Gordon Ramsay’s Angriest Ever Confrontations on Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Jacob Taylor
    Jacob Taylor 2 hours ago

    I'm waiting on gordan punches one of them

  • imurdad M8
    imurdad M8 8 hours ago

    "you wanna fuck with me?then i will fuck with you!"GAYYY

  • sayhai
    sayhai 12 hours ago

    Nino is the bomb

  • TheCrazyNightOwl
    TheCrazyNightOwl 1 day ago


  • Skyril
    Skyril 1 day ago

    Did my nigga Gordon just kick the owner out of his own kitchen 😂😂💀💀

  • theforces ofevil
    theforces ofevil 2 days ago

    That first guy totally roasted Gordon Ramsey.

  • RandomBloke
    RandomBloke 3 days ago

    Did you hear what was happening to that town? An Elninoooooooo

  • Marieda Parellio
    Marieda Parellio 3 days ago

    Half of the arguments against Gordon on this show are "I know you are but what am I!" Ugh grow up!

  • greathelmm
    greathelmm 4 days ago

    I'm concerned about Gordon's health. He's gonna blow an artery dealing with so many nutjobs.

  • Alessandro Lindblad

    This guys just savage

  • Chaplin Co
    Chaplin Co 5 days ago

    lol he kicked him out his own joint that's great

  • Chaplin Co
    Chaplin Co 5 days ago

    Gordon is the fucking man I swear lol

  • Sofy said
    Sofy said 6 days ago

    murica so dirty as fuck.

  • Myumyu Nyumnyum
    Myumyu Nyumnyum 6 days ago

    what episode is 3:40?

  • TeRi TeRi
    TeRi TeRi 6 days ago


  • Anthony 1232
    Anthony 1232 6 days ago

    Ramsay punks everyone 😂😂he's that bully that bullied all the other bullies 😂

  • AdamAtWork
    AdamAtWork 7 days ago

    "don't fuck with me"
    if Gordon said that to me I'd shit myself

  • Click bait Title
    Click bait Title 7 days ago


  • Meado Tate
    Meado Tate 7 days ago

    I would have freaked out to if I found out the tips go to the owner not the server

  • Dean Jones
    Dean Jones 8 days ago

    "who the fuck do you think you are"😂😂😂

  • Joshua Barrios
    Joshua Barrios 8 days ago

    This is fucking brutal lmaoo

  • ZAMAS Hhhh
    ZAMAS Hhhh 8 days ago

    3:45 top 10 anime fight

  • Chinz_ Otaku101
    Chinz_ Otaku101 8 days ago

    I'm surprised none of the ppl that Gordon has yelled at hit him😂

  • Kam Mike
    Kam Mike 8 days ago

    Never seen a chef kick an owner out of his own kitchen, wow

  • callumissocoollikf
    callumissocoollikf 8 days ago

    to be fair, the insult about shitting himself at the start, is the exact kind of insult gordon would use

  • Israel Reyes III
    Israel Reyes III 9 days ago

    "That's called common sense, that in your tiny mind is not common."

    *blank stare* "Pardon?"

  • Jacco99
    Jacco99 9 days ago

    Those people can't handle criticism..
    I know I don't like being criticized but I don't act all immature like them..

  • Callummilazor
    Callummilazor 9 days ago


  • Jesus Garcia
    Jesus Garcia 9 days ago


  • AL C
    AL C 9 days ago

    "I am the gangster" Asshole, please. Joe Pesci is more gangster than you a million times over and he's just an actor

  • The Realplatinumera

    I love it

  • Luis Aguilar
    Luis Aguilar 9 days ago

    breaking news in mexico

  • ItzCranky Gaming
    ItzCranky Gaming 10 days ago


  • Roland Porto
    Roland Porto 10 days ago

    I'm the gangster

  • Tenshi Kiku
    Tenshi Kiku 11 days ago

    3:39 My favorite part

  • jp cia
    jp cia 12 days ago

    Never go to a restaurant in the US.....Americans are dirty and lazy......and work force are from 3rd world shit holes.....America has turn into a 3rd world!

  • Fruity1Tonix 2025
    Fruity1Tonix 2025 12 days ago

    "Blowing smoke up my ass" 👍😎👍

  • Morleys Chicken
    Morleys Chicken 12 days ago


  • Bella Griffin
    Bella Griffin 13 days ago


  • The Kangaroo Gamer
    The Kangaroo Gamer 13 days ago

    When you have to look up at gordon just to threaten him 😂0:57

  • Random Stuff/animations

    "Do you have any idea of how fucking deluded you sound?"

    "... Wha?"

  • Luke San Roman
    Luke San Roman 14 days ago

    "Sammy is going to fuck him up"
    Well Ramsey is a black belt in karate so i highly doubt that...

  • 23 Savage
    23 Savage 14 days ago

    Nino approves

  • Tor Olav Huso
    Tor Olav Huso 14 days ago

    3:54 instant Hell's Kitchen mode

  • Douche Pickle
    Douche Pickle 15 days ago

    This is so much better uncensored!

  • NealCamerlengo
    NealCamerlengo 15 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay's most hated professional wrestler? Stone Cold Steve Austin. His most hated WWE program? RAW!!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 15 days ago

    the Gordon jokes perfectly match the zlatan memes" when Gordon comes to your house your the guest"some of u will understand

  • Aleksi Simojoki
    Aleksi Simojoki 15 days ago

    0:59 is this guy tony montanas older brother

  • Tommy Tucker
    Tommy Tucker 16 days ago

    First guy was so dumb all he could say was the "no u" argument.

  • Savage Madness
    Savage Madness 16 days ago

    Let's be honest though, this is nothing compared to Hells Kitchen

  • TheIrishViper1
    TheIrishViper1 16 days ago

    my only reaction at the end is "wow"

  • Lemmý4Ķ
    Lemmý4Ķ 17 days ago

    Savage! 0:07 0:31

  • Anthony Thibert
    Anthony Thibert 17 days ago

    Gordon: You're just trying to act like a fuckin idiot to make yourself sound better?

    Dumbass (I don't know his name and I don't really care): No I'm not I'm not a fuckin idiot.

    Gordon: Well then stop sounding like one.

    Dumbass (again I don't know or care): You sound like a fuckin idiot yourself.

    The fucking nerve of that guy! Gordons not the one with a failing restraunt on his hands! And he has the fucking audacity to call him an idiot? Un fucking believable.

  • Reia
    Reia 17 days ago

    literally kicked him out, god damn. Savage

  • Ken Stone
    Ken Stone 18 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay is a boss.

  • Vincent Go
    Vincent Go 19 days ago

    My name is NINNNNNOOOOOO

  • Heavenguy Heavenguy
    Heavenguy Heavenguy 20 days ago

    I like the way he works outstanding proper this is my man g.r.

  • cremo33
    cremo33 20 days ago

    Is this actually on tv in america and England? Jesus christ they are swearword in every sentence:D

  • Adam 32
    Adam 32 21 day ago

    fuck ramsay he have no respect to the olders

  • PrivatePengu
    PrivatePengu 24 days ago

    1:21 I thought she was going to take a knife and stab one of them.

  • BizpixelTutorial
    BizpixelTutorial 24 days ago

    Damn im stuck in a kitchen nightmares loop but i cant stop watching..

  • Innovation spyro
    Innovation spyro 25 days ago

    what season and episode at 1:37?

  • Tupacstole Mybike
    Tupacstole Mybike 25 days ago

    when you laugh at a joke no one thought was funny. 2:48

  • Joseph Cordaro
    Joseph Cordaro 25 days ago


  • Joseph Cordaro
    Joseph Cordaro 25 days ago

    I am the gangster not you😂😂😂😂

  • Russ Triv
    Russ Triv 26 days ago

    Ramsay the only dude that can throw the owners out of their own kitchen

  • BADVIBEZ \m/
    BADVIBEZ \m/ 27 days ago

    I'm so scared of Chef Ramsey

  • Rin Okumura
    Rin Okumura 27 days ago

    You know you fucked up when Gordon kicks you out of your own kitchen

  • Ericcc!!!
    Ericcc!!! 28 days ago

    I cant help but feel that some of this is scripted

  • Minzin
    Minzin 28 days ago

    "U fuck me i fuck with ur im gangster u fuck u"

  • Unicornsforlife
    Unicornsforlife 29 days ago

    I only watch this because this is funny SUBSCRIBE But it it fudging funny 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😆😆

  • Ballin' In 2K
    Ballin' In 2K 29 days ago

    1:21 I thought she was going for a knife.

  • Ahmsd Kaks
    Ahmsd Kaks 1 month ago

    idiot lol

  • Ahmsd Kaks
    Ahmsd Kaks 1 month ago

    im so dead 😂😂😂

  • Chase Palmer
    Chase Palmer 1 month ago

    "who is hording this shit?"
    "we serve.. that shit"
    "you serve that shit?"

  • Crystal Walters
    Crystal Walters 1 month ago

    😂 the second one though
    Gordon: Don't fuck with me"
    "Don't you dare fuck with me"

  • mikec1989
    mikec1989 1 month ago

    That first guy why does he think he's better and argue with Gordon, he's a successful businessman who's trying to help... people should respect mr ramsay 😊

  • Kevin Prior
    Kevin Prior 1 month ago

    I swear the Americans are thicker than us in the UK. It's proof looking at these Kitchen Nightmares clips on YouTube

  • Reader
    Reader 1 month ago

    wake me up, wake me up inside
    can't wake up
    "NO, YOU WAKE UP!"

  • FlamingCookie
    FlamingCookie 1 month ago

    When you fuck with the teacher.

  • Henry Li
    Henry Li 1 month ago

    never fuck a british guy

  • Migdalia Valdez
    Migdalia Valdez 1 month ago

    1:22 I have watched that whole episode but I genuinely thought she was going to take a knife and go after Gordon

  • Chef Excellence
    Chef Excellence 1 month ago

    0:09 Dat 'Murican humour...

  • Genji Shimada
    Genji Shimada 1 month ago

    And thus the meme was born wait a minute... WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE!!!!!

  • Install a Friend
    Install a Friend 1 month ago

    'Who is hoarding all this shit?'
    'We serve that shit'
    'You use... *that* shit?'

  • Axel-Griff
    Axel-Griff 1 month ago

    Gordon: "This Orange Creamsicle feels a little cold."
    Waitress: "We keep them frozen."
    Gordon: "Fuhkin Hell.."

  • ACEGaming
    ACEGaming 1 month ago

    Who the fuck works for an owner that takes tips from severs???

  • 88 18
    88 18 1 month ago

    gotta love em great entertainment

  • Gerardo V.
    Gerardo V. 1 month ago

    'Then you need to wear diapers'. Great comeback Nino...

  • Iltaf hazara
    Iltaf hazara 1 month ago

    I'm a fucking gangster not you haha lolo

  • LostSoul XI
    LostSoul XI 1 month ago

    gordon ramsay - the chef who has enough power to get the owner out of his/her own restaurant

  • LostSoul XI
    LostSoul XI 1 month ago

    "who the fuck do you think you are" HES FUCKING GORDON RAMSAY

  • Gamemamer 2
    Gamemamer 2 1 month ago

    man who is 100 years old ' I'm the gangster, not you'.
    Face palm

  • Weeardo0 Animu_MarkSepticPie

    that "DON'T FUCK WITH ME" literally scared me --

  • Killer Banana
    Killer Banana 1 month ago

    I hate him. Sorry for all those who love him...

  • TheGreatCornholio
    TheGreatCornholio 1 month ago


    Yes I smell it!

  • Com rade
    Com rade 1 month ago

    Gordon is like a Health Detective. Lol

  • Crown01
    Crown01 1 month ago

    Is Nino like, special or somthing

  • Patrick S
    Patrick S 1 month ago

    3:04 Gordon, I'm 16 and not that immature... he's acting like a prepubescent fuckboy

  • Irina Maria
    Irina Maria 1 month ago


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