Chris Brown Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Chris Brown Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

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Complex's Joe La Puma goes sneaker shopping with Chris Brown at New York-based boutique Extra Butter.

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Author grancrackers 428 ( ago)
Not gonna watch, just came to dislike

Author Chris Breezy Entertainment ( ago)
Love yo' CB! Stay cool. 👌🙌

Author Phu Dang ( ago)
The store mad that he ain't spend 10k😂💀

Author vi$vimknothang$ ( ago)
lmao this store weak as shit

Author yoerlin el fan del rap Cánserbero ( ago)
Saludos desde #inglaterra no se hablar inglés pero drug fact warning hear phet pyl yea morny plhy

Author Andy Thomas ( ago)
Those Blue and Gold Reeboks are 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Author Jordan Bettencourt ( ago)
That store must be so disappointed lol.

Author SlickzY ( ago)
i cant fucking hear chris he mumbles more than 21 savage

Author thejewbirdsuperior ( ago)
Chris brown used to be cute now he's shot ...and a prick . Fuck him

Author brandon caleb ( ago)
Seeing this made me like this dude

Author ૐ StarCluster ૐ ( ago)
I like how he doesn't show off his money but i think he doesn't know about "Shoe innner technology."

Author Dpd I Challenges I Funny moments I Vlogs and more ( ago)
lol probably the most famous person to go on this show oh bought two pairs

Author Mala Ernest ( ago)
Chris so such a cutie😍❤️

Author sexpanther47 ( ago)
How come he didn't grip the Rhianna beater 4s

Author Oliver Hernandez ( ago)
Don't really like Chris brown but he dresses fly

Author Abinesh Breezy ( ago)
To the haters!! listen here, he owns more than 6000 pairs of kicks. He just copped two pairs just sake of the programme. and he is not showing off that he is freaking rich. nothing but Respect.

Author Kreativer Als Du ( ago)

Author Caleb Chapel ( ago)
I see he wasn't trinna spend lot

Author ZiiTheGreatest :. ( ago)
Chris is just so chilled and laid back.. He seems like a really great guy.

Author Rosalia Garcia ( ago)
he's looking for some rihanna pumas..... beaters

Author Yohann Keith ( ago)
Cb is one hell of a trendsetter

3:38 does this nigga paint his nails?

Author GCU ht ( ago)
Y'all know damn well if this store sold Cocaine this nigga would be walking out butt naked to get the last little gram

Author RedRedMCmusic ( ago)
That's my bill when I buy shoes.

Author Aliah Robb ( ago)

Author No Name ( ago)
this man's total was $145 and he asked for his receipt, you know her gon return those bitches back the next day😂

Author Sean Eric Sarmiento ( ago)
nice.. he is wearing eazy e hoodies

Author criterion ( ago)
My top list of Sneakers under 1000

Author kimmie pie ( ago)
We need an updated one 2017 version

Author Hali Huang ( ago)
what happened to the amazing quote from joe:" so ___, we talked about everything, jordans___, childhood. Now its the easy part, you get to pick and choose, and...see what you like (hand motion going outwards). Guest:"alright les do this"

Author T'Nia Goodall ( ago)
Go shopping with xxxtentacion 😍😭

Author Theycall mehunter ( ago)
fuck Chris Brown

Author xXbooming_SillyXx Gaming ( ago)
Who else noticed his Eazy-e shirt?

Author Alexander García Silva ( ago)
yo no mire ni los tennis me enamore de esa sudadera de Eazy-e 😍😍💖

Author Joey Corrow ( ago)

Author Logan Scott ( ago)
I respect him for only spending 145 but why did he look so sad at the start

Author PIGSTER84 ( ago)
Chris is lit

Author Smugyyy ( ago)
this was when chris was really heat, props

Author leafy ViBeS ( ago)
only over 100 damn yesterday I spent 600 on the ovo 12s the retro 12s and some huaraches

Author Skylar Iit ( ago)
bruh chris browns face and body has changed so much he got so skinny 😮

Author Carmen Hernandez ( ago)
omg Chris Brown is my bae

Author Rap Life ( ago)
that dont look like chris brown

Author Animu Cyubz ( ago)
only 145? only 2 shoes? I thought it would be like 5 and 2k+

Author Pyrexaxion ( ago)
I fuck with his style

Author Khi ( ago)
You think about it this nigga had no type of swag

Author Great Gatsby ( ago)
"The Killer Whales"

Author I'm Beautiful ( ago)
" so what shoes were you wearing when you clapped Rihanna"

Author Nasir Ali ( ago)

Author Kelving Delgado ( ago)
plzz do a sneaker shopping with j.cole

Author Official DatGasKid ( ago)
what is that song

Author David Sanchez ( ago)
True shoe salesman. Always asking/or pushing for the sale lol

Author Mofrace Kay ( ago)
EZ respect

Author المكتب الهندسي ( ago)
Hi, I want some one to download my files for 1 $.

Author vegetarian body ( ago)
chris cheap af

Author Mr. Reverseking ( ago)
This dude is bigger (muscle tone)

Author lucy Styles ( ago)

Author dustin storks ( ago)
get kevin gates on one

Author Kim McWilliams ( ago)
😍😍😍I LOVE CHRIS!!!!!😍😍😍😍

Author bbcmotd ( ago)
He should've gone for Puma x Rihanna as BEATERS

Author oGResolution ( ago)

Author Drugedoutsmurph ( ago)
what shoes did he punch Rihanna in

Author Gavon Marlow ( ago)
Dude was the only guy I've seen except for Kevin Hart that behaved like a respectable adult

Author abdul bhatti ( ago)
That was like the cheapest

Author C K ( ago)
Chris only spends his money on cars. 😆😆😆😆

Author Breezy Mil Grau ( ago)
Chris Brown é foda!!

Author Arie Crazy ( ago)
i know he buying those ungly chill shoes

Author joe hardisty ( ago)
Respect for money

Author talha93taj ( ago)
Joe the type of dude who only treats celebrities with a+ service and just treats "normal people" like trash

Author Caleb Rankin ( ago)
Hi sub or die jk plz just sub or not

Author Trell Jackson ( ago)
this is so lit bruh like what the you been with all celeberties

Author Nijay Playz ( ago)

Author KFC Challenges ( ago)
Who tf shops at a store called extra butter

Author Joshua Gutierrez ( ago)
He is like the only rapper that doesn't end up with a big ass bill like the 2000+ range he is a reasonable shopper

Author WLOGS ( ago)
I bet all of Chris Browns sneakers are beaters

Author Wisam AC ( ago)
Why are people always so bothered by how much others spend? "glad to see he didnt spend over 1k" so what if other celebrities spend over 1k? its their fucking money whats ur problem lmao

Author Bsneak L ( ago)
Cris reminds me of a friend that trys to be a sneakerhead but hes not good at it especially if he copped Roche's and vans

Author QuisTheGoat ( ago)
Do g herbo

Author YRN GAMING ( ago)

Author YRN GAMING ( ago)
His shoe game ass

Author YRN GAMING ( ago)
Bout half of them shoes ugly asf

Author vasquez. i. ( ago)
i used to work at extra butter.
hot girls everywhere

Author Darianna Cox ( ago)
Has he lost weight?

Author Luiz Felipe ( ago)
Se eu compro esses dois tênis aqui no Brasil gasto quase 500 reais kkkk

Author Elias Soto ( ago)
Ballin on a budget

Author evilishness ( ago)
Chris brown a jerk beat up girls

Author Ace ( ago)
Cheap ass nigga 😂

Author Alex Gerlach ( ago)
Get Mike the Situation on here

Author Im sexually identified as a king. ( ago)
Suprised he didn't hit the cashier

Author Mizo- Alreadyburst ( ago)
I'm Chris Asian homie

Author quad core ( ago)
I like to keep it real with Levi 501's and monochrome chuck taylors, but I also like to rock some Lee Jeans and some all black Vans Winston's too, but I also like to rock some wrangler relaxed fit jet black jeans with some new balances and a hoody and flip you off if you look at me sideways!!!

Author Frazer aaa ( ago)
he really bought 2 shoes for 145$ new Zealand sells the exact pairs for 145 each

Author Swag Swooze ( ago)
Cb ain't aggressive now all of a sudden fam

Author TrillCornel ( ago)
UPDATE 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

Author Dean Mathieson ( ago)
I really liked those vans

Author Raul Flores ( ago)
Chris Brown has to have lowest total ever on this tbh 145$lmao I don't blame him tho he probably already got everything he wants in shoes lol

Author Young Gamer ( ago)
If your reading this click the PS3 controller to the left and subscribe! Thank you So much! 👌🏾🔥🔥🔥🤗

Author Queen Breezy ( ago)
I wish i could meet him.He so hott boyy!!!!!

Author Daniel Bassaly ( ago)
He should make a pair of shoes which you wear as beaters and call them "rihannas"

Author Merna Habeeb ( ago)
Bro I love Chris brow he's amazing he's not like other people he don't care he so chill

Author RO$$REVIEWS ( ago)
He doesn't call his beaters, beaters he calls them Rihanna's

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