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  • grav3yardgirl
    grav3yardgirl 25 days ago


    • heather
      heather 6 days ago

      grav3yardgirl hey I love cream!!

    • officially me
      officially me 9 days ago

      grav3yardgirl Can You Do A New Series Called Does this Hack Really Work Were you try Different Hacks And see if they work or not PLEASE

      CHASSY 2 CLASSY TV 15 days ago

      grav3yardgirl it's funny cause you live right by me

    • frozenfeather13
      frozenfeather13 16 days ago

      Oh my gosh this reminds me of the X-Files episode about roaches, and when they're in the convenient store and the guy knocks over the malt balls, they all go crazy and the guy screams "ROACHES!!!!!!!!!" haha Love that episode.

    • liliana cervantes
      liliana cervantes 17 days ago

      grav3yardgirl do a worlds weirdest cooking products!!

  • Ayee_naudia Xo
    Ayee_naudia Xo 13 hours ago

    Texas weather is bipolar right now I walked out my room today and it started raining for a good 5 minutes and when it was done I went to the mailbox and my FEET WERE BURNING THROUGH MY SHOES ON THE GROUND

  • Ziana Martinez
    Ziana Martinez 18 hours ago

    FACE DEMONSSSSSSS who remembers that

  • TopDogJen1234
    TopDogJen1234 21 hour ago

    I'm it's called AmeriCAN for the very reason we use cans for all packaging

  • Tina L.
    Tina L. 1 day ago

    I have very VERY dry skin. Can anybody tell me if this product would work for me?

  • fredyxfreak
    fredyxfreak 2 days ago

    bunny! i want a tour of your bathroom!

  • Emma's Beauty Channel

    Is it just Me or does Bunny remind you of Dory

  • Jeremiah Hall
    Jeremiah Hall 2 days ago

    Does anyone know what watch she is wearing here?

  • ckgandy
    ckgandy 3 days ago

    I really want to hang out with you! I thought I was the only one who dealt with the "booger" issues every time I wash my face. #boogeravalanche.

  • Nicole Baum
    Nicole Baum 3 days ago

    Out of everything my family could choose to watch on YouTube/the World Wide Web and we choose to watch bunny. My sister and I feel like Bunny would fit right into our quirky lil family. We love you bunny! You make us smile and giggle and you entertain us when we are bored. You're like a 3 ring circus, but in the best way possible. We love how your channel is always family friendly, I never have to worry when I catch my 17 year old watching one of your videos. So thank you. In a world of darkness you are a much appreciated light. We love being members of the swamp family. And if you ever get sick of the Texas heat come pay us a visit in Alaska. Lmao.

  • Lisa Iacovacci
    Lisa Iacovacci 3 days ago

    I don't watch many videos on YouTube & somehow, I stumbled on your videos! You are so honest & just out there with everything you feel! I LOVE YOU! Funny, sarcastic awesomeness! I have many things you can try out for me in the beauty category. First is: Disaar Bamboo Charcoal mask, "My Scheming" face masks from Taiwan, Derma E Overnight peel with alpha hydroxy acids, Last, is the charcoal whitening toothpaste called Charcle. All items are on eBay. I've been very curious about those items & wondering if they are as good as they claim. Thanks for reading😜

  • Skyler Cochrane
    Skyler Cochrane 4 days ago

    of course she dropped it 😂😂😂

  • Marisa Frances
    Marisa Frances 5 days ago

    Beautiful face

  • Rachael Baglione
    Rachael Baglione 5 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought Bunny looked like, uh, well kinda like a *bunny* when her face was covered in that foam?

  • Bailey Andersen
    Bailey Andersen 5 days ago

    Oml!!!! I actually smelled the screen when she asked if we wanted to smell it

  • Bailey Andersen
    Bailey Andersen 5 days ago

    I would buy roach face wash if it was off of your product line

  • Kitty Mennie
    Kitty Mennie 6 days ago

    When you watch this one after her jelly one and can't help but wonder which one made the cut for her daily routine

  • shelby boleware
    shelby boleware 7 days ago

    lmao I've watch everything that the guy that made salad fingers came out with ...cream was weird but he has weirder 😂😂😂😂

  • Emma Tierney
    Emma Tierney 7 days ago

    adore your watch! 😱😍

  • Courtney Chedester
    Courtney Chedester 7 days ago

    This video was hilarious and had me cracking up the whole time! Thanks for the laughs Bunny!

  • TheMagpieRoost
    TheMagpieRoost 7 days ago

    Bunny, you might want to check out Seiwa Market in Houston. It's a Japanese grocery store that has a beauty aisle! You might be able to find stuff there that you'd otherwise have to order.

  • Emma Halderman
    Emma Halderman 7 days ago


  • vee aquarius
    vee aquarius 7 days ago


  • Bacon Yum
    Bacon Yum 7 days ago

    when you haven't blown a load in a week

  • Kimberlydawn Ryan
    Kimberlydawn Ryan 8 days ago

    bunny, okay i free up in Pearland and Pasadena so i am very familiar with where you are. in this video you mentioned there was no Asian markets. oh how wrong. China Town in Bellaire is amazing. i go to 2 different mail supply stores to buy supplies to do hard gel nails, as well as a few stores for soda supplies and facial supplies. feel free to dm me

  • RestInPeace MitchLucker

    2:14 best part of the video. Every time I watch your videos it instantly makes me feel better & takes my mind off of what's bothering me & going wrong in my life. I love you, Bunny ♡

  • Devlyn La'Vey
    Devlyn La'Vey 9 days ago

    David Firth created salad fingers and cream. also crooked rot. check it out of you want nightmares.this video made me smile after a really shitty day. thank you Bunny.

  • Biff Snoof
    Biff Snoof 9 days ago

    Who is this hyper boy

    TAMMY SCOTT 9 days ago

    I have so many bumps on my face and I'm 13

  • Tammy Wallace
    Tammy Wallace 9 days ago

    "Boogers having a rave." LMBO!! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH.

  • CherrySunnn
    CherrySunnn 10 days ago

    With all that foam it must have pH 12, don't do it girl

  • xXGeorgieBear Xx
    xXGeorgieBear Xx 10 days ago

    I just watched cream.. I will never be the same again 😂

  • Kelly Leyden
    Kelly Leyden 11 days ago

    Between the Sting shirt and the rose cleanser was anyone else singing Desert Rose in their head this whole time?? No? Just me?

  • Jasmin Hernandez
    Jasmin Hernandez 11 days ago

    i love you bunny but when i come here i always skip the first 10 minutes to get to the content

  • Asia Hill
    Asia Hill 11 days ago

    7:41 😂

  • Frizzy Fox
    Frizzy Fox 12 days ago

    Bunny omg I looooooovvvvvvveeee ur phone case

  • E. Phillips
    E. Phillips 12 days ago

    "Boogers having a rave!" lmao 😂😂😂Bunny you are so funny! I feel the same about my boogers when I wash my face!

  • Honey_bear07
    Honey_bear07 12 days ago

    I swear she did this video before!! I must have some sort of deja vu going on cuz I remember the thumbnail and this product!! and I'm 100% it was bunny.................. (●.●) weird...........

  • Kc Walters-Carte
    Kc Walters-Carte 12 days ago

    Totally tried to smell the roses without even thinking haha. Time for bed!

  • Shelby Lansdown
    Shelby Lansdown 12 days ago

    I just want to hang out with her so bad it makes me want to cry, aaahhhhh.

  • porcelain rose
    porcelain rose 13 days ago

    your phone case is my ;lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Gillian Bazel
    Gillian Bazel 13 days ago

    Can you try hairskrub

  • decoratedemergency12

    you should try shopping in Bellaire on the west side of Houston if you want amazing Asian beauty/food/fashion products!

  • juam rel
    juam rel 15 days ago

    " my face MY FAAAAACCCCE!" 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Vaan1891
    Vaan1891 15 days ago

    I wish I could use it but some flowery stuff I am allergic too. :(

  • Jenn W
    Jenn W 15 days ago

    I always have to blow my nose after washing my face too. I think it's a combo of the moist air and leaning over forward. You might try the CeraVe Foaming Face Wash once you run out of the rose stuff, if you want a gentle cleanser that's not your Murad.

  • Emily Ontiveros
    Emily Ontiveros 15 days ago

    I know I saw Both of them and the cream was ok but the salad fingers was scaring 😖

  • BoomPowBeth
    BoomPowBeth 15 days ago

    Your phone case!!! Ahhh love it. Also, this was such a fun video to watch. I love that you try all of these random cray cray things for us!

  • Emily Ontiveros
    Emily Ontiveros 15 days ago

    I was disgusted when she said roaches haha 😂

  • TheOneAndOnlyMe92
    TheOneAndOnlyMe92 15 days ago

    Your bathroom is bigger than my bedroom and bathroom combined :O

  • Nina D
    Nina D 15 days ago

    At the top it was a rose at first then it looked on the sides it looked like a tampon

  • Kaitlynn Prater
    Kaitlynn Prater 16 days ago

    Bubble clay carbonation mask maybe?

  • Victoria LaMonda
    Victoria LaMonda 16 days ago

    You could honestly come up with a face wash that dispenses in the shape of 💩 and I'd buy it. Lol plus it'd just be really funny.

  • Luna Feora
    Luna Feora 16 days ago

    gasses same tho

  • Steffi Buste
    Steffi Buste 16 days ago

    Can you gimme a link for this produkt?

  • 진영미
    진영미 16 days ago

    didnt even do it right smh

  • Juliet Valentino
    Juliet Valentino 17 days ago


  • the7thwreck
    the7thwreck 17 days ago

    My mind was literally BLOWN

  • Veronica Cruz
    Veronica Cruz 17 days ago

    LOL roaches, hello your in Texas they are so many, big enough to ride sometí, lol

  • CarissasCastle
    CarissasCastle 17 days ago

    I keep replaying 5:01 over and over lmao I want that noise as my text tone 😂

  • Meredith Steele
    Meredith Steele 17 days ago

    Girl, you put a big ol' smile on my face! 😆 Thanks!!!

  • liliana cervantes
    liliana cervantes 17 days ago

    Bunnys bathroom is WAY bigger than my room

  • TrishyFishy25
    TrishyFishy25 17 days ago

    Bunny is my favourite person I swear

  • Perfect lllusion
    Perfect lllusion 17 days ago

    Is it just me or does anyone else love it when you forget what you've ordered and then you get super nice stuff as a surprise??

  • Galia sanmiguel
    Galia sanmiguel 18 days ago

    If you're looking for a nice Japanese store in Houston i'd recommend Seiwa! It's on Dairy Ashford!

  • world of a derpalope cats

    "iddy biddy roaches"
    *crawls under bed*

  • Yhelle Balneg
    Yhelle Balneg 18 days ago

    congrats on ur 8m subbies..

  • Sara Duncan
    Sara Duncan 18 days ago

    If only it was pink... it could be a Rose Quartz face wash😂

  • Kenzie Weger
    Kenzie Weger 18 days ago

    "Hope you dont have to go potty" My son... NO MOMMY! IM A BIG BOY!! I go pee.

  • Yulia Adams
    Yulia Adams 18 days ago

    I love your vids!!!

  • Tara Polzin
    Tara Polzin 18 days ago

    Yazzzzzz!!!!!! Why is our packaging so boring!! I have been saying this for years.

  • Summer D
    Summer D 18 days ago

    Who else went to the cream video and came back to comment??

  • Cynthia R
    Cynthia R 19 days ago

    they put the commercial on the exact second I was getting excited for 😢

  • nicolewale888
    nicolewale888 19 days ago


  • Persian Princess
    Persian Princess 19 days ago

    Hot water dries your face probably why they say warm water

  • Persian Princess
    Persian Princess 19 days ago

    did you move yet? I feel like you had the same bathroom before you moved... maybe I'm confused lol

  • Carmen Ramirez
    Carmen Ramirez 19 days ago

    girl, you are so funny😂

  • The Quill70
    The Quill70 19 days ago

    Oh total booger party after I wash my face LOL! ;) EVERY TIME. Why is that>>>

  • Katherine Sunderlin
    Katherine Sunderlin 19 days ago

    I love your bathroom

  • Ghaania Usman
    Ghaania Usman 19 days ago

    OH MY GOD. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS REVIEW SINCE FOREVERRRR. anyone else remember when bunny shared this on her facebook? i freaked out and have been waiting for this video to come out ever since. i haven't even seen it yet but i'm very excited!

  • zombie gamer girl
    zombie gamer girl 19 days ago


  • Megan Latham
    Megan Latham 19 days ago

    That thick and creamy description was hilarious.

  • Logan Reide
    Logan Reide 20 days ago

    anyone else get a beetle juice vibe when she was washing her face?

  • Neha Singh
    Neha Singh 20 days ago

    I luv ur eyes

  • Emma Angelle
    Emma Angelle 20 days ago

    The dang ad!!!!!!

  • meikusje
    meikusje 20 days ago

    How bad did you wanna eat that foam when it was just hanging there.

  • LadyJaggerX3
    LadyJaggerX3 20 days ago

    Totally relate to the booger rave sensation.

  • Terry Martin
    Terry Martin 20 days ago

    I would totally buy roach shaped facewash

  • Vivian Rudnicky
    Vivian Rudnicky 20 days ago

    it was so hard not to laugh when you said roaches inserted of roses cause I had a face mask on and it was getting hard lmfao

  • Gracie Kelly
    Gracie Kelly 20 days ago

    Every time I wash my face it like wakes up the boogers in my face and there like hi I'm here😂😂💀💀

  • SubversiveStyle
    SubversiveStyle 20 days ago


  • GymnastDancer224
    GymnastDancer224 20 days ago

    Who saw that thing move behind her at 4:47

  • Stef Tremouliaris
    Stef Tremouliaris 20 days ago

    You are awesome! 😂

  • Gayle Fau
    Gayle Fau 20 days ago

    Kinda triggered that the only thing U see on your shirt is "Jin"👀👀

  • Mrs. Pasbrig
    Mrs. Pasbrig 20 days ago

    My daughter was your 8m subscriber!!!

  • Kara McClintock
    Kara McClintock 20 days ago

    It wakes up the boogers! Lol

  • Kungini K
    Kungini K 20 days ago

    God!!!! you scare me.

  • T.R Spears
    T.R Spears 20 days ago


  • Krys Field
    Krys Field 20 days ago

    I love Murad too! when I switched to hormone free milk my acne got a lot better

  • Hoor AK
    Hoor AK 20 days ago

    IM CRYING HER FACE 2:15 2:16

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