Match 31: Italy v Iran - FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2017

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  • Watch 3/4 place highlights of the match between Italy and Iran from the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in the Bahamas.
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  • mad dog
    mad dog 20 hours ago

    Both played great, Italia and Iran. Two of my friends are Sicilians,they are cool people.

  • black razor212
    black razor212 2 days ago

    iranian power 👍👍👍👍👍💪💪💪💪💪💪

  • TurtleKing 601
    TurtleKing 601 9 days ago

    What channel is it on on fios

  • Razvan Mostajab
    Razvan Mostajab 11 days ago

    i love you iran from romenia

  • saman mahjoubpour
    saman mahjoubpour 16 days ago

    Iran deserved to be the champion or at least 2nd but we will come back stronger
    Long live IRAAAAAAN ❤❤❤

  • aria.roshanzadeh Roshanzadeh

    I ❤ Iran

  • Ahmad Cenel
    Ahmad Cenel 18 days ago


  • 3 drop blood Achaemenid Empire


  • Arabian Wizard - Doramed the Third

    Iran sucks

  • xXLegend 262Xx
    xXLegend 262Xx 19 days ago

    How come they are doing bicycle kicks in competitive situations like it's nothing

  • James Adam
    James Adam 19 days ago

    Wtf is this lol

  • Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs 19 days ago

    brilliant Iranian players and such a fantastic goal.


    Wow beach football looks decant 👌

  • Anoush Anoushzadeh
    Anoush Anoushzadeh 19 days ago

    Congratulations to Iran and all Iranians! :-)

  • KurdRipper
    KurdRipper 19 days ago

    Well done Neighbours Much love from kurdistan 🇭🇺

  • Noob Commander
    Noob Commander 19 days ago

    Can they do it on a wet and windy Monday night in Stoke?

  • Kai
    Kai 20 days ago

    This looks fun asf

  • One rich Fxck
    One rich Fxck 20 days ago

    40 seconds the goal and music timing was perf love it

  • SillySully
    SillySully 20 days ago

    These guy do overhead kicks like it's nothing

  • Brainstorm4300
    Brainstorm4300 20 days ago


  • Darnit Productions
    Darnit Productions 20 days ago

    lol iran probably planted a bomb in the ball

    • Ugly Sadistic Arrogant
      Ugly Sadistic Arrogant 11 days ago

      Darnit Productions
       My God, and you are not childish, stupid, retarded, and of course full of anger at all. How's that sore butt, filth?

    • Amir Persia
      Amir Persia 20 days ago

      Darnit Productions the fact is Iran is 3rd in world futsal 3rd in beach soccer and first in Asia senior grassroot above japon korea and Australia please go and seek some knowledge about football globally and don't be a racist ignorant..

  • Ahmadreza Meymand
    Ahmadreza Meymand 20 days ago

    Thanks for all the love and support for my country and our team. Love and respect to you allll

  • shirazy شیرازی

    🇮🇷🇮🇷💛👑 پرچم بالا

  • Genilson Martins
    Genilson Martins 20 days ago

    parabéns irã

  • X X
    X X 20 days ago

    Proud to be Iranian

  • MiNi MR Messy
    MiNi MR Messy 20 days ago

    i wonder if this is fixed 🤣🤣🤣

  • Liastam jaffri
    Liastam jaffri 20 days ago


  • CleverlyNamedPerson
    CleverlyNamedPerson 20 days ago

    do they use a normal football or a special one ?

  • Farmer Bob
    Farmer Bob 20 days ago

    0:38 what a goal!

  • Ali Aziz
    Ali Aziz 20 days ago

    Long Live IRAN

  • Rostam e Iran
    Rostam e Iran 20 days ago

    Roman Empire 3 vs 5 Persian Empire

    In ancient history this would not have been recorded or it would have been written like this: The 5 brave Roman soldiers held of the 1 million man army of the Persian orcs, each Roman killing 20000 men each.

    • Andrea
      Andrea 3 days ago

      Dude this is beach soccer and it's 2017 b.c. not Hellenic times and what you mentioned are the "persian wars" against the Greeks, there were no Roman Empire yet, and the greeks were really less than the persians, just look at the sizes of Greece over the Persian Empire, no shame on that, they were the best warriors at that time, we respected them, as we respected you.

  • Some body
    Some body 20 days ago

    damn, that third goal from Iran was fantastic!!

  • ra ka
    ra ka 20 days ago

    Iran is raising power in the world of football

    FIZKY 20 days ago

    This is a thing?

  • fahim
    fahim 20 days ago

    Iran are so underrated in sports

  • Hassan Almosawi
    Hassan Almosawi 20 days ago

    LOL, only if they can do it on a real football pitch and Messi crushed them with his epic shot.

    • Hassan Almosawi
      Hassan Almosawi 10 days ago

      UglySadistArrogant I am Muslim and I only said something so minor and you make it really big. Inshallah God will send you to Hell because if your bad deed. You swearing for example

    • Ty T
      Ty T 11 days ago

      Hassan Almosawi
      Filthy Zionist pawn.

    • Hassan Almosawi
      Hassan Almosawi 17 days ago

      UglySadistArrogant I ain't from Saudi m8 and go eat kebabs

  • pietro boero
    pietro boero 21 day ago


  • Leonardo falconi
    Leonardo falconi 21 day ago

    che scandalo questa Italia... contro l'Iran?!

  • Americano de Campos

    Iran's team looks like a machine of goals unbelievable congrats

  • emanmoba Mb
    emanmoba Mb 21 day ago

    Wenger out!

  • aħmad alħarbi
    aħmad alħarbi 21 day ago

    congratulations Iran ...
    from Arabian peninsula

  • latifzad
    latifzad 21 day ago


  • condo minium
    condo minium 21 day ago

    0:37 <3

  • Mir Hoda
    Mir Hoda 21 day ago

    It takes tremendous skills
    ,harmonizations,and synchronizations to create such beautiful performance. Iranian Team was invigorated , strong,and determined to win this match against one of the best team in the world. Thank you for making all of us happy and, of course, invigorated.

  • merilyn manson
    merilyn manson 21 day ago

    viva iran ✌

  • Persian Gulf
    Persian Gulf 21 day ago

    Congratulation ira.Forza Iran. Piruzzzzzzzzzzzz Irannnnnnnnnn

  • Behrooz Banisalam
    Behrooz Banisalam 21 day ago

    Congratulations! Proud of this team. Such a great goalkeeper. Good job boys! Dametoon garm

  • eerooni
    eerooni 21 day ago


  • Lê Lại Hoàng
    Lê Lại Hoàng 21 day ago

    Congratulation Iran, 3rd place in both Futsal and Beasal. You make Asia Proud, unlike the very ugly Korea 2002

  • Andrew Nutrix
    Andrew Nutrix 21 day ago

    iran's second goal was devastating

  • DaRealMora Gaming
    DaRealMora Gaming 21 day ago

    Iran is shirely gonna win the beach world cup

  • Persianbabak
    Persianbabak 21 day ago

    Believe me if Iran had a better managment we could be also one of the most powerfull Football teams(Iran Futsal and Beach Soccer is one of the best in the world). In football we have as much potential and talent as south american countries.

  • Cesar Marenco
    Cesar Marenco 21 day ago

    congratulations Iran

  • valter 2640
    valter 2640 21 day ago

    Bom Campeonato do Mundo Irão!!!💪👏👏👏 Seleção a ter em consideração para o próximo torneio!

  • Mr.MiniMax
    Mr.MiniMax 21 day ago

    iran really deserved to win this game and I'm glad they did. 💪✌ Peace✌💪

  • Nelson 27
    Nelson 27 21 day ago

    bravo Iran :)

  • Bardia Saeedi
    Bardia Saeedi 21 day ago

    If only our Football team was this good :(

    • Bardia Saeedi
      Bardia Saeedi 18 days ago

      Not really an overreaction considering Iran (number 1 in Asia) lost to Iraq (number 100 in the world). We haven't won an Asian Cup since 1976. We haven't won a SINGLE World Cup game not including the game against the USA. But whatever... Also Netherlands play against the likes of France, Germany, Italy...they are currently ranked 20th in Europe, why do you expect a country ranked 20th in their continent to be winning trophies? To put it into perspective Kyrgyzstan is ranked 20th in Asia. Do you expect them to be winning the Asian Cup? It's this apologetic attitude that ruins our NT.

      But I have absolutely no interest in continuing this conversation so I'm just going to mute it.

    • Persianbabak
      Persianbabak 18 days ago

      Bardia Saeedi I think you're overreacting. Those countries might get better but money isn't everything as you saw some teames like qatar with those huge investments are always losing to iran. Btw Iran is also investing for football and I think our problem isnt money and investment but managment and organization especially in league. We were always a good team in asia but maybe not good at winning trophies like Netherland in europe lol . But now we can do it. I'm sure Iran will progress the groupe stage this WC and within several years Iran will win those trophies that you mentioned. Just enjoy success of your national team and accept this simple fact which everybody in the world accept it.

    • Bardia Saeedi
      Bardia Saeedi 18 days ago

      We might be best at the moment but the reality is that we lack funding. In 10 years time even the UAE and China will be better than us because they are investing heavy into their leagues and NT.

      Also, what's the point in being the best if we haven't managed to win the Asian Cup since the 70s!!! And we have NEVER even progressed past the group stage in the WC!?!?

      We suck, we are only good at blaming others.

    • Persianbabak
      Persianbabak 18 days ago

      Bardia Saeedi Beside fifa ranking we are really at the moment by far the best team in Asia but we need a better managment. about potntiel and talent Iran is far the best football nation in Asia.

    • رها شرلی
      رها شرلی 21 day ago

      don't worry i'm sure next time we will win it.

  • OMID SaVaGe
    OMID SaVaGe 21 day ago

    great job guys we love u all IR

  • Publius Cornelius Scipio

    Viva Italia!

    • Publius Cornelius Scipio
      Publius Cornelius Scipio 16 days ago

      Please learn to spell. It's Dago, not "dego". Also I'm not Italian.. I don't really care about beach soccer. I'm only interested in the original. :)

    • Hatchwell almeida
      Hatchwell almeida 21 day ago

      ave cezar !

  • Persian Men's Guide To Happiness

    If we had played this good against Tahiti, now, we'd be in final, and the team deserved to be in the final. But still, a great job. Thank you guys; you are great, and you are getting better an better.

    • Wisam AC
      Wisam AC 21 day ago

      Iran's team is great but Tahiti is better, Tahiti was in the final deservedly, if not them then portugal

    • OMID SaVaGe
      OMID SaVaGe 21 day ago

      are rahat mitoonestim berim final shans nadashtim mohem nis dafe bad

  • Arash Aryan
    Arash Aryan 21 day ago

    Hey you Roman , This is Persian !
    Congratulations to brilliant iran for standing on the third place of the beach soccer World Cup 2017 like third place of futsal World Cup 2016 and hard luck to strong Italy from iran 🇮🇷

  • Sanasar Mehrabi
    Sanasar Mehrabi 21 day ago

    tootoototoot IRAN haha

  • Swtiris Gasparinatos

    well done iran for 3third place in world ! BRAVO from greece

  • Emin Kapic
    Emin Kapic 21 day ago

    When is the final? (uk time)

    • Emin Kapic
      Emin Kapic 21 day ago

      Gabriel Ahyub Thank you

    • Gabriel Ahyub
      Gabriel Ahyub 21 day ago

      Emin Kapic Brazil won 6-0 💚💛💚💛💚

    • X0N3 PS4
      X0N3 PS4 21 day ago

      Emin Kapic Brasil vs taiti

  • nazanin trt
    nazanin trt 21 day ago

    after third place in futsal now third place in beach soccer. wow

  • Ahmed dedss
    Ahmed dedss 21 day ago

    Iran's goalkeeper deserves to win the best goalkeeper award
    He is really brilliant

    • Persian Men's Guide To Happiness
      Persian Men's Guide To Happiness 20 days ago

      Peyman Hosseini definitely deserves the golden gloves.

    • Ahmed dedss
      Ahmed dedss 20 days ago

      John shokriani yes he did it💪🏻

    • John shokriani
      John shokriani 21 day ago

      He did win the golden gloves

    • Persian Men's Guide To Happiness
      Persian Men's Guide To Happiness 21 day ago

      Peyman Hosseini is not only great, but so dedicated. Have you seen how many injuries he gets, and still comes back an fights like hell. He is absolutely in the top 3 spot of beach soccer goalie in the world, if not the best.

  • Zebel20
    Zebel20 21 day ago

    ❤❤❤Do Do Do 😍IRAN😍 Again we were unlucky for hitting the post bar 5 times, missed a penalty kick and another free kick which was equivalent to a penalty kick. A lots of kisses 😗😗😗😙😙😚😚😚

  • Faghat Vatan
    Faghat Vatan 21 day ago

    3rd place is okay, same as futsal world cup. Next time round the Persian boys will win the tournaments :)

  • Ahmed dedss
    Ahmed dedss 21 day ago

    Congratulation Iran
    You deserve to win

  • Ziovo
    Ziovo 21 day ago

    very good match

  • ForzaAquila
    ForzaAquila 21 day ago

    It's a shame Italy woke up late...they are the better team

    • ForzaAquila
      ForzaAquila 17 days ago

      Did I say Italy deserved to win?

    • Bardia Saeedi
      Bardia Saeedi 19 days ago

      Jesus Christ dude. Just stop talking. You're team lost. Did you deserve to win? Did you have more chances? Is Italy a better team than Iran? Did the referee make mistakes? Did your team hit the woodwork more often? Who cares! Iran scored more, Iran won. Get over it.

    • ForzaAquila
      ForzaAquila 19 days ago

      And what words exactly did I use to evoke a sense of being butthurt? Pray tell.

  • Dennis den Hartog
    Dennis den Hartog 21 day ago

    Legends say that FIFA youtube can't react on your comment.

  • Marcel Lucio
    Marcel Lucio 21 day ago

    Congratulations Iran....Greetings from Brazil.

  • Partenos18
    Partenos18 21 day ago

    Sti cazzi neanche il terzo posto ci e andato!!

    • Arash Aryan
      Arash Aryan 21 day ago

      Forza Iran , Forza italy
      respect and good luck great "Azzurri" and brilliant "team Melli" in World Cup 2018 , love and peace from iran 🇮🇷❤️🇮🇹

    • The Critical Hit
      The Critical Hit 21 day ago

      Partenos18 vabbè dai

  • Ginger Football74
    Ginger Football74 21 day ago


  • Favour Williams
    Favour Williams 21 day ago

    first comment

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 21 day ago


      KFCBULLS 21 day ago

      Donald Trump to built a huge WALL

  • Lez Go
    Lez Go 21 day ago


  • Ismael Sernas
    Ismael Sernas 21 day ago


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