Kapou Iparhi I Agapi Mou - Nana Mouskouri

Live at Herod Atticus 1984

Now that spring's here
and flowers are growing
these nights intoxicate me
as the boys whistle

and everyone I meet at night
greet me, "good evening"
but I have nothing to say
I just whistle along with the wind

My love is out there somewhere
but I don't know who he is
my love is out there somewhere
but I don't know where

I' m gonna look for him in the cards
I' m gonna look for him in the stars
and when I finally find him, I swear
I will dress up in white

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Runtime: 3:49
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Author stelios kemenes (4 months)

Author Uschi 4370 (8 months)
Nana your singing is that of an ''Ange''l! I just love your voice in
whatever language you're singing! So much tenderness and sweetness in all
of your performances! Bless you, may God give you a long, happy, healthy
and successful life! I know that you're still out there!

Author Kick Sadowski (10 months)

Author Esther Gonzalez Martín (5 months)

Author Monique Vanmechelen (10 months)
beautiful nana !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Georgia Gomozia (7 months)

Author wineobaby (5 years)
Just Beautiful!!!!

Author Gabriel Guen (4 years)
26 ans déjà que le temps fillllllllllleeeeeeeee vite

Author Carmen Riobó (1 year)
Ahora que ya es primavera/ y las flores florecen,/ las noches me marean/
cuando los muchachos silban,/ Y cuantos encuentro de noche/ me dicen
"buenas noches"/ pero yo no tengo nada que decir sólo silbo al viento. En
algún lugar está mi amor/ pero no sé quién será/ en algún lugar está mi
amor/ pero no sé dónde. Lo buscaré en las cartas/ lo buscaré en las
estrellas/ pero cuando lo encuentre, lo juro,/ me vestiré de blanco.

Author hampiy11 (5 years)
The most beautiful song, that I hever heared in my life!!!! Greetings from

Author Konrad Kryński (7 years)
small comment for the english translation, it is not it but her, i'll look
for her in the cards, i'll look for her in the signs of stars etc. I know
you replace the word love, but in greek she say 'her', maybe it sounds
better to put her, alors, instead of it!

Author musaraigne21 (6 years)
Tout simplement superbe. J-P (Belgium)

Author shadowboxer30 (5 years)
I agree but I think Irene Papas was good too :)

Author Any Any (2 years)

Author Adolfo Carrillo (1 year)
Je veux que la traduction de la chanson I Agapi Mou Iparhi Kapou à
l'espagnol pour aider quelqu'un si gentiment

Author zoima1 (6 years)
Ευχαριστώ πολύ

Author moustaki (6 years)
¿La canción original es de Georges Moustaki?

Author mattiapashal (2 years)
Μαγική ερμηνεία, μαγική φωνή, μαγικό τραγούδι...

Author Fabián Armando López (7 years)
I really like this song,and I sing it in Greek,but I don't understand
Greek,as I am Mexican. I have this d.v.d.,and downloaded the lyrics in
Greek.I would like to know the translation of this song in English,or in
Spanish if Possible.Can somebody help me,please? Thanks a lots!!

Author corellithebest (5 years)
I totally agree. Now when you mention her, I remember her from Zorba the
Greek, in the role of that poor young widow whom they brutally murdered at
the end. It was so heart-breaking. And she was so utterly GORGEOUS and
BREATHTAKING in that film! What a sublime beauty and what acting! How she
portrayed her character was really classy and tragically majestic!

Author souflaki2 (7 years)
one of my favorites. I love this song since I was a young boy. Thank you
for uploading.

Author giwrgosxxx (6 years)
exei pragmatika sigklonistiki fwnh kai einai mia pragmatiki
(''gallidoula'') kiria :p

Author nad001 (7 years)
Ahora que la primavera está aquí y las flores están creciendo las noches me
intoxican mientras los muchachos silban y todos esos que me encuentro en la
noche me saludan, kalispera pero no tengo nada que decir yo sólo silbo con
el viento Mi amor debe estar ahi en algun lugar pero no se quién es Mi amor
debe estar ahi en algun lugar pero no se dónde Voy a buscarlo en las cartas
Voy a buscarlo en las estrellas Y cuando por fin lo encuentre, juro me
vestiré de blanco

Author moustaki (6 years)
Anda, yo creía que era original de Georges Moustaki, porque yo tengo un
disco suyo en la que canta esa canción. Ignoraba que estaba compuesta para
Nana Mouskouri. Muchas gracias por la aclaración, nad001.

Author nad001 (6 years)
i've added the translation to the video descrpition. The only DVDs of Nana
so far are: The Herod Atticus Concert, The Nana Swings jazzopen festival
concert, the Berlin Farewell World Tour Concert and the German videos Mein
Athen. Also, a VHS from the Concert for Peace in New York

Author Gisèle Demers (6 years)
This is Nana's first success in 1957...and Constantin Caramanlis's favorite
song. She was singing this song specifically for him...and Melina Mercouri.

Author nanafansv (7 years)
I would like to know the translation of this song in English ??? Can
somebody help me,please? Thanks. Helen

Author rotblume (5 years)
we have are onor whit all peaple on twin sea türkiye and greace peaple ı'm
live in türkiye and ı born in egean , ı like it twins ...

Author lilicosifilin (7 years)
amo esa parte del concierto! wiii

Author nad001 (7 years)
Now the spring is here and flowers are blooming these nights suffocate me
while the boys are whistling and everyone I meet at night greet me
kalispera but I have nothing to say I just whistle with the wind My love
must be out there somewhere but I don't know who it is my love must be out
there somewhere but I don't know where I'll look for it in the cards I'll
look for it at the signs of stars and when I finally find it , I swear I'll
dress up in white

Author Philippos Frangos (2 years)
Το τραγούδι αυτό το είπε στον Κωνσταντίνο Καραμανλή, ο οποίος το αγαπούσε

Author Dformitsaki .S (4 years)

Author dadaholic (6 years)
...4 and today days left for her last concert at Odeon of Herodes
Atticus...i cant wait anymore ,NANA we love you!!!

Author renamouskouri (7 years)
seee es la mejor lloro siempre jeje

Author corellithebest (5 years)
So beautifully said!

Author nad001 (6 years)
Compuesta por Manos Hadjidakis para Nana Mouskouri

Author Dformitsaki .S (4 years)
ipertato! kai den akouw kan auto to eidos mousikhs.!

Author kapoiaNikol (6 years)
ta cmnts einai apolo to kosmo.. to ektimoun oi 3enoi...alla emeis?? san

Author Irina Comanoiu (5 years)
agapi mou s'agapao poli

Author elliniwendy (6 years)
σας παρακαλω ,the greek words would be appreciated Ευχαριτω,

Author jelloulababy (5 years)
Nope, that was Irini Papas, sorry

Author arhontissa1 (4 years)

Author letschert17 (7 years)
Jaren naar gezocht, en nu gevonden !

Author popi vazaiou (4 years)
ekseretiko s'euxaristo polu vasili mou

Author Jón Larsen (4 years)

Author Fabián Armando López (4 years)
Τώρα που είναι άνοιξη και τα λουλούδια ανθίζουν οι νύχτες με ζαλίζουνε τ'
αγόρια όταν σφυρίζουν. Κι όσους τα βράδια συναντώ μου λένε καλησπέρα μα εγώ
δεν έχω τι να πω σφυρίζω στον αγέρα. Κάπου υπάρχει η αγάπη μου μα δεν ξέρω
ποια 'ναι κάπου υπάρχει η αγάπη μου μα δεν ξέρω πού. Θα την γυρέψω στα
χαρτιά, θα την γυρέψω στ' άστρα μα σαν την βρω τ' ορκίζομαι πως θα ντυθώ
μεσ' τ' άσπρα.

Author hannahkarategirl (6 years)
I am sorry that I need to ask, but could some one please translate? Her
delivery of these lyrics is so heart felt that it makes one wish they were
personal friends. Thank you for all the videos. Are there DVDs out there?

Author jocksman1 (5 years)
Nana!!! Nana eisai i monadiki megaliteri tragoydistria ths elladas!! oles
einai gyro soy alla toso poli pio piso soy!!!

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