Cheech & Chong-Hell on Wheels (song) free download

Download: *Yeah, i made this because the song really was not released...

"Cheech & Chong's Next Movie" Hell On Wheels Song

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so put the keys IN MY HAND!!!


Author chris prevost (9 days)
It's not even the DRUGS that will KILL ya man, WHAT really kills ya is
looking for DRUGS, it keeps ya up all NIGHT man. I can remember when i was
heavy into DRUGS id be up 3DAYS looking for some COKE or something man, so
i said to HELL with that man, I put it down! I haven't done any drugs or
smoked a joint or nothing for a whole week man, and i feel so good i wanna
get HIGH, ya know what i mean!! -Thomas Chong Quote!

Author Linda Lee (2 months)
Great job!

Author Brian Grimmett (2 days)
i wasnt lookin at his neck man

Author tommy42812 (7 months)
Straight fucking biker music to the core. Kinda makes ya wanna score some

Author skinny9283 (8 months)
So Awesome! Great post, hilarious too!

Author gary monk (10 months)
He'll on wheels don't drink that man it's pee

Author Odell Watchman (1 year)
I should do this to the neighbors

Author gary monk (10 months)
Hey Man!

Author ebriosxteam (3 years)
awesome! thanks a lot!

Author BossHossGT500 (3 years)
2nd armored division theme song

Author Nikolas Nomad (2 years)
1.29 lol...!!btw good job mate!!

Author Luis Vargas (2 years)
who composed this song?

Author BeastSmack (3 years)
@MrChill619 Dont bitch. Chill out and follow your name.

Author John Wright (4 years)
This is almost funny as the scene in Born in East LA where the girl in a
green dress walks by the black dude and he looks so hard he breaks his
sunglasses. =))

Author scarface4724 (2 years)
lmao at the coughing its like makes the song good have you heard lost due
to incompetence? they do sgt. stdenko attention all units in the middle.

Author DONTHEMAGICWON (3 years)
@Cyrix166 Aye, thanks..

Author WilllieMaysHays (3 years)
This song fucking rocks!!! Takin off! Takin off!

Author Ricky Arseneault (3 years)

Author jojo11590 (4 years)
who sings this song and whats the name of it.

Author Yescamescaline (1 year)
Steve Lukather

Author Dutch679 (2 years)
UnFuckinReal I love it!

Author janein doch (2 years)
spot on mate!!

Author JimsZR21999 (4 years)
@gregxiu Yep... Produced for the movie and thats it.

Author MrChill619 (3 years)
Haha don't mean to be an ass, but the dude who made this could of cut out
the coughing >_>

Author DONTHEMAGICWON (3 years)
@MrChill619 If i could of...i would Download it & give it a try!

Author ChronoFreezer (2 years)
you just saved me at least an hour. bravo and cheers

Author bheazeyOne (3 years)
i cant believe they didnt release it! i would pay for this damn song!!!

Author Silvio Quintana (3 years)
you can just hear the heavy metal thunder on this song its kicks so much
ass but i cant find it and that sucks man i love this song already

Author Dutch679 (2 years)
Only one person disliked this video.... my guess is, Mary Beth Buchanan.

Author 62rome (3 years)

Author Victor Beebe (2 years)
the download link is just the same audio in the vidoe just converted into
mp3 format I can do that with dvdvideo soft wtf isnt their a real

Author AlmostStonedd (3 years)
WTF why havent they finished this song and released it!?!

Author ChronoFreezer (2 years)
@ChronoFreezer Oh by the way, two more rare obscure songs that were never
released are on my profile.

Author daytongulayets1993 (3 years)
@YaYCell43 haha yeah man there still alive they should release that shit im
sure its kickin around somewhere lol

Author skinny9283 (2 years)
Wicked man, good enough to listen to over again, again. Thanks.

Author vVxMedia (4 years)
love it

Author Rodolfo Esquer Chavez (11 months)
I could watch this over and over and camt stop laughing.

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