March of the Dinosaurs: Part 5

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  • Tini Schmadtke
    Tini Schmadtke 23 days ago

    Oh je 😰

  • Madori kori Mine
    Madori kori Mine 1 month ago

    Omg at 10:00 at after is so funny

  • micah0307
    micah0307 2 months ago

    I hope the Alberto goes for pacyrinosaurs 🙏🙏🙏

  • xXJokesGuyGamingXx
    xXJokesGuyGamingXx 2 months ago

    I love dinosaurs

  • Pam Cobbs
    Pam Cobbs 2 months ago

    I love the Dinsour fall it was so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • degen leader
    degen leader 2 months ago

    ok rest in brain tumor

  • degen leader
    degen leader 2 months ago

    1 like 1 prayer for ankylosaur

  • degen leader
    degen leader 2 months ago

    so sad how the dinosaur slowly dies by brain tumor

  • degen leader
    degen leader 2 months ago

    1 like one prayer for dinosaurs with brain tumor

  • Jayde Flayme
    Jayde Flayme 2 months ago

    Why didn't the Alberto just eat the Pachyrhinosaurus? Didn't she get left behind?

  • Glenda Shuttlesworth
    Glenda Shuttlesworth 3 months ago

    The scavenger just pecked scars leg and it sounded like he got hit with a rock 🤣🤣😂😂

  • robert wurpes
    robert wurpes 3 months ago

    1:35 I know they have a small brain but does a triceratops foot looks like a gorgosaurus foot

  • Pokemon Madness
    Pokemon Madness 3 months ago

    that quetz was a noob, he ran from something half his size .-.

  • Benson Su
    Benson Su 4 months ago

    Ah, for some reason, this is depressing as hell

  • SaqibPlayz
    SaqibPlayz 4 months ago


  • SaqibPlayz
    SaqibPlayz 4 months ago


  • NorvelandHayley Williams

    ankylo is so dead

  • NorvelandHayley Williams

    poor ankylo xD

    FRIEDCHICKEN-MAN 5 months ago

    its awsoem im not complaining but they showed a lot of scar instead ofthe other one i forgot name

  • Jess Prime
    Jess Prime 6 months ago


  • Jess Prime
    Jess Prime 6 months ago

    also f*** that albertosaurus!!!!
    im so happy it's died!!!!!

    • seaearthponies
      seaearthponies 4 months ago

      You are mmature child for saying that. Don't you know that it also has to it has no choice? Animals go after the weak,the old and the young for good reason. We go after the stronger one(which is allowing the weak to reprouduce).

  • Jess Prime
    Jess Prime 6 months ago

    also poor gorgo...

  • Jess Prime
    Jess Prime 6 months ago

    that's not a ankylosaurus

    • Icy Heart
      Icy Heart 5 months ago

      Jess Prime ikr but I can't tell what it really is

  • XxAriannaGamingxX -roblox and more

    i love dinos

  • Potted Limes
    Potted Limes 6 months ago


  • Harvinder Kaur
    Harvinder Kaur 7 months ago

    #4:21 i thout they hunted in packes

  • sara laye
    sara laye 8 months ago

    I though the pterodactyl was a t Rex at 10:09

  • Sam Wilson
    Sam Wilson 8 months ago

    1:00 stupid idiot moron ankylosaur.

  • Collin Alwine
    Collin Alwine 8 months ago


  • DeathByDoctrine
    DeathByDoctrine 8 months ago

    This little mother fucker Need to buy a scratch off or some shit. 13:53 thats the 3rd or 4th time this mother fucker survived because of luck just with escaping death by being dinner wtf

  • Albert Chavez
    Albert Chavez 9 months ago

    Edmontonia is a nodosaur.

  • derpytarbosaurus
    derpytarbosaurus 9 months ago

    5:40 f*k off mate!!

  • derpytarbosaurus
    derpytarbosaurus 9 months ago

    1:00 goddammit ankylo

  • Arthur Joubeaux
    Arthur Joubeaux 10 months ago

    ? hatzegopterix is biped ?

  • Hot Sauce
    Hot Sauce 10 months ago

    5:08 That moon is way too recent it should be close af

  • Baconator 0101
    Baconator 0101 10 months ago

    Has anyone noticed the anky is an edmontonia

  • Matt Bershinsky
    Matt Bershinsky 11 months ago

    10:10 IT IS I, GOD

  • Matt Bershinsky
    Matt Bershinsky 11 months ago

    I laughed wayyyyyy too hard at that freakin anky on its back

    • Icy Heart
      Icy Heart 5 months ago

      Matt Bershinsky XD same

  • TheSneeakingParrot123 Maximus

    I have watched this thousands of times and I am just going through the comments on dinosaur videos.

  • GallimimusProductions
    GallimimusProductions 11 months ago

    "wake up."


  • Materobes 24
    Materobes 24 11 months ago

    if the moon was the astroid that hit the earth, killing Dino's, then why is there a moon in this?

    • Materobes 24
      Materobes 24 11 months ago

      +Tyler Villarreal oh ok

    • Tyler Villarreal
      Tyler Villarreal 11 months ago

      Scientifically speaking, the moon was formed by an early protoplanet, Theia, that smashed into earth, even before life existed on the planet. The debris from Theia then formed our moon. The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs was a separate object that impacted long after.

  • Heather Holliday
    Heather Holliday 11 months ago


  • proffesinal name
    proffesinal name 1 year ago


  • Johnmichael Slusher

    second time a dinosaur died over 1 leaf smh

  • ConverseCat
    ConverseCat 1 year ago

    10:10 HELLO, ITS ME XD

  • Dead A
    Dead A 1 year ago

    this reminds me of the movie Dinosaur lol

    • Garrett
      Garrett 1 year ago

      +Akira3C 0:46 its too late>> your gonna die..

  • hadeghe hadeghe
    hadeghe hadeghe 1 year ago

    this shit is intense.

  • Goalscorerkid8 Ps4
    Goalscorerkid8 Ps4 1 year ago

    why would dinosaur boom kill

  • NaminaSakaio Draws
    NaminaSakaio Draws 1 year ago

    Poke. 😂😂😂

  • jessica montalvo
    jessica montalvo 1 year ago

    don't l ike

  • Jason Hill
    Jason Hill 1 year ago

    I wanted the gorgosaurus to survive...


    how dare u bite scar!!!! u evil son of a @@/=×

    WAEL SALEH 1 year ago

    Pach jump to the snow a fox does that in winter

  • Augusta Ebba
    Augusta Ebba 1 year ago

    Merry christmas?

  • Nightmare
    Nightmare 1 year ago

    Why hasn't ANYTHING heard of SIDES?

  • Hugh Salin
    Hugh Salin 1 year ago

    is it me or is it that scar is one of the cutest and adorable little dinosaurs.

  • Nesmy Desir
    Nesmy Desir 1 year ago

    tis awsome

  • Augusta Ebba
    Augusta Ebba 1 year ago

    boy, he sure didn't live long?

    • Birdy Queen
      Birdy Queen 1 year ago

      You comment too much it's starting to get annoying

  • Augusta Ebba
    Augusta Ebba 1 year ago

    why didn't he protect himself?

  • Augusta Ebba
    Augusta Ebba 1 year ago

    he sure cried for help?

  • Augusta Ebba
    Augusta Ebba 1 year ago


  • Augusta Ebba
    Augusta Ebba 1 year ago

    boom he's died?

  • Augusta Ebba
    Augusta Ebba 1 year ago

    what some crazy animals?

  • Augusta Ebba
    Augusta Ebba 1 year ago

    boom in the ditch?

  • Augusta Ebba
    Augusta Ebba 1 year ago

    wow that it for him?

  • Alvaro Bonilla
    Alvaro Bonilla 2 years ago

    it funny when both the predetor and prey fell down who agree with me?

  • InactiveAir
    InactiveAir 2 years ago

    Great story, nice to see dinos with feathers ad still look menacing.

  • The Traveling Acro
    The Traveling Acro 2 years ago

    Why would a dinosaur boom kill

  • Colleen Rathka
    Colleen Rathka 2 years ago

    I believe in you scar

    TURTLEBOY188 2 years ago

    The one with the brain toumer nooo

    TURTLEBOY188 2 years ago


    TURTLEBOY188 2 years ago

    THE POOR ANKY wtf how did that happen

    • Fernando Ramos
      Fernando Ramos 1 year ago

      The ankylosaur stood on a log, reaching the last leaf to eat. Right when she pulled it off the branch, she slipped off the log and tipped over. That's how she ended up upside-down.

  • john2661
    john2661 3 years ago

    How do you no which way Scar has traveled ? Easy. He leaves dead bodies where ever he goes. BWAAAHAHAHAHA...!!

  • Johan Bonden Nysveen

    Can you make more videos like this?

  • MoeGreensLeftEye
    MoeGreensLeftEye 3 years ago

    i'm looking for the sequel April of the Cavemen

  • PharaohJill
    PharaohJill 3 years ago


  • Skull Crusher
    Skull Crusher 3 years ago

    Wgere the part gorgosaurus bite the dinosaur i thought i would aready die fast

  • ZEmaster2267
    ZEmaster2267 3 years ago

    Yup definitely a rerun of dinosaurs with aladar

  • TechGamer
    TechGamer 3 years ago

    204th commenter

  • Rhyuuen Alexei
    Rhyuuen Alexei 3 years ago

    Reminds me of Aladar from the movie "Dinosaurs".

  • Coolguy12345778
    Coolguy12345778 3 years ago


  • Tommy Rash
    Tommy Rash 3 years ago

    200th commenter

  • Gage Wagner
    Gage Wagner 3 years ago

    Oh those ravines

  • jm is cute
    jm is cute 3 years ago

    hahahah very funny in 4- sec

  • Stephanie Stott
    Stephanie Stott 3 years ago

    WHERE ARE THE HUMANS !!!!! my preacher said there should have been some man there and that god showed them how too hunt the dinosaures so we could be top of chain

    • TheVulpimancerHunter 32
      TheVulpimancerHunter 32 29 days ago

      Stephanie Stott Maybe in your culture there was humans when the dinosaurs were around.

  • YaoiAngel00
    YaoiAngel00 3 years ago

    I find it VERY funny how every time he talks about mating a female just POPS up xD

  • Kyle Larson
    Kyle Larson 3 years ago

    ive like him from the beggining

  • Luna Liie
    Luna Liie 4 years ago

    i'm starting to like Patch :)

  • kester clarence Abella

    They share

  • mark binky
    mark binky 4 years ago

    nick asep

  • mark binky
    mark binky 4 years ago


  • LIz Beavon
    LIz Beavon 4 years ago


  • jennifer emmanuelle
    jennifer emmanuelle 4 years ago

    ai tadilho do pai ou da mãe quuem seja sei la tadilho do grandão o dinossauro grande bichilho

  • TheKalkara131
    TheKalkara131 4 years ago

    Poor grandpa edmonty. i liked him and They had to go and kill him.

  • Skyler
    Skyler 4 years ago

    This is very reminiscent of the movie "Dinosaur" lol

  • Sooyoung Chung
    Sooyoung Chung 4 years ago

    I'm sad everyone scar knew and loved suffered something

  • Sijade Nedd
    Sijade Nedd 4 years ago

    My ipod

  • RaptorX863
    RaptorX863 4 years ago

    Dinosaurs are thought to be warm-blooded reptiles. In the past their were actually a lot of warm-blooded reptiles, all from the Archosauria (although crocodiles are thought to have been weird and reverted to a cold-blooded state). The only truly warm-blooded reptiles alive today are birds.

    Also, some cold-blooded reptiles like Alligator Snapping Turtles can remain active during freezing temperatures, sometimes as low as -2 to -4ºC, and can hibernate at temperatures below -9ºC.

  • Žiga Metelko
    Žiga Metelko 4 years ago

    dinosaurs were reptiles so they were also cold-blooded - they couldn't survive cold weather

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