Top 10 Best Terminator Kills

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    We all know why the Terminators were created, and this list is counting down all the best Terminator terminations. Arnold's T-800 certainly racked up a huge body count, and there is a lot to look at, form the attack on the police station to killing all the other women named Sara Connor. Of course we're looking at all the terminators, like T2's T-1000 and all the killing machines like Summer Glau's Cameron in The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series. So join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the top 10 Terminator kills.

    00:47 #10. Tech Noir Crowd
    01:33 #9. Officer Goodnow
    02:18 #8. T1000
    03:14 #7. Derek Reese
    04:01 #6. Phonebook Sarah Connor
    04:54 #5. Cromartie vs. the FBI
    05:44 #4. John’s Foster Parents
    06:33 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  • 8 days ago

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    • Sm00th TV
      Sm00th TV 5 days ago yeah no shit this damn thing was sponsored

    • Christopher G
      Christopher G 6 days ago

      4. It was oddly fitting of the T-1000 as the women scewering him while he was drinking right out of the cartoon. I mean, just guess *how often* a women told this guy to stop doing that, and how often he ignored it. That people is how it will backfire to you too, one day!

      1. It i wrong to say "to no avail". She clearly had the goal to push it down into the liquid steel. She just ran out of ammo in the last step.

    • Johnathan Hagan
      Johnathan Hagan 7 days ago


    • Jeff Williams
      Jeff Williams 7 days ago

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  • Kelvin Gonzalez
    Kelvin Gonzalez 1 hour ago

    and mentioning Arnold as a villain a few times you're supposed to go one by one to make it to top 10 of top seven Dash TV series real I just noticed that now but you can be a little more creative thanks and I'll respect that the number one was T1000 course he killed everybody he love almost everybody. it's like Megatron.

  • Deanz Gamez
    Deanz Gamez 1 day ago

    "Terminator kills a human"
    Robotics law don't allow robots to kill humans

  • Yeo Hock Kang
    Yeo Hock Kang 1 day ago

    to me
    the most OP terminator is John Connor from the 2015 version
    (not liquid metal but mini metal pieces)the only way to STUN him is with a magnet glove and the only way to stop him permanently is to throw him into the time machine

  • Night Core
    Night Core 1 day ago

    3:07 T-800 also known as Arnold

  • Xclusive91
    Xclusive91 2 days ago

    Just realised at 7:48 - 7:50 the guy with the blue spiky hair is Bill Paxton lmao

  • Da Blue Cow
    Da Blue Cow 2 days ago

    They are obviously out of ideas

    ERROR BOX 2 days ago

    Robert Patrick did SO good as the T-1000

  • AnarkeyTrollzXD Champions Science!!

    Wrong tittle should be top terroser kills

  • Terry Price
    Terry Price 3 days ago

    I can't wait to see Terminator 2 in 3-D this summer 😀😀

  • Enjoy what you Experience

    It was obvious what was 1

  • Python Saibot and mlgnoscoper group

    wait so the T-800 is a good guy and T-1000 is the bad guys
    I not sure if it true

  • tremitor tremitor
    tremitor tremitor 3 days ago

    I will be back

  • WALUIGI Planet
    WALUIGI Planet 3 days ago

    Spoil alert ha not I've seen terminator 1,2 and 3 and genesis

  • legit hunter
    legit hunter 3 days ago

    Jason vorhes is now T13th

  • Timothy Campbell
    Timothy Campbell 4 days ago

    you the terminator or all the terminators combine

  • bionic3500
    bionic3500 4 days ago

    i mis the cameron on a killing spree lol

  • Negratas
    Negratas 4 days ago

    The Terminator is my favourite movie of all time, and I think the second one doesn't even come close. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who thinks that way.

  • Sonic The Hedgehog
    Sonic The Hedgehog 4 days ago

    I'll be back

  • ShastaHawk
    ShastaHawk 4 days ago

    Number 1 should have been the police station wreckage in the first movie

  • losferword
    losferword 4 days ago

    Honestly I would place the police shootout at #1.

  • Mister Irons
    Mister Irons 5 days ago

    I know it's goin' to cause a firestorm, but I love Salvation.

  • Foxy Fazfox
    Foxy Fazfox 5 days ago

    "you can't do that!"

  • Mister Macintosh
    Mister Macintosh 5 days ago


    FIREDEVIL 5 days ago

    I'll be back

  • Dennis Velikanov
    Dennis Velikanov 5 days ago

    I'm glad that actually original franchise only includes the first two

    ILOVEPIE 5 days ago

    A real machine wouldn't waste multiple bullets on a single person, if it achieved a certain killshot it would stop.

  • PSamMusicMan
    PSamMusicMan 5 days ago

    Since you included the killing of an actual Terminator in this list, the original film's ending, where Sarah crushed the thing in the large Hydraulic Press, should have at least got a nod...

  • Jiří Vávra
    Jiří Vávra 6 days ago

    Its only T and T2. Other parts are scraps.

  • The real starboy
    The real starboy 6 days ago


  • The real starboy
    The real starboy 6 days ago

    T2 was dope

  • Teos Gitsas
    Teos Gitsas 6 days ago

    Where is the hasta la vista????

  • The Guy Who Comments

    only Watchmojo would come up with a video like this who tf even ask for a top terminator kills anyway

  • Hunter Zolomon
    Hunter Zolomon 6 days ago

    the TX's death in T3 should have been here

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel 6 days ago

    What about itself in terminator 2 judgment day

  • Xer0Gaming
    Xer0Gaming 6 days ago

    Note: Terminator 3 didn't get an entree.

  • Jefferson Martinez
    Jefferson Martinez 6 days ago

    I watched a lot of these movies :)

  • Southhs5115
    Southhs5115 6 days ago

    I CANNOT BELIEVE the TX's death wasn't included!!!

  • yash punia
    yash punia 6 days ago

    you missed the killing of the terminator in terminator 3

  • BignCreepy
    BignCreepy 6 days ago

    how about top 10 most accurate movie gun fights?

  • inktale sans
    inktale sans 6 days ago

    I got it! top 10 badass movie characters

  • Hedgehog's Right of Passage

    "Da Governator"

  • Cruddy Spark115
    Cruddy Spark115 6 days ago

    At the end it wasn't t-800 it was t-850

  • Nikola Peh
    Nikola Peh 6 days ago

    "I need your clothes, your booths and your motorbike" :-D

  • TheRussianPikachu
    TheRussianPikachu 6 days ago

    What about when Arnold kills the T-X at the end of T3? He shoved a fucking mini nuclear reactor in its mouth!

  • Grey Warden and Champion of Kirkwall

    The first Terminator might have traumatised me as a child but for some reason I still love the Terminator. xD
    It wasn't even my own choice to already watch that first movie during childhood. Actually a teacher showed it to us at school. I spent the majority of these classes hiding in the toilets too frightened and sick to return.

  • Jason Browne
    Jason Browne 7 days ago

    terminator parodox more like


    *Arnold's*: "I'll be back!' Whoops, last action hero! Lol!

  • James Barrow
    James Barrow 7 days ago

    You need a part 2 of this

  • The Slimmest Jim
    The Slimmest Jim 7 days ago

    They are really running out of ideas

  • HalfDemonInuyasha
    HalfDemonInuyasha 7 days ago

    Kate's fiance in Terminator 3?

    *T-800 shoots security guard in the leg*

    *John* What the hell are you doing?!

    *T-800* He'll live.


  • Anthony Lesley
    Anthony Lesley 7 days ago

    cromartie was listen to Johnny cash's THE MAN COME around at 5:02 lol like or reply if you find funny.

  • Blackwood /13
    Blackwood /13 7 days ago

    where is T3 ?

  • Padmister the Car fan

    ILL BE BACK to comment

  • Amey Beast
    Amey Beast 7 days ago

    the bar killing scene from t2

  • Mourad Ferrad
    Mourad Ferrad 7 days ago

    sionists are the best killer cowrds machines merde

  • Michael Greco
    Michael Greco 7 days ago

    Terminator 2 was the best

  • Nasaruddin Al Edrus

    fuck terminator

  • Luke Walker
    Luke Walker 7 days ago

    the first terminator was the best but 2 was really good too. the rest is ass

  • cadettipk
    cadettipk 7 days ago

    Everything after T2 never happened and no one can tell me differently.

  • Joker 276353626262
    Joker 276353626262 7 days ago

    The police station scene in terminator 2 judgment day was probably my favorite scenes of all time

  • Maria Alessandra
    Maria Alessandra 7 days ago


  • TheRandomGamer 333
    TheRandomGamer 333 7 days ago

    Really running out of ideas...

  • Joshua A
    Joshua A 8 days ago

    No T3 love, I liked the death where she impales the cop from the backseat and smacking the other into the car window, and not forgetting Matt vs the Terminator from the first movie.

  • Luke Butler
    Luke Butler 8 days ago

    the t1000 and not the tx

  • Armando Garcia
    Armando Garcia 8 days ago

    Number 3 is a summary of hotline miami.

  • Pprokop87
    Pprokop87 8 days ago

    NO! NOT THE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    or Genesis.....
    the foster parents-dog kill is EPIC!!
    T2?.... RLD, nothing.... RLD, nothing...RLD, nothing... Rollup and BANG a 20mm granade death!
    but most epic is the T100 deatk with his thumb up... shit. got my eyes wet....

  • Stopmotioneliot
    Stopmotioneliot 8 days ago

    How about terminator 3 when he killed the tx

  • The bane of bunnies

    You forgot the original terminator deatg

  • Garrett Hall
    Garrett Hall 8 days ago

    Wow so much nostalgia

  • ThePhantom Timelord

    I'm reasonably sure that I am the only human who actually liked the first Terminator the best

    • Il_Piccone
      Il_Piccone 6 days ago

      ThePhantom Timelord yes you are ;)

  • NightRunner417
    NightRunner417 8 days ago

    The scene where the terminator kills Sarah's best friend in T1 should have been in there high on the list. She was very likeable, was very important to Sarah and thus very important to her development in the story, and her death was seriously brutal. There were lots of moments in the first two movies that were impossible to forget, but that scene really stuck with me.

  • DomesticNinoy
    DomesticNinoy 8 days ago

    WatchMojo ran out of ideas

  • YorkshireTemplar
    YorkshireTemplar 8 days ago

    Woman: Terminators are made for one thing, to kill humans and they are pretty good at their jobs...
    Me: No they aren't. They're bad. EXTREMELY BAD. They sent upgraded after upgraded killing machine time and time again to kill one human and only had one outdated terminator in their way. They couldn't even get that right!!

  • Luis Angel Pimentel

    The security guard at Pescadero and the driver of the truck with liquid nitrogen, both killed by the T-1000 are better than any Sarah Connor chronicles scene.

  • A.K.M
    A.K.M 8 days ago


  • JohnOgie67
    JohnOgie67 8 days ago

    Don't make me bust you up man

  • Toucan SonofSam
    Toucan SonofSam 8 days ago

    No Terminator 3 (Jose Bararra) or Terminator Salvation kills lololololol

  • Flammable Gas JD
    Flammable Gas JD 8 days ago

    I love the way you called the guy in the 8:15 mark "Pepsi guy"

  • EternalxReign
    EternalxReign 8 days ago

    Terminator 2 was the best one

  • Claresa Prama
    Claresa Prama 8 days ago

    Where is the "Hasta la vista, baby"?

  • DevilPoroNnj
    DevilPoroNnj 8 days ago


  • Snawsome Boss
    Snawsome Boss 8 days ago

    i don't find Garret Dillahunt a very scary Terminator remembering him from raising hope

  • Peter Terra The Hindu Communist

    you know, would my gf like terminator?

  • Fansi Perdana Putri

    But of course WM find it difficult to pick which killings are the best since the main reason why they built the Terminator is simply to kill...

  • Lil Carlos
    Lil Carlos 8 days ago

    felt kinda bad for Pepsi guy

  • EDM 大好き
    EDM 大好き 8 days ago


  • Arsal
    Arsal 8 days ago

    no T3 & T4...a shame

    Terminator Genishit and Sarah Chronicles practically tried to destroy this franchises' legacy!

  • Calvin F
    Calvin F 8 days ago

    I have no doubt T2 killing T1000 will be #1

  • Zino117
    Zino117 8 days ago

    No T3? Best scene is when Arny plants his fructured whatever into the TXs mouth. "You are terminated"

  • Marte van Vechel
    Marte van Vechel 8 days ago

    where is arnold vs arnold?????

  • BoundInChains
    BoundInChains 8 days ago

    syera, go!

  • winter1235
    winter1235 8 days ago

    Poor old Bill, he wasn't very lucky in the major sci-fi franchises, was he?

  • Sir Noodle
    Sir Noodle 8 days ago

    Did you know that if you flex any muscle for 1 minute, your boner will go away?

  • Kai Fan
    Kai Fan 8 days ago

    funny how T3 or T4 wasn't mentioned lol

  • Shrish Singh
    Shrish Singh 8 days ago

    you forgot TX assassinations in Terminator 3

  • gg454lune
    gg454lune 8 days ago

    You're posting this video just a couple of days after I watched the first two movies. Are you watching me?

  • Afzal Patel
    Afzal Patel 8 days ago


  • Lord LOC
    Lord LOC 8 days ago

    Even though most people didn't like it, I enjoyed Terminator 3 for what it was, just a spruced up action movie with Arnie again. Still, when Arnie's Terminator kills the T-X at the end, its pretty awesome. "You are terminated" BOOOM.

  • Ragnemalm
    Ragnemalm 8 days ago

    #2 is my favorite, "Nice night for a walk!", with Bill Paxton, the actor who has managed to be the victim of a Terminator, a Predator and Aliens, all in early and good entries in each series! (He even had the famous "Game Over Man, GAME OVER!" line in Aliens!)

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