1965 AFX 427 SOHC test drive.wmv

Just a quick update on the car.For the most part finished, just a couple little things.Heres a walk around and a bit of a Test drive. This actually is the first time Ive driven it down the road.Weather and Holidays so, Merry X-Mas to me. It was awesome so far no issues exept those Pie crust slicks just spin all the time. Barely get on the throttle and they spin. AWESOME Perfect street car other than I think i just went through 2 gallons of Fuel to do this Video.

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Author Scott C (7 days)
It Was a quiet neighborhood,,,LOL. Nice job Sir. What a great Hot Rod.

Author William Zoom (1 month)
What a beast, never heard a cammer run, seen them sitting on display but
never in a moving car. Unreal.

Author Alexandre Laplante (2 months)
Beautiful car.

Author Rod Pavloski (3 months)
VietNam......I sure don't miss it....the riots....yah, right!....but the
muscle cars.....MAN do I MISS those days.

Author 91slownotch (3 months)
One of the best of YouTube! My god is car just incredibly sexy! Sound is
terrific! Looks beyond beautiful! My heart skipped a few beats watching

Author John Buhl (7 months)
Kick ass comet, kick ass cammer what's not to like?

Author Hemivision555 (5 months)
427 sohc rules!! F.irst O.n R.ace D.ay!

Author ima humanbean (5 months)
Beautiful !!

Author Monty Mince (6 months)
Awesome ride. That's what I would call Beauty and the Beast all in one! I
would love to see and hear this one in person. Very nicely done.

Author Charles Marshall (6 months)
Mopars ruled the roost back in those days, but I sure love the look and
sound of that old Comet!

Author nosense58 (7 months)
The red paint and the cragars really set it off

Author 1400IntruderVS (8 months)
Cyclones are hard enough to find in great shape and here you are showing
off an 427 SOHC AFX!
Thank you for sharing. TRUE AWESOMENESS!

Author Greg Brown (9 months)

Author jeff13151 (5 months)

Author dennis simpson (8 months)
i love this car man...

Author 07canuck (9 months)
Very cool car!

Author Charles Baker (9 months)
OMG!!! I have some many goose bumps just listening to this car idle. I love
this era of muscle cars and their big block power. Can't help the goose
bumps. Awesome car. Thanks for the thrill.

Author 445FEar (3 years)
amazing car! To have a SOHC....only dreams for me!

Author Stoneyburke (2 years)
I looked it up. very unique 6ft chain,which made timing difficult.

Author RusteeUte (1 year)
Awesome sounding motor!!!!! :P And a great looking car, congrats.

Author midatlanticcycle (2 years)
i'm not a ford guy but that is incredible.

Author scatpack (3 years)
man that tack is mintl. vintage . probly worth a grand. i would call holman
and moody and tell them to grind you a cam. you want there number>?

Author John Krag (2 years)
Those SOHC 427's were way ahead of their time.Unbelievable horse power.Had
the privilege to be inside and around these engines in their day.The valve
train is a work of art.Dove Engineering has got so many nice parts for
these now.There's more parts for these now than when they were drag raced
in the day.Beautiful car......

Author jwyche (2 years)
That surely is the world's most beautiful Comet!

Author Dragracer64 (2 years)
Looks and sounds mean !. I like it .

Author 2012ANONYMOUSA (1 year)
that's a pretty car

Author Ed Passerini (1 year)
Nice Cammer,Paisano

Author Dogurasu (3 years)
Very nice.. I'd put electric fans on it but that's all I'd change.

Author Mijakinawana (2 years)
Straight nasty car dude! How come I never see it at the Golden cruise!?!?

Author ckelley63 (2 years)
There goes the neighborhood!!!

Author Keith McGraw (3 years)
Makes me wanna give up the Lexus and be a Ford man again!

Author Jager302 (3 years)
Simply awesome, everything is perfect....

Author Sarcasticscum (2 years)
Damn.. This car just ooozes badassness! Damn I want one..

Author djs65comet (3 years)
Absolutely Beautiful ! Where on earth can one find those center caps for
the cragars ?

Author hs400 (2 years)
This car right here is agreat example of what Ford produced back then. This
car is hard to beat, just awesome front to back top to bottom, just plain
bad ass.

Author Hockeyfam2 (2 years)

Author Chris Graham (2 years)
There you go, scaring all the neighbors again!

Author 1995MartinD40FMG (2 years)
That thing is PERFECT. I have a friend that builds Cammers. As soon as I'm
done with my 64 comet we are going to start on an all aluminum Cammer to
stick in something...

Author Ed Passerini (1 year)
You can here that 6 foot timing chain a !/4 mile away.Sound better than a
Pete Jackson drive. Paisano

Author gmboy559 (2 years)
I'll be in my bunk.

Author bob haygarth (2 years)
this thing will rip your head off real quick.what a machine.great job on
the car.the sound alone sends goose bumps up and down and all over.AWESOME!

Author bubblejomay (2 years)
How much do you want for the car?

Author SteveHandlebar (2 years)
I love your car! Look at my Cobra vids, not a Cammer, but I think you will
like it.

Author bubblejomay (1 year)
Now that's what I'm talking about.

Author kaucher4271 (2 years)
Two words: BAD ASS!

Author SpawnSixThirteen (2 years)

Author MrCyclone21 (2 years)
I think your going to need wider tires! Love it!!!!

Author henchicken1 (2 years)
is that an original 427 cammer from the 60's?

Author Darryle Shelly (1 year)
Darn Nice ! Did you know that they banned the 427 SOHC FE Engine back in
the 60's ? I guess that GM couldn't handle it ...

Author Robert LaPointe (10 months)
That I do believe is true.I read an issue of Hemmings Muscle Machines which
had a 1969 Boss 302 in it and the engine had been replaced at one time
because of bad pistons,including the rings.So the original numbers matching
engine engine that came in the car wasnt there.Are you sure that dyno is
reading correctly? Your horsepower readings should have been closer to
465.I heard of Chevrolet 302 Z/28 cars hitting at least 460 to 470 horses
on the dyno and I figured your 302 Boss should have got

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