Jeremih - I Think Of You ft. Chris Brown, Big Sean

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  • Music video by Jeremih performing I Think Of You. (C) 2017 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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  • Runtime: 4:5
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  • Christian Rooks
    Christian Rooks 36 minutes ago

    I can't take Sean seriously with that beard

  • MrQaaciye
    MrQaaciye 2 hours ago

    I see radio Raheem, video theme definitely a Spike Lee joint.

  • LegendaryKing
    LegendaryKing 4 hours ago

    That Universal Studios Lower Back Lot tho lol

    • Elizabeth Zire
      Elizabeth Zire 3 hours ago

      LegendaryKing I knew it looked familiar lol

  • selene marshall
    selene marshall 11 hours ago

    Chris Brown does great in this song

  • Hevi
    Hevi 13 hours ago

    your know girl name ?

  • Shanette Gordon
    Shanette Gordon 14 hours ago

    Rainbow jeremih with the cow piercer wassup with the talking monkey u know still nothing for chicken jeremih why your monkey working voodoo on Kimarly link mi on WhatsApp batty man 631 820 5584 rip rat gay chris brown who Pope Francis having sex with and Osama bin laden with hiv

  • rocky brocky
    rocky brocky 17 hours ago

    chris is a damn savage...

  • Engin Aygan
    Engin Aygan 17 hours ago

    i don't like jeremih verse.

  • Isabella 101
    Isabella 101 18 hours ago

    Did yall see "Peter Piper picker pan, that's the man dan" at 2:50, their in the left, Dan is running, while the other guy is taking a video.

    PURPL3 P4NDA 20 hours ago

    Dan and nick made this video so much better😂 especially when dan stole the vodka😂

  • jenna steward
    jenna steward 20 hours ago

    nicknpattiwhack really in it lmaooo

  • C. McN
    C. McN 20 hours ago

    I put this on mute just to see that chick, I'd spit in my own mothers face to get a date with her.

  • Natalie Thompson
    Natalie Thompson 21 hour ago

    Pump up those kicks boy!! Catchy Ass Beat! And Chris Brown just slides in hot off the steps lol!!


    I am falling in LOVE

  • brandon fowler
    brandon fowler 23 hours ago

    Hey I just noticed they gat "Dan Baby" snatching somebody's shit and running.

  • Jasmine Troy
    Jasmine Troy 1 day ago

    Chris Browns part is on repeat 😍🎉. He killed it.

  • ThatNovo Guy
    ThatNovo Guy 1 day ago

    big sean was nervous lol jhene must've been on set 😂

  • atl
    atl 1 day ago

    can we get more videos like this with that dancing in the street 80s vibe

  • Mesha Duncan
    Mesha Duncan 1 day ago

    Danrue and nicknpattiwhack 😂😂😂😂...I can't deal

  • Juan Sanchez
    Juan Sanchez 1 day ago

    damn who is the chick in this video she hot asf

  • porsha bryant
    porsha bryant 1 day ago

    Make more music like this!!!

    WRXNESS 1 day ago

    Did y'all realize how much Big Sean killed his verse?

  • Tionne Sauls
    Tionne Sauls 1 day ago

    Did anyone noticed the dude that be saying "We Live Baby"

  • Juan Chanelo
    Juan Chanelo 1 day ago

    jerimah looks so different

  • Kasia Mularska
    Kasia Mularska 1 day ago

    Whos that blond girl?

  • - Zenith -
    - Zenith - 1 day ago

    I only came to see dan 😂

  • X X
    X X 2 days ago


  • Donovan Underwood
    Donovan Underwood 2 days ago

    Oh yeah baby we live!

  • Ava Marcano
    Ava Marcano 2 days ago

    So we all gonna ignore that the blonde girl just Fw the whole crew🙂😭👎🏽

  • McTheww Funk
    McTheww Funk 2 days ago

    Muito bom maninha belo trabalho gostei de mais

  • Shane
    Shane 2 days ago

    What a feel good summer song

  • Jean ah
    Jean ah 2 days ago

    it looks like The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson mv

  • Chris Panapa
    Chris Panapa 2 days ago

    Peep Dan in the back 😂

  • Neooutthematrix
    Neooutthematrix 2 days ago

    Help me, Jeremih's hair are downloading as a software

  • hi Trillbandz
    hi Trillbandz 2 days ago

    lol I only came for Dan and nick

  • Jjaustin9
    Jjaustin9 2 days ago


  • Tyan Fleming
    Tyan Fleming 2 days ago

    braahhh that had tht man who be in peoples houses dancin brah he in all black yall see him

  • Yamanashi Takanawa
    Yamanashi Takanawa 2 days ago

    so did she smash em both at the same time or both in the same night cause they both said last night

  • Keron Boodoosingh
    Keron Boodoosingh 3 days ago

    makes me feel like late 90's luv it !!!

  • Skippa Retro Don
    Skippa Retro Don 3 days ago

    big sean sauced the shit out of her😂😂😂😭

  • Devin Hernandez
    Devin Hernandez 3 days ago

    big seans verse was absolute 🔥🔥🔥 definitely my favorite verse on this song.

  • Jillian Slaney
    Jillian Slaney 3 days ago

    My god Jeremih is so underrated

  • dove carmon
    dove carmon 3 days ago


  • Georgia DelSignor
    Georgia DelSignor 3 days ago

    BRO forget the other girls, I'm in love with that woman at 1:28 and 1:41

  • Suraj Bhagat
    Suraj Bhagat 3 days ago

    i love this songs...

  • joseph Russell
    joseph Russell 3 days ago

    G-Easy at 2:53

  • Johann Nash Agpalo
    Johann Nash Agpalo 3 days ago

    too many lightskins in 1 video

  • Kara Grey
    Kara Grey 3 days ago

    Chris's killed his verse though let's be real here.

  • Kara Grey
    Kara Grey 3 days ago

    Big Sean is a gift from god🙏🏼😍

  • ebony lavigne
    ebony lavigne 4 days ago

    I just came for Nick and Dan!

  • Livie Love!
    Livie Love! 4 days ago

    Dan Stealing the damn bottle! LMAOOOO!

  • A. Brown
    A. Brown 4 days ago

    Damn Jeremih been eating good!

  • Osayi Ale Opinion
    Osayi Ale Opinion 4 days ago

    big Sean look like a girl who drew a beard on herself with Sharpie 😂😂

    SHAHOA LUMA 4 days ago

    her outfit thoooo

  • Yvng Yeezy Is Dead
    Yvng Yeezy Is Dead 4 days ago

    Peter piper pick a pan dan is the man with the master plan

    ARIEL BANKO 4 days ago

    so nobody gonna mention DAN the man😂💖

  • mariana B.t
    mariana B.t 4 days ago

    the only reason l came is to see my boy Daniel son in the back ground running the video haha

  • FraNk tv.
    FraNk tv. 4 days ago

    ma future wife jena fine asf😍.

  • Emma alien
    Emma alien 4 days ago

    Big Sean really came through. He saved this song

  • Javier Azaad
    Javier Azaad 4 days ago


  • STON'd AF
    STON'd AF 4 days ago

    Dudes chilling on the steps, babe passing by, one dude stands up to go sing and talk to her, damn... This shit so damn archaic and annoying!!

  • Nee Nee
    Nee Nee 5 days ago

    at the end he went for the money and lost the girl ..

  • MR Willy
    MR Willy 5 days ago

    2:04 - 2:41 My favorite

  • sasicasi04
    sasicasi04 5 days ago

    They should have all had different girls

  • Qaali Takaay
    Qaali Takaay 5 days ago

    I feel the vibe of the legendary Michael Jackson!

  • rodderick sellars
    rodderick sellars 5 days ago

    I been wanting that Magic Johnson shirt since forever

  • maliek walker
    maliek walker 5 days ago

    that boy Dan 😂

  • sihame el maazouz
    sihame el maazouz 5 days ago

    Sampled from; Da Brat, Tyrese - What'chu Like

  • Nas Armani
    Nas Armani 5 days ago


  • ItzPandaerz
    ItzPandaerz 5 days ago


  • Flacko Nest
    Flacko Nest 5 days ago

    Just an artist tryna gain a fan base. Please check out music on my channel

  • Miranda Jackson
    Miranda Jackson 5 days ago

    I liked  Chris  brown better😅😭😆

  • Cumorah Tuhoro
    Cumorah Tuhoro 5 days ago

    chris brown made the whole thing better..... XD

  • It's Ryleigh Tho Tacos

    Chris browns part is the best (his high pitch)❤️

  • Jay Vondyke
    Jay Vondyke 6 days ago

    they really took it back in the day.

  • Cumorah Tuhoro
    Cumorah Tuhoro 6 days ago

    actual song starts at 0:25 seconds :)) for the people that dont even like waiting 10 seconds... here ya go.

  • Beastin Bangers Studios, LLC

    So nobody ain't notice the dude dat be with @Danrue in the video!?
    I saw dat fool and was like, "Oh It's Bout To Be Some Shit!"

  • kkawesomeness
    kkawesomeness 6 days ago

    I only came to see Daniel at 56 seconds

  • Cumorah Tuhoro
    Cumorah Tuhoro 6 days ago

    i love this sm : ) xx

  • Young Breezy
    Young Breezy 6 days ago

    Bruh what yo mumma feed you

  • Tiana Gago-Valdez
    Tiana Gago-Valdez 6 days ago

    love the song, but only reason why i keep coming back to watch it is cause of Dan & Nick 😂.

  • Patrick McAllister
    Patrick McAllister 6 days ago

    Nick and Dan are in this video we live baby

  • selena aaliyah nation

    that beat if fire i love it make me dance and i love CB

  • Mar Harewood
    Mar Harewood 6 days ago

    Peter piper....

  • Elicia Nicholson
    Elicia Nicholson 6 days ago


  • Hugo Pinheiro
    Hugo Pinheiro 6 days ago

    R&B well representative!

  • Ilene W
    Ilene W 6 days ago

    Dan stole the liquor 😂😂😂😂

  • lorenzo Di cristo
    lorenzo Di cristo 6 days ago

    i want that girl in my life..wowww

  • lorenzo Di cristo
    lorenzo Di cristo 6 days ago

    the begin looks like the song baby bash suga suga ..sorry for my english im italian

  • Joshua Torres
    Joshua Torres 6 days ago

    Who came here from Daniels son Instagram post?

  • Solomon Kamara
    Solomon Kamara 6 days ago

    She's been walking from morning to night.

  • Alexander Hudson
    Alexander Hudson 6 days ago

    J RABBIT 7 days ago

    Comancho is warning You

  • TheLurk NewsChannel


  • FRAGA Naouel
    FRAGA Naouel 7 days ago

    l love this amaizing

  • Hearsey
    Hearsey 7 days ago

    lol Danrue and pattwack in the background "oh baby what is u doing"

  • Daniya Bunton
    Daniya Bunton 7 days ago

    did yall see dan rue ++ his partna 😭

  • Jay Price
    Jay Price 7 days ago

    Am I the only one that peeps Danrue ?😂😂

  • Esther bella
    Esther bella 7 days ago

    I wonder what Jeremih sounds like talking???

  • Araccs 619
    Araccs 619 7 days ago

    Subscribe me and I'll subscribe back

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