Jerrod Carmichael goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

Comedian Jerrod Carmichael goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Zero's in Los Angeles, and talks about how sneakers give you self esteem and whether people will stop wearing Kanye's sneakers.

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Author Nick Teal ( ago)
Shopping with ScHoolboy Q

Author Andre Galigalialia ( ago)
1000 for the damn yeezys that cost like 550 new

Author Haoqing Die ( ago)
Who da fook is this guy

Author Ha Hong Phan Truong ( ago)
get robbed by yeezy

Author Ha Hong Phan Truong ( ago)
5:27 boiiiiiiiii

Author Sowande Crews ( ago)
Bro has no swag tf

Author Perry | CSGO & More ( ago)
such a humble dude

Author ETHAN ( ago)
Those aren't "XIII" those are "VIII."

Author youngshinobi47 ( ago)
this dude seem chill as fuck

Author Mucahid ( ago)
Cool guy

Author Josiah Halvorsen ( ago)
i wanna see somebody come on here and spend like 10k

Author thejewbirdsuperior ( ago)
So...I really like adidas ..more than Jordan's . I'm a girl maybe that's why. But I fucking hate yeezys ...they are ugly and more importantly overpriced. Fuck Kanye west.

Author Cole Taghikhani ( ago)
Super down to earth guy. actually knew a thing or two about kicks. Definitely a refreshing switch up from the usual rap cliental

Author DC SPORTS16 Gaming ( ago)
Go shopping with Ayo and teo

Author Aaron Ss ( ago)
His broke ass didn't cop shit he didn't leave the store with bags or gave the cashier money

Author Young Goldie ( ago)
1k for the white v2's.... wtf lol round two homie 650!

Author Ali Leka ( ago)
They charged him $350 for Jordan 12 wolf grey low. They go for 170 and they're sitting 😂😂😂

Author Rifat Chowdhury ( ago)
LOOOOL HE PAID 999 FOR CREAM 350s! They go for half that price 😂😂 Fair enough he can afford it but that's just being dumb with the money

Author Liam Mali ( ago)
Go with Ayo and Teo

Author mo ad ( ago)
Jerrod is too nice. The over paid for every single shoe.

Author algo is gay ( ago)

Author Andrew Lee ( ago)
One of the realist on sneaker shopping

Author My 350s ( ago)
1k for a pair of oreos? like wtf

Author Twists And StaxX ( ago)
Go shopping with Logic!!!!

Author noah mukono ( ago)
Cool dude.

Author fat3lwound ( ago)
Laid back , humble and very articulate guy. You young dudes should take notes.

Author R.E. Roblox and more ( ago)
go with lebron of Kyrie

Author Anything Dylan ( ago)
Wolfie Raps sneaker shopping

Author pule lebajoa ( ago)
Joe please get Drake on the show

Author dre day ( ago)
I always knew my man J,C always had a mean shoe Game look at his TV Show he keep some Shit On his👣

Author Mohamed Mohamed ( ago)
Go shopping with MJ

Author Nouhou Barry ( ago)
First time hearing of him

Author DxBlack123 ( ago)
This the nigga Daniel Tosh been talking bout on his shows 😂

Author Lenext Owens ( ago)
Probably the coolest comedian out

Author Fifi Fornow ( ago)
Oh no he said "Gerard" at the end

Author Fifi Fornow ( ago)
Is he a singer?

Author theworld Isyours ( ago)
Then he said his 1st pair of cool Jordan's was the 13's. Then later on he said it was 8's. 🤦‍♂️

Author theworld Isyours ( ago)
Did anyone noticed he walked out the store empty handed. I'm confused 🤷🏼‍♂️

Author theworld Isyours ( ago)
Wtf they charged dude 325-350 for a pair 12 lows that are still sitting. 🤦‍♂️

Author Carlos Aragon ( ago)
go shoppin with qias

Author Gang21345 67 ( ago)
i like almost all the shoes that him and designer picked

Author Brian Scalabrine ( ago)
Did he really just pay $350 for some Jordan 12 lows?

Author Emanuel Johnson ( ago)
Donald Trump is behind you

Author max stern ( ago)
go with tinker hatfeild

Author max stern ( ago)
go shopping with anderson cooper

Author E8UTA ( ago)
350 for some Jordan low 12s that are sitting smh

Author Miguel Gutierrez ( ago)
yall need Denzel On here.

Author Beza Teka ( ago)
I love how they're called public schools but almost no kids who goes to public school can afford them

Author acostanj24 ( ago)
shoe shopping with Mistah F.A.B.

Author Lin Gene ( ago)
350 for the 12 lows????

Author Γιαννης Χρυσοσπαθης ( ago)

Author TWENTEEN TV ( ago)
do this with conor mcgregor trust me irish people care alot about their sneakers 💥🔥👟

Author U hella Ugly ( ago)
Me an this got the same name but mines is spelt Ja'Rod

Author Desmond Musgrow ( ago)
why this man spend 1000 on them yeezys them shit resell only like 500

Author Kameron Keller ( ago)
They didn't charge that man 1000$ for some yeezys😂😷

Author King Julian ( ago)
shopping wit chief keef or fud loe or Lil durk

Author Ana Basbilir ( ago)
Go shopping with Bieber!!!!!!

Author Ralph Tena ( ago)
go shopping with Kanye West..

Author Ralph Tena ( ago)
lol he is funny , but you can genuinely tell he is a sneaker lover

Author FBE J Gray ( ago)
Can you do sneaker shopping with Kyle?

Author Coco Got Kickz ( ago)
$350 for them 12 lows, never 😷

Author Jamaican Gaming ( ago)
Do odell

Author Juan Victoriano ( ago)
Jerrod, who hurt you?

Author Zac Trejo ( ago)
Yeezys and adidas are dope, but no where near as dope as nike and jordan

Author Ryan Halcomb ( ago)
Go sneaker shopping with Logic💯

Author gumaw ( ago)
travis travis travis pls

Author Xavier L ( ago)
Is it just me or is joe wearing makeup? Lmao

Author paul cook ( ago)
$1000 for size 6!!!!!!

Author paul cook ( ago)
Lowkey best interview you've done

Author paul cook ( ago)
Tell me that shop is next to the tittie bar?

Author Arlando Frazier ( ago)
No not everyone yeezy suck

Author Presbian116 Tier1 ( ago)
is this guy actually worth watching his comedy? I remember him from Neighbors

Author Anish Jadhav ( ago)
dude what's with the heavy ass foundation on the face?

Author Bryan ( ago)
I like da way u wore his 13s

Author DAVID BODOG ( ago)
Do machine gun kelly

Author DAVID BODOG ( ago)
Do machine gun kelly

Author That kid ( ago)
Yo according to goat you got jipped for $770 bro

Author Gucci Bang ( ago)
Brah can your bring some big people like drake The Weeknd Travis Scott man like idk these people and they don't seem to have a good knowledge of the sneaker game

Author zmxsy ( ago)
That store is taxing on them yeezys he bought

Author Uvuvwevwevwe onyetenvewve ugwemubwem ossas ( ago)

Author Uvuvwevwevwe onyetenvewve ugwemubwem ossas ( ago)

Author Brainiac V ( ago)
wtf way to fking rip the man of on those yeezys, they go for like 500

Author Brainiac V ( ago)
oh look, a celebrity that's actually passionate about shoes and not just there to flex, must not be sneaker shopping with complex

Author MrAlex3132003 ( ago)
A THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR A PAIR OF KIDS YEEZYS, GET TF OUTTA HERE, MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats major exploitation right there, fuck KW! All those prices are str8 fucked up! Jerrod looks like he regrets buying all that!

Author Big Sal ( ago)
Yo i still request Eastbay in the mail and leave em around my house to look at like when im takin a me of where ive come from childhood

Author King Koopa ( ago)
$350 for them bumass low top 12s 😂😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

Author LKeezy300 ( ago)
3:35 says "jordan 13" but its an 8

Author niko enciso ( ago)
when he grabs the Jordan 8 and they show picture it's says Air Jordan Xlll "playoffs" WTF complex

Author sneaknation ( ago)
how are they bought to charge him 999 for some 600$ yeezys at the most bro

Author Connor Calcutt ( ago)
This has quickly become my favorite YouTube series

Author iExpose2K ( ago)
Go Sneaker Shopping with Tyler, The Creator, he's so genuine!

Author Kevin Moreno ( ago)
$1000 for coppers?!?! those are at rif or any other store for $600 or less

Author Wobby Woo ( ago)
Do shoe shopping with Yu Ugly God.

Author RAYSERNAXO ( ago)
Yeezys are fucking nasty, fucking hype beast like his music them shits ugly

Author CaLeB ReYeS ( ago)
Y'all should do fetty wap or lil yachty

Author Melanie Loubouton ( ago)
Next time put more make up on jamal

Author young dior ( ago)
he paid a grand for some gs size yeezy's smh

Author Hechler444 ( ago)
Finessed him on those yeezys wow

Author Dougie C ( ago)
Honestly you should go with Kick Genius

Author Asha Rozier ( ago)
he lame

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