Comercial Bratz Cita Secreta

Comercial Grupo Kreisel, Producto Bratz Cita Secreta, Año 2004

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old and new!


Author alexbabs12345 (5 years)
woah woah woah, u got MEYGAN and CAMERON!!!!! They were actually
randomized, meaning that Meygan didn't ALWAYS come with Bryce!

Author bratzgirz (4 years)
wtf she got on that aint cute on her i dont know who told her that that is
not cute

Author OMGsImS (5 years)
its on this channel but i miss spelled the tittle of the video its
comercial bratz fiesta playera

Author BratzyLuver1986 (6 years)
I own Bratz Secret Date! Nevra. She came with Eitan.

Author bratzbigmoviez (5 years)
wow.. i dont understand that commercial .. it looks like that woman its
singing with 80 gums at her mouth XD

Author Tsubahi (3 years)
And the little jailbait got pregnant in the back seat of the dude's car
later that night.;P

Author BellaWilson1 (5 years)
they dont even show the dudes face god!

Author jessica ocegueda (4 years)
it spanish duh

Author Jade7543 (5 years)
um i ant under stan one word sorry LOL

Author BratzyLuver1986 (5 years)
Got Meygan/Cameron and Nevra/Eitan. This commercial is wonderul!

Author bratzbigmoviez (5 years)
where it is that commercial??

Author Mariiniitah Sánchez (3 years)
0asat x mi canal

Author bratzbigmoviez (5 years)
i know spanish, its my language! so you can ask me what you want!

Author roman sauceda (2 years)
que significa CHILL

Author OMGsImS (5 years)
con you tell me what they are saying in the video commercial bratz fiesta

alguien me dice como peinarme asi

Author fergielishes (5 years)
lol her door says CHILL

Author alexbabs12345 (5 years)
I have Cloe, shae came with Cameron(of course lol)

Author paulibond07 (3 years)
:O yo quiero una :)

Author Elizabeth Brown (3 years)
if i wore that outfit when i was her age my mom will have my head

Author GirlsRule1311 (5 years)
I know spanish! that commercial is in spanish, it's the Bratz secret date

Author willney rivero (2 years)

Author roxusan (5 years)
BratzRockMyJocks--- Nothing turns a girl into a slut. Why are we letting
ourselves be called sluts? Why are letting ourselves be labeled that way in
the first place?

Author alexbabs12345 (5 years)
Tengo Cloe, ella vino con Cameron (por supuesto lol) it's my comment in

Author karinajonas13 (3 years)
da miedo cuando dice pero cual sera

Author Ken Darko (5 years)
jajaja kevin???? ese bratz boyz no existe, se ekivocaron, solo salieron 5
bratz boyz pa esta coleccion, Cameron, Dylan, coby, Eitan y Bryce!!! io
solo tengo a Eitan & Coby, obviamente con sus respectivas mujeres, jejeje

Author roxusan (5 years)
sexyraveenah- And here I thought that girls have the ability to choose what
they want to become. Ah, but I see we're so dumb that we let pieces of
plastic and clothing dictate our lives, and tell us who we are.

Author MissTia777 (3 years)
lolll! in Spanish!

Author joelisefairy (3 years)
mga didn't make this.

Author Kyo Tarou Hageshisato (4 years)
AHAHAHA this is ridiculous in an EPIC way. CHILL ? PFFFT yeah that slut
doesnt even know what damn guy she's dating. ahaha LOOOOOOOOOL.

Author 12327sammy (1 year)
Put your hand over your mouth and make a wish Make a fist and hold it on
your heart for5 seconds Post this on 3 other videos Tomorrow will be the
best day ever

Author bratzNOTbarbie (5 years)
lol :28 is scary

Author bratzbigmoviez (5 years)
oohh..that onee!! yeah let me see

Author SusanM1995 (3 years)
wtf her hair.

Author joelisefairy (3 years)
oh they did make it just in spanish.

Author She's A Rebel From Idiot Nation (2 years)
@roman23072306 escalofrrio

Author yaquelin chavez (3 years)
lol bratz rock!!!

Author anjouja (3 years)
@Bizzylizzy9000 mine too

Author willney rivero (2 years)
00221s4f8d bg

Author EvelinaDalaras (5 years)
Es un asco.

Author BrookeLaurenxx (4 years)
What is that girl wearing?

Author Emma Rogerson (4 years)
my friend has the megan and bryce, shes giving bryce to me copz shes grown
ouuta bratz. = S

Author Hyldah Valentine (5 years)
i hate the Bratz. commercial they turn little girls into sluts!

Author tori vega (8 months)
la cancion fue pesima

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