Hypnotized & Forced to Strip &

Randy is the Love Doctor and Jenni is all pent up, in need of some professional help! Obviously! Watch this funny teaser and be in touch to view the full version! Good times!

We are two friends who enjoy a wide variety of entertainment, expression and exploration. xo

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Author kian ogg (2 years)
super duper sexy

Author Big_John_L (2 years)
Wow! This could be super sexy if you two play together!

Author tsacianiegu (9 months)
a big shit!

Author Paul Jefferson (1 year)
is this real

Author Angelman369 (1 year)

Author JEB Stuart (10 months)
Oh well,...for :50 what else were we supposed to get?

Author Hamish Sinton (1 year)
can you put the full one on of this

Author Abomination Maullkiller (11 months)
Yeah, she's wearing a lingere because she's hypnotized. *Rolleyes*

Author kian ogg (2 years)
super super sexy!

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