Senator Murphy Questions Betsy DeVos during Education Secretary Hearing

Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) questions nominee for Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos during a U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing.

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Author M. Valdemar ( ago)
It is a major long term aim of US conservatives to dismantle the public school system and replace it with private religious schools and "home schooling" where parents can choose the ideological indoctrination of their children. Conservatives have succeeded in creating an "alternative media" propaganda tool and nest they are going after education.

Author Valerie Neloms ( ago)

Author Michael Reynolds ( ago)
Well how's the liberals ways working for them, look at Detroit, they need to confirm her and shut up., She will be a part in making America great again.

Author Josh Hanson ( ago)
From now on my stock answer to a question I do not know the answer to will be, possibly in the case of Grizzly bears.

Author ThaChazo ( ago)
next up, more gun violence! oh, and then trump will blame terrorist and the media

Author junkyarddog47 ( ago)
This woman is full of shit

Author Daiyan Something ( ago)
So uh... with DeVos around, am I still gonna be able to go to a public school?

Author Haley Johansen Fitness ( ago)
As an educator. I'm embarrassed that she's left to make education judgements.

Author John Edwards ( ago)
Chris Murphy is my hero!

Author Captain America ( ago)
Any Trumptards wanna defend this?

Author Elizabeth Parco ( ago)
how can you take her face seriously can see right thru the bull shit!

Author HerbFlowers ( ago)

Author Harlan Friedman-Romell ( ago)

Author Deepak Sela ( ago)
Looks like it doesn't bleed enough as those children who got shot and later died. She's unfit and she should see that. If she had any self respect for herself, she would just walk out of that room and never return.

Author Captain Pangolin ( ago)
America you are fucked.

Author asdfghjklcdt ( ago)

Author milkmanmonroe ( ago)
DeVos donated fantastical amounts of money to the Republican party.  The usual response to this is -- appointment to a fancy board, or an ambassadorship, or being nominated to be the Secretary of  [fill in the blank].

Author Rocanten Rocanten ( ago)

Author chocoholicSISTA263 ( ago)
I wonder if she went to bed thinking, "wtf did I get myself into" If ppl like her can get the job then anybody should be qualified for anything. Just bullshit through the interview and shit your pants on day one. Bit like what Trump did 😁😁

Author Rokki Fofana ( ago)
Omfg I know this women didn't mention guns to protect form bears 😲 wow America just scooped to a lower level 😲😲😲😲

Author Loulou66 ( ago)
It appears Trump is draining the so called swamp in order to refil it his own carefully selected rancid filth.

Author The Virgin Marty ( ago)
Republicans must be ashamed of DeVos.

Author Kt Carroll ( ago)
Just look at the evil in these peoples face old wrinkled up hags and sissy boy their life has to be horrible triggered since November 8th and still triggered so they are going to bash and humiliate anything associated with Trump unless it's somebody bashing trump then watch their demeanor change and the smiles appear and they look fresh. Not dead souls like they do here

Author kc collette ( ago)
SOME ONE STOP THIS CREATIONIST COUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Gerardo Giron ( ago)
This bitch, is another puppet of trump and putin

Author Onkelogtante ( ago)
I know Scandinavia is different from the US, but I would be emberassed if my country nominated a person like this for Sec. of Administration. Grizzlybears appearing near schools? Its just riddicolous.. Btw well done to Sen Murphy!

Author Amateras Uchiha ( ago)
What is the point of this interview? What if she said," Meh." to all the questions? Will she be barred from getting the job? I honestly don't understand.

Author Sam Bebop ( ago)
The USA have never fallen this deep.
I'm truely sorry for the american people.

Author Joitin ( ago)
Yet another clueless billionaire playing politician just for something to do. Disgraceful!

Author Celeste Moss ( ago)

Author Jérémy ( ago)
I think this is all a joke. It must be.

Author Jake Jonas ( ago)
I don't understand how Mrs DeVos can say the things she said, never giving a single democrat a straight answer to a question. I can't blame her, I don't like the establishment democrats lately, but of the roughly 2 hours I watched of this hearing, it's plain as day to see, from a non partisan view that Mrs DeVos is unqualified for the job she was picked, and the question should be raised of why exactly she was vetted into this role? We obviously know why, but I'd like to hear Trumps staff give another reason other than money so people can rip that credibility to shreds. Nominating this woman as the secretary of education is guaranteeing the majority of schools will either be defunded for refusing to change evolution to creationism or treated as a marketplace for investors and owners to take taxpayer public educational funding from the public schools to line their own pockets. We as a country should never look at education as a profitable business unless that profit is quality of education, which in the long term pays for itself many times over, by sending kids to college and getting a degree. She will not commit to following sexual assault laws already in place to protect the victim and prosecute the perpetrator. She will not commit to safeguard laws already in place to protect children with disabilities. She will not commit to refusing federal and state taxpayer money to for profit colleges who essentially scam their "students" out of a qualify education and a pile of money at the same time. She was clueless to speaker Frankin's questions about debates on the best way to measure a students performance, and that of the teacher as well. Proficiency or growth. Had no clue. She grinned gleefully as speaker Sanders reminded her that she and her family have donated over 200 million dollars to republicans as a lobbyist. I'm dumbfounded that nobody on Trumps staff recognized her obviously unqualified to be selected for this very important cabinet member who's damage done to Trumps presidency costs more than Mrs DeVos and her family contributed to republican PAC's. This woman cannot and should not have this job.

Author Pyotr Alexeyevich Kropotkin ( ago)

Author Bruce Watson ( ago)
Politics aside, she just doesn't have the depth of knowledge on how the education system works. this is a job interview and she's not showing herself to be an ideal candidate. "I support accountability" is not and not answer.

Author Brandon Quire ( ago)
My school had armed police officers guarding us. I see nothing wrong with that especially with the amount of mass shootings. I agree with everything else though. This lady is way out of touch

Author Shilun Zhang ( ago)
Grizzly bears should be in schools to protect students from guns!

Author Scaarfii ( ago)
She really has no idea how the real world works...

Author Jim ( ago)
Wow...these questions and comments are positive proof that liberalism is clearly a mental disease.

Author My Vizn ( ago)
It sounds like DeVos is about as intelligent as Sarah Palin...this is really disheartening to watch....ughhh and of course it will affect lower income students in distressed districts. Trump really lowered the bar on this one.

Author WnWINTER ( ago)
Well say goodbye to good education.....................

Author akeleven ( ago)
damn the Republican Congress each and every one of them

Author Mark Johnson ( ago)
Guns in schools.......the US is a mad house.

Author Mrs. Dixon32 ( ago)
these Democrat Senators make me proud!!

Author Q ( ago)
Trump's nominees must have an interpreter before they answer questions and that interpreter must be terribly shitty, cause they never answer the question directly damn it

Author Q ( ago)
That wasp nest jacket tho

Author Q ( ago)
That champagne time tho

Author Niccole A ( ago)
I think she answered it clearly. She will not look at or commit to any existing rules reinforcing "equal accounting" because she's going to be rewriting unfair standards to charter schools to undermined the success of public schools. Done!

Author contactkeithstack ( ago)
headline from future- in horrible irony, Secretary of education Betsy deVos visited Woppity Wyoming on school dress up day and was Maced and nearly shot in her grizzly bear costume.
Ms DeVos was chasing the children in what turned out to be a game of tag when the school grizzly security guard Dan Funch ran out to the playground- "I saw this bear up in its hind legs running after little Tommy Bearenstein, and I said "oh my God". I Maced that bear straight in Its big Brown eyes and they didn't water didn't do nothing. didn't even blink. I thought, this is some kind of damn demon bear!"
Right at that moment two secret service agents in a panda and koala costume tackled Dan Funch to the ground and wrestled the gun from him.
"I thought it was a damn bear apocalypse. A damn coalition of the willing bears. I maced the demon bear then I got a damn koala and panda bounding out from behind the trees. it was a damn nightmare. at night I see all these bears above me. And they just some goddamn demon bears."
Ms. DeVos says she still supports guns at school.
Asking Mr. Trump for comment he replied- "When Canada, China, and Australia send their respective bears to us, they're not sending their best bears- they're not sending Paddington, or the coca cola bear, or pooh bear- they're sending bears with lots of problems. And they're bringing those problems to us.
They're bringing bamboo, eucalyptus, they're rapists, and some, I assume are good bears. No puppet. no puppet. you're the puppet. I'm real rich."

Author Sarah Blackwell ( ago)
coulda sworn that Grizzly comment would have come out of someone like Sarah Palins mouth lol. I see she was using Wyoming as a example of a reason why a gun in school seemed logical, but it is not logical lol. she's insane and profoundly dumb to the point where she can answer questions cause she doesn't know what specific words someone who is running the education board sucks at standard English and Math, that's hilariously scary..

Author Keatrith Amakiir ( ago)
5mins to question someone before giving them control of BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars? Wow, this is why the world mocks your crumbling nation, you don't even care if your education minister has an education....

Author Deimosthegreat ( ago)
Holy shit this bitch is insane. o-o

Author Rascythe ( ago)
I'll add education to the list of things that won't be fixed in the near future. You've gotta be kidding, lady.

Author ellie6416 ( ago)
Omg, America is going to be burnt to the ground by the end of Trump's term...

Author Emily Heaven ( ago)
Everything is falling apart . Sad sad

Author TheBestWayOne ( ago)
Betsy Devos- Doesn't have a clue on education of the masses. Not the right choice. Devos is just a elite lobbyist trying to make her private company education friends richer. Next thing she will want to privatize and run the military lol.

Author Oletha Wade-Matthews ( ago)
GREAT JOB Senator Murphy...please block her! She's a BONA FIDE IDIOT

Author E. Duran ( ago)
shut her down!!! PLEASE!!!

Author Neo Noir ( ago)
She is unfit to run a New York Deli none the less our nations education system.

Author Neo Noir ( ago)
Thanks sen. Murphy for asking real questions.

Author Blake Townsend ( ago)
This is Trumps worse pick by far

Author Rob Kennedy ( ago)
they are trying to do to the u.s what pinochet did to chile in the 70's

Author James Tee ( ago)
Watch "Bear stalks man" by joel X and tell me if you need bear spray and a gun ?

Author redraven699 ( ago)
It's not a debate. Each state does their own thing. If you don't like what has been going on during the last eight years, look who has been in charge for the last eight years. She has only been working in Michigan, not Florida or anywhere else. States should be in charge of their own schools systems. If the security in schools had guns then maybe they could have stopped the killers before they killed so many children.

Author evocative01 ( ago)
ROFL! LMFAO! FUCK THE BLACK DUDE IN BACK. I LOOOOOOOOVE THE DOWN DYSNDROME WHITE BOI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SHITTING MY PANTS RIGHT NOW! OMFG. we are all so smart in our dead end jobs and lives and the fucking slow kid is in the mix. hell naw

Author evocative01 ( ago)
lol @ black dude in the background. you go bruh!
no point. just thought it was cool.

Author ShayMeister ( ago)
Like a broken record: "I support accountability, I support acc..."

Author Kyle Schaff ( ago)
Hey, that's my senator ❤️

Author COGITO ERGO SUM ( ago)
liberals have destroyed our school system

Author COGITO ERGO SUM ( ago)
Murphy is a political hack

Author Martinez Roger ( ago)
Conservatives God is the rich,they follow only the old Testament not the new.Jesus saved us from the old Testament which makes him a LIBERAL.

Author Juliana Panepento ( ago)
This is scary

Author Susan Thomas ( ago)
I assume he's hinting to Sandy Hook there at the end? Sandy Hook didn't happen because a teacher or principal had a gun--it happened because a crazy person brought the gun with the intent to kill. I never feel safe walking in a building that says gun-free zone. I feel like it might as well say "easy, defenseless targets."

Author Jesse Braham ( ago)

Author Yasi Farahmandnia ( ago)
I think my brain broke...

Author FRAYNETRAIN ( ago)
She cannot defend her stance on guns being in schools or not. Then she makes a reference to having them in Wyoming for defending against Grizzlies 😂😂. Personally I believe only certain security officers and officials should carry guns to protect against instances such as sandy hook in my state.

Author SmartNinjaGamer ( ago)
The Senators grilled her. She should kill herself

Author 864fleetious ( ago)
She didn't answer anything

Author Lisa Mercado ( ago)
You're so awesome Senator Murphy! I commend you for keeping a straight face and maintains professionalism when she gave her grizzly bear answer😆

Author Tom Moran ( ago)
DeVos articulately expressed that guns in schools is a state issue, a local issue and NOT a decision for Washington DC. In fact she shared Senator Enzi's testimony regarding a rifle that was used to keep grizzly bears away from a school in Wyoming

Author Anna Epelbaum ( ago)
She never ever worked in education. Everything else is simply the flattering. DeVos is no fit for the position of the secretary of education. But I am. And I am the best fit for this position because of my experience, training, achievements and inventions in this area.

Author Nethr ( ago)
I would call her a snake, but I have seen smarter snakes.

Author Michael Cabus ( ago)
I don't have much faith after watching these hearings; she seems to not know a lot about education..

Author TG Leviathan ( ago)
The guy with down syndrome sitting to the right of DeVos has more intelligence than the entire democratic entity on that comity!

Author Putaspellonyou ( ago)
Jesus I could've given those answers!

Author Matthew Morrill ( ago)
This woman should be no where near public education or our tax dollars

Author K A ( ago)
We see enough. She's incompetent, ignorant and unqualified. #moneyhasitsprivileges

Author DalekDemolisher Herrick ( ago)
This B

Author Benjamin Gulker ( ago)
How can she simultaneously support locales making decisions about guns, but then also be willing to give her blanket support to Trump's ideas about guns and schools? It is an inherently contradictory position. Either it's up to locales and states, or it isn't.

Author Marle Simms ( ago)
Thank you, Sen. Murphy, for rigorously questioning this despicable fraud who wants to privatize education

Author Michael Ray ( ago)
Dems so pissed she did not answer the questions like they wanted her to lol

Author Donald is your buddy. ( ago)
Were the schools performing great before Mrs. Devos? Did these senators hold the former education Minister accountable for all the falling marks and increasing dropout rates. The USA has horrible record for education the last 20 - 30yrs..maybe it's cause these senators are getting paid to much?

Author Luis V ( ago)
LESS smart poor kids will go to college . this country is low info now after trump we will be at the bottom of the industrial world in education .....

Author InterdimensionalToad ( ago)
Anyone out there who actually thinks this woman is competent?

Author Karen Cilman ( ago)
Sen. Murphy is my new hero. Hope he runs for President in 2020.

Author J WA ( ago)
I saw her being questioned, and she doesn't directly answer any questions except by generalities, speaks with a forked tongue and is so evasive that none of the senators could understand where her stance really was. All this was done with a smile plastered over her face.

Author Meagan Singh ( ago)
Thank you so much for your comment on Detroit!!!!! As a Detroit parent whom had a child in the Detroit public schools, it is infuriating that this is the pick for Education Secretary. There IS not enough money. Many of the teachers are highly skilled and could be very effective if they had the resources.

Author ReligiousZombie ( ago)
1:36 I nominate the dude in the gray suit on the right side of the screen. He will make a better Education Secretary than Betsy "The Blonde Sarah Palin" DeVos.

Author David Parker ( ago)
Shirley Hufstedler was the first Secretary of Education and took office November 30, 1979 during the Jimmy Carter presidency. Why is precedence for questioning being set according to last two screening especially since there was no controversy about the candidate? I agree with the statement by Senator Murphy that DeVos is being protected especially since she came unprepared after being given an extra week. She has not even submitted the paperwork that was asked. I give her an "incomplete" on the homework and "D" in her performance as to questioning and comprehension.

Author Sandra Patterson ( ago)
OMG!! This candidate-DeVos, does not know what IDEA is and has no clue about laws in Education (Federal or Local).  She could not answer any question correctly.  I am a Republican, but I would not vote for her as dogcatcher.  She is unbelievable and very ignorant about education in general!! Vote No to confirm her.  President Trump needs to find someone else as Secretary of Education!!!

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