VW trike build part II

Second Slide show, Wiring, Lights and feenders and tank

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Author TINKSTAYLOR (4 years)
Wow your doing a great build. I especially like the mud guards (fenders)
and the LED lights on the back end. AL

Author Chris R (4 years)
@n6ugy Cross-linked polyethylene, commonly abbreviated PEX or XLPE, is a
form of polyethylene with cross-links. It is formed into tubing, and is
used predominantly in hydronic radiant heating.... I just happened to have
it on hand but any flexible PVC(NOT HOSE) tubing that is semi-rigiid but
has a slick intrior will work. They sometimes call this type of tubing as
flexible PVC 3/8 is .20 per foot at my lol hardwre supply.

Author Chris R (4 years)
@n6ugy Hey Thanks. All of the wiring running through the frame is insde PEX
tubing that extends through the holes in the frame. This not only protects
the wires but makes getting them fished through easier, works great. Dizzy

Author Chris R (3 years)
@n6ugy It may be a little hard to see in these pics but all of the wires
inside the frame are are also inside of heavywall clear pvc tubig that
exits the frame where ever the wires do. Thanks for the coment and for
looking at my channel

Author Chris R (5 years)
Same IRS that came on the 73 Beetle donor.

Author Chris R (4 years)
Hey Thanks. Rides perfect, I have expained the geometry to other in reply.

Author nickblake64 (3 years)
can,t wait to see her all finished bro.i have one of my own, the front
wheel dos,nt get much

Author GR8XKP (4 years)
Nice build. On mine, I mounted the master cylinders reverse and cammed the
pedals accordingly to work with it. I would hate to think of losing
hydraulics by hitting something in the road with those sticking out like
that. Other than that, that's going to be a sweet looking trike. Keep the
shiny side up and the rubber side down and ride free on three.

Author Chris R (4 years)
Thanks For Your input, A little danger factor is probably just leftover
from riden 9ft chopper for years. I liked the way it looked and thats about
where the brake master is on alot of custom choppers(Dont it anything with
it) Originally this was a shop build to sell trike and was going to have
e-brake disc setup but the buyer cheaped out at the last minute.

Author Chris R (4 years)
@n6ugy Thanks, I had fun building it.

Author frootloopsian (3 years)
I did mine out of a 71 vw van with IRS. Made very heavy duty control arms
which, from axle center to bolt center, are 26.5". Bushing to bushing is
10.5". Spring/shocks (83 nighthawk) mount from 2" below stock IRS, and just
ahead of the axle boots are Art Morrison 8" to 12" low rider air bags.
Gauge Enterprises 1.3 wheel adapters. Corvette 18" wheels. Van front sway
bar, etc. I built this thing (hopefully) to not wheelstand with 200 hp at
3000 rpm, and every part is adjustable to that end.

Author sibco96 (5 years)
That's looking like a nice home build. I like the front suspension.

Author Chris R (5 years)

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