Comercial Bratz Cita Secreta

Comercial Grupo Kreisel, Producto Bratz Cita Secreta, Año 2004

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Author play gamer 3 ( ago)
cuando. era. muy. chiquito. tenia. está. bratz

Author Alberto HeIGs ( ago)
Recuerdo que cuando era niño me gustaba ver este comercial en el canal
cinco nadamas por que me gustaba la niña que sale en el comercial jajajaja

Author Clementina Chavarraria ( ago)
yo quiero esa bratz

Author tori vega ( ago)
la cancion fue pesima

alguien me dice como peinarme asi

Author willney rivero ( ago)

Author willney rivero ( ago)
00221s4f8d bg

Author She's A Rebel From Idiot Nation ( ago)
@roman23072306 escalofrrio

Author roman sauceda ( ago)
que significa CHILL

Author MissTia777 ( ago)
lolll! in Spanish!

Author Elizabeth Brown ( ago)
if i wore that outfit when i was her age my mom will have my head 

Author Tsubahi ( ago)
And the little jailbait got pregnant in the back seat of the dude's car
later that night.;P

Author yaquelin chavez ( ago)
lol bratz rock!!!

Author Wuris ( ago)
wtf her hair.

Author Marina Sánchez ( ago)
0asat x mi canal

Author jOsiE ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ( ago)
oh they did make it just in spanish.

Author jOsiE ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ( ago)
mga didn't make this.

Author BrookeLaurenxx ( ago)
What is that girl wearing?

Author Kyo Tarou Hageshisato ( ago)
AHAHAHA this is ridiculous in an EPIC way. CHILL ? PFFFT yeah that slut
doesnt even know what damn guy she's dating. ahaha LOOOOOOOOOL.

Author jessica ocegueda ( ago)
it spanish duh

Author Emma Rogerson (1943 years ago)
my friend has the megan and bryce, shes giving bryce to me copz shes grown
ouuta bratz. = S

Author alexbabs12345 ( ago)
woah woah woah, u got MEYGAN and CAMERON!!!!! They were actually
randomized, meaning that Meygan didn't ALWAYS come with Bryce!

Author Hyldah Valentine ( ago)
i hate the Bratz. commercial they turn little girls into sluts!

Author alexbabs12345 ( ago)
Tengo Cloe, ella vino con Cameron (por supuesto lol) it's my comment in

Author alexbabs12345 ( ago)
I have Cloe, shae came with Cameron(of course lol)

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