought he said:crayon =.=

Author Itz Faidz ( ago)
i dont know why everbody thumbs up on your comment =.= .. anyway thumbs

Author Edvins Judins ( ago)
cool background pic , can u give me site plz?

Author Michael England ( ago)
I didn't know that before but if you just buy the game on Minecraft. you go
to you're profile get the skin you wanted and Choose it then boom you
changed you're skin for real.... :) this doesn't work unless you want an
imaginary skin on :D any way I'll sub

Author Kyle ( ago)
only you can see that, it's like a texture pack

Author Loki Dio ( ago)

Author Aleksander Vedom ( ago)
you forgot that you have to put it in "mob" folder

Author Hawkwing7am ( ago)
but itll show it also for steves when going to crack multiplayer cause its
for char

Author Riebulka ( ago)
y u mad?

Author Mar5253 ( ago)
Too subjective... why you even bother?

Author DJOpaixMusic ( ago)
what was your solution? :o

Author COV PyThoN ( ago)
thanks !!! its working

Author 317andrew317 ( ago)
You sound like Walter's son from Breaking Bad!!!

Author Shortninja66 ( ago)
It works! :D I noticed that if you are using a texture pack it doesn't
work, so I found a solution and it works great!

Author Hardwell_ZA ( ago)
Hey, can you send me a link for your background pic?? it looks awesome!!!!

Author Treed R ( ago)
I cant save it as winRAR. derp

Author Mhamad Adel ( ago)
i did that and i have no skin why>? :D

Author Bowser Boy ( ago)
Well well well I see so many negative comments Well this will be your
coolest day just goto this site! Then goto Downloads in the side bar Follow
the instructions then boom! You have a skin muahahahahahahahaha.
goaskforit(dot)blogspot(dot)com No Virus All Safe Please support me BTW :)
And ask something or anything that you need but I think I can't give out
hacks, generators and moar but simple items is easy :) I don't do surveys
BTW.............. Thanks! All Versions of MC Will work!

Author Ilan Elzam ( ago)
cant drag it

Author GrandGamerZ ( ago)
only you can see it!

Author LordHerobrinevsSteve ( ago)
only you can see the skin

Author Joseph Ortiz ( ago)
you dont need to delete, just drag on top of.

Author isuwansilp ( ago)
cant drag it in

Author GoldenSpamer ( ago)

Author BroHunterZ1 ( ago)
go to minecraft skin search and then select the skin you like click on it
and the name of the skin write it on minecraft launcher and you have the
skin and the others can see you dont have to download anything

Author Minefolter61 ( ago)
you need to drag into mob you must click mob than delete the char.png at
the mob than put your char.png into there

Author MentimuM ( ago)
because this is a texture pack for singleplayer

Author Surphyse ( ago)
Only you can see it.

Author Tersha .Zhao ( ago)
thanks for the skin maker! you're awesome.

Author Robert Gutierrez ( ago)
dude hush up go play roblox or something

Author xboxgamer23061992 ( ago)
Ur doosh to coplicated made me lose a game u idiot

Author xboxgamer23061992 ( ago)
It's not easy FFS !!!

Author Glitch Bug ( ago)
nobody see my skin

Author Nick Toss ( ago)
It is stupid because I just did what the video was showing and now
Eror:Cant create Java virtualachne Eror:A fatal exception has occured
prpgramm will exit

Author Nick Toss ( ago)
Yes it is stupid I dif

Author Shitmaker ( ago)
lol its not,, you need to open it with WINRAR or bandizip, right click,
open with - winrar

Author I'm Notaweasel ( ago)

Author Nick Toss ( ago)
I can't open minecraft now.I don't know why.Don't try it it's stupid!!

Author sonofgod1381 ( ago)
bitch it dosent work

Author Larus McMahon ( ago)
What if i told you... You can do this alot easier with WinRar by just
puting char.png to mob folder and then close it. Well look at me now! I'm a
Creeper worked as a Security Guard :D

Author TheBlueNightingale ( ago)
does it work for multipalyer

Author Bedoop Bro ( ago)
Everyone turns into me D=

Author CSGamerFTW ( ago)
Noooooo everyone sees me as Steve if I look at myself it's a teenager HELP

Author CSGamerFTW ( ago)
It works but not in a diff texture pack and everyone hat does not have skin
in a server they have he same HELP

Author User 1987 ( ago)
it doesn't work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author That Great Feeling ( ago)
Uploading doesn't change anything. If it would, it would just be that
everyone sees each other in the same non-Steve skin. By changing the char
file, you're the only one seeing that skin for yourself and for everyone
else. The only way to get a skin for yourself that everyone can see is by
playing legit MC, even on a cracked server

Author Killkec ( ago)
if you upload skin on server they can see it

Author Fabian wedick ( ago)
you suck only youself can see it oke

Author oliver lucas-chave ( ago)
when you go to mob and place the char.png file in minecraft jar sometimes
the thing that you changed char.PNG instead of char.png just rename it in to char.png

Author necrOothic ( ago)
the Char file changes the Steve skin, so you'll see every Steve with your
skin. This doesnt work.

Author CS Hacks ( ago)
u have a cracked mc go buy one then people can see ur skin :D

Author Royce Dexter ( ago)
this made no sense. you suck

Author SpicyTOMatoSauce ( ago)
it doesn't work to me...

Author A&E Morota ( ago)
wer not doing it wrong try going to multiplayer and see if they see your
skin :P

Author Dadel LP ( ago)

Author shadowsyth1 ( ago)
Thank you so much

Author crazymonkey982 ( ago)
Well, I have got I working. So you are doing it wrong.

Author MightyShenlong ( ago)
LOL I know.. eh. im new to minecraft

Author MrCheater72 ( ago)
you guys stop nagging and use pre-installed skins just find a premium
username and login with it in a cracked server!

Author ImaReturd ( ago)
All I see for myself when I go in third person is that I am completely

Author NIN _8914 ( ago)
How about if in LAN mode? can my partner see the skin?

Author RogueSasori ( ago)
open minecraft.jar with winrar, and then go to "mob" then place char.png
into there.

Author cookieassassin12 ( ago)
it doesnt work what am i doing wrong? i did all the steps right!

Author Bryan Liu ( ago)
Loll Fake no one in multiplayer can see ur skin.... Only u can cuz u just
change the default

Author David Taylor ( ago)
because you prob changed the default skin (the new skin you changed) for
only the default texture pack

Author David Taylor ( ago)
its because you're just changing the default skin for yourself

Author David Taylor ( ago)
LOL it does work you fag it works for everyone else, so no one needs to
listen to you, you fucking idiot

Author David Taylor ( ago)
because you just changed the default skin instead of actually changing your
skin >_>

Author MightyShenlong ( ago)
everything went well. thanks man but... everyone has the same skin as i do
lol. oh well

Author MightyShenlong ( ago)
because you have to pay so other people can see your skin

Author Faeribling ( ago)
Yup, I asked someone if they see my skin, but they said no. D:

Author Spooros Diamandis ( ago)
didnt work

Author Swawesomeness IGamingI ( ago)

Author opisopis12 ( ago)
and now i'm a white box

Author Panffle's Car Repairs ( ago)
i did this but it didnt work can u help me out?

Author haxxor66 ( ago)
Direct Connect: *For Cracked And Premium MineCraft *
SurvivalGames|Survival|McMMO|Factions| * Open 24/7 * Server: - 18 Gb ram -
i7 3.44 Ghz Quad-Core - 100/100mbit network /register *Password* *space*
*Repeat Password*

Author Christiaan Bothma ( ago)
Hey, I've just received a free Scam! You can get one too! >> <<

Author 17Mester ( ago)
yes but i want to everione use a diferent skin if i do that ill get that
skin and everione in the server use the same skin and they see me with the
normal skin i want to have a skin for each player any one here know how to
do that with wamp xamp whatever...

Author Tanner Haak ( ago)
butthurt much?

Author SayHiToMyYouTubeAccount ( ago)
i did it but when i change texture pack the skin changes pack to default

Author ElecktraSilver ( ago)
This didnt help.My skin stayed steve. :(

Author bubi745 ( ago)
i put it to mob folder and it doesnt work...i renamed it and all..

Author Luna Chan ( ago)
You can also change it trough a texture pack

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