Hannover BR-9000, Comtex CS-1000DX, AnyTon AT-5555, maas DX-5000

Some features Clarifier can handle.
Filmed from my mobile phone, not a good quality.

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14/NOV/2010 - O rádio é nota 1.000, qualidade incomparável frente aos modelos atuais, bem superior ao modelo VOYAGER VR-9000MK2. Qualidade tanto...
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For licensing inquiries please contact Historic Films Archive ( / 00:54:55 CB RADIO: UNITED VAN LINES...
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Vídeo demonstrativo do Hannover BR-9000K. Produzido e editado por HannoverBrasil. Copyright 2011.
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maas dx-5000 cb radio/10/11meter
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local lads on the maas dx-5000 here in dorset, what a cracker of a radio. it reads 33 instead of 19 because i hadent programmed it yet!
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Kucha Hans umbau , Nachtansicht
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Anytone AT-5555 - 98EURO (inc. VAT) end-user price - soon on
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This is the Qixiang Anytone 5555 10 Meter tranciever operating on 10 Meters FM and USB. It has had some good audio reports and works very well...
MAAS DX-5000 cb radio 11meter
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maas dx-5000 quick look and listen. 33 in the screen because i hadent programmed it yet!

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