Surf's Up, Spicoli

Some call him a legend. Others the great hero of our time. But one thing everyone can agree on is that Jeff Spicoli is one lovable stoner without a clue.

I know there have been many complaints about the music I chose. Truth is, I was editing this between tasks at work and saw the track title "American Idiot" and thought that would be perfect. In the future, remind me not to use Green Day in my videos...

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Author julie brtek (2 days)
Classic show two thumbs up. Wish had blue ray and sound music together .
Hey let's Party Duo. This guy so funny. Wonderful actors . 

Author bigc4455 (7 days)
Jeff Spicoli, the greatest stoner ever.

Author Andoy1 (26 days)
The decline of civilization lol

Author Big Mike (3 months)
music ruins this video, thumbs down

Author dirtpro183 (8 days)
@joozl your a complete fucking retard man. this movie was made in 1982 this
is from the movie "fast times at ridgemont high".

Author Rory Smith (4 months)

Author Ned Ryerson (7 months)
What CRAP video quality!

Author Mugsy Pryor (5 months)
Love this! Thank you!

Author mila1ja2volim (5 months)
spicoli is a faggot representing everything wrong with society. I wish that
they would not shame my blood by giving this character an Italian family
name. He is clearly typical of Anglo or Jew behaviour.

Author neurosis333 (7 months)
Sage brought me here! USA! USA! USA!

Author euskadisurfen (8 months)
thumbs up, spicoli rocks. Got the movie. seen it first like almost 30 years

Author Brian Rapp (4 months)
1975 Paul rapp my dad directed go for it with Hal jepsen and ray Allen and
Dennis dragon for me and my surfergirl from del mar marta hersh

Author freshkryp69 (5 months)
My Fav movie from when I was a kid.. Now ive watched it with mine! :)

Author BlueJWay999 (4 months)
He went full retard in this movie, too.

Author Dennis Huffman (7 months)
I saw Gangster Squad last night and there is a BIG Change. Sean Penn was in
both and he was once Madonna's husband in real life.
Goes to show how much people forget.

Author buddyroach (6 months)

Author john caballero (1 year)

Author Ben Grantham (1 year)
When i worked at 7 11 People used to call me Spicoli all the time, I blame
my hair

Author Patrick P (3 years)
Totally awesome dude.

Author Jack09Mehoff (1 year)
?...shhhhh Dont reply. Dont care

Author David Schulz (3 years)
Spicole is pretty much my idol

Author Elliot Phillips (3 years)
greatest charecter evar, dude!!!!

Author Farrad Mohammed (2 years)
this is sooo my friend david lmaooo

Author gooberface14 (3 years)
Really? american idiot? at least play some old green day that doesnt suck

Author sk8mafiasdope1 (3 years)
Anyone look up nick trapasso I sware it looks Just like him

Author theballer04 (2 years)
I mean they suck dick

Author coffeefish (2 years)
Now Penn looks like the Socialist Jerk that he really is.

Author Appolo Jupiter (1 year)
Sean Penns Best Work!!!

Author mrzack888 (2 years)
When will this movie be remade starring Justin Bieber?

Author Andrew Hubert (3 years)
@Fategrimm screw u

Author Jason Hops (11 months)
On one hand, you say Anti-Whites don't exist. On the other hand, you
advocate threats, intimidation, harassment, loss of employment, physical
violence and prison time for those who defend Whites. So which is it,
anti-White? You say you are anti-racist. What you are is anti-White.
Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-White. You want White geNOcide.

Author Elliot Phillips (2 years)
spicoli would smash greenday to pieces with his epic stoner coolness!

Author Courtney Love (2 years)
@mrzack888 OH GOD NO.

Author qu7aker (3 years)
@coverchenko what about mystic river? or milk, i mean theres a ton and hes
an awsome actor.

Author Tina85ok (3 years)
Spicoli ROCKS!!

Author Zack Allen (1 year)
"Well make up your mind dude, is he gonna s*it or is he gonna kill us"?

Author Douglas Widick (1 year)
mystic river

Author B_MAN_ (3 years)
@Fategrimm take that negativity and stuff it in a sack!

Author spooge4569 (2 years)
crazy on you

Author tomarthur15 (2 years)
you should have put the bit in where he orders pizza to class!

Author obeysanta (1 year)
The one and only. Good job on the video--the music was a nice choice!

Author hanakrhb (2 years)
people on 'ludes should not drive!

Author Scott Stewart (2 years)
Black Kid: My brothers gonna shit! SpicoliI: Make up your mind dude is
gonna shit or is he gonna kill us? Black Kid: First hes gonna shit then hes
gonna kills us. hahahahaha I'd be so stoned i'd say that amazing.

Author 0Madek (2 years)
Good waves

Author monkeynuts76 (3 years)

Author TheMajik07 (1 year)

Author LauchX1337 (3 years)
Thanks for blasting shitty music over the scenes so nobody can hear them.

Author henrynzidane24an (2 years)
people from malibu must have been pissed as fuck when this movie came out

Author RideMyTruck (3 years)
Killer Spicolli highlight reel dude, just get the Universal Studios and
Ridgemont High logo up. Right on mon!

Author BeauWhomFilms (2 years)
lol mr hand

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