1965 AFX 427 SOHC test drive.wmv

Just a quick update on the car.For the most part finished, just a couple little things.Heres a walk around and a bit of a Test drive. This actually is the first time Ive driven it down the road.Weather and Holidays so, Merry X-Mas to me. It was awesome so far no issues exept those Pie crust slicks just spin all the time. Barely get on the throttle and they spin. AWESOME Perfect street car other than I think i just went through 2 gallons of Fuel to do this Video.

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Author TeddyTheYetti ( ago)
your Car is Effn BaddAss

Author MrThunder ( ago)
Great job - beautiful build!

Author Branon Fontaine ( ago)
What an absolutely glorious noise....I LOVE this car....

Author trillriff-axegrinder ( ago)
stunning car,i needed my chin strap after 3 seconds,drool everywhere.
that is a FUCKING MONSTER,sorry got carried away.that is fine

Author Mark Hall ( ago)
This is what whupass sounds like.

Author Stephen Rrency ( ago)
That awful whining sound lol

Author Philip Robinson ( ago)
beautiful,badass machine!
glad to see it wearing modern brakes.

Author CJ Colvin ( ago)
The car looks beautiful as well.

Author bill thompson ( ago)
20 thumbs down? that car is glorious I think somebody got dropped on their

Author Rob Walden ( ago)
what mufflers are you running by the way?

Author Rob Walden ( ago)
if there is any way to see more on this car please let me know. it's my
favorite. excellent work!

Author Hugh Jorgan ( ago)
with these baby's it's not miles per gallon, its gallons to the mile

Author vet68 ( ago)
I remember when they came out with the 427 sohc cammer. the chain does
require keeping an eye on it,but that is only a small thing...I have always
been gm,except for this beauty.

Author William Brewer ( ago)
Now go show the other two who the King of the big three is!

Author 2098elk ( ago)
Wish he was my neighbor!

Author HighlanderNorth1 ( ago)
Lovely...... I wonder how many people hear it and assume it's a blower or
gear drive making that noise?

Author chocodiledundee1 ( ago)
Man this cyclone is hands down one of best cars I've ever seen ! The taste
is spotless , the red inside and out , the roll bars , the classic cragar
wheels and tires , the way it seats like front a bit higher , the engine !!
Man congratulations what a real beast ! What is the colour code ???
Cheers man please , I am building a 79 F-100 Same style , same cue with
same engine man , your car is too much of balls man ! All the best .
Greetings from Australia

Author chocodiledundee1 ( ago)
Paul Munro from NSW little country town in Australia builds this engine to
immaculate perfection , he started the whole thing with an ex Hoolman and
Moody dude ! Guys is the coolest dude ever and very humble down to earth .

Author jobamasux ( ago)

Author Richard Gill ( ago)
Bad Ass 😎

Author 7c8f ( ago)
Aren't old fords cool!!!

Author CJ Colvin ( ago)
This amazing engine ford ever with very little upgrades will definitely out
run a Hellcat challenger.

Author walter george ( ago)
That car is a beast. once it revs a little you hear it wanting to get up
and run. sweet ride man. I'm totally jelly.

Author rayzhistorychannel ( ago)
What a beast!

Author Tommy1198S ( ago)
Sweet Ride, \m/.

Author Steve Solo ( ago)
Wow! I love the Cammer and I'm a Chevy guy! They sound civilized until you
mash the pedal down!
Q: Are you going to keep the front end up that high/true to the 65 era?
Dropping the front 2 inches would make you the owner of the most Badass
Street/Strip car in the world!
Besides, if it stays up and you run it at the track, you're going to need
to fit the car with wheelie bars!

Author John Burton ( ago)
what's that god awful whining sound?

Author Lord Humungous ( ago)
That is so old skool cool! Love it. Has the rear chassis been narrowed or
the springs moved inwards to fit those fat rear tyres?

Author D. Clayton Rhodes ( ago)
Nice, real nice.

Author A_______A ( ago)
fits like a glove.

Author Ric Pel ( ago)
If I remember correctly, those cars didn't have much room in the back for
fat tires, does this car have a mini tub job, or a full frame and tub job?

Beautiful car.

Author Paul Schenkel ( ago)
Very Cool,

Author jonathan wilson ( ago)
Awesome stance, not a blue oval guy but this is truly sweet.

Author brainfart101 ( ago)
Those are some decent sized tires, if I remember correctly from the factory
there wasn't much room for wide tires, Is it mini tubbed, or full back

Author brainfart101 ( ago)
A friend of mine had a '65 Comet Cyclone with a 289 back in high school, it
was pretty cool, that car is full bore bad ass. The "65 Comet Cyclone was
one beautiful car, one with a 427 SOHC engine, it doesn't get much better.
That thing is priceless.

Author jimscjcobra ( ago)
Where's the shoe horn?! Sweet ride. Hopin my 65 Mustang /429SCJ is at least
half as cool when finished....

Author Doosterfy ( ago)
Very nice car. Not sure if you were going for a period look or not but I
think it would look a lot better if it had some forward rake, if the nose
were about two inches lower and the rear was a few inches higher.

Author Jeff Jaeger ( ago)
The tires are called pie crust.

Author Barry Lell ( ago)
SOHC it to me. Bad to the bone car. The Ford Cammer is the most visually
exciting motor ever made.

Author DAN THORNHILL ( ago)
Back then this was awesome.

Author bluesharp59 ( ago)
super nice

Author Dave McCullough ( ago)
Love the irony of the turn signal at 3:56 - I just started busting up when
I saw that.
Awesome car and great video! I gotta have me a cammer...

Author John Johnstone ( ago)
What BEAUTIFUL car. Love the 427 cammer.

Author Stoney Browning ( ago)
The old style cookie cutter slicks (ala Corky Coker), look positively
BITCHIN'! And they give the car a nice old school feel! But a softer
compound and a tad more pinion angle will give you a bit more traction!

Author mopartron3030 ( ago)
Beautiful car, so far i've been mostly Mopar but it's undeniable all of the
big 3 had sweet models like these. Mustangs and camaros are overdone, give
me a Buick or Mercury though i'll be happy.

And Cammers FTW Hemis have their issues too

Author dale bowman ( ago)
Now this is how to start a video.

Author hungryhouston ( ago)
In my opinion this is one of the most beautiful cars made had a 65 caliente
and loved it cyclone is bad ass !!! Looking for one now.. either one 65 is
the most beautiful

Author mercuryjunky ( ago)
It wasn't quite finished yet, I moved the engine back internet half and
hadn't modified the hump yet

Author no1dirtbag ( ago)
Why such a big hole in the floor?

Author merc marc ( ago)
I want one in black please.

Author Karl X ( ago)
I think if Ford hadn't already designed the majority of it's cars with
shock towers in the 1960's and early 70's, then the cammer would have been
mass produced. A cammer powered 68-71 Torino would have wiped its ass with
454 Chevelles and hemi Road Runners on the track... all day long.

Author Mark Breaux ( ago)
This car is perfect... I wouldn't change shit about it..JUST BRUTAL! and I
need it in my life....

Author bronco boy ( ago)
Bill Coon,of 57 Thunderbird with a 427 SOHC fame, is coming out with
aftermarket heads with improved exhaust ports and "fixes" for all the
notorious SOHC shortcomings. He had some prototype heads, valve cover and
chains drives on display at the Columbus Ford swap meet this past weekend.
That engine almost looks better than a a pair of d cups with the cold
indicators on..

Author jw edgerly ( ago)
Hey Devon. I agree, but the problem with Ford was the design of the engine
compartments. The shock towers starting in the 65? model year, were just a
nightmare. A 390 could just barely fit in a 66-69 fairlane. The 69-70 Boss
429's mustangs had modified shock towers. I think the same thing would've
applied to the 67-71 Fairlane,Torino. You could drop a HEMI in most MOPARS
but the price was way out of budget for most.I can't imagine the price of a
cammer. The irony is the 71-73 Mustang shock towers came from the factory
with the modification for the Boss 429

Author no1dirtbag ( ago)
How did you get a hold of one of those motors?

Author C moore ( ago)
Note to You Tubers. When making a video, keep the sitting in one place
idling to a minimum. A few seconds is all we need. The second minute sounds
just like the first and the scenery doesn't change a bit.

Author PurerockRacing ( ago)
sounds like it has a geardrive in it, no???

Author George Dobson ( ago)
THEE greatest car ever built. I'll take one of these over any Ferrari.
Except maybe a 458. Maybe.

Author jimmy johnson ( ago)
This car is fucking baaaaaadasss. +1!

Author BNforever2009 ( ago)
Im surprised the neighbors didnt call the police on him

Author BNforever2009 ( ago)
that is really nice

Author Ken Sturm ( ago)
Thought this was gonna be tested on the track. Another "Lawn chair guy" 

Author mickster boone ( ago)
Even a die-hard Chevy guy like me has to admit the SOHC engine was/is the
pinnacle of badass Detroit muscle.
Car sounds and looks excellent.

Author Rob Walden ( ago)
This is the most beautiful car on the planet! 

Author mike smith ( ago)
Man that's a great job .

Author scdevon ( ago)
Ford should have followed through with this engine into the late 60s and
early 70s and made it in mass numbers as an optional super stock engine for
most Ford vehicles. It could have had excellent street manners with some
tweaking. Ford would have completely blown GM and Chrysler out of the
muscle car wars and the engine would have had a huge aftermarket level of
support if they would have built thousands of them. Ford was a little too
stingy with high performance engine production, IMO. GM built thousands
and thousands of LS6s for example. 

Author Charles Layne ( ago)

Author james marshall ( ago)
I like the AFX with the shorter wheel base.. I read that the ford factory
boys had a AFX mustang and the engine was in the 900 hp range./ Excellente
Car Thanks Poster

Author ocala 1885 ( ago)
This is back when america could build a car

Author Tom Carter ( ago)
49 years ago I seen this car I was a boy an built models of this AF/X TO
FoMoCo the company that didn't take the tax payers money

Author David Sadler ( ago)
That's beautiful... Great job.

Author trucking604 ( ago)
You have that Comet set up perfect! One of the most beautiful I've ever
seen and containing the most awesome power plant to ever come out!

Author moparnutjim ( ago)
I'm a kid all over again. These type of cars were the thing and are forever
etched in my mind as the baddest era drag cars.

Author 02DZ ( ago)
That's absolutely F'ing badass! 

Author henchicken1 ( ago)
Absolutely beautiful! my mom had a turquoise 404 six banger.... if you
ever want to sell her let me know!! 

Author Greg Luft ( ago)
WOW that's one awesome car!

Author Alex Laplante ( ago)
Beautiful car.

Author Rod Pavloski ( ago)
VietNam......I sure don't miss it....the riots....yah, right!....but the
muscle cars.....MAN do I MISS those days.

Author 91slownotch ( ago)
One of the best of YouTube! My god is car just incredibly sexy! Sound is
terrific! Looks beyond beautiful! My heart skipped a few beats watching

Author Hemivision555 ( ago)
427 sohc rules!! F.irst O.n R.ace D.ay!

Author ima humanbean ( ago)
Beautiful !!

Author Monty Mince ( ago)
Awesome ride. That's what I would call Beauty and the Beast all in one! I
would love to see and hear this one in person. Very nicely done.

Author Charles Marshall ( ago)
Mopars ruled the roost back in those days, but I sure love the look and
sound of that old Comet!

Author John Buhl ( ago)
Kick ass comet, kick ass cammer what's not to like?

Author nosense58 ( ago)
The red paint and the cragars really set it off

Author 1400IntruderVS ( ago)
Cyclones are hard enough to find in great shape and here you are showing
off an 427 SOHC AFX!
Thank you for sharing. TRUE AWESOMENESS!

Author dennis simpson ( ago)
i love this car man...

Author Greg Brown ( ago)

Author 07canuck ( ago)
Very cool car!

Author Charles Baker ( ago)
OMG!!! I have some many goose bumps just listening to this car idle. I love
this era of muscle cars and their big block power. Can't help the goose
bumps. Awesome car. Thanks for the thrill.

Author bob robinson ( ago)
Love the Rotunda Tach, don't see them around. Beautiful car, Love to go
through the gears.

Author Robert LaPointe ( ago)
were almost the same as having a big block under the hood,some considered
them to be a big block in their prime infancy because of the massive
midrange and top end power that they were able to produce.

Author Robert LaPointe ( ago)
a dualquad set up for the Boss 302,but racing officials had banned it from
use because it was not made avilable to the public as a factory option.I
guess their rules were getting similar to NASCAR's so what ever they used
on the racetrack had to be made available for street use.Chevrolet did not
recommend that their crossram be used on the street because of the massive
power that it produced,so GM hiarchy(Top officials) did not view the set up
as street friendly those engines with big carbs 

Author Robert LaPointe ( ago)
the same horsepower ratings equal to that of the Z/28 Camaro with open
headers and such,being that these cars were Trans Am race cars and I have
heard of 289 Shelbys getting well over 400 horses with ported heads and
open Tri-Y headers.But the Chevrolet z/28 cars also had an optional dual
quad cross ram set up as well,so that might be the reason or contribution
to their 465 horsepower results.Those crossram Winters intake manifolds
produced a huge torque curve at 4000rpm.and beyond.Ford also had

Author Robert LaPointe ( ago)
That I do believe is true.I read an issue of Hemmings Muscle Machines which
had a 1969 Boss 302 in it and the engine had been replaced at one time
because of bad pistons,including the rings.So the original numbers matching
engine engine that came in the car wasnt there.Are you sure that dyno is
reading correctly? Your horsepower readings should have been closer to
465.I heard of Chevrolet 302 Z/28 cars hitting at least 460 to 470 horses
on the dyno and I figured your 302 Boss should have got 

Author steve Fowler ( ago)
I had a friend who had a '70 boss 302 in 1974, he blew the engine (piston
skirt broke) and he had it rebuilt and dynoed it just with no air cleaner
and open headers and it pulled 330 hp.

Author steve Fowler ( ago) was rated the same as the OHV 427...and the low riser, mid
riser and tunnel port were also all rated at 425...the tunnel port engines
were said to pull almost 500 hp on a dyno.

Author steve Fowler ( ago)
Someday when I make my 2nd million (I've already made my first but I'm
saving that for retirement) I'm going to build a '65 fastback mustang with
a cammer...I know it won't fit but with coil overs it will.

Author steve Fowler ( ago)
Yes Officer that's a real roll

Author AngryDuckSoup ( ago)
I was never much of a Ford guy,but that car is nice!

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