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Author Scorp (2 months)
Why would a dinosaur boom kill

Author Alvaro Bonilla (12 days)
it funny when both the predetor and prey fell down who agree with me?

Author InactiveAir (18 days)
Great story, nice to see dinos with feathers ad still look menacing.

Author Colleen Rathka (5 months)
I believe in you scar

Author Johan Bonden Nysveen (1 year)
Can you make more videos like this?

Author john Mansfield (1 year)
How do you no which way Scar has traveled ? Easy. He leaves dead bodies
where ever he goes. BWAAAHAHAHAHA...!! 

Author MoeGreensLeftEye (1 year)
i'm looking for the sequel April of the Cavemen

Author PharaohJill (1 year)

Author Angel Lauren (10 months)
THE POOR ANKY wtf how did that happen

Author Angel Lauren (10 months)
The one with the brain toumer nooo

Author Angel Lauren (10 months)

Author ZEmaster2267 (1 year)
Yup definitely a rerun of dinosaurs with aladar

Author Noble Tan (1 year)
Wgere the part gorgosaurus bite the dinosaur i thought i would aready die

Author xSRZx (3 years)
one is flipped over, one is mateless, one has tumor, one is young, one
wants revenge, and one is infected by a scratch... LOL wtf

Author valathor95 (3 years)
Now all we need is the "love monkey"

Author tnc044 (2 years)
Well that's not really my fault, I didn't make the movie. But those were
the names of the dinosaurs here and I can't change that.

Author Diego Pagharion (2 years)
Ankylosaur:oh a leaf up there i should eat it (bump!!!!!) I think i should
rear up on my back legs aaaaaaaahhhh troodons! Troodons:lets eat her
Ankylosaur:dont let me hurt you Troodons:lets wait for her to get weaker

Author Ryan Deerans (2 years)
How many parts are there?

Author RaptorX863 (2 years)
It'a generic Ankylosaur based off an Edmontonia, not Ankylosaurus proper.

Author Renam Pablo (3 years)
Graças a Deus o ankylosaurus não morreu, fiquei com pena dele.

Author Chelsea C (1 year)
i'm starting to like Patch :)

Author lilrockable (2 years)
sounds like the perfect dinosaur sitcom

Author The1BlackRoses (2 years)
Always nice talking to you "Sheldon"

Author grimlock1992 (2 years)
Wait never mind I thought you were wevreying to me and the person that
commanted me.

Author Kyle Larson (1 year)
ive like him from the beggining

Author Dinosaur172 (3 years)
poor ankylosaur

Author kcatromero (3 years)
@Mirinovic Brain tumors actually

Author Blazedragonfire1 (2 years)
yeah he became a turtle

Author імператор всесвіту (1 year)
Cool movie

Author Tommy Rash (1 year)
200th commenter

Author erti655 (3 years)
stupid bipolar dinosaur

Author jennifer emmanuelle (1 year)
ai tadilho do pai ou da mãe quuem seja sei la tadilho do grandão o
dinossauro grande bichilho

Author shellison william (2 years)
very real

Author Amar Pathan (2 years)
0;56 fail

Author jm is cute (1 year)
hahahah very funny in 4- sec

Author Maxhamacha (2 years)
To true XD.But would in a fight.T.rex vs Albertosaurs.How would win?

Author superblahmanofdoom (2 years)
Nope, no one really does. They go by the bone structure. and then look how
the joints could have moved, then matched those movements to modern
animals. It is the only way to guess how the dinos behaved. It should be
also noted that most dinos might have been far more intelligent then most
early apes... I bet they were getting to the tools stage, especially the
raptors. Like raptors who had the hand structure to pick up eggs.

Author grimlock1992 (3 years)
@clubpenguindino Hungry? Dont you forget when scar woke up there were
bodies of edmontos on the ground, if it was hungry then it would eat them
but instead it fallowed scar.

Author Maxhamacha (2 years)
to True to be true XD

Author Priscilla Hernández (3 years)
hehe an anquilosaurus skating

Author withthewolves (3 years)
Have there been any founds that prove Gorgosaurus und Albertosaurus had
feathers? I've seen them illustrated that way sometimes but i've never seen
them that way in any docus. Anyway, thanks for uploading. :) I like this!

Author Justin Yang (3 years)

Author flank coola (2 years)
lol 0:51

Author Guyyy (2 years)
0:38 this is how they all died out tryna get leaves lol

Author MrChaoticpower (3 years)
@fishfan213 your right

Author thekalkara131 (2 years)
Poor grandpa edmonty. i liked him and They had to go and kill him.

Author RaptorX863 (2 years)
Dinosaurs are thought to be warm-blooded reptiles. In the past their were
actually a lot of warm-blooded reptiles, all from the Archosauria (although
crocodiles are thought to have been weird and reverted to a cold-blooded
state). The only truly warm-blooded reptiles alive today are birds. Also,
some cold-blooded reptiles like Alligator Snapping Turtles can remain
active during freezing temperatures, sometimes as low as -2 to -4ºC, and
can hibernate at temperatures below -9ºC.

Author Len Kagamine Chan (3 years)
Even this was Animal Kingdom during the time were human still not
bring us a lesson

Author Žiga Metelko (2 years)
dinosaurs were reptiles so they were also cold-blooded - they couldn't
survive cold weather

Author Xiaomi Zhao (3 years)
@DragranzerStudio I know it's fur. I'm just saying it looks like quills.

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