LONG Playlist of Relaxing Soft Piano Music to Sleep and Study

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  • Halima Moussa
    Halima Moussa 4 hours ago


  • Serenity Cook
    Serenity Cook 5 hours ago

    my name is serenity

  • Xplocial OnlineNetworking

    This literally had me go from full-out stressed to calm and relaxed within 5 seconds, amazing.

  • Bean and Noodle
    Bean and Noodle 20 hours ago

    Very relaxing and free like freedom👍🏻🙂

  • Piano J
    Piano J 1 day ago


  • Piano J
    Piano J 1 day ago

    If you like playing piano go to my channel

  • Mira Al Otaiba
    Mira Al Otaiba 2 days ago

    i never thought somethignt his relaxing would be created in 2012

  • Angy Desyree
    Angy Desyree 2 days ago

    Mas tranquilizador no puede ser, me ayuda bastante a meditar.

  • Dean Callinan
    Dean Callinan 3 days ago

    I go to 😔zzz in 1 sec

  • K Young
    K Young 4 days ago

    roses are red violets are blue you love this song and I love it too

  • K Young
    K Young 4 days ago

    this is the way I like it

  • JacobChin'sPianoChannel

    Can everyone sub to me, I just made my channel!

  • Piano Uncovered
    Piano Uncovered 4 days ago

    Hello Serenity Studio 👋 I was wondering if I could have permission from you to upload this exact video to my YouTube channel to boost my views if I give you full credit and link your channel in the description?

    I really hope you reply to this comment!
    ~Piano Uncovered

  • Paige Unknown
    Paige Unknown 5 days ago

    I like this it is helping me sleep.....zzz..zzz.😴😴

  • Ruby the kitchensink

    * scares to death because ad plays in the middle *
    thanks but I'm not Relaxed anymore

  • Finley Auping
    Finley Auping 7 days ago

    your amazing

  • Clockwork Prince
    Clockwork Prince 7 days ago

    I was almost asleep and I HEAR A MOVIE TRAILER AD. I was shooketh

  • Ellie O
    Ellie O 7 days ago

    I put on the song then a STUPID PRO EWTN CAME ON!!!!

  • Grace Recinos
    Grace Recinos 8 days ago

    My head hurts 😭 this helped

  • Astrid Nawe
    Astrid Nawe 8 days ago

    thank you

  • James Carnley
    James Carnley 8 days ago

    I hope vary butt is doing good love all

  • James Carnley
    James Carnley 8 days ago

    good music

  • Meshiah Carton
    Meshiah Carton 9 days ago

    Thank you.

  • tdanwithers
    tdanwithers 10 days ago

    thank you for sharing your talent

  • Tommy Martini
    Tommy Martini 10 days ago

    Crying not sleeping. 😢 So beautiful.

  • Superbob1000
    Superbob1000 11 days ago

    I swear the intro song sounds EXACTLY LIKE SPirited Away from Studio Ghibli!!

  • madbro 312
    madbro 312 11 days ago

    loved it so much

  • Ashantii Blackbird
    Ashantii Blackbird 12 days ago

    Why did this make me think of the world ending by a huge tsunami...?

  • Elisheva Riftin
    Elisheva Riftin 13 days ago

    this video is literally a bullshit!!! f**k you up

  • Kat Freemont
    Kat Freemont 14 days ago

    i took piano lesins today

  • Kat Freemont
    Kat Freemont 14 days ago

    this is nice it almoets made me fall uh sleep

  • Joseph Disney
    Joseph Disney 15 days ago

    the best thanks

  • Fuat Akça
    Fuat Akça 15 days ago

    Can a music
    be good for both to sleep and to study?

  • ronja jensen
    ronja jensen 16 days ago

    try to not cry XD

  • Lyra Benincasa
    Lyra Benincasa 16 days ago

    But still almost fell asleep

  • Lyra Benincasa
    Lyra Benincasa 16 days ago

    It really helped me study for my math exam

  • Random Person
    Random Person 16 days ago

    Is it just me or does morning light sound similar to summers day from sprinted away

  • Schleich & Zeichen
    Schleich & Zeichen 17 days ago

    Dis piano is sou beautyful i like dis music😃😃😃😃

  • O C E A N N
    O C E A N N 17 days ago

    the ads killed the mood..

  • kittykat234 Ashby
    kittykat234 Ashby 18 days ago

    I played this to my budgie and she fell asleep she's so cuteeeee

    KHUSHI ZANWAR 18 days ago

    I listen to this when ever I study and it makes a difference

  • levi woods
    levi woods 18 days ago

    yes im asleep

  • Nervnich
    Nervnich 18 days ago

    Alkohole sind die Derivate des Wassers.

  • Joel vincent Harris
    Joel vincent Harris 19 days ago

    please subscribe too my channel I ave just started only on 1 sub please help this channel

  • Zakia Alkhoori
    Zakia Alkhoori 19 days ago


  • peTer/ld
    peTer/ld 20 days ago

    seul a parler français

  • Edward monkhouse
    Edward monkhouse 21 day ago


  • Edward monkhouse
    Edward monkhouse 21 day ago

    Good video

  • chubby bubby
    chubby bubby 21 day ago

    fuck ads

  • Tony Esmeraldo
    Tony Esmeraldo 21 day ago

    wanderfoul dreams

  • Chilling Turtle
    Chilling Turtle 21 day ago

    when i'm sad for no reason... i just like to come here listen to this and cry... it's like my soul finds a little refuge in these melodies

  • Eva Salute TV
    Eva Salute TV 22 days ago

    Oh my god November 9 is my birthday ^_^ 😺

  • Lauren Fullwood
    Lauren Fullwood 22 days ago

    This is such an amazing video to listen to , I was struggling to get my baby sister to get to sleep and it helped her all fall straight to sleep as soon as I turned it on , I have only just found this and I can't stop listening right now i feel so calm ... helps you think about things and to calm down ... I really enjoyed this 💕

  • Alyssa Chan
    Alyssa Chan 22 days ago

    I feel depressed not relaxed

  • Palila Bronson
    Palila Bronson 22 days ago

    lol, in the middle, a really fast paced and like swords clashing commercial came on and completely destroyed the atmosphere

  • kk Karma
    kk Karma 24 days ago

    I love this but it makes me feel sad.

    PVPFORFINS 243 24 days ago

    i played this while doing my stupid homework:)

  • mantas jakas
    mantas jakas 25 days ago

    so relaxing

  • Joey Dong
    Joey Dong 25 days ago

    my mum caught caught me listening to this music, she doesn't like these songs she's such a bastard 😭😡😡 now I'm trying to secretly listen to this thinking why am I living with her😭😭 she always treats my brother like a king and me a slave I hate life...
    *edit part* I hope that you will continue making or putting these sort of music in your channel🙂

  • Drew Ward
    Drew Ward 26 days ago

    Oh my God! I actually feel so relaxed! Thanks Serenity Studio!

  • N.K. Singh
    N.K. Singh 27 days ago

    Very pleasant and relaxing. Excellent ensemble.

  • Vimukthi Ruhunage
    Vimukthi Ruhunage 27 days ago

    makes me want to hug random people out of happiness I'm feeling right now while listening to this

  • Miss Skiee
    Miss Skiee 27 days ago

    While studying 😅

  • Ewa Joachimiak
    Ewa Joachimiak 28 days ago

    really relaxing ☺☺

  • Kimberly
    Kimberly 28 days ago

    Makes me feel like I'm about to die

  • Rok Mohorko
    Rok Mohorko 28 days ago

    Ne sploh ne feelam relaxed k pism mato kreteni sfukani

  • Ange de l'amour
    Ange de l'amour 28 days ago

    Wow! A very beautiful music, I love the piano , the music of the piano touches the heart , thank you

  • TᕼE ᗩᗰᗩᘔIᑎG Tᖇᗩᔕᕼᑕᗩᑎ

    I felt super relaxed until I heard a add for amazon

  • Marc Mitjans
    Marc Mitjans 29 days ago

    32:45 looks a lot like a cover of a song from Spirited Away

  • Emma Rasmussen
    Emma Rasmussen 29 days ago

    Jeg elsker det nu kan jeg lave min lektier og sove tak<3

  • Davion Banks
    Davion Banks 29 days ago


  • cool gamer gameing
    cool gamer gameing 1 month ago


  • Emelia Mensah
    Emelia Mensah 1 month ago

    I love you gice it is very kind of you and very sweet of you😂

  • Cansu'nun Kanalı
    Cansu'nun Kanalı 1 month ago

    Dont forget to watch my last piano video

  • Scott athena
    Scott athena 1 month ago

    athena i mean

  • Scott athena
    Scott athena 1 month ago

    ahh relax also check out my my yyoutube video its also relaxing its called scott chen or atheana

  • Armenisch - Deutsch
    Armenisch - Deutsch 1 month ago

    Sehr schön, danke

  • Hub City Steelers
    Hub City Steelers 1 month ago


  • Júlia Gonçalves
    Júlia Gonçalves 1 month ago

    sempre quis um piano , só falta o dinheiro kkk acho lindo o som

  • Mafia Horse Playz
    Mafia Horse Playz 1 month ago

    Ahh, perfect for a long car ride

  • Emon Hossin
    Emon Hossin 1 month ago


  • Claire Anderson
    Claire Anderson 1 month ago

    this is awesome it really make me to sleep hohoho

  • Durvoni Tyejörand
    Durvoni Tyejörand 1 month ago

    Another clean peaceful island in youtube. I'll listen as I sleep. Thanks

  • Quoteve AJ
    Quoteve AJ 1 month ago

    Who else listened the whole video?

  • Robin Vince
    Robin Vince 1 month ago

    What a nice playlist.. But i feel sometimes it's better to play something more powerful.. Or more sad.. Piano is just an awesome instrument.. Thank you for this video.

  • Ultimate King
    Ultimate King 1 month ago


  • Flauschmann
    Flauschmann 1 month ago

    The beginning absolutely reminds me of "Spirited Away" !

  • jj mdx7
    jj mdx7 1 month ago

    i was sleeping with this music i was great a experience i leave a like on this vid

  • Aaliyah Backstrom
    Aaliyah Backstrom 1 month ago

    I've been listening to this to sleep to since it came out & 6:35 always wakes me up.

  • IPlaysX
    IPlaysX 1 month ago

    Amo piano

  • Emily Shedd
    Emily Shedd 1 month ago

    how did it get 13k dislikes

  • Sana Fom
    Sana Fom 1 month ago

    Spirited away 🌺

  • Andy Kellogg
    Andy Kellogg 1 month ago

    I am 9 years old and my sister died when she was 2. :(

  • Super Panda Sage
    Super Panda Sage 1 month ago

    I think i might cry. U feel depressed from a hard day, come home , and this is the first thing i thought of. RIP my feels

  • jazz tate
    jazz tate 1 month ago

    +Serenity Studio You created a disgusting thing that is supposed to be relaxing: a relaxing music but added so much ads I am really annoyed that an ad pops up when I am almost relaxed there, and the volume difference from a music to another is just terrible, why in the world would you have no sense to adjust the volume to a similar standard - that is a basic for being a music video uploader. You are so fcking incompetent and not even should be an uploader, and here you get my downvote and flag for it.

  • Olivia Verede Mings
    Olivia Verede Mings 1 month ago

    im falling asleep 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

  • Renee Morgan
    Renee Morgan 1 month ago


  • Renee Morgan
    Renee Morgan 1 month ago


  • Elizabeth Smithberger

    hi my name is Elizabeth lane lawson and where do you live

  • Relaxed Key
    Relaxed Key 1 month ago

    This is only the beginning. Don't Fall off now.

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