How To Read ANYONE

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  • How To Read ANYONE
    Today we are going to cover the skill of reading people. Which is an awesome skill - to be able to know what someone is thinking or feeling will save you a lot of grief. You won’t look silly talking to someone who is not interested, you’ll get a better of idea of who is interested and isn’t saying anything.

    But we won’t stop there

    Because one of the most amazing things that developing your ability to read an individual does is that it enables you to improve. And I saw in the comments, a lot of you were asking what I studied to be able to do the charisma breakdowns - truly there was no class - it was just a matter of doing these steps over and over. And there is a science to it.

    So let’s get into

    1. Increase self-awareness
    2. Find where their attention is (eye contact is huge)
    3. Get good at identifying micro-expressions, potentially use this site:
    4. Identify common patterns
    5. Make predictions based on people's body language
    6. Experiment in your own life

    Hope you find that helpful in identifying the body language to read people.

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  • Angela Torres
    Angela Torres 1 day ago

    hi charlie, i am watching this video for the first time and surely will watch your other videos. i'm very interested in reading and analyzing people's body language, reaction, and gestures. like you, i'm very observant to people because i wanna know the whys and hows of everything. a lot of learning ahead! thank you

  • Shae Shero
    Shae Shero 1 day ago

    He pretty much looks like Connor Murphy lol

  • David Enright
    David Enright 3 days ago

    why do you always wear black? Is it similar to Steve Jobs' idea on clothes?

  • Electronics2hot
    Electronics2hot 7 days ago

    ur are smart motherfucker. why i say this is due to the amazing fact u've found a material to make a video and u have search in google and u know nothing about it and still u talk here jibberish. well done motherfucker good job

  • kate
    kate 8 days ago

    you have big hands

  • Andrew Guerrero
    Andrew Guerrero 8 days ago

    Why is the douche bag in the commercial always out of breath when giving advice lol

  • Karly Vilato
    Karly Vilato 8 days ago

    Thats cool

  • Michelle Jessica
    Michelle Jessica 9 days ago

    My question is how do you stop reading people. Like "turn it off" per say. Before I knew I had ADHD I just knew I talked alot, so I started reading people so I could know when to shut up or change the conversation. Anyhow without knowing exact tells as you say, i am able to read people quite well, but it sucks when it's something negative towards you. How do you deal with that?

  • aeralv
    aeralv 10 days ago

    Smile responsibly man! You're making me drunk. > ~ <

  • Antweezy
    Antweezy 10 days ago

    dang, you're good.

  • JuanM Sanchez
    JuanM Sanchez 11 days ago

    You have a great personality

  • tardcakez
    tardcakez 11 days ago

    You can't read me you asshat.

  • Karum Bored
    Karum Bored 12 days ago

    He looks like brendon urie from Panic! At the Disco

  • Tank
    Tank 13 days ago


  • candymountainn
    candymountainn 14 days ago

    "but don't go just yet" bye lmao

  • Maranda H
    Maranda H 14 days ago

    Hot damn young man, you are completely charismatic and captivating. Job well well done! Applause!!!

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  • Kaizoku
    Kaizoku 18 days ago

    Staring contest challenge Charlie special edition, three levels:

    Level 1: 8:42
    Level 2: 8:43
    Level 3: 8:44

    Bonus level: 8:46
    Good luck.

  • Wonshuan 6
    Wonshuan 6 18 days ago

    First, look at the word as a whole. It's in all caps, so there's emphasis on it. Try reading the sentence up to that point to figure out exactly what kind of emphasis that is. Then, to the actual word. Start at the left and move your way to the right. First is A, in this case it's gonna sound like the word "eh." Next you see an N, nothing fancy here, just the N sound. The Y, in this case it makes the sound like E, so up to this point we have "eh-nee" or just the word "any." Got it? The next step is important here, the "O" is going to sound like it has a W on it, something like "Wuh." Just add an N on the end, and you've got it! The "E" doesn't really make any sound, it's just sorta there because it likes to force itself into everything. Most people actually get these sounds right, they just mess up the order. But if you get it right, you'll be sure to read the word "Anyone" perfectly.

  • mike g
    mike g 20 days ago

    i can read people...

  • Kevin Lobo
    Kevin Lobo 20 days ago

    3:44 Yes... Elsewhere... you know where

  • Lauzzy Asknes
    Lauzzy Asknes 20 days ago

    That smile... Super killer 😏😂😍

  • Chloe Clark
    Chloe Clark 20 days ago

    He looks like a character that would be in a virtual game.

  • ZaethexGaming
    ZaethexGaming 21 day ago

    I may be overconfident, but I'm pretty sure I was doing all this sub-consciously or semi-consciously.

  • Ayana Waves
    Ayana Waves 21 day ago

    Wtf u handsome

  • カリソンハロルド

    I am not the best a reading people but I can just tell when the video is about to end when a youtuber starts making really big hand jesters and say stuff like plz like, comment, and subscribe

  • Happy Sparrow
    Happy Sparrow 22 days ago

    I love that you say that charisma and magnetism are an aggregate of our mindset, not just something we are born with. The idea that I can work on this is great. I'm watching all your videos to implement your methods, what a helpful channel. I wish you could teach my boyfriend how to look like he's listening jk 😅

  • Happy Sparrow
    Happy Sparrow 22 days ago

    Haha, you testing the bug eye theory was hilarious!

  • Faith Oladele
    Faith Oladele 22 days ago

    what about texts? how would you ready anyone from texts because texts can be misunderstood quite easily, the reader's mental tone could be different from the writers.

  • Pedro Capusso
    Pedro Capusso 22 days ago

    You look like a Sim character that gets laid a lot.

  • Jonny Williams
    Jonny Williams 22 days ago

    one thing is, if you've ever played the "whats the password" game, after playing a few times, say something random and funny

    they will start considering whether to let you in or not

  • José Luis Fernández Somarriba

    I think your advantage probably comes from some kind of autism or asperger disorder, the unability to actually just fell the natural interaction guided you into a model where you could quantify the probability of a reaction.

  • Yahary Brambila
    Yahary Brambila 23 days ago

    I can't focos

  • JJ Brazer
    JJ Brazer 24 days ago

    You look like jeff the killer, but you have a great channel, Subscribed

  • marcio azevedo
    marcio azevedo 25 days ago

    Yes, some people are born charismatic and do most of this things by instinct, however you can be an introvert who decided to change your faith and do some research on the matter, have you ever seen a charismatic kid? Google it..

  • Tila Moura
    Tila Moura 25 days ago

    That smile 😍😱

  • LiSuper
    LiSuper 25 days ago

    Every video I watch always says that 'No eye contact is bad'

    I'm so confused as to whether my crush likes me or not...

  • אופיר אופיר

    Good one. good advice.

  • R. Grantaire
    R. Grantaire 27 days ago


  • Starsail
    Starsail 28 days ago

    Someone's gotta say it, He won the gene lottery.

  • Nosebleeds Everyday
    Nosebleeds Everyday 28 days ago

    I just stared at his wide mouth the whole time.

  • Shanice Mcfayden
    Shanice Mcfayden 28 days ago

    that smile im dead

  • josefina jordan
    josefina jordan 1 month ago

    Is he an animation (it can sound stupid but he looks like one)?

    SOZZYLAND 1 month ago

    candy mountain Charley!!!

      SOZZYLAND 1 month ago

      may you do a video about Outcome independence

  • Oblatios Romero
    Oblatios Romero 1 month ago

    easiest way to remain an enigma to everyone. literally answer everything with "I don't care" and keep the same enthusiastic expression you get while filing taxes.
    The trick is to not be interesting to anyone if you don't want to be read.

  • Brooke Dixon
    Brooke Dixon 1 month ago

    I love your intelligence as well as your smile (:

  • Backflash Express
    Backflash Express 1 month ago

    I can not recognize patterns in fractal geometry.

  • Yelena Kapilian
    Yelena Kapilian 1 month ago

    You use your arms too much

  • Marina Beacroft
    Marina Beacroft 1 month ago

    I didn't even watch the vid I already know how to read people

  • Tobias Knudsen
    Tobias Knudsen 1 month ago

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  • Nathanial Clabaugh
    Nathanial Clabaugh 1 month ago

    It's great to finally find a video on this subject that isn't simply 'this=that'. Really informative, excellently constructed. Subscribed.

  • Erik Dianas
    Erik Dianas 1 month ago

    Lmao did anyone notice he broke and cracked at 8:03 lol he said "hot" hahahah did anyone catch that cause trust me I played it over it's not height cause he's talking in terms of muscle size and using his own terms and body checking he double paces in terms of speed of his words and looks twice over usually that' means u said something wrong and you sped up cause u were embarrassed... hmmm I think he liked him hahah

  • My's Corner
    My's Corner 1 month ago

    I know how to read anyone. Go on a website where you can search names and type in their name, BOOM. You know everything cx

  • Alissa Sousa
    Alissa Sousa 1 month ago

    or..... I could just ask help to the Lightman Group

  • Jedi®ebelKid™
    Jedi®ebelKid™ 1 month ago

    Just do what I do. I assume that no one likes me and subsequently I have no need to impress them and I'm free to say and do whatever I want and they can fuck off if they don't like it. I'm way more charismatic than the old me who wanted to be on everyone's good side. Then I just whip out my dick.

    Girls are like: Oh my!! He's such a completly rude asshole but he's soooooo damn charismatic that I have to blow him immediately then make him a grilled cheese sandwich.

    If you want BJ's and Grilled Cheese then buy my DVD set for $99.99.

  • Tactical Stuff
    Tactical Stuff 1 month ago

    Nice! can u make a video about how to buy mars beginer tuturial?

  • NEE
    NEE 1 month ago

    3:20 So what happen people aren't interested? How do you get them interested?

  • catherine t
    catherine t 1 month ago

    I legit clicked on this because I thought it was a tutorial on throwing shade xD lmao

  • Mr.Lahey
    Mr.Lahey 1 month ago

    A better way to watch your body language is to watch the video without audio just to see if you can make sense of his sign language. His gestures should be simple enough for a child to understand.

  • Katch'emAll
    Katch'emAll 1 month ago

    You're mouth is huge. I like it

  • Lady Slytherin
    Lady Slytherin 1 month ago

    Well or someone isn't looking in your eyes becouse he cant... Or it makes him feel uncomftabale (do you write it like this? sry no English XD)

  • Gayham
    Gayham 1 month ago

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  • lauren
    lauren 1 month ago

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    Agustin Granados 1 month ago

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    KidiGal 1 month ago

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  • Charlie Valentine-Louttit

    yo teeth are too white... but in a good way and my name is charlie so good on ya!

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    Demonic Moriarty 1 month ago

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    Quality Queen 1 month ago

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    Ashlynn Pimentel 1 month ago

    Instant sub ❤️👍

  • Peach Black
    Peach Black 1 month ago

    and dont forget the SENSE OF HUMOR thing. like you have. haha You have that awesome way to tell things too. I like your smile. *subscribes*

  • Claudio Castro
    Claudio Castro 1 month ago

    Are you still leaving in Brazil?

  • Bauer D
    Bauer D 1 month ago

    LOVE your channel, please keep giving us more! :)

  • Smeeze
    Smeeze 1 month ago

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  • Undertale - Parodys
    Undertale - Parodys 1 month ago

    I put my middle finger up and fold the rest down
    I find this yoga finger pose reduces stress while driving.

  • BMKC Coleman
    BMKC Coleman 1 month ago

    Social Engineering Fundamentals.

  • Spooky Child
    Spooky Child 1 month ago

    I remember that since I was a kid that I would watch people, but more for a psychological reason. I wanted to understand people better, and when you're trying to concluded to why someone behaves a certain way, you notice these cues, and what your own "give away" is. What makes people realize that you have this or that going on in your home life or head? So, every interesting.

    Also, where does Charlie's charisma stem and reveal itself? Hand motions and general body behavior. Women
    and effeminate men have a tendency to use a lot of hand motions while talking. Some manlier men do too, but not as often. However, its very inviting and attractive to see in a person, so charisma is present. If the motions are too big, they may be off putting. if you keep things in your bubble, people like it, and feel safer.

  • 21 dunshines
    21 dunshines 1 month ago

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    Irama Zamora 1 month ago

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  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl 1 month ago

    this is gonna help me so much because I can't trust many people at my school cause they have been liars so I have to know how to read them if they are lying

  • Kube Dog
    Kube Dog 1 month ago

    If you jerk off at a party, you get a lot of different reactions. But you have to be really in tune with yourself and others to experience it fully.

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    Jovee Gillen 1 month ago

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    Hello Darkness 1 month ago

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    TheCODFA1LIUR3 1 month ago

    I find this channel really interesting, but I can't help but feel like a sociopath whenever I watch this

  • Bárbara R
    Bárbara R 1 month ago

    I consider myself a person that likes to hear over talk, when i listen to ppl i do it fully, but I have a problem to make eye contact. I just... can't. is REALLY hard for me to do it and at the begining with ppl i don't know is kinda awkard. And they probably get the notion than i am not hearing them. After they get to know me they just stop trying to see me in the eye XD so... hu... yeah.

  • Erin Music
    Erin Music 1 month ago

    There's a good ted talk on this too

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