March of the Dinosaurs: Part 5

Join Scar, a young Edmontosaurus as he embarks on his first migration across America to escape the twenty four hour winter and find the sun again, in March of the Dinosaurs!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own March of the Dinosaurs, I am merely uploading it for entertainment purposes!

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Author Harvinder Kaur ( ago)
#4:21 i thout they hunted in packes

Author sara laye ( ago)
I though the pterodactyl was a t Rex at 10:09

Author Sam Wilson ( ago)
1:00 stupid idiot moron ankylosaur.

Author Collin Alwine ( ago)

Author DeathByDoctrine ( ago)
This little mother fucker Need to buy a scratch off or some shit. 13:53
thats the 3rd or 4th time this mother fucker survived because of luck just
with escaping death by being dinner wtf

Author Albert Chavez ( ago)
Edmontonia is a nodosaur.

Author derpytarbosaurus ( ago)
5:40 f*k off mate!!

Author derpytarbosaurus ( ago)
1:00 goddammit ankylo

Author Arthur Joubeaux ( ago)
? hatzegopterix is biped ?

Author HHS // Hot Hot Sauce ( ago)
5:08 That moon is way too recent it should be close af

Author Baconator 0101 ( ago)
Has anyone noticed the anky is an edmontonia

Author Matt Bershinsky ( ago)
10:10 IT IS I, GOD

Author Matt Bershinsky ( ago)
I laughed wayyyyyy too hard at that freakin anky on its back

Author Dakota Dean ( ago)
I have watched this thousands of times and I am just going through the
comments on dinosaur videos.

Author GallimimusProductions ( ago)
"wake up."


Author Materobes 24 ( ago)
if the moon was the astroid that hit the earth, killing Dino's, then why is
there a moon in this?

Author Heather Holliday ( ago)

Author Chef Joy Joy Gadles ( ago)

Author Ronnie Toole ( ago)
13:26 its a mistake the carnivore would have let go of the herb sorry
forgot name because the front doesn't even connect with the neck big

Author danuisortiz ( ago)
'Never follow the crazy dude' applies across time, it seems.

Author Johnmichael Slusher ( ago)
second time a dinosaur died over 1 leaf smh

Author ConverseCat ( ago)

Author Dead ( ago)
this reminds me of the movie Dinosaur lol

Author hadeghe hadeghe ( ago)
this shit is intense.

Author Goalscorerkid8 Ps4 ( ago)
why would dinosaur boom kill

Author xXTheAnimatedRexXx :D ( ago)
Poke. 😂😂😂

Author jessica montalvo ( ago)
don't l ike

Author Jason Hill ( ago)
I wanted the gorgosaurus to survive...

how dare u bite scar!!!! u evil son of a @@/=×

Author WAEL SALEH ( ago)
Pach jump to the snow a fox does that in winter

Author Augusta Ebba ( ago)
Merry christmas?

Author Nightmare ( ago)
Why hasn't ANYTHING heard of SIDES?

Author Hugh Salin ( ago)
is it me or is it that scar is one of the cutest and adorable little

Author Nesmy Desir ( ago)
tis awsome

Author Augusta Ebba ( ago)
boy, he sure didn't live long?

Author Augusta Ebba ( ago)
why didn't he protect himself?

Author Augusta Ebba ( ago)
he sure cried for help?

Author Augusta Ebba ( ago)

Author Augusta Ebba ( ago)
boom he's died?

Author Augusta Ebba ( ago)
what some crazy animals?

Author Augusta Ebba ( ago)
boom in the ditch?

Author Augusta Ebba ( ago)
wow that it for him?

Author Alvaro Bonilla ( ago)
it funny when both the predetor and prey fell down who agree with me?

Author InactiveAir ( ago)
Great story, nice to see dinos with feathers ad still look menacing.

Author The Traveling Acro ( ago)
Why would a dinosaur boom kill

Author Colleen Rathka ( ago)
I believe in you scar

Author TURTLEBOY188 ( ago)
The one with the brain toumer nooo

Author TURTLEBOY188 ( ago)

Author TURTLEBOY188 ( ago)
THE POOR ANKY wtf how did that happen

Author john2661 ( ago)
How do you no which way Scar has traveled ? Easy. He leaves dead bodies
where ever he goes. BWAAAHAHAHAHA...!! 

Author Johan Bonden Nysveen ( ago)
Can you make more videos like this?

Author MoeGreensLeftEye ( ago)
i'm looking for the sequel April of the Cavemen

Author PharaohJill ( ago)

Author Noble Tan ( ago)
Wgere the part gorgosaurus bite the dinosaur i thought i would aready die

Author ZEmaster2267 ( ago)
Yup definitely a rerun of dinosaurs with aladar

Author MLGBOSs41 ( ago)
204th commenter

Author Rhyuuen Alexei ( ago)
Reminds me of Aladar from the movie "Dinosaurs".

Author Coolguy12345778 ( ago)

Author імператор всесвіту ( ago)
Cool movie

Author Tommy Rash ( ago)
200th commenter

Author Gage Wagner ( ago)
Oh those ravines

Author jm is cute ( ago)
hahahah very funny in 4- sec

Author Stephanie Stott ( ago)
WHERE ARE THE HUMANS !!!!! my preacher said there should have been some man
there and that god showed them how too hunt the dinosaures so we could be
top of chain

Author YaoiAngel00 ( ago)
I find it VERY funny how every time he talks about mating a female just
POPS up xD

Author Kyle “SniperFilms” Larson ( ago)
ive like him from the beggining

Author Luna Liie ( ago)
i'm starting to like Patch :)

Author kester clarence Abella ( ago)
They share

Author mark binky ( ago)
nick asep

Author mark binky ( ago)

Author LIz Beavon ( ago)

Author jennifer emmanuelle ( ago)
ai tadilho do pai ou da mãe quuem seja sei la tadilho do grandão o
dinossauro grande bichilho

Author thekalkara131 ( ago)
Poor grandpa edmonty. i liked him and They had to go and kill him.

Author ᴅᴠᴏɪᴅ. ( ago)
This is very reminiscent of the movie "Dinosaur" lol

Author Sooyoung Chung ( ago)
I'm sad everyone scar knew and loved suffered something

Author Sijade Nedd ( ago)
My ipod

Author RaptorX863 ( ago)
Dinosaurs are thought to be warm-blooded reptiles. In the past their were
actually a lot of warm-blooded reptiles, all from the Archosauria (although
crocodiles are thought to have been weird and reverted to a cold-blooded
state). The only truly warm-blooded reptiles alive today are birds. Also,
some cold-blooded reptiles like Alligator Snapping Turtles can remain
active during freezing temperatures, sometimes as low as -2 to -4ºC, and
can hibernate at temperatures below -9ºC.

Author Žiga Metelko ( ago)
dinosaurs were reptiles so they were also cold-blooded - they couldn't
survive cold weather 

Author wolstano paniagua ( ago)
but the end is kinda sad 

Author wolstano paniagua ( ago)

Author T-Rex V The Vortex ( ago)
My goodness !!! she fall

Author T-Rex V The Vortex ( ago)
I am not againts it.but please check the dinos that you will play in every
video. that is edmontonia

Author Ryan Deerans ( ago)
How many parts are there?

Author Kaylee Cole ( ago)
Poor Anklosaurus :'c

Author RaptorX863 ( ago)
I'm not saying it is your fault. I'm just saying that the film makes should
check if the dinosaurs they put together in movie would've ACTUALLY lived
together. They also got other things wrong too. For example, scientists
think that the troodont remains from Alaska belong to a new species, and
are not actually members of the genus Troodon proper. Thus, they probably
should've called it an ambiguous name like "troodontid" instead. Again, I'm
not blaming you, I'm blaming the creators.....

Author tnc044 ( ago)
Well that's not really my fault, I didn't make the movie. But those were
the names of the dinosaurs here and I can't change that.

Author Stefan Salvatierra ( ago)
Plus, it's actually from the nodosaur family..

Author RaptorX863 ( ago)
Strange though cause they lived at very different time periods.....

Author RaptorX863 ( ago)
It'a generic Ankylosaur based off an Edmontonia, not Ankylosaurus proper.

Author Russell Johnson ( ago)
because it is an edmontia.

Author Tyrannosaurus Rex ( ago)
That Amkylosaurus has no tail club, anyone care to explain?...

Author romeo9782 ( ago)
as a cave man all my girlfriends have been horrorsaurus.bad luck

Author ISetYourFaceOnFire ( ago)
I'll say. Impressive Cgi. 

Author sarit0422 ( ago)
y doesnt that Albertosaurus giv up on the chase alredy! i mean ther r
plenty of other prey back wher he came from any way, so y doesnt he giv up
and go home?!

Author tnc044 (131 year ago)
I enjoy giving people the right facts. I'm socially awkward, but not as
much as Sheldon. I also like women very much.

Author HipsterBug ( ago)
10:28 Dont poke me nigga! XD

Author marceline vampir ( ago)

Author InfinityGames BR ( ago)
0:44 Like a boss leaf picking 0:47 FUUUUUUU

Author Raghava J ( ago)
nice colloction of dinosuriess 

Author Heaven Sturm ( ago)
awsome it seems so real

Author shellison william ( ago)
very real

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