Surf's Up, Spicoli

Some call him a legend. Others the great hero of our time. But one thing everyone can agree on is that Jeff Spicoli is one lovable stoner without a clue.

I know there have been many complaints about the music I chose. Truth is, I was editing this between tasks at work and saw the track title "American Idiot" and thought that would be perfect. In the future, remind me not to use Green Day in my videos...

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Author Chandler (ToxicDevil93) ( ago)
this video is ruined by the fucking awful song playing over it

Author Dedric There ( ago)
A legend.

Author Marc Touss ( ago)
ryan lochte brought me here..

Author Rico x ( ago)
I see 40% of Silvester Stallone in him ;)

Author William Woods ( ago)

Author John42ification ( ago)
Dude, where's my Oscar?

Author Pro faggola ( ago)
Little did Mr Hand know spicoli would catch the worlds most wanted criminal
El chapo

Author FinnSadlerGaming ( ago)
this is such a big steryotype im a surfer and im nothing like this execpt i
have the wavy hair

Author Ali Rafatjah ( ago)
AWESOME! TOTALLY AWESOME! - Thanks for the memory.

Author MalfoyHatesIslam ( ago)

Author Antonio Bendejos ( ago)
The Nostalgia is priceless

Author juan23 vaglienty ( ago)
a classic loved that movie.

Author Monika Wheeler ( ago)

Author David Arbelaez ( ago)
Why the hell is Green Day playing? Wrong year idiots.

Author MEAN GREEN (G) ( ago)
Holy shit green day!!!!

Author julie brtek ( ago)
Classic show two thumbs up. Wish had blue ray and sound music together .
Hey let's Party Duo. This guy so funny. Wonderful actors . 

Author C.L. Madison ( ago)
Jeff Spicoli, the greatest stoner ever.

Author dirtpro183 ( ago)
@joozl your a complete fucking retard man. this movie was made in 1982 this
is from the movie "fast times at ridgemont high".

Author Andoy1 ( ago)
The decline of civilization lol

Author Big Mike ( ago)
music ruins this video, thumbs down

Author BlueJWay999 ( ago)
He went full retard in this movie, too.

Author Rory Smith ( ago)

Author Brian Rapp ( ago)
1975 Paul rapp my dad directed go for it with Hal jepsen and ray Allen and
Dennis dragon for me and my surfergirl from del mar marta hersh

Author Mugsy Pryor ( ago)
Love this! Thank you!

Author buddyroach ( ago)

Author Dennis Huffman ( ago)
I saw Gangster Squad last night and there is a BIG Change. Sean Penn was in
both and he was once Madonna's husband in real life.
Goes to show how much people forget.

Author neurosis333 ( ago)
Sage brought me here! USA! USA! USA!

Author euskadisurfen ( ago)
thumbs up, spicoli rocks. Got the movie. seen it first like almost 30 years

Author melbertimis ( ago)
LOL my alc teacher told me to look this up he calls me spicoli he said im
just like him and im a chick

Author bbllsht77 ( ago)
Dude, it's me! Awesome!

Author Jason Hops ( ago)
All you Anti-Whites offer is personal insults. Are you for or against White

Author aselmac ( ago)
Maybe he just advocates threats, intimidation, harassment, loss of
employment, physical violence and prison time for frustrated fuckups like
you? He's not anti-white, he's anti-you. And frankly, it seems like a
reasonable choice.

Author Jason Hops ( ago)
Just because you are White doesn’t mean you can’t be Anti-White. That’s
what the term TRAITOR was invented for.

Author Jason Hops ( ago)
On one hand, you say Anti-Whites don't exist. On the other hand, you
advocate threats, intimidation, harassment, loss of employment, physical
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Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-White. You want White geNOcide.

Author Jason Hops ( ago)
Genocide may not interest you, but the genocide of Whites is a moral and
legal crime.

Author Jack09Mehoff ( ago)
?...shhhhh Dont reply. Dont care

Author Jason Hops ( ago)
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Author D. Scott Whitaker ( ago)

Author Ben Grantham ( ago)
When i worked at 7 11 People used to call me Spicoli all the time, I blame
my hair

Author iddybiddyegg1 ( ago)
it's the future. Don't use Greenday in your videos. 

Author spacedigger ( ago)
The song fits great

Author fishermangonewild ( ago)
Especially dont use green gay on an 80s movie you dumb faggot

Author LoverLexxy ( ago)
Yeah definitely don't use Green Day in future clips man, fuck. Especially
for quotes, just let the dialogue speak for itself.

Author wesley27522 ( ago)
All i need is some tasty waves and a cool buzz and im fine

Author Jon LaLanne ( ago)
No Al Gore’s commercial on global warming control ruined it.

Author Zack Allen ( ago)
"Well make up your mind dude, is he gonna s*it or is he gonna kill us"?

Author John 1112 ( ago)
Yeah, why gay teenage music ?

Author Mr. Captain ( ago)
My brother's gonna shit, then kill us!

Author C2CONTINUE ( ago)
HAVE A NICE DAY. . . or don't.

Author Mike Valbuena ( ago)
That's cool Spicoli! 

Author Clinically Insane ( ago)
and girls who don't fuck like before

Author Frank Puckket ( ago)
Smash... Smash... SA..MASH!!

Author sküll düggery ( ago)

Author Douglas Widick ( ago)
mystic river

Author Chris Vaughan ( ago)
Sean Penns Best Work!!! 

Author hallabalooza ( ago)
"This guy has been stoned since third grade."

Author y0itzant ( ago)

Author BlinkFreak18232 ( ago)
should've used wrong way by sublime 

Author eXcRaiNmaN ( ago)

Author CharlsAnd2 (462 years ago)
More than you, yes...

Author Wayne Radinsky ( ago)
Dude, the problem is not Green Day. The problem is that there should not be
music AT ALL. It makes it hard to hear the dialog and sounds in the movie

Author CharlsAnd2 ( ago)
And bigots and racists..such as yourself. You don't deserve to live in the

Author tickyul ( ago)
Penn was so funny in this he is some fucking angry commie.

Author Jon Doe ( ago)
suck me oofff ughhfhlas fc fut sut rut gut but nut tut lut so wasted
ummmmmdjdg sdgsdokg

Author MsHilly11 ( ago)
green day is lame! 

Author WesPez Productions ( ago)
Awesome! Totally awesome! Alright Hamilton!

Author Taylor Maxwell ( ago)
Wait, is that guy ryan lochte?

Author EconAtheist ( ago)
Alright, Hamilton!

Author andrew salas ( ago)
greenday fukn sucks would been better without the song

Author joe123090 ( ago)
the song ruined it

Author Scottishrat22 ( ago)
@TheEldarTree Hell yeah, I'd blow all my reward money on a personal Van
Halen concert!

Author TheEgyptianOne ( ago)
if it was an 80s song it would have been so much better what is this shit

Author Tom Parker ( ago)
Alright Hamilton!

Author kungfu4lyfe12345 ( ago)
dude take off the fuckin song

Author fishinkillah ( ago)
doesn't this stuff give you brain damage? only if you smoke it like every
day for a month. bitchin

Author giant regrigerator (1769 years ago)

Author theballer04 (1972 years ago)
That's just the level of intelligence I would expect from a Green Day fan.
Billie Joe Armstrong is 40 now, do you think they will still be singing
about teenage angst when they're in a nursing home? Keep dreaming you
fucking idiot.

Author giant regrigerator ( ago)
like ur mum did when u fucked her last night

Author theballer04 ( ago)
I mean they suck dick

Author giant regrigerator ( ago)
lol what the hell is that supposed to mean?

Author theballer04 ( ago)
Believe it or not, Green Day is not as good as people make them out to be.

Author giant regrigerator ( ago)
how dare you

Author Christopher Doc Jones ( ago)
Tasty are so tall and rolling that you can taste the salt mist while on
your board.

Author Christopher Doc Jones ( ago)
‎"All I need is some tasty waves and a cool buzz, and I'm fine."

Author Farrad Mohammed ( ago)
this is sooo my friend david lmaooo

Author 0Madek ( ago)
Good waves

Author Joe Momma ( ago)
Black Kid: My brothers gonna shit! SpicoliI: Make up your mind dude is
gonna shit or is he gonna kill us? Black Kid: First hes gonna shit then hes
gonna kills us. hahahahaha I'd be so stoned i'd say that amazing.

Author y0itzant ( ago)
my last name is piccoli and my tacher calls me spicoli

Author TheEldarTree ( ago)
Van Halen > Green Day

Author Lava Cynical ( ago)
I going 2 get those vans kuz jeff is my favorite character in this

Author Karen lyons kalmenson ( ago)
faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar out☻

Author Elliot Phillips ( ago)
spicoli would smash greenday to pieces with his epic stoner coolness!

Author greeneyeyedtiger ( ago)
green day not a good choice should of made the video without music

Author greeneyeyedtiger ( ago)
is he gonna shit or is he gonna kill us

Author Beau Thetford ( ago)
lol mr hand

Author Courtney Love ( ago)
@mrzack888 OH GOD NO.

Author Baluski ( ago)
Surf's Up, Spicoli! Best surf band ever.

Author barfyman362 ( ago)
song ruins it

Author KaijuKingGojira ( ago)
any one else thinking buffalo bill

Author jfarrell 302 ( ago)
the fucking boss 

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