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  • Animals are the best entertainment in the World, they make us laugh anytime, anywhere! Just look how all these dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, bears, goats,... behave, play, fail, make funny sounds, react to different things,... So ridiculous, funny and cute! What is your favourite clip? :) Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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  • Pugandtacos101
    Pugandtacos101 11 hours ago


  • Opening Opening
    Opening Opening 20 hours ago

    0:51 lmao

  • richards0406 47
    richards0406 47 2 days ago

    1 Egg AND 3 Light Bulbs. XD

  • jerrymack95
    jerrymack95 2 days ago

    5:53 best way to go, death by puppies

  • Dalton Thomas
    Dalton Thomas 3 days ago

    So funny

  • Bella Angel
    Bella Angel 3 days ago

    i died when the one where the lizard thought the bed sheet was an actual leaf 😂😂😂 bahhahahahah

  • Adrian Bujalski
    Adrian Bujalski 3 days ago


  • ThePartyPekka Gaming

    Congrats on hitting 1 million and thank you for taking your time to find and put together these funny videos.

  • Mel
    Mel 4 days ago

    0:27 we'll it's an easier way to carry balls

  • Risalia
    Risalia 5 days ago




  • allysa therese
    allysa therese 6 days ago

    what breed is that dog @ 3:26 ?

  • Zach The Dark Wolf
    Zach The Dark Wolf 6 days ago

    I saw a bull terrier!!!!!!! They're my babies!!!!!

  • Ibram Cain
    Ibram Cain 6 days ago

    Cute as baby dogs eating an human baby.

  • Stephanie Hager
    Stephanie Hager 7 days ago


  • Smiljan Vajdić
    Smiljan Vajdić 7 days ago

    1:02 so cute

  • BrunZ 95
    BrunZ 95 7 days ago


  • KøsMøs :з
    KøsMøs :з 7 days ago


  • jack gill
    jack gill 8 days ago

    place examination brush considerable wheel ask press pause.

  • Mljsexyasf
    Mljsexyasf 8 days ago

    1000 people don't have souls

  • camSquad
    camSquad 8 days ago

    Of course the hedgehog is not there



  • Cupcake Pooper
    Cupcake Pooper 9 days ago

    Jan 12, 2005



  • Charles Du
    Charles Du 10 days ago

    The second was like "give me that bitch! Let me skate "

  • Vaginator I
    Vaginator I 11 days ago

    6:18 я бы издав дикий клич уже прогнал со стола собак

  • ぎんたそ喋らない


  • Dale D
    Dale D 12 days ago

    Everyone should report it for spam or misleading thumbnail.
    click the ...more above, then the report flag, then misleading thumbnail.
    where's the fucking hedgehog

  • Dale D
    Dale D 12 days ago

    No fucking hedgehog, where's the fucking hedgehog, I want to see the fucking hedgehog. This is worse than Lance Stewart clickbait.

  • Gattovariopinto Mirage


  • Leonard Niehaus
    Leonard Niehaus 13 days ago

    My cat is doing that too lol 8:02

  • White Tigress
    White Tigress 13 days ago

    Chicken with light bulb

  • Miss Agent E
    Miss Agent E 13 days ago

    The music at the beginning made me think of Superman.

  • Baby Arnaud
    Baby Arnaud 13 days ago


  • Ivan Gonzalez2
    Ivan Gonzalez2 13 days ago

    Please, stop putting so many ads you ad wh#%e

  • Brady Block
    Brady Block 14 days ago

    10 year old kids profiles on here where their pictures show them sticking their asses out and making duck lips on their profile pictures. WOW, YT got the standards thats for sure. the comment section is NOT the place for 8 year old kid either. it gets pretty vulgar.

  • alex la patata
    alex la patata 14 days ago

    lol xdxd

  • Toxicacid
    Toxicacid 15 days ago


    GD FIRE 15 days ago

    0:57 that's not a dog that a bunny

  • Jeffy jeffy
    Jeffy jeffy 16 days ago

    0:31 when you start eating and someone starts praying

  • Aivaras Macijauskas
    Aivaras Macijauskas 16 days ago


  • Random Fantasy
    Random Fantasy 16 days ago

    fkin clickbait

  • Nathan Insley
    Nathan Insley 16 days ago

    That one puppy that was barking at the toilet got me frustrated because it meant that it was really thirsty and obviously it's owner wasn't giving it water

  • allyfields
    allyfields 16 days ago

    0:36 was sad

  • Crazy duet
    Crazy duet 17 days ago

    not that was idiotic and nooby

  • Alex
    Alex 17 days ago


  • Mar!ah Jacksøn
    Mar!ah Jacksøn 17 days ago

    1:19 my dog does the same thing 😂😂😂

  • Ciaran Anything
    Ciaran Anything 17 days ago

    this is stupid its not even funny its a waste of a life, oh wait, you have no life

  • Elvis Lozano
    Elvis Lozano 18 days ago

    Can you make it as a try not to laugh challenge?

  • Vaxoera
    Vaxoera 18 days ago

    Fuck this clickbait

  • Dorro
    Dorro 19 days ago

    0:43, hijacker

  • Joonuliiw
    Joonuliiw 19 days ago

    who clicked in this video because that hedgehog?? me

  • Mike Harris
    Mike Harris 19 days ago

    Hey I found bogie

  • Mohamed Qahtan
    Mohamed Qahtan 19 days ago


  • Gecko Held3n
    Gecko Held3n 19 days ago

    solo vine por la miniatura

  • Tina Lulu
    Tina Lulu 20 days ago


  • jamlick murimi
    jamlick murimi 20 days ago

    okay the light bulbs win!!!

  • Sophia LovesDogs
    Sophia LovesDogs 20 days ago

    3:35 It's the dog from target! 🐶

  • Taylor the weirdo
    Taylor the weirdo 20 days ago

    Tha guy got sledjacked

  • elwira nowak
    elwira nowak 21 day ago

    Good and cool😁

  • Scavenger Malta
    Scavenger Malta 21 day ago

    Where is the fucking bathing hedgehog?

  • Tim Mironov
    Tim Mironov 21 day ago


  • Joe Adams
    Joe Adams 21 day ago

    that video time though, evidently made use of it with 7 ads

  • chrisl44
    chrisl44 21 day ago

    No Hedgehog, are just dogs too boring to promote?

  • Bob
    Bob 21 day ago

    oh that frog

  • Thomas Rockhill
    Thomas Rockhill 21 day ago

    This is a refreshing break from the political zoo at the W.H , more fawns playing with puppies please.

  • Bob
    Bob 21 day ago

    oh god that looks bad ./.

  • Bob
    Bob 21 day ago

    I gess the dog likes scate bordin

  • Bob
    Bob 21 day ago

    ha ha the dog with 3 balls in its moth

  • TheBigHurt
    TheBigHurt 21 day ago

    Ahhhhhh Dogs. Gotta love the big doofuses.

  • VincentTheConqueror

    Watch out for them emu's, they defeated Australia

  • BeebaLazyVlogs
    BeebaLazyVlogs 21 day ago

    6:41 "911, what's your emergency?" "Hi, I think my dog AND my toddler are broken."

  • Melker Rönnbäck
    Melker Rönnbäck 22 days ago


  • cat and pen
    cat and pen 22 days ago

    ITS FUNNY!!!!!!!

  • ChroniclesLPS
    ChroniclesLPS 23 days ago

    5:52 that bunny be like "CATCH ME OUTSIDE. ....... OH WAIT WE ALREADY OUTSIDE! !!!!"

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat 24 days ago

    5:22 Run Boy Run

  • Fantastic
    Fantastic 25 days ago

    like me plez ;)

  • Unicorn girl .24
    Unicorn girl .24 25 days ago

    5:55 puppy purge

  • Unicorn girl .24
    Unicorn girl .24 25 days ago

    2:54 so cute and funny

  • Ho Lee fuq
    Ho Lee fuq 26 days ago

    2:53 cunt XD

  • player another
    player another 26 days ago

    i think this guy might discover that scientists make science

  • Pilot Paw Patrol
    Pilot Paw Patrol 27 days ago

    1:32 real life Rubble from Paw Patrol on skateboard

  • Erathiel Tichondrius

    1 ad before the video and 4 ads during the video? It's only a 10 minutes video for fuck sake. I could understand 4 ads on a 1 hour video, not 10 minutes. Goes to show how greedy you are and for that I'm disliking.

  • Phát Phạm
    Phát Phạm 27 days ago

    Those dogs are "brainless" - said the cats.

  • Hylian Assassin
    Hylian Assassin 28 days ago

    4:53 what is that

    • Hylian Assassin
      Hylian Assassin 23 days ago

      Alicia Lozoya no....i used to raise rats....that is no rat it's too slender and it's tail is covered in fur and too short

    • Alicia Lozoya
      Alicia Lozoya 23 days ago

      Hylian Assassin i thank os a rat

  • CastleMc
    CastleMc 28 days ago

    bear puts on a hat at 2 minutes

  • Sera
    Sera 28 days ago

    9:00 dog: plz...just hold me

  • Anthony Aurel
    Anthony Aurel 28 days ago

    1:00 Just fck it I am deer now XD.

  • Montreese Robinson
    Montreese Robinson 28 days ago

    my favorite one was the Bear

  • Sean Markow
    Sean Markow 28 days ago

    10 Minutes well spent.

  • sebastián christin
    sebastián christin 28 days ago

    2:54 jajajajaja

  • nouran Qaffass
    nouran Qaffass 29 days ago

    الله يلعنكم 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Carlos Mendieta
    Carlos Mendieta 29 days ago

    if only thy hedgehog could be here

  • Eva J.
    Eva J. 29 days ago

    That roster goes fu..

  • AnukaT Bardock
    AnukaT Bardock 1 month ago


  • Katherine Richardson

    had an iguana that thought the couch design was a wax worm

  • James Mitchell
    James Mitchell 1 month ago

    F***ing click bait. How F***ing hard is it to find a F***ing clip of a F***ing hedgehog just to put in your F***ing video. If you can go through the F***ing trouble to find the F***ing picture that you used, then you can go through the same F***ing trouble to find a similar F***ing video as well. I hope you are hunted down and eaten alive from the bottom up by tiny baby hedgehogs, who then begin to record it and post it to your channel. It would get more views before it's taken down than your entire channel has gotten over the course of its pathetic, click bait producing life.

    • James Mitchell
      James Mitchell 23 days ago

      Alicia Lozoya I'm normally not so profane but clickbait pisses me off. click baiting degrades a channels value.

    • Alicia Lozoya
      Alicia Lozoya 23 days ago

      James Mitchell hey,hey you always say fucking why

  • sickb2200
    sickb2200 1 month ago

    All I wanted to see was that hedgehog, peterlips.

  • Ben Knights
    Ben Knights 1 month ago

    How many ads do you need in a video?

  • Gage Bublitz
    Gage Bublitz 1 month ago

    rooster sneeze!

  • Snake E Zack
    Snake E Zack 1 month ago


  • nathaniel carlos
    nathaniel carlos 1 month ago

    0:57 is that a bunny dog??

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