My Husky Doesn't Want a Bath!

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  • Blue Thunder73
    Blue Thunder73 10 days ago

    7:18 scene was epic. Running along with the dog, looked like a japanesse cartoon.

    • sub to me plz
      sub to me plz 17 hours ago

      The creepy Charmander number one I'm a girl not a boy number two shut the fuck up

    • The creepy Charmander
      The creepy Charmander 17 hours ago

      sub to me plz I watch them so I should know gay boy

    • sub to me plz
      sub to me plz 17 hours ago

      The creepy Charmander probably your a stupid

    • The creepy Charmander
      The creepy Charmander 1 day ago

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    • The creepy Charmander
      The creepy Charmander 1 day ago

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  • Zach Beetlestone
    Zach Beetlestone 2 hours ago

    Ur house must get freezing if you don't get carpet or something I know there is a thing called a Radiator but yea leave me alone

  • Baby Potato
    Baby Potato 5 hours ago

    why did you name your dog after the knuckle headed son of goku

  • gg
    gg 6 hours ago

    i wish i have a husky just like gohan:)

  • Ace Of Spades Magic
    Ace Of Spades Magic 13 hours ago

    Like how he tries to lick the water!

  • Pranav Rana
    Pranav Rana 18 hours ago

    man !!! your dog is very very cute....i love ur vedios.....waiting fr more...!!👌👌

  • JMxJ4
    JMxJ4 19 hours ago


  • Sky Ryder
    Sky Ryder 1 day ago

    funny how huskies look like wolves

  • ShoppingLord 56
    ShoppingLord 56 1 day ago


  • Gabriel miller
    Gabriel miller 1 day ago

    Gohan is so cute i wish i had a husky like him

  • Stealth Bomber Gaming

    I am so glad I was a subscriber for such a long time Gohan always makes me happy after work

  • the couch
    the couch 1 day ago

    that thumbnail

  • Davante Daniels
    Davante Daniels 1 day ago

    its been a long time since i watched gohans vids im so sad

  • Manix 648
    Manix 648 1 day ago

    i just subscribed and i joined the notification squad

  • Jonathan Chen
    Jonathan Chen 1 day ago

    I love how he turns around himself so he can get wet all over, my dad won't even go in the bathroom

  • ibrahim yönten
    ibrahim yönten 1 day ago

    i love to see the dogs happy ! a little piece of heaven , you and Gohan are so lucky , god bless you two !!!

  • Mastergamer 12
    Mastergamer 12 1 day ago

    where I live?... it is sunny really sunny!

  • Aditya Gupta
    Aditya Gupta 1 day ago

    Its sunny here

  • Golden Heart Films

    Gohan is covered in PAWtograph ink. Get it? xD

  • Slender_man •
    Slender_man • 1 day ago

    can you make vlogs with gohan or larger vids

  • Temmie Does Things

    It's cloudy here I am

  • omontoya0712
    omontoya0712 1 day ago

    i did

  • 2rhx
    2rhx 1 day ago

    How old is he?

  • LiranXD
    LiranXD 1 day ago

    the current wheather is hot😖

  • MLG potato
    MLG potato 1 day ago

    Food Cina

  • Dimetriy_Fnaf iomem #1oi


  • KillaCam
    KillaCam 2 days ago

    It's 116 over here

  • Alejandra Magana
    Alejandra Magana 2 days ago

    california, is suppa hat 122 is the hottest

  • Nick Polinski
    Nick Polinski 2 days ago

    I joined the notification squad liked and subscribed

  • Sarahi Rosales
    Sarahi Rosales 2 days ago

    #NotificationSquad love your videos

  • The purple koolaid Master

    sunny I live in chicago

  • evil raccoon
    evil raccoon 2 days ago

    keep the great work love your videos! :)

  • Ayie Araneta
    Ayie Araneta 2 days ago


  • Ivan Gongora
    Ivan Gongora 2 days ago

    5:47 he looks like a non with the towel on his head

  • Jessica Deel
    Jessica Deel 2 days ago


  • Nekonomicon
    Nekonomicon 2 days ago

    Gohan's autographs look like blue's clues

  • Leon Eric Avrutin
    Leon Eric Avrutin 2 days ago

    #notificationsquad what a good boy


    He is so cute !!!

  • Ben Painter
    Ben Painter 2 days ago

    Such a well behaved doggo!

  • slogoman tv
    slogoman tv 2 days ago

    find gohan girlfriend he gonna happy

  • DallasToot
    DallasToot 2 days ago

    It's a clue!! 0:28

  • random oniome
    random oniome 2 days ago

    2:16 Did you just flip off you're dog?

  • dennis big
    dennis big 2 days ago

    When a dog its even better than some girls. Youre dog is so lucky to
    have you my bro. Keep the perfect work, your vlogs are the best, so
    peaceful and happy, no insult, no flame. Youre a good boy bro. Thank you
    for leaving me a smile every day!

  • Arexx
    Arexx 2 days ago


  • 김혜원
    김혜원 2 days ago

    are Gohan and Steel different dog? or he has 2 names?

  • ahmed mani
    ahmed mani 2 days ago

    gohan feels so alone you shld gt him a husky gf :D like so he sees this comment

  • Inès Éléonore Garrod

    It's super hot in France about 38 C°

  • imTaze
    imTaze 3 days ago

    I love gohan . Gohan is the cutes husky ever <3

  • PyrCresc
    PyrCresc 3 days ago

    #PuppyDays xD

  • aleksia san miguel
    aleksia san miguel 3 days ago


  • Julian Lopez
    Julian Lopez 3 days ago

    ca rain

  • Craft Hacks
    Craft Hacks 3 days ago

    Can you show us your face and your house? Please

  • Fluffy Muffin
    Fluffy Muffin 3 days ago


  • Jose Carrillo
    Jose Carrillo 3 days ago


  • Anya Tangieva
    Anya Tangieva 3 days ago

    Wow, what a good listener, Gohan! Mine goes crazy in the shower:) Love the park part!

  • Aydan Vincent
    Aydan Vincent 3 days ago

    Really windy

  • Arnav Das
    Arnav Das 3 days ago

    He is really really cute

  • Unlucky_Spoon
    Unlucky_Spoon 3 days ago

    huskys are gay

  • The Legend Of Honor

    Be humble be clean be awesome be gohan

  • Braulio Rosario
    Braulio Rosario 3 days ago

    dog as a jedi

  • Judith Borello
    Judith Borello 3 days ago

    What you name

  • Judith Borello
    Judith Borello 3 days ago

    Love you

  • julio deleon
    julio deleon 3 days ago

    when is his next video

  • mia fazio
    mia fazio 3 days ago

    same here

  • Rozjebie ci Matke
    Rozjebie ci Matke 3 days ago

    I'm Polish but I like your movies very much. I greet you and Gohan

  • Naoh Lacroix
    Naoh Lacroix 3 days ago

    so cute and I love huskys

  • cooper cooper
    cooper cooper 3 days ago

    i got runners for my tiles in my house, cause tiles are really bad for dogs to run on

  • Zack Teitelbaum 2005

    omg we have brought a baby husky and we can go get it in 2 weeks, I'm so excited 😄😄

    MASTER ZOD 3 days ago

    He's good at taking care of his husky

  • The Adventures of Lunacorn and Harleydog

    And huskies are meant to love water!
    He's such a cutie I wanna squish him!

  • Feng Oliver
    Feng Oliver 3 days ago

    Boyfriend and husky cheek

  • Piper 2016
    Piper 2016 3 days ago

    Gohan, i love your eyeliners. Could you do a tutorial?

  • Carmen Tong
    Carmen Tong 3 days ago


  • TheHunter 625
    TheHunter 625 3 days ago

    #notification squad

  • azir the emperor of the sands

    watching your video making my day full of happiness upload more gohan :) i iwll fully support the channel

    DEATHSLAYER2254 3 days ago

    i saw a husky on the train to southport and it looked exatly like your husky

  • Keyarah Adams
    Keyarah Adams 3 days ago

    how old did u start to teach Gohan to mush

  • HolyBoss1201
    HolyBoss1201 3 days ago


  • Pooch N unbound
    Pooch N unbound 4 days ago

    I'm crying because i miss my dogs and I still have 3 weeks left

  • Pooch N unbound
    Pooch N unbound 4 days ago

    I'm in Italy right now, I'm from the USA. I'm visiting my family in Germany!!!

  • Pooch N unbound
    Pooch N unbound 4 days ago

    I subscribed!!! I love your pooch and your videos!!! I turned on notifications!!!

  • Typical Hike
    Typical Hike 4 days ago

    Can't wait until u get to 1 million subs for a face reveal like if agree

  • Lorena Dunning
    Lorena Dunning 4 days ago


  • nir nir
    nir nir 4 days ago

    great channel bro me and all my friends subscribed this channel gohan cute and awesom

  • Noona Cha
    Noona Cha 4 days ago

    i subscribe

  • .
    . 4 days ago

    How do you not give in to the guilt-trip face Gohan pulls during baths? That face looks like he is being tortured, instead of being given a well earned bath. XD

  • Brittani Beane
    Brittani Beane 4 days ago

    New to "notification squad" lol. Love the videos.. Too cute! (:

  • lilliana h
    lilliana h 4 days ago

    where i live it was gorgeous so i took my dog for a long walk, we live in the country as well so we walked a fair mile or two, then it started pouring out of literally nowhere. when we got home it was like we jumped into a pool or something, my poor baby was all wet😂😂

  • Chloe-kate Begg
    Chloe-kate Begg 4 days ago

    I love gohan

  • أحمد عبد ألله


  • PigFarts
    PigFarts 4 days ago

    I joined the squad

  • Beautiful Noelani
    Beautiful Noelani 4 days ago

    I don't think he really cared about the paint on his paw!!!

  • CallMe 7even
    CallMe 7even 4 days ago

    8:01 i was watching tv at the same time with the vide didnt noticed the drone on the screen and i thought a mosquito was nearby:(

  • Extr3me Gam1ng
    Extr3me Gam1ng 4 days ago

    Seriously I love ❤️ him

  • LiveALittle Live
    LiveALittle Live 4 days ago

    Can your dog kamekame wave if he do that its very very cute!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 4 days ago

    can i have 1 autograph

  • Selinda Powell
    Selinda Powell 4 days ago

    I joined the sqad

  • ItsSab12
    ItsSab12 4 days ago

    You should atleast have 3 mil suns

  • ItsSab12
    ItsSab12 4 days ago

    I love this husky it's so so cute

  • Vlogs and Chaos
    Vlogs and Chaos 4 days ago

    Been subbed since about 60k and seeing gohan grow and your channel grow is truely amazing. Keep up the awesome work man! Can't wait for the next vid. Still remember gohan and the chick video 😂🙌🏻

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