Flashbang - Fan Mail Unboxing

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  • Hyper Harper
    Hyper Harper 51 minute ago

    I love how grateful he is

  • Rubaanessh Mahindran

    "oh nice ive got some bunch of newspaper"
    crazy russian hacker-2017

  • David Austin
    David Austin 17 hours ago

    Moldy sandwich at 2:26

  • Jr.Beast
    Jr.Beast 20 hours ago

    cracks a egg uses safety Googels In a vid once uses nothing opens a Flash bang bomb Taras, What drugs are u in right now

  • ijjy ahmed
    ijjy ahmed 21 hour ago

    he sent me a haneee

  • ijjy ahmed
    ijjy ahmed 21 hour ago

    I love this things

  • ijjy ahmed
    ijjy ahmed 21 hour ago

    this is hawaian snacks..... see it says hawaian.

  • Raidriar The god king

    2:27 ugh I think that was mould on the meat

  • Fast Man
    Fast Man 1 day ago

    hey the bread of kiril is a littel broke hahah

  • Cheese Boyger
    Cheese Boyger 1 day ago

    13:25 what's a stuff bag 💼😭😭😭😭

  • Nathan George
    Nathan George 1 day ago

    2:25 is that mold ....or suppose to be like that ?

  • nO tHANKS
    nO tHANKS 1 day ago

    Watch him try and open the hot sauce but it's an actual flashbang and he's permanently blinded

  • Jojo Mendoza
    Jojo Mendoza 1 day ago

    where's the flashbang

  • Jermein Gonzalez
    Jermein Gonzalez 1 day ago

    can you do a pokemon gagt tist

  • Phantom Drone
    Phantom Drone 1 day ago

    16:13 yep, thats a jar

  • Cool Kid
    Cool Kid 1 day ago

    I like how he always get happy like in the video he got the 2015 25 cent and he was soo happy like if agree

  • Rogue Rexy
    Rogue Rexy 1 day ago

    U r the best

  • olaf winands
    olaf winands 1 day ago


  • DoubleAscencionEye
    DoubleAscencionEye 2 days ago

    Is the bread ar 2:25 mouldy? Or is it just me.Pause, Check and reply.

  • Paradox 2099
    Paradox 2099 2 days ago

    Well he doesn't need to go shopping in a while...

  • Luther Custodio
    Luther Custodio 2 days ago

    LOL i thought it was a real flashbang :(

  • Jacob Hale
    Jacob Hale 2 days ago

    Figet spinner

  • Dominic Ward
    Dominic Ward 2 days ago

    shoe horn

  • Zerja CZ
    Zerja CZ 3 days ago

    český mmr? :D

  • Audi Imperial
    Audi Imperial 3 days ago

    He's so positive at everything that it's fun to watch to be honest.

  • Vijay Puran singh
    Vijay Puran singh 3 days ago

    No way a news paper

  • RaPid BMX Vlogs
    RaPid BMX Vlogs 3 days ago

    As I've been watching YouTube I've noticed that this guy is truly positive and really loves his fans and truly appreciates what people give him

  • tomas kandziulnikas

    Gal tau guminiu pizdu kruva atsiust?:D

  • Plikais Diks
    Plikais Diks 4 days ago

    bunch of azian candys ahahahah, racist.

  • Yajaira Gomez
    Yajaira Gomez 5 days ago

    It is calles a fidget spiner

  • Talan Matson
    Talan Matson 5 days ago

    my name is Tala
    n hello what is yours

  • Can Berk H.
    Can Berk H. 6 days ago

    Flashbang 18:10 thank me later

  • Yasser Alyhia
    Yasser Alyhia 6 days ago

    bmc is an Moroccan bank

  • Hunter Fraley
    Hunter Fraley 6 days ago

    Someone should mail him some marijuana

  • Pengi The Penguin
    Pengi The Penguin 6 days ago

    COZMONAUT mig 17 hehehehehe

  • Andrei Daniel
    Andrei Daniel 6 days ago

    I hear "wow" every 5 seconds.
    you're great man!

  • The Wanderer
    The Wanderer 6 days ago

    A coin of the first moon landing sent to a Russian 😂

  • Battletards 1
    Battletards 1 6 days ago

    amazing Taras keep up the good work!

  • Sean Gary
    Sean Gary 7 days ago

    1:12 bru

  • Faze Apex3305
    Faze Apex3305 7 days ago

    You have amazing videos. Keep up the good work

  • Chairman Mao Zedong

    God bless this man.....

  • olivier simonneau
    olivier simonneau 7 days ago

    Nice I got some newspaper, we need more people like him that appreciate everything

  • Joshua GASJEW
    Joshua GASJEW 8 days ago

    2:25 mold?

  • Gordon Young
    Gordon Young 8 days ago

    I love how crazy Russian hacker actually apreciate what he gets

  • Lewis
    Lewis 8 days ago


  • Music Nova
    Music Nova 8 days ago

    whats an imre

  • Noose
    Noose 8 days ago

    Oh nice I got bunch of news paper! I love this guy 2:21

  • RomanSoldier2
    RomanSoldier2 8 days ago


  • Danny Politte
    Danny Politte 8 days ago

    Add nice I got some newspaper XD

  • carlos hernandez
    carlos hernandez 8 days ago

    Doesn’t know peace sign but know a Swiss Army knife 😂😂😂

  • Amy Chow
    Amy Chow 8 days ago

    My dad has that flash bang

  • Trevin Beckman
    Trevin Beckman 8 days ago

    Tarus I have the same gerber multi-tool I works great and i reliable

  • Zayven Lek
    Zayven Lek 9 days ago

    it called fegit spiner

  • Amanda Hernandez
    Amanda Hernandez 9 days ago

    "I gota bunchof newspaper!"

  • boblithegamer
    boblithegamer 9 days ago

    Привет, меня зовут Боб, я из Австралии Плз читал, потому что ты сука

  • Blunktor
    Blunktor 9 days ago

    18:10 FLASHBANG

  • turt renalds
    turt renalds 10 days ago

    greetings comrade

  • X beastxedits X
    X beastxedits X 10 days ago

    He loves everything he gets. He's so positive. Makes his viewers feel great

  • Zayd Mcgrew
    Zayd Mcgrew 10 days ago


  • Lauri Niskanen
    Lauri Niskanen 10 days ago

    suomi mainittu

  • Lyric Gray
    Lyric Gray 10 days ago

    E fdrffcxd fdrc gyb. bh g hygh. bvg gyhb hvyni NJ h sojdojdo. okdomf , dokmfi fijdn. dncud ni e. ie hahahahahahahhaahahajkdj kdjnn

  • SlenderGuyMC 105//Darkness9500//Minecraft Pe

    AntsyToys is actually the one that made fidget Spinners and fidget cube's

  • Lyn H.
    Lyn H. 10 days ago

    I tried to read the Japanese chips

  • Sports and gaming
    Sports and gaming 10 days ago

    The best video

  • Jake Burlaczenko
    Jake Burlaczenko 10 days ago

    Wow when he thought he got a Rolex hahaha what a legend

  • Electrician TM
    Electrician TM 11 days ago

    What is gajik?

  • suleman asadullah
    suleman asadullah 11 days ago

    Your lucky

  • Nervous Medic
    Nervous Medic 11 days ago

    10:10 *oh no, its a fidget spinner*

  • Phillip Shin
    Phillip Shin 11 days ago


  • nathaniel jordan
    nathaniel jordan 11 days ago

    a cosmonaut.... much love taras!

  • Darkfang the mc master

    did anyone else notice the mold on the bread

  • Ricardo Vigueras
    Ricardo Vigueras 11 days ago

    ay when he open dat bang bang

  • The shiny Vikavolt
    The shiny Vikavolt 12 days ago

    I love tims cast caid chips

  • TK 421
    TK 421 12 days ago

    Amoxicillin is an antibiotic. If you get an infection, you can use it to stave off the infection.

  • Robertox 41
    Robertox 41 12 days ago

    Hpa is a airsoft type of gun that is the best type of gun it's hair compression

  • Thomas Rodriguez
    Thomas Rodriguez 12 days ago

    Fidget spinner

  • qaz_scaner
    qaz_scaner 12 days ago

    In soviet russia we give flash bang as gift

  • Juhana Säkkinen
    Juhana Säkkinen 12 days ago

    Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan!

  • Onica Daniel Petru
    Onica Daniel Petru 12 days ago

    that was an astronaut the soviet union named them cosmonauts

    DRIFT3RS 12 days ago

    My summer car is based in Suomi

  • Lepe
    Lepe 12 days ago


  • Cynical Films
    Cynical Films 13 days ago

    I have the same Gerber knife!!
    its a gerber paraframe 2

  • Evan van den Dungen
    Evan van den Dungen 13 days ago

    I like you vois

  • Dark Danger
    Dark Danger 13 days ago

    The painting was upside down....

    P.S u should eat the MRE's with the Swiss Army knife

  • Picbull PIC
    Picbull PIC 14 days ago

    I definitely agree I wish more people was like this guy

  • hyper HD
    hyper HD 14 days ago


  • Jonathan Mendel
    Jonathan Mendel 14 days ago

    The Russian food was moldy

  • the boßss yjyyfyf
    the boßss yjyyfyf 14 days ago

    you didn't even say thank you

  • Cyrus Miller
    Cyrus Miller 14 days ago

    figet spinner

  • ammar irfan
    ammar irfan 14 days ago

    "oh nice,i got some few paper"

  • Amr Ashraf
    Amr Ashraf 14 days ago

    هل يوجد عرب هنا 🙋😍😚😍😘💄👙

  • Bacon Shreds
    Bacon Shreds 14 days ago

    "This package come from Aldrich" Dark Souls 3 confirmed!

  • Cayden Skinner
    Cayden Skinner 14 days ago

    "wow this is really cool to watch" watches camera instead. XD

  • Cayden Skinner
    Cayden Skinner 14 days ago

    I want that lighter.....

  • Nicolas Williams
    Nicolas Williams 14 days ago

    it's called a shoe horn

  • JAY B
    JAY B 14 days ago

    2:26 the bread is wasted

  • Alex Contreras
    Alex Contreras 15 days ago

    if I got snacks in my mail I'd eat it right away

  • Jiro Pereyra
    Jiro Pereyra 15 days ago


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