Rae Rai Loog Sao Paa-Alexandra bounxouei

Thank You.

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Author Katie Yang ( ago)
i finally found it. thank you. ive been looking for it for ages

Author Noi Jannamkham ( ago)
it used to be my favourite movie when i was little( from Thailand, Nong

Author สุวัจนี อิ่มทรัพย์ ( ago)

Author Dacho Cahiyo ( ago)
ทำไมสมัยนี้ไม่มีละครแบบนี้คับ มันต้นทุนสูงหรือป่าวคับ

Author mrremovedkpopacapella ( ago)
more views

Author FeiFirst ( ago)
ชอบละครเรื่องนี้มาก คิดถึงพี่อเล็กซานดร้า:)

Author maliker cisneroz ( ago)
She make lao people proud thanks for uploading ;-)

Author Tinko Thorne ( ago)
good-luck in finding her and asking her out...FIGHTING! :-) HEHE

Author Fong ( ago)
ต๊ะ ฌานิศ

Author minconnect59 ( ago)

Author chamrann phath ( ago)
Could you Upload Rae Rai Loog Sao Paa,Cee and Alexandra Please Thanks

Author setart Papatkorn ( ago)

Author Atlanta Aim ( ago)
What the name of the movie ? Cause I wanna see it again since my mom took
it back):

Author Leo Butchaiwang Y. Phanichphant ( ago)
Alex is so hot like lava! I'm gonna go wheel her and ask her out! She so
hot like lava! 555+

Author Chantal Osaroth ( ago)
The account holder that had this move have disactivacted the downloads. I
used to have this movie, now I can no longer watch it. It was a great

Author Sonya Xiong ( ago)
@chantalosaroth, I can't find this "ray rai louk sao pha lakorn" in
youtube. how/where do i search for other than typing the movie's name.

Author itzAcutie ( ago)
2:54 Tiiiiiger DESTRUCTION!!

Author LastAirElement ( ago)
รักนางเอก MV <3

Author Kimnaly ( ago)
I love this song so much ^.^ but i don't underdstand ^^"

Author kokoxayavong365 ( ago)
I haven't seen this movie for years...

Author Chipcat23 ( ago)
@tilious07 Alexandra is Lao actress. She is from Laos. But she plays soap
opera in Thailand. O! Yap. She can sing too. Have a nice day.

Author Tesia Vang ( ago)
is she a thai actress or a lao actress? i just want to know because i'm was
always curious because people are saying that she's Laotian and others are
saying she's i am very

Author Nana Rerai ( ago)

Author Stephanie Vue ( ago)
omg dis suck!!! how come no body subs her songs!!!!!!! damn!!! i want
someone to sub her songs for me!! wahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!^-^

Author Chantal Osaroth ( ago)
the name of this movie is ray rai louk sao pha. u can watch it on youtube.
just type in the name of the movie than u'll get all the episode. it's
really long though, but well worth it.

Author kojpuasncokuv (691 year ago)
oh my gosh! she speaks Isaan.

Author Paline ( ago)

Author Dookie Xyooj ( ago)
Rawr... The guy is so hot. :)

Author ashandmay4ever ( ago)
where you order cd

Author emothai1986 ( ago)
Miss You

Author xaznheavenboi ( ago)
yea she does and she also looks hotter =)

Author lilbooza666 ( ago)
Hands down, i blive she is the bridge connecting the Laotian youths of
America back to the roots of our Laos heritage.

Author lilbooza666 ( ago)
i agree, especially when Alex smiles..

Author crazielao ( ago)
dude, I feel you! i wanna go to laos so bad too! Everything your saying is
basically how I feel on the daily.

Author blewgurl89 ( ago)
I think she does.

Author tira478 ( ago)
doesnt alexandria look like vanessa anne hudgens?

Author stickyrice209 (1989 years ago)
Good video. After watching this kind of video and hearing the Laos language
spoken, makes me want to go visit Laos so bad. Having living in the United
States most of my life, I have forgotten how beautiful our language is.
Even though Laos is nowhere near the most successful country in the world,
I still have pride of being a Laotian descent.

Author missmoua93 ( ago)
Laos must be very proud, I would be =)

Author manny ( ago)
Great song! Sandra is so beautiful and very talent Lao artist. She is Laos
jewel and a shining star. Laos is so lucky to have people like Sandra.
Please keep up the good works Sandra, we love you......

Thank you very much for posting and sharing this Music VDO. I loved it so
much. It is one of the best works of Alexandra Boonchuay.Alexandra is
always GREAT!^v^!

Author mannysan007 ( ago)
messwithmeduded yes, it's on check in my favorite and you can watch ok

Author messwithmedude ( ago)
Thank you Sassy8319 for the link.

Author messwithmedude ( ago)
did this movie come out yet? I can not find anywhere here youtube. Anyone

Author xxwoxaixnixx ( ago)
it annoys me a little..but i still support her

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